Chapter 8


Sesshoumaru's eyes followed the herbs and vegetables spilled, rolling over her floor. He watched her as she ignored the strewn items and his heart almost stopped when he saw a flash zig-zagging about, before settling behind her legs. Her delicate hand shook as she reached back and rested it on a little head. Sesshoumaru narrowed his ambers. There are more than one? He gasped in thought but, his face frozen from shock and awe that they were real.

The little head slowly peered out from behind her legs and Sesshoumaru stared into his own golden orbs, his own face, complete with stripes on the sides and crescent moon on the forehead. Kagome looked at the man she'd desired for years. She blinked slowly, her body unable to react. She found her voice, and body numb. But was more shock that he'd found them after she had placed a spell blocking their scent; to prevent him from finding them!

He looked back and forth between the three of them, still in disbelief that they were actually true; not merely a dream! He'd wanted to see his mate for so long and was more than thrilled she'd come back. Yet, the two children caught him off guard. Of course he knew there was a possibility years ago that she might have been pregnant but it was never more than just a thought. How kind the Fates have been to him after he'd been so stupid!

Had they been here the whole time? He wondered.

Their little girl giggled, and slid off him. Making the only sound in the uncomfortably quiet setting. She ran toward Kagome.

"Mommy, I found daddy and brought him in because it was going to rain!" she boasted proudly. "Listen!" Enaiyeu said cupping a hand over her ear as the sound of water tapped on their rooftop. Kagome felt her legs go weak and it gave out on her. And before she landed onto the ground he caught her in his arms; electricity intensified and prickled through their skin. She went rigid in his grasp. She swallowed hard. She wasn't sure what his intentions were. Had he come to kill us all? She worried.

"Mommy, is daddy staying for dinner?" Enaiyeu asked poking her little face in between theirs, breaking Kagome's train of thought and worry. Her mind began to race and she was a little startled at her daughter's question. Daddy doesn't eat human food..she wanted to say but found her mouth dry and was unable to respond.

"Yes." He answered and her eyes widen in horror.

"Yay!" Enaiyeu jumped up and down. She pushed up from them and began to dance around, "Mommy! Daddy came home, just like we wanted" she 'sang' happily.

Dinner was quiet except for the sounds of Enaiyeu's feet rocking back and forth. Her daughter had always been the talkative one and her son had always been the quiet type. Just like his father! Inu-Touga stared at his father not saying anything as he ate his meal. Sesshoumaru didn't touch his food. He couldn't take his eyes off of his mate. She avoided making eye contact with him and moved her food around in her little bowl, not really eating either. He can hear the thunderous beating of her heart. They all could.

"Mother, may I be excused?" Inu-Touga asked. Sesshoumaru thought he'd travel back in time and was looking through a mirror when his son spoke. Kagome nodded to give him permission to leave the table. Inu-Touga carried his bowl and utensils with him to the kitchen 'sink' that Kagome had set up.

"Ohh! ohh! Ohh! I wanna be excused too! Mommy, may I? May I? May I?" Kagome looked at her daughter and her unfinished meal. She was about to say 'no' when Sesshoumaru reached over and touched her. His eyelids lowered partially and desire flamed across his face, but she didn't notice it. She was looking down while she nodded 'yes' to Enaiyeu's request. Her breath quickening as she braced herself in her chair from his touch.

"Yay!" Enaiyeu cried happily. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, come! I have to show you our house! You're staying with us aren't you daddy? It's going to be so much fun! I've been waiting for you for so long!" she yaked excitedly as she pulled on his kimono sleeves. Disbelief flashed across his face at the fact that his daughter didn't even bother to stop to take a breath. He felt his head spin a little bit trying to soak in she had to say. Reluctantly, he retrieve his hand from Kagome's arm and stood up from his seat to follow his daughter. Kagome slowly rose from her seat to join them.

Kagome leaned against the frame of the entrance and watched as her daughter showed Sesshoumaru around their little hut, talking excitedly as always. She looked over to see her son, sitting quietly his hands folded over his lap, pretending to be uninterested all the while he was watching his father from the corner of his eyes.

"Here daddy, look at my drawings!" Enaiyeu started to dump a cluster of papers on the floor. Sesshoumaru was overwhelmed, staring at the pile of papers and colorful markings. The little girl seemed like she could talk forever. He wondered if she was like this all the time. Kagome chuckled inside knowing that he wasn't used to all the talking. She wondered how long he could last around their daughter before getting a headache.

