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Chapter 1

In heat




Stare for stare golden orbs met with muddled brown haze.

He wondered what she was doing there.

The rhythmic contraction and expansion of her arteries during each beat of her heart drummed loudly in his sensitive ears as she stood there and watched him.

It was thunderous, blaring, deafening to his delicate inner eardrums.

He grimaced at the pain below. Glancing up at her once again, he noticed that she wasn't dressed in her usual strange clothing, instead she wore a simple pink kimono with white cherry blossoms.

"LEAVE!" He roared.

She stood there unfazed by his choleric disposition, watching him as he dug his claws into the tree for support. He was shaking, his shoulders trembling uncontrollably.

She'd witness the TaiYoukai in many states before. When he'd tried to kill her that very first time in his Father's tomb, and she'd seen many other violent attempts he'd tried on his younger brother InuYasha. But, she had also witnessed his tender side when he cared for Rin, the way he would sacrifice everything for the little girl. He had even saved her life once or twice. Also there had been the times when he'd thrown himself in the mist of danger to save them all, yet through everything, he had always been composed.


In control.

She had never seen him like this, she didn't think it was possible. If she did not continue to bear witness to this event she would never believe that the InuYokai was unable to control his emotions and body.

She lingered and continued to watch the InuYokai as he dug his claws deeper into the tree to hold himself back from attacking her. The demon blood was coursing through his veins the urge to mate, and reproduce overpowering his soul. He was in heat.

Over the years, her heart had been swayed by the handsome Youkai's actions. Though he continued to deny the characteristics that were unbecoming for many Youkai, his actions had spoken to her louder than any denial he could lay out to her. She knew he had a heart, a deep compassionate heart when it came to things that mattered. She also knew that somewhere buried deep down in the well of denial that she laid in the center of it all – that she mattered to him. He cared for her. He had come to her rescue so many times before when InuYasha wasn't around. Although he had always left her without saying anything when he touched her she felt it in him, his care. She found herself dreaming of him night after night. And when she was back in modern Japan, she would lay in bed calling out his name in a full whisper because she knew no one else was there to hear her, to bear witness to her growing obsession and love for the cold youkai. Alone, she wanted him, desired him and needed his touch. In her mind, and in her dreams, he was always with her. Side by side. In her fantasy of fantasies, he touched her, held her, kissed her, but all the while her secrets were kept and buried deep within her well of loneliness. Afraid to reveal her feelings for him, worried her perceptions of what he felt for her would be wrong.

Because he continued to let on that he was just another heartless bastard. That there was no soft side to him. That he would never care for her.

"LEAVE ME!" He bellowed out again, but it was more of a plea than a command. The sound of his voice shook the trees and the birds fluttered their wings flying away in fear for their lives. She took another step closer and noticed that his eyes had turned crimson red, but not from anger. She saw the desires mixed with passion in his eyes, and his shoulders continued to tremble with fear of what he would do if she didn't turn around and leave him be right now.

For the first time ever in his life, the InuYoukai felt fear spread throughout his body and he shook violently. When he did manage the courage to look at her, it was as if he were a child staring at a monster, not at the beautiful miko in a glorious kimono in front of him, but a monster he was deathly afraid of. And when her hands reached behind for her obi, he couldn't contain his fear and just like a child he screamed.

"NOOOO!!" It echoed through the trees.

How she had even found him here in the secluded spring was unfathomable to him. It was his secret place that he had went to just for the purpose of running away from it all. From making any mistakes which he would later regret. Of mating someone he had not wanted. And that 'someone' had always been a youkai. The thought of mating a human had never even crossed his mind. It made him sick. But his emotions were so raw he could hardly contain himself. What was it that he was so fearful of? Not just the fact that she was a ningen, but because he had grown accustomed to her. He had had thoughts of her. He had had dreams of her. It displeased him greatly, but he did not let on that such developments had occurred within him and no one had ever been the wiser.

He feared becoming like his Father.

He feared having a hanyou as a result.

He feared that he would break her if he were to touch her.

