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Chapter Fifteen


The total injury count on my body after the fight with the Children of the Moon was the highest I had ever gotten. No, I don't count my injuries, Jake does, so does Charlie. Billy owes his son fifty dollars now. The whirlwind of pain and fainting spells was a result of stress fractures in my arms, a damaged socket from when I realigned my arm, five broken ribs, several abrasions which resulted in a minimum of five stitches, bruising to my pelvis and a few slipped disks in my back. Nothing surgery couldn't temporarily fix. The upside, if there is or was any, was that I didn't have to suck vampire venom from my own body. The Volturri still haven't contacted me to see if my end of the bargain was upheld, I don't know if I should be thrilled or worried about their absence. Like, who wouldn't want to know if the Children of the Moon had been eradicated…a second time. Kate had cancelled her contract with me as well when I refused to fulfil its terms. Thank god for that.

After the big fight, the Cullen's decided to stay in Forks again, much to La Push's displeasure but I stand by my judgement that will result in everyone eventually getting over the fact that 'vegetarian' vampires live in Forks. Seth has somehow become good friends with the Cullens, which amazed everyone. So far Seth is the only shape shifter who calls them by their given names and willingly comes with me when I go to visit them. I'm often over at their house, Edward is now afraid of me, Emmett worships me for that fact only and has deemed himself the older brother I never had. Alice and I both maintain that she didn't hold Edward down and I didn't dress him up like a girl before blackmailing him into singing Barbie Girl. I'm serious. Esme and Carlisle have been surprisingly supportive of my occupation and have broadened my clientele range considerably. It's because of them that I now work for both humans and vampires. There hasn't been much slaying, more like scaring the bloodsuckers away from wherever they're haunting, Jake loves helping me and I think he enjoys scaring the vamps into submission a bit too much although we would both happily turn a few difficult bloodsuckers into ash, just for the sake of it. Some of the clients were actually too afraid to ask us to kill them. I always hated people who were chickens.

Carlisle and Esme refuse to let me give them money for their trouble of helping me, Alice predicts the trends in the stock market…conveniently. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss Jasper. Ever since that last night he hasn't returned to Forks and the outcome of that is that I worry about him unnecessarily even though Rosalie and Alice assure me that he can look after himself. Alec's been staying with me for company; and for the simple reason that he needed a vacation and a change in scenery. Rose tells me that he's concerned about me. I don't believe her but I do appreciate the company when I don't want to go down to La Push. He's become a local legend at Fork's pub where he works whilst I'm down at La Push, as much as the packs like him, they don't want to amend the treaty to let him come into the reservation, so they all flock to my place instead. Emily and Sam's twins broken arms fully healed and still haven't learnt their lesson. Sam won't let me scare them so they'll stop doing their little act. I hated when that maternal side of Sam came out, it pissed everybody off.
Emmett and Rosalie are getting married, again. I'm a bridesmaid; Jake, Charlie and I still are in a debate over who was more surprised. The pack and I are secretly looking forward to the reception when I introduce myself to a group of vampires as a slayer, we can't decide if the bloodsuckers will give polite small talk or excuse themselves. Ah, it's worth getting all prettified for the reception.

Apart from all of that? Life pretty much went back to normal in Forks. Nothing out of the ordinary. Now it's because of that little fact that there's nothing out of the ordinary that I was worried.

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