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Chapter 22:Weekend Lovers


Jasper, Jacob and I were packing the bags up to our rooms while the girls jabbered on about shopping here or there. I knew Bella wasn't feeling up to shopping. It was part of the deal. She and I were spending the weekend together, as a couple. No Alice or wedding plans.

I looked at Alice seriously. "Alice, remember you're leaving Bella out of it this weekend. She's mine." I flashed a smile to Bella who smiled back with gratitude.

"Yeah, I know. Rose and I are going to head out for some shopping tomorrow. I'm leaving Bella out of it, she's yours all weekend." Alice knew I wouldn't budge on this stipulation. Of course, I had to compromise with her for this minor concession. I agreed to pay for her hotel room and gave her an additional $2000 for her shopping trip. I also agreed to one formal dinner with the entire group. Bella thanked me profusely for working out a deal with Alice.

The elevator door opened to our floor. All of our rooms were on the same floor, but in different locations. Rose and Jacob were located mid floor, Alice and Jasper were on the far right, while Bella and I took the left wing. This way none of us were too close, but close enough. "Well this is ours." Jacob nodded toward room 610.

"We're this way." Alice pointed out for Jasper. "Ok guys, dinner tomorrow. Rose, I'll meet you here at 7 sharp." Then she turned to Bella with a pouty grin. "You can join us if you want Bells, but I'm guessing Em will have you tied to the bed or something." She laughed obnoxiously.

Bella just shook her head and smiled at Alice. She really didn't have a need to answer my sister, Alice knew the rules. "I think we're off this way Em."

"Yep, see you guys tomorrow for dinner." We all went our separate ways. Alice and Jaz were in room 602 while Bells and I took room 624. I couldn't wait to have my fiancée all to myself for an entire night… weekend.


"You're on the sixth floor Mr. Cullen." The desk clerk looked at her computer screen once more. "Room 622, take the elevator up and the down the hall to the left. It's almost at the very end." She smiled at me and handed me my key.

"Thank you very much. Enjoy your evening." I grabbed our bags and led Lauren to the elevator. She still seemed rather distraught over the incident with her mother. She sat quietly in the passenger the entire drive. I wasn't quite sure how to make her feel better.

The ride up to the six floor was silent, much like our car ride. I wanted to take away all the pain Lauren was feeling. I hoped she would allow me to at least try. I wasn't always the best person, I knew that, but I wanted so badly to make her feel safe and loved. From what I knew of Lauren, never once in her life had she ever felt safe.

I led Lauren to our room and unlocked the door. I pushed the door open, allowing her to enter. Following with the bags I heard hear gasp. "Edward, this is beautiful…" she moved toward the bed, touching the comforter softly with her fingertips. "You really didn't have to do all this."

I dropped the bags and sat on the end of the bed motioning for her to sit next to me. "It's nothing Lauren, I don't mind at all. I think we both needed a weekend away from everything." I pulled her into my arms and felt her relax a little. "Why don't you get comfortable and relax a little. There's a jaccuzi tub in the bathroom, maybe a hot bath would do you some good. I'll order us room service and we'll just hide out in here all night." I squeezed her tighter. "Is there anything in particular you want?"

She sighed and stood up, effectively removing her from my embrace. I watched as her lusty mask slipped into place. "Hmm… I can see something I want sitting right here." She smirked and made a got down on her knees. "Lauren…" Her nimble hands went for the button of my jeans. My need levels were rising, but I knew deep down she was deflecting. "Lauren, stop…Honey just hold on a second." I saw a flash of hurt in her eyes before her expression turned to a scowl.

"What, you finally see what type of family I come from and you don't want me? I'm not good enough to even touch you now?" The mask was in place fully and her defenses were up. "I thought you were different Edward. Fuck even after everything that happened at the fantastic four's party… I gave you a chance. I have stood by you when everyone else just wanted to tell you to fuck off. It was me who supported you Edward. I get that I'm not perfect. I come from a shitty family. I know that, I've known that my entire fucking life. I figured if anyone could see past that it would be you. I guess I was wrong. Big fucking mistake on my part. Well go run back to your perfect friends and family. You all can laugh about how you spent some time slumming it with the town whore."

It was bad enough to hear her own mother call her a slut, but to hear the word whore tumble from her lips, in reference to herself… I couldn't handle it. I stepped close to her, my nose barely brushing hers. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders holding her in place. I wouldn't hurt her, but I wanted her to hear every word I was about to say. "You listen up Lauren. I do not think you're a whore. Nor do I think you are below me. I love you." Her eyes grew wide. Yeah, I said it and I meant it with everything deep down inside. "I love you. I don't know when it happened but somewhere along our way down this fucked up road I fell in love with you."

