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"Man! The only things on T.V are love stories!! What happened to the blood, gore and the darkness of life. Not everyone gets a happy ending, you know", Vivian growled irritatedly.

"Do you know what you need? A new mate to bother. You're so grouchy these days", Angel replied calmly.

"Oh, get over the fact the last two guys were idiots.", Vivian's green eyes turned black as she thought about it.

"True, but that didn't give you permission to scare them off", Angel said.

"Yes it does. I don't want to live with a loser my whole life and because you're my best friend, I don't want you to either.", Vivian hissed and stalked out the room . Angel followed Vivian and suggested "Why don't we go hunting?? I think you could use it."

"Fine.", Vivian threw on a dark red shirt with black sport shorts. " I'm ready."

Angel followed Vivian out in black attire. "Race you to the usual spot." Angel challenged.

"Ready when you are!", Vivian smirked.

"Go", Angel yelled and stuck her foot out only to see Vivian hit it and fall to her knees. Angel bursed out laughing. "Omg!! You shoulda seen you're face!!"

"Aren't you stunned? I'm so beautiful.", Vivian replied clenching her teeth and lunging at Angel.

"Ooo, I'm sooo scared." Angel said calmly dodging and stumbling back a bit. Vivian hissed and said "Race is still on."

"Ugh, crap…." Angel complained while running in the same direction as Vivian.

When Angel got to the usual spot, Vivian was leaning against the tree, smirking. "I win, cheater" Angel rolled her eyes and said "Lets get on with this." Vivian walked slowly next to Angel as they slowly advanced on their prey.

The blood was so alluring and blood lust seering through their veins caused Vivian and Angel to jump on the animal from 10 feet away. Naturally, they landed perfectly on their target and they simultaneously sank their teeth into the soft flesh and started drinking the blood even before the animal fell to the ground. The warm blood slid nicely down the back of their throats and sharpened the desire for more blood.

Vivian and Angel hunted and each time, they felt the warm liquid drawing them near. After about a day of hunting, Angel decided it was enough. "One more." Vivian said and Angel agreed.

After wandering around for a few moments, a sharp, strong smell caught Vivian's nose. "This way." She murmured and started running toward the scent. Angel followed suit and soon they were facing the back of a huge grizzly bear. Venom coated the two girls mouth and hunger overrode their senses.

Senselessly, they jumped on the bear and ripped at it. Then, out of nowhere two stone figures crashed into Vivian and Angel.