A/N: The inspiration for this came from Charlie Haas. No really, in his match against The Great Khali I realized that almost everyone that has ever been 'imatated' has come up against their doppelgangers. Taker/Faker, Kane/Impostor Kane, Khali/Charli, JBL/CHL. But what about Diesel? Big Sexy never got the chance to look himself in the face and then pummel it. So my brain jumped into hyper drive, and thus this was born. One shot for now, but maybe become a chaptered story if I can't get Kevin Muse to quit torturing Kane Muse.

And tonight on RAW I seen my hot, sexy, strong...erm where was I...oh yes Bam Neely. Seeing him and Kane just made my night. Alright I'll stop talking now, here's the story. Love it, hate it or whatever drop me a line and let me know. Enjoy! And Big Sexy cookies for all.

"Why are we here?" Kevin asked as he was drug through the packed WWF event by Scott Hall.

"Come on, live a little. You've been mopey ever since we deflected to WCW. Excuse us." Scott weaved his way through the crowd, holding Kevins' hand tightly.

Scott hauled him towards their seats, which were incidently were front row center. Kevin dug his heels in and tried to pull Scott back, nothing good was going to come of this.

"Scott this isn't gonna work. We're not supposed to be here."

"Come on Kevin, where's that Diesel cockiness you used to exude? Worse they can do is throw us out, besides you know Bishcoff loves controversy. I'm sure he'll put some sort of spin on this."

Kevin sighed and slumped down in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. A dull pounding started behind his eyes and screwed them shut hoping to ease the pain. When that didn't help he sat forward and started massaging his temples, his hair hiding his face. They were close enough to the announce table that he could hear Lawlers grating voice and JR's twangy tone and neither one was helping his head.

"This is going to be a long night." He thought as a cheer went up around him.

Scott propped his feet up on the barrier and smiled at security, waving like a king on his throne to those around him. The matches started and Kevin watched sporadically, Scott had called attention to them and a camera was aimed at them nearly at all times. This was not how he wanted to spend his evening.

"Scott there's nothing here to see other than the same old boring gimmicks." He grumbled.

"Sit tight man. Things are gonna get a little more interesting."

"Whaddya mean."

"Vinny Mac is on his way over and boy does he look pissed."

"Great." Kevin dropped his head to his hands and shook it as Vince's voice sounded in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded as he leaned over the rail barrier.

"Just enjoying the show." Scott said cheekily, putting his feet back up on the barrier.

"Get out."

"Nope we're paying customers." Scott dropped his feet to the floor and waved their tickets in Vince's face.

"Fine." Vince spat.

Vince stormed off, leaving Scott gloating over his win and Kevin still shaking his head. Then he heard the familiar sound of an air horn and looked up confused.

"Why are they playing my theme?"

Coming down the small aisle way was a young man, long black flowing hair and dressed in his old gear. The black shades kept Kevin from recognizing him right away. Kevin sat forwards and studied him as he pulled off his old entrance perfectly. Judging from the reaction of the crowd they weren't buying it. He took off the coat and shades tossing them to a crew member on the floor, it was then that Kevin placed him. It was the Jacobs kid that played Lawler's crazy dentist. He growled as Jacobs paraded around the ring, making a mockery of the gimmick that he had worked so hard at so that it didn't flop.

He quit paying attention to Scott, whom was pointing out everything that the fakes were doing wrong. His blood was boiling as he watched the match progress. It was Scotts' braying laughter over a botched move by Jacobs that pushed Kevin over the edge. He got up from his seat and made his way backstage, trying to keep as low a profile as he could. It didn't work.

"Kevin...Kev...Is that you?" Kevin flinched and turned around and came face to face with his best friend, Shawn Michaels.

"Yea...hey keep your voice down."

"You shouldn't be back here you know." Shawn said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I know, but I have something to take care of. Hey I need your help Shawn." Kevin said, a spur of the moment plan forming in his mind.

"What's that?" Shawn asked warily, he knew that look and it didn't bode well.