She stared at me, her wide eyes blinking. "You love … me?" I could see the disbelief in her eyes. "Yes love, I love you. How could I not?" Her eyes remained the size of silver dollars. "Let's sit and talk. Then we'll eat some dinner and then if you still want to, I promise you won't be disappointed in bed." She sighed and moved to the bed. We sat with our back flat against the headboard. "So tell me, lover boy… when exactly did this happen? And well I guess why?" I took hear hand in mine and began tracing patterns with my thumb. "Well, how about we start with the why. Like I said, I'm not sure when it happened. But how could I not Lauren? You've been the only person who has stuck by me this year. It's hard enough moving and then when you fuck up as badly as I did… well it doesn't really leave you swarming with friends. I can't blame Bella and her friends for ostracizing me and I wouldn't blame you if you had run for the hills too. But I can appreciate how you've stood by me through this whole mess. I love how you can see beyond that one major mistake and see me for who I really am. Not to mention, I've seen the real you Lauren. I've seen the sensitive girl who hides behind all her barbs and sarcastic remarks. I've seen how much it hurts you to be an outcast. I've seen how loyal you are to those you love, even when they don't deserve it. I've seen you Lauren. After that, I don't know how I couldn't love you."

She was quiet for a few minutes, I assumed she was just absorbing the information. "You wanna know something Edward?" I just nodded my response. "That's the first time someone has actually said those words to me when we're not in the middle of fucking. I've heard it a lot from the guys I've been with, but only during sex." She had to be kidding. There's no way a person could go through life not being told they were loved. Rose and I came from pretty sketchy backgrounds. I thanked God every day that we had Carlisle and Esme. Our parents may not always be present in our lives, but we knew they loved us and they never hesitated in telling us so. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Yeah Edward I am. I've never heard those words when they were actually sincere." My heart broke for this amazing woman next to me. She had been through so much. I pulled her into my arms and just held her. "Oh baby I'm so so sorry. You deserve so much better. Even better than I can offer you, but if you'll let me, I'll show you just how much I love you each and every day from here forward. Let me show you what it's like to have someone care about you. Please." I could feel her tears dampening my shirt. She just nodded her head and sobbed into my chest.


Emmett and I finally had some time to ourselves. We entered our room; he dropped our bags, locked the deadbolt, picked me up and tossed me down on the bed. I giggled as I bounced. "Emmett! What are you doing?" I asked my wonderful fiancé. He stared down at me with love and lust mixing in his eyes. "I am about to enjoy a full weekend with the most beautiful woman I've ever known." He bent over and removed my shoes, followed by my sox. I didn't know the removal of shoes and sox could be so damned sensual. But watching him and how he admired my feet, well it had me a little more than flustered.

He was rubbing the bottom of my left foot. "Do you have any idea how much I love you Bella?" He whispered and continued rubbing my foot, up to my ankle. I was in heaven. I couldn't even respond with words, I just moaned my appreciation. He moved his talented hands to my other foot and repeated the motions. "Do you have any idea just how long I've wanted you?" Again, I was so blissed out I couldn't formulate a response. In truth, I doubt he was looking for an actual answer. His hands moved up my right leg and began working on my calf through my jeans. It amazed me just how much I was enjoy his massage. "Do you know how many nights I'd lay in my bed, thinking about you?"

Between his words and his hands, he was causing my heart to race. I could feel the blush spread throughout my body. He again switched sides and began working on my left calf. I focused on my breathing and the feel of his strong hands on my body. He was driving me completely crazy. As his hands moved to my left thigh he began speaking again. "How many nights I lay in my bed, touching myself wishing they were your hands on my body…" Holy shit. That sent a flood of warm wetness straight to my core. The image of Emmett laying awake in bed, touching himself with thoughts of me was going to forever be etched in my mind.

His hands kept working my muscles, making pass after pass, getting closer to where I truly wanted him. Each time he intentionally avoided my sex I whined. It didn't seem to speed up his process any. He worked both of my thighs and hips before finally making his way to the button on my jeans. "I've wanted you for so long Bella. I've imagined what it would be like to be allowed to love you like this." He unbuttoned my jeans and began slowly peeling them from my body. Emmett kissed the newly visible skin as he removed the jeans from my legs. I heard them softly hit the ground followed by a few more soft thuds. I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight. Emmett stood, stark naked staring down at me from the foot of the bed. He began crawling back up my body, leaving a trail of kissed up my legs. When he reached my shirt he let his hands slip under it. "You are the most amazing woman I've ever met Bella. You have ruined me for any other. I don't know what I did to deserve you but I swear to God I will do my best to keep you."

