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Chapter 3: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Five minutes passed, then ten, and still the murderer held onto Daniel. Neither side was willing to budge, the fugitive not about to give over his only bargaining piece and Jack wasn't about to allow Daniel to be sacrificed as negligible just because this fugitive was a real bastard that couldn't be allowed to escape justice. Jack was really starting to wish he had never revealed his presence when he had first heard of a hostage having been taken, but he had been so worried about Daniel that he hadn't been thinking straight. Now the fugitive wasn't about to let him out of sight because of his acquaintance with Daniel and he was the only one in this group who would have the capability to get around the man and take him out without harm befalling Daniel. Or at least so he thought.

Jack nearly cursed aloud when he caught a glimpse of the greenhorn he had been with earlier attempting to sneak up on the murderer—he still hadn't caught the man's name though he'd probably have known it if he had spent more time on Earth than off it lately, apparently this man had been big news. Jack schooled his face into impassiveness, not responding to what he had seen, and hoped that none of the other men standing around with him gave the greenhorn away.

"How you doing Danny?"

Jack switched track from bargaining with the fugitive, he had pulled rank and forced the SWAT agents to back off when they had only agitated the man further and increased the risk to Daniel's life. Jack was hoping to keep the fugitive's attention firmly on him and Daniel, using their usual banter as a diversion; he just had to be careful not to make the man restless and trigger happy. Earlier Jack had tried to get the fugitive to shoot at him and waste the bullet in the chamber, but the stubborn bastard had only twitched his finger on the trigger without moving it away from Daniel's head so he wasn't about to risk that again.

"Fine." Daniel was doing as well as could be expected, refusing to allow any strain to show on his face; He knew that to the others he probably seemed to be unusually relaxed and blasé about the situation, but he blamed that on being kidnapped so often by the different types of aliens they ran across. Being held hostage by an ordinary human just didn't seem to have the same feel of danger. "Just like I was the last time you asked. Getting a bit bored though."

Jack snorted. Yup, Daniel wasn't taking this very seriously at all. That part came from being killed and resurrected so many times; Jack figured that it might be a good idea to have Janet check Daniel out for brain damage—come to think of it, a psych evaluation would probably do them all good. The fact that he was getting bored was a bit worrying to Jack though, a bored Daniel usually ended badly.

"Try reciting something, something long that'll keep you busy." Jack suggested. Jack turned to the fugitive. "You don't mind do you? I really don't want him to get fidgety. I kind of like him alive."

The fugitive hesitated, glancing at Daniel and realizing that his bargaining chip was only good to him alive. "Fine, just as long as it's in English. None of that foreign crap he tried earlier."

"Alright, back to business then." Jack announced.

Softly Daniel started to chant, translating from Egyptian. "I am the soul of Re who issued from the Abyss, that soul of the god who created authority. Wrong-doing is my detestation, and I will not see it; I think about righteousness, and I—"

"Enough!" The fugitive shouted, breaking off from what he had started to say to Jack and moving the gun away enough from Daniel's head to give them a chance.

Apparently Daniel's translation about righteousness had hit a chord and from the look on Danny's face it had been exactly what he had intended. The greenhorn, who had been moving slowly forward over time, acted and leapt forward.

"Down Daniel!" Jack shouted, glad when Daniel reacted without question to his order by twisting his head down and turning so that the greenhorn's lunge threw the fugitive off his back.

Somewhere in all this confusion the gun went off but Jack was already diving into the fray, his fist aimed for the murderer's nose. Jack heard the satisfying sound of breaking cartilage as he hit his mark, the empty clicking of his gun repeating over and over as the fugitive attempted to fire rounds that just weren't there. One pinch to a pressure point later and the fugitive was once again in manacles, his unconscious form being dragged through the woods to the waiting transport. Jack just hoped the idiots had been smart enough to at least double the original security if not triple it this time. But that wasn't his problem now, not anymore. Right now his main concern was his own personal archaeologist who had somehow miraculously escaped death yet again.

"Nothing's going to happen? Wasn't that what you said Daniel?" Jack grabbed Daniel into a tight hug and began dragging Daniel back to his truck.

"I'm sor—"

"Don't say it." Jack commanded, cutting Daniel off. "Just don't. Give me until we get back to the cabin. No talking, no nothing. You just took years off my life Danny and I need a moment."

Surprisingly enough Daniel listened and remained still and silent for the whole ride back. Once they were back in the driveway though, Daniel considered all bets off.

"Why did you ask me along Jack?" Daniel had to push the issue now; there was no more time for games after this afternoon. "This weekend has been far from perfect, God knows that, but I know that's not your fault. If anything it's mine. I know I attract trouble, you know I attract trouble, so why me? If you wanted a quiet and relaxing weekend why ask me?"

Jack couldn't wait any longer, if he didn't take his chance now he knew he wouldn't get another one. On the other hand doing this now out of the blue could ruin everything. He still wasn't sure if Daniel would be receptive of his advance…Jack stopped thinking and leaned over, placed a hand behind Daniel's head, and pulled him into a searing kiss.

"This is why I brought you."

Jack's voice was as fierce as his kiss had been when he came up for air and since Daniel hadn't resisted the first time, he kissed him again. This time Daniel was over his shock and kissed Jack back just as fiercely, just as passionately, and he felt the hand behind his head tighten in his hair possessively. Daniel brought his own hands up from where he had braced himself against the seat and ran them along Jack's chest through his t-shirt. At that moment Daniel didn't care if they ever had to breathe again, but he used his new position to push Jack back gently.

