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A young boy no older than fifteen nervously paced up and down a long hallway the blinding white walls making him stand out in his all black outfit. His deep blue eyes staring nervously passed his blonde bangs at the large door just as blinding white as the rest of the hall.

After what seemed like hours the white door open and walked out a tall man, his long blue hair draped over his shoulders, a mysterious X shape scar just in-between his cold emotionless eyes that stared down at the boy making a shiver go down his spine. "The Superior is ready to see you Number Thirteen." His voice was as emotionless as his face.

The young blonde nodded nervously, then strided past the older man through the door. He stepped into a large room, bookshelves that were covered with books and ancient scrolls, a wooden desk disorganized with papers. Sitting behind the desk was another man, his long silver hair rolling down his back, orange eyes emotionlessly scanning the newcomer. "Number Thirteen; please come in, Number Seven close the door behind you."

The blue haired man nudged the boy forward and the two of them stepped into the room. The silver haired man wasted no time in getting to the point, "Number Thirteen, care to explain why you and Number's Eight and Nine have failed your mission and Number's Eight and Nine coming back in such a state, and you come back unscathed?"

"Well Superior." The blonde boy started nervously. "It started out fine, just like any other scouting mission. The world didn't seem too bad, well the food and water was kind of unclean…" the boy noticed that he was trailing off topic when he saw his two superior's glaring at him. "Um anyway, it got bad when we ran into these island natives…they thought that we were gods."

The two older males just stared at the blonde, unbelief in there eyes. "They thought that I was a god of light, and they thought that Axel and Demyx were gods of fire and water. Then they worshiped us, and apparently in there culture the god of light is supposed to marry the princess and um…" he was going off topic again. "Well to get to the point, they somehow found out that we were not really gods, so they got angry at us and imprisoned us at least Axel and Demyx. I guess the princess liked me and didn't want anything to happen to me, so I got off the hook."

"And I'm guessing that these natives are the reason Number's eight and Nine are in the state there in." The blue haired man finished.

The blond nodded. "Yah, they kind of beat them up."

The Silvered haired man nodded in approval. "Well that explains a lot, you may go Number Thirteen.

The nodded, before bowing slightly in respect and quickly leaving the room, to head down to Vexen's lab.

AN Well this is my newest story, I know there's not much to it now, but it should get better, it's basically a story about Axel, Roxas, and Demyx recovering from this mission, I got this idea from a medical essay I was doing, this story will have a lot of medical detail in it but I',m not a doctor and I got most of the imformation off Wikipdia so it may not be 100 precent true, I'll do my best, hope you enjoy it.