Power is a Black Dog

By Son Rhandi

Chapter 7: 'Welcome Back, Mummymon'

"So, you think he'll hatch today?"

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

"But you're here everyday."

"Today's different. Oikawa came to me and told me to come down here."

"Heh. I see. There's nothing quite like having a digital deity, is there?" The red porcupine chuckled, continuing to care for his charges. The lady in red sighed. This waiting game was making her anxious, excitable, and she wished she could discharge those feelings.

Her wish came true, it seemed, as the blue and gray DigiEgg cracked down the middle. Elecmon's ears perked up, knowing that sound all too well, and trotted back to his previous location to get a looksee.

In a puff of smoke the egg disappeared and left behind a cradle with a gray head and feet poking out from under a pyramid shell inside. The tiny digimon yawned, showing only a few teeth and opened its eyes for the very first time, and as if fate decreed it, the very first person the digimon cast its eyes on was a woman dressed in red.

"Hello," she said, bent over with a smile. "I trust it hasn't been too long, Pyramon. Do you remember me?" The little digimon blinked, gaining a questioning look on its face. After a few seconds, his lips parted in what had to be the widest smile anyone had ever seen.

"Arukenimon!!" He shouted gleefully in a scratchy voice and hopped into her arms while Elecmon laughed, never having seen a newly hatched digimon quite so happy before, but this one had good reason to be. "Arukeni!" He shouted again. "I've waited sooooo long to come out! I wanted to see your eyes again! Will you show them to me?"

The lady in red smiled a sad smile and said to him, "When you become Mummymon, then I will show them to you again." That didn't seem to be a problem for the little fellow, and he went about grinning up at her ecstatically.


He looked up at Arukenimon. She didn't said anything, but by the way she was clutching Pyramon, he could interpret her message. He lowered his head a bit to talk to the hatchling. "Say, Pyramon, how would you like to go with Arukenimon?"

"Would I ever!!" He chirped. "Let's go, let's go, let's go!!" Elecmon laughed heartily. "Okay, okay! Arukenimon, take good care of him! And let's hope for all our sakes that you never have to come back here!" The electric rodent chortled and waved a cheery good-bye to the two, Arukenimon doing a less enthusiastic version of it. And with that, she turned to leave the Primary Village.

Many weeks passed and many miles passed. From the primary stage of Pyramon came the goomba-like In-Training form of Ankhmon, and from Ankhmon came the Rookie land tadpole, Styxmon. From Styxmon came the Champion Monochromon-sized dog-crocodile-lion mix, Amuhtmon, and that was where they were.

The Digital World was a big place, good for roaming, which was what they did. Living out the rest of her life as a vagabond wouldn't have been her first choice, but if she had someone to travel with, then it didn't matter to her, and nor did it to Amuhtmon, who was just happy to be alive. Though they ran into their fair share of trouble, they rarely fought. With the kind of past they both possessed, they had had enough of that.

The two were passing through a dense forest- the same forest as the last time, but that hadn't dawned on either of them- as day turned to night, and found a suitable clearing to sleep in. Amuhtmon's stiff fur didn't make for a good pillow, but at least he generated a lot of body heat, which was her primary source of warmth on most nights. The cold grabbed Arukenimon this night, however, and roused her from her slumber. It came as a bit of a surprise to her to find that she lay in the clearing instead of at Amuhtmon's side. Brushing the grass from her dress, she got up to look for him. Big as he was, he shouldn't have been too hard to spot, even under the cover of darkness.

"Amuhtmon?" She called to him, but received no answer. She tried again, a little louder this time, but still bore no fruit. Arukenimon became a little worried. She had already lost him once before…

Go south towards the river, Arukenimon…

"Hmm? Oikawa?" Divine intervention: such was expected from time to time with the history they shared. Heeding his words, she traveled south to the river, but found nothing but…


"Hmm?" The blue clad digimon turned in her direction. "I was wondering when you'd notice I had left…" He parted his lips in a toothy grin. "How long has it been, my dear?"

"In human terms, about five years…" Time slowed itself and her steps became heavier and heavier with each advance, as if the universe was frightened for her. The man in blue blinked and looked into the moonlit river. "…I'm sorry I took so long."

"You don't have to apologize," she sat down next to him, gazing at her own reflection in the water. "I figured our human DNA would take some time getting through the barrier to the Digital World if we ever… So, it wasn't as if I wasn't expecting it."

Mummymon nodded in response. The silence becoming awkward, he kicked his heels at the arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen molecules and said, "…I'm sorry I made you cry that day, Arukeni… That is the only regret I have. I love you, and seeing you- my impenetrable fortress- cry broke my heart…"

The spider woman smiled meekly. "Even the best built fortress is bound to crumble given enough time, and five years is a long time to spend reflecting on things, Mummymon," she turned away from him. "I have my own set of regrets, too." Arukeni trailed a finger in the dirt as she continued, Mummymon listening intently. "I regret… not being able to tell you how sorry I was. Sorry I treated you the way I did, sorry for always keeping so much to myself, and sorry for never saying it back…"

"Saying what back, my dear?"

Arukenimon raised a hand to her face and removed the dark shades that had covered a beautiful part of her for much too long. He instantly found himself captivated by those violet eyes of hers, and brought a hand to her cheek, just like last time, except this time, they were under better circumstances. Taking a deep breath, the lady in red closed her eyes and uttered the words that pride had locked up for so many years…

A strong wind blew and the leaves of the trees rustled loudly. The only ones who heard anything other than the sound of those rustling leaves were the man in blue and the lady in red, and whatever was heard by them became a memory of the wind…


http://cashman_g.tripod.com/fanart/mine/digimon/anubimon.jpg Go here to see a pic of Anubimon.

http://cashman_g.tripod.com/fanart/mine/digimon/ankhstyx.jpg Go here to see a pic of Ankhmon and Styxmon.

http://cashman_g.tripod.com/fanart/mine/digimon/amuhtmon.jpg Go here for a pic of Amuhtmon.

http://cashman_g.tripod.com/fanart/mine/digimon/archmumm_winter.jpg For some winter fun Mummymon style, go here.

(All drawn by yours truly, btw! Please don't take w/o my permission!)