"Gods Jack." Daniel groaned, this was taking some serious willpower. "The Gods know I want you, but not here like this. We're no longer horny teenagers to make out like bandits in your truck when you have that huge bed in the cabin."

Jack looked seriously at Daniel. "You're sure about this? I don't want to pressure you. Out here—if we make it to the bed I'm not going to stop. Just kisses and touching won't be enough."

Daniel smirked. "Jack, I've been walking behind you on all these missions just so I can watch your ass and you're asking me if I'm sure? After our tussle in the kitchen this morning I thought I was going to have to excuse myself to the bathroom until our company arrived."

Jack didn't need to hear anymore, he kissed Daniel again before breaking it off and dragging them both out of the truck through the driver side door. They stumbled like a young foolish couple and this time Daniel pulled Jack into a kiss, tugging at Jack's shirt so he could reach up under it for the flesh hidden there. Somehow they made it to the steps and into the house without breaking apart, tumbling onto the bed with a flurry of limbs.

"Last chance Danny." Jack offered, holding himself stiffly up on his arms. He had told Daniel in the truck that there wouldn't be another chance, but he felt he had to offer so that Daniel knew what he was getting himself into. "I know this weekend hasn't been what you expected and I have to warn you that I don't want this to be a casual thing."

"Jack, casual is not my style. If I thought this would be casual I wouldn't have stopped you in the truck so we could come inside. Now shut up and kiss me again."

Jack was only too happy to comply before he took the time to divest them both of their shirts. He had seen Daniel shirtless many times, many tempting times in which he had to restrain himself from touching, but now he could touch and he did. Daniel as it turned out, had very sensitive nipples, and Jack took great delight in bathing them with his tongue just to make Daniel squirm. Daniel bit into his shoulder in retaliation and Jack groaned, hissing in a breath as he felt Daniel lave over the spot he had bitten before trailing up his neck to nibble on his left ear. Together they reached for the snaps of each other's jeans in unspoken agreement, creative squirming having them both out of their pants without breaking too far apart. As much as Jack would like to drag this out, learn every bit of Daniel's body and what made him squirm, they were both already well past the point of holding out for much longer.

Jack reached for the lube he had stashed next to his bed specifically for this trip; he had no reason to keep it there otherwise. Liberally coating his finger with the cool lotion Jack teased at Daniel's anus, his eyes locked on Daniel's the whole time, slowly pumping one finger in until Daniel was loose enough for a second.

"Jack." Daniel groaned, pushing against his hand. "It's been a while, but I'm not going to break."

"I don't want to hurt you Danny."

Jack probed a bit more before withdrawing his fingers, placing the head of his cock at Daniel's hole. Carefully in order to savor this moment Jack penetrated Daniel, enjoying how tight his new lover was. Surprisingly it didn't bother him so much to know that at some point Daniel had been with another man, it would have been stupid to believe that he was the first given how easily Daniel was accepting all of this, but Jack also knew that he wasn't about to share Daniel now that he had him. They'd have that conversation a bit later down the road though it probably wasn't necessary now that Sha're was dead—she had been the only threat he had ever seen to approaching a relationship with Daniel and even then it seemed that Daniel had only looked for her out of duty as time had worn by.

"Oh yes Jack." Daniel pushed against him as he thrust, taking Jack deep. "Harder."

Jack complied. Reaching down between them to grasp Daniel, he matched the pace of his hand to each thrust of his hips. It might be a cliché romantic gesture, but Jack was determined that they would cum as close together as possible this first time.

"Oh fuck." Daniel moaned as Jack angled himself just right.

"Shit Daniel." Jack was struggling to hold himself back. He had expected Daniel to be passionate, but this just blew his mind beyond his wildest dreams; he was going to have some interesting scratch and bite marks to hide—not that he regretted a single one.

Daniel arched upwards off the bed, spending himself over Jack's hand and clenching his ass tight. It was all the encouragement Jack needed. For a moment he thought about pulling out and spilling his seed on Daniel's stomach, but Daniel wasn't telling him to pull out so he didn't. As he let himself spasm inside of Daniel, Jack couldn't remember the last time he had such a fierce orgasm.

It seemed an eternity before they could both catch their breath again.

Finally Jack groaned and started to lever himself up. "Let's go get cleaned up."

Daniel pulled Jack back down, wrapping around him to keep him on the bed. "Clean up later. I want to lay here holding you for a bit."

Once again Jack was more than happy to oblige. He had suspected Daniel would be a cuddler and while he would be the last one to admit it, he was too. Besides, they would have to enjoy moments like this when they could. Weekend getaways like this would be rare in the future, people would get suspicious of too many 'fishing trips' and they didn't often have the luxury of privacy when they were off world. Of course there would be stolen nights at his house, Daniel stayed over often enough as it was that those wouldn't be questioned, but there would be many times when Daniel would have to go home to his own apartment. Jack pulled Daniel tighter into his arms; perhaps it hadn't been fair to do this to either of them, to add this complication to their already strange lifestyle, but he was too selfish to regret it.

"Jack?" Daniel murmured in the soft voice of someone enjoying the afterglow of a satisfying shag.

"Yeah Danny?"

"I'm glad you invited me to come fishing."

Jack couldn't help but chuckle. "Me too Danny. Me too."

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