He had my shirt all the way up trapping my arms over my head. His warm mouth found my now hardened nipple. I was full on moaning at this point. "Em, please… I need you baby." To make my point I thrust my hips up, grinding on his thigh. "In due time baby. Right now I just want to love you. I want to taste every part of you. Show you just how much I hunger for you." He left my hands bound in my shirt and moved his hands to trace the lines of my body. His light touch trailed from my ribs down to my hips and finally to my core. His mouth kept working on my nipples as he dipped his fingers into my wet heat causing a low moan to escape my lips. "So wet baby… is this all for me?" I was barely coherent enough to moan my response. "Yes… just for you Em…"

Em moved his mouth slowly down my ribcage toward my stomach, his tongue stopping briefly to circle my belly button while his fingers slowly worked my clit. I could feel the coil in my stomach tightening. "Em… Please…" I begged once again. "I told you baby, I'm going to take my time." Plunging his fingers in deeper, he began working my clit with his mouth. I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I began thrusting in time with his fingers, working myself closer to orgasm. "Oh God… Em… fuck…" He just hummed his satisfaction. The vibrations sending me into a frenzy. I ground myself on his face and fingers. "Bella, you're so sexy when you lose control. Come for me baby…" He sucked my clit into his warm mouth and hummed, effectively sending me over the edge. "Emmett!" I screamed as I released my juices into his mouth.

He kept his fingers moving slowly, letting me ride out my orgasm. When the spasms slowed he proceeded to lick me clean. I couldn't catch my breath. "Holy hell Emmett… that was… no words can describe what that was baby…" He finished cleaning me and crawled back up my body, looking me deep in my eyes. Words were not needed, I could see it in his eyes. All the silent promises, all the emotions he couldn't formulate into words. I love you, I need you, I want you… forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss, tasting myself on his lips.


I felt like my heart was going to explode. I was filled with such emotion. Bella was truly the most amazing woman I had ever known. I loved teasing her, working her into a frenzy. Each time I brought her to release I felt a deep sense of accomplishment. I did that to her. I was the only one who knew how to work her body. I knew each of her sensitive spots. I was the only man who could make her come like that.

I hadn't expected her to kiss me until I cleaned up from going down on her. When she moaned into my mouth after tasting herself on my lips, I couldn't help but grind myself against her. I was all for pleasing my woman but between seeing her naked, her orgasm and now her kiss, I needed to be inside her… badly. She broke our kiss, gasping for air. "Emmett, I need you… NOW." I couldn't deny her or my need any longer. I lined myself up with her pussy and slowly entered her. I could feel her walls flutter with each movement I made. "Fuck Bella! You feel amazing baby." Each time with her was indescribable. I loved being inside her. Sometimes it would be fast and hard, full of need, others it would be slow and loving. At that moment, I wanted to make love to my fiancée. Once I was fully seated inside her I stopped and looked into her eyes. "I love you so much Bella. I'm the luckiest man on earth." Yeah, I had turned into a sap, but I didn't care. I needed her to know just how much I treasured her.

I began thrusting in and out of her, slowly. Making sure I hit her spot with every plunge. She moved her hips in time with mine. I captured her lips with mine. Her mouth tasted divine. I'd never tire of tasting her. I poured every bit of emotion into our lovemaking. I felt so much I could have cried. I felt her walls start to pulse and she thrust against me harder. I moved my hand to her hip and slowed her movements. I didn't want it to be fast or hard. I wanted to love her. Pulling away, I just stared into her eyes. Neither of us looked away or said a word. We kept moving in time with each other, our bodies no longer two separate pieces, but merged into one. Her walls clamped down hard as she reached her peak. It only took me one more long thrust to fall over the edge. I collapsed on top of her, working on regaining my breath.


I woke to light pouring in from the window. The night before had been amazing. I couldn't count how many times Em had worked me to my orgasm. He was amazing and I knew I'd be sore as all hell for the next day or so. I looked over at my sleeping giant of a man. He was so peaceful in his sleep. I couldn't help but stare at him. He looked truly happy and I was a bit smug knowing that I made him happy. I loved Emmett with my entire heart and soul. We were very lucky to have found each other after so long. He was my best friend, confidant and now fiancé. I couldn't have been happier.