She is not a youkai. She may not be able to take his full Youkai passion which had been laying dormant for her. NO, he must send her away. Summoning the very last bit of his efforts, he pulled his claws from the tree and formed his infamous toxic flower claw attack. Turning to her he growled angrily, mouth drooling like a mad, rabid mutt.

She let her obi fall to the ground with a soft rustle.

She was undaunted, unfazed by his attempts to scare her away. He knew he was in trouble. More so than he'd thought or anticipated. And when her hands reached for the collar of her kimono fear shook him like an earthquake.

She saw what looked like tears in his eyes. But she knew the InuYoukai too well to believe they were tears. She pulled the collar of her kimono apart and exposed her shoulders. She knew he needed her, wanted her but was too afraid, too arrogant to ever admit it. She needed him and she wanted him and she wasn't going to run anymore.

"Sesshoumaru, don't be afraid." her voice sang out to him like beautiful music from the angels above. "Take me.." She pleaded.

Faster than the blink of an eye, he had her pinned against the tree opposite of where he'd been and his lips crushed hers in a hungry, passionate rapture. His tongue took possession of her mouth with a hungry need and she welcomed his ravenous demands. Pushed beyond his limits, his control – what was left of it – was quickly spiraling away. Months and years of denial exploded within the InuYoukai, heightened by the fact that she had so willingly offered herself up to him. One swift demon tug and her kimono was gone, leaving only the thin layer of her juban underneath. His hungry eyes scaned over her curvaceous body, leering and soaking in every inch of what he was about to make all his.

Her hands moved almost as quickly as his, tearing away his hakama and kimono, trying to get to the warm taut body beneath. He had already done her a favor by disposing of his armor when he thought he would be alone. With his claws ripping at her juban they were quickly shreded and her naked body was exposed to him. Her wet scent swarmed his nostrils and he almost went insane, wanting to gnaw at body to shreds. He could feel her heat and arousal as she moved frantically against him. His delicate hand yanked her head back, wrapping her raven tress around his claws he held her in place as he trailed hot kisses down her neck. Her responses were little cries of passion and gasps puffed into his marauding mouth.

Using his demonic speed and agility he laid her on his mokomoko as his body covered hers.

Her body had never known this feeling before. The urgency of wanting him, and needing him after all the months and years that had passed of her fantasizing and lusting after him. And now she couldn't get enough him. She craved his mouth on hers, his hands all over her body and she wanted so badly to feel him inside of her. No, she thought, I have to have him. She felt his hard shaft on her thigh and it sent her into a spiral of delusion.

His claws raked softly against her inner thigh and moved to feel her hot, wet folds. Urgently his fingers drove inside her and she arched into him. And when she cried out in pleasure, he muffled those cries with his lips. He stroked her in and out a few times, drawing more wetness from her responsive body. With her wet scent surrounding him he let himself go. He welcomed it and he wanted more of it. He pulled his fingers out of her and without hesitation, he drove into her. Hard and fast. There was no gentleness in him, but she didn't want any. Just heat and urgent requisition. And then the pure bliss of it all, unadulterated pleasure. He continued to ram into her and she screamed his name.

Lifting her leg over his shoulder, allowing his member to penetrate even more deeply into her hot, pulsing wet wall and he continued to thrust harder into her and she cried out in both pain and ecstasy. She begged him for more. She needed him to give her more. He complied, his rhythm fast and furious and she loved every second of it. She wanted this, the frantic, unrefined, animalistic joining and she knew he needed it from her and she was willing and ready to give it all to him. So she did, as she urged him on with incoherent moans and whispers.

His last thrust into her rubbed harder against her nub and she broke, screaming his name loudly as her orgasm overtook her and triggered his own release. Then he collapsed on top of her, his fangs protruding out even longer and he sank them deep into her shoulders, drawing blood. He heard her whimpering telling him that she loved him. It confirmed any wavering doubts of his actions moments ago. They lay there for several minutes with him still embedded deeply within her. At last, he rolled to the side and pulled her on top of him, his member still enclosed within her walls. Exhausted and the sounds of his beating heart and hearing his murmur of 'mate' it lured her into a fulfilling sleep.


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