Kevin threw his arm around Shawn's shoulders and lead him down the hall, explaining what he had planned. Shawn nodded a couple of times and took Kevin to his locker room and told him to stay put. A few minutes later Shawn came back with Kevin's old costume and waited outside for him to change. Soon the door opened and Kevin came swaggering out, running his hands through his hair; savoring the feel of Diesel working his way back to the surface.

"Are you sure about this?" Shawn asked.

"Of course I am."

Kevin strode away, his hair bouncing with every step leaving Shawn standing alone in the hallway, shaking his head. As he drew near the ring he started to feed off the cheers of the crowd. The air horn sounded again and he made a mental note to thank Shawn when he got back to the back. He headed down the aisle, his eyes fixed on the ring, absentmindedly smacking a few hands on the way. Those inside looked over at Vince confused and Kevin could feel Vince's annoyance from where he stood. As he climbed in the ring he hiked his pants up and raised his fist, never once taking his eyes off of Jacobs. For his part Jacobs stood his ground and just stared at Kevin cockily, even swiping his hair out of his face like Kevin used to do.

Then without warning Kevin clotheslined Jacobs, smiling as they both went down. They rolled around on the mat, neither one giving an inch and trading stiff shots. Vince and JR were doing their best to call the moves, but it had degraded down to a street brawl. The fans on the other hand were eating it up. It wasn't everyday that you got to see essentally the same person take himself down. Scott's yells carried above the din and Kevin landed a hard punch to Jacob's face, snapping his nose.

"Hey man, what the hell?" He questioned as he tried to ward off the worst of the blood.

"This is my gimmick. There is only one Diesel and you're looking at him." He punched Jacobs again and he knew that Jacob's eye would be swollen shut by the morning.

"Ease off man, I'm just doing what they told me to do." He tried to fight back but it didn't work, Kevin was just too strong and Glen was just too tired.

Soon refs made their way to the ring and separated the two. Kevin smiled as the refs helped Jacobs from the ring. At the mouth of the ramp Jacobs turned around and glared him. To which Kevin just motioned with his hands for Jacobs to join him again. He even opened the ropes for him, laughing as Jacobs continued his way to the back. He took his time, showboating for the crowds, loving the way they reacted. When he finally got out of the ring he was practically jumped by Vince.

"What in the hell was that? I should have you sued."

"Calm down Vinny Mac. I just added something to the show. You heard the reaction when that fake came out. It was dead. You should be thanking me." Kevin swiped his hair out of his face and smiled at a few of the fans ringside.

"Get out."


Kevin started towards the back, the high from being Diesel had started to wear off and he found himself wondering what was going to happen when Turner got wind of this. He headed back to Shawn's locker room, wanting nothing more than to get into his clothes and get out of here. He knew that it had been a bad idea to come tonight. Before he got to Shawn door he was thrown against the wall and an arm to the throat kept him pinned there. Staring at him with murder in his eyes was Jacobs, blood still trickling down from his nose.

"Listen here Nash, I didn't want this part but dammit I need it." He breathed, his voice heavy with malice. "Do you know what it's like to be known as the crazy guy with the ear splitting entrance?"

"N-no." Kevin tried to shake his head but the pressure from Jacob's arm was to much.

Soon Kevin became aware of another sensation. As he stood there he was basically looking at himself in the mirror, there were certain differences but still it was a close enough resemblance. Jacob's breath stirred the hairs around his face and Kevin watched as his chest rose and fell and suddenly he couldn't stop himself. He used his other hand and grabbed a fist full of Jacobs hair and crashed his lips down on his. He tasted blood but it didn't stop him from thrusting his tongue into Jacobs mouth and sliding it over his. Jacob's arm fell away and Kevin turned them so that Jacobs was pinned up against the all.

Kevin pressed his knee between Jacob's legs and swallowed groan that he had worked from him. He then threaded both hands in Jacob's hair and pulled his head away, panting slightly.

"Diesel is an attitude. Not a gimmick."

Kevin then pulled away and started back down towards Shawn's locker room a large smile on his face. After a quick change back into his street clothes he headed back out to ring area, hoping to find Scott. He had to thank him for a wonderful evening, even if he had been drug out against his will.