Avoiding waking him up, I slid out of bed and made a beeline for the bathroom. After cleaning myself up a bit I wrapped myself in the fluffy hotel robe. From the bathroom I quietly snuck to the sitting room area. I called down for room service and ordered breakfast for both of us. The room was silent with exception of Emmett's loud snoring. It was comforting listening to his stead breaths. The few nights I spent away from him since the engagement were torture. I had never felt safer than when I was in Emmett's arms. Safety was something I craved after the whole Edward incident. I knew he wouldn't come after me again, let alone in my own bedroom, but the fear was still there. When I didn't have Emmett there to hold me as I slept, I had horrible nightmares. Of course I'd never tell Emmett that. I'm sure he and Jasper would track down Edward and hurt him badly.

I had forgiven Edward not long after the incident. I wasn't one to hold a grudge and in truth I was just happy he wasn't part of my life. I had grown quite close to Rose and knew that because of our friendship I'd have to deal with Edward at some point. Rose and I had discussed it and she felt that Edward really did feel awful about the whole thing. I could accept that. I was glad he saw his error in judgment and just prayed he wouldn't hurt anyone else. I was so thankful that Emmett was there for me that night. Had he not come out when he did, well the mere thought sent shivers down my spine.

Part of the reason I was able to forgive Edward was Lauren. Watching how he talked to her and defended her was something to be seen. He was loyal and very protective of Lauren. Lauren wasn't someone that many people put effort into knowing. Over the years she had developed quite the reputation for herself. Of course, she didn't help by stabbing everyone in the back the first chance she got. Nevertheless, somewhere along the way, she and Edward had grown close. Even from a distance you could see they made each other happy. I could see a tenderness in Edward that Rose swore existed. Still, I wouldn't want to be left alone with him. I had seen firsthand just how dark Edward could turn in mere seconds.

The gentle knock at the door pulled me from my internal musings. It also caused a break in the snoring pattern coming from Emmett. I thanked the woman and tipped her before pushing the cart into the room. "Explain why I'm naked and alone in this giant bed?" I laughed. "Well dear fiancé of mine, I thought after last night you'd want some nourishment." He made some odd snorting noise. "Again, why am I alone… and naked? Did I mention naked?" Yeah, he was insatiable.


"Jasper! Are you ready yet? It's almost 7 and Rose will be waiting!" He was taking forever in the shower. "Yeah yeah I'm coming just let me put some clothes on first." I hated being late. I'd leave him in the hotel all day but knew we'd need his help with the packages. Not to mention, we were wedding shopping and I fully intended to have his input. "Jasper…" I started to yell again just as he exited the steamy bathroom.

He looked absolutely amazing. "I'm right here honey. You do know patience is a virtue right?" He laughed and plastered that sexy smirk across his face. I couldn't resist. I walked over, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly. "You're lucky that one, I love you and two, you're damned sexy. Now let's go!"

Rose and Jacob were waiting for us in the hall. "I'm so glad someone was on time." I rolled my eyes at Jasper. Rose just laughed. "I knew better than to be late meeting you for shopping. I don't have a death wish you know." We all laughed at that and headed for the elevator. As we entered the elevator I saw the one person I really didn't want to see. Edward Cullen. I knew Jasper would have a hard time controlling himself so I grabbed his hand. Hoping Rose would enlighten us, I kept my mouth shut.

"Edward, what the hell are you doing here?" She asked completely surprised at his appearance. "I told you I was heading out of town for the weekend." He did seem slightly uncomfortable sharing the elevator with all of us. "Well I didn't expect to just run into you… let alone in our hotel." She wasn't pleased and I was guessing it was because of the whole Edward/Bella situation. "Yeah, me either Rose." He turned to look at his sister. "Look, I'm not here to cause trouble. Shit, I didn't even know you were in this hotel. So how about we just stay away from each other. I've got some stuff to handle with Lauren and I really don't want you in the middle of it." Rose's eyes flashed. Her bitch mask falling right into place. "Whatever Edward. Have a good time with you girlfriend." She practically spat the word out.

No one said another word until we were a block beyond the hotel. "What the hell is he doing here?" Jasper finally found his voice. "Fuck. Emmett's going to be pissed." He was right. If we told Emmett about Edward staying just down the hall, well I couldn't guarantee Edward would make it out of Seattle alive. "We don't tell him." I stated plainly. It wasn't an option. We couldn't tell Emmett and risk ruining the one weekend he and Bella had alone. Jasper looked at me shocked. "You expect me to lie to my best friend? Your brother?"

"I know you don't want to honey, but think about it. If we told him, what would he do? Track down Edward and beat him to a pulp? What would that accomplish?" He seemed to think it over for a few moments. "You're right, but if he asks, this was all your idea."