"Daddy, you're just like Sesshie. You don't talk!" Enaiyeu pouted.

"Err…" he replied.

Enaiyeu rolled over laughing at her father's gawked face. She was lighthearted and easily amused. Sesshoumaru's gaze fixed intently at the odd child that was his.

"Come En, why don't you help me with the tea?" Kagome coaxed.

"Awww." The little girl frowned. "After tea, can Sesshie and I do our trick? I want to show daddy" she bargained.

"I don't think that's a good idea Enaiyeu." Kagome responded. She did not want her furniture breaking with two large dogs running amuck.

Trick? What kind of trick? Sesshoumaru was curious of what his daughter meant.

"But mommy! I'm a cute doggy!" Enaiyeu complained.

"You're a puppy." Kagome corrected "And yes, you're a very, very cute puppy." Kagome answered her daughter thinking about the humongous size that her children become after they fully transformed. Enaiyeu smiled brightly before she took her mother's hand and together they walked into the kitchen and the sounds of ceramic filled their ears.

Hearing the conversation, Sesshoumaru was thrilled to know that his children embodied full Yokai transformation powers. Sesshoumaru went over to sit next to 'Sesshie'. His heart began to beat nervously not really knowing what to say or do. He'd hope that he'd see her again, but all this, he did not expect or anticipate. His son looked up at him, his eyes glimmering, almost brimming with tears. "Are you well now Father?" Inu-Touga asked softly.


"Mother said, you were sick, that's why you were away from us for so long. She said we might never see you again, but since you're here, does that mean you're all better?" Inu-Touga asked hopefully.

"I see…"

His son jumped up from his seat and looked at him. "Tell me, Father, what happened to you? Did someone hurt you? Because if they did…I'd…I'd…." Sesshoumaru watched as his son's eyes flicker a crimson color and the little boy growl. His heart deeply touched by his son's concern.

"Inu…" his mother's voice came out chiding, but soft and filled with love. She wanted to teach him other ways of resolving conflicts. She never did enjoy physical confrontations.

Inu? She didn't name him after...after InuYasha did she? Sesshoumaru began to freak a little.

"Sorry mother" her son apologized.

"It's alright Inu-Touga. Father is capable of taking care of himself...He'll be okay." she said not looking at her mate. Sesshoumaru's heart thumped. She had honored him by naming their son after his father!

"Kagome," Sesshoumaru said her name out loud for the first time in over three years. "I'd like to…"

She panicked, not sure what he was about to say. "Look at the time!" she interrupted. "Kids, you know the drill" she said to them.

"Awww" they both groaned in unison.

"Children, do as your mother says. Perhaps we'll see each other again tomorrow if you behave" he offered, looking at her for approval.

She was surprised by his innate fatherhood capability. It had taken her some time to learn the art of 'mothering'. "Hmmm." She nodded in agreement so her children will go to bed.

"Yay!" Enaiyeu cheered. She rushed over and extended her hands above her head for him to pick her up. He did. "I love you daddy." She kissed him on the cheek as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. His heart melted. Again, he felt grateful for the kindness of the Fates.

Little Sesshie bowed and said goodnight to his father before running off with his little sister to get ready.


She closed the door after tucking the children in. She did not want them to be disturbed from their conversation that she knew was coming up. She could only imagine what kind of things Enaiyeu would ramble on if she were to be up again. Kagome sighed heavily. Ever since that girl learned she could make sounds with her mouth, she hadn't stopped! She thought with a light chuckle. She leaned her head on their bedroom door before exhaling again, preparing herself to deal with him. She hadn't the slightest idea of how she was going to handle this.

Half of her wanted him to just leave and she'll pretend he was never even here. She was afraid that if he didn't leave, she was going to feel what she told herself she would never do again. To fall in love with him. Once more. The last time had taken over her heart, body and soul like a storm and she didn't want to have to go through that kind of pain again. She'd worked hard to let him become just a faint memory and move on with her life, to raise her children. She didn't want to back track on the progress she'd made adjusting to life without him. Yet, the other half wanted him to stay. Stay forever. Kagome was so confused with her conflicting feelings. She was upset at herself that she was so weak when it came to matters of her heart.

He had noticed the hut was comfortable and cozy but still quiet small. It probably fit into his extremely large master chamber at his castle. He turned to face her when she entered the room. He observed as she lifted her hand to tuck her long tress behind her ear.

"Kagome…" her name rolled off his tongue like liquid silk. Something curled in her belly, low, deep, triggered by the depth of his low voice. She never thought she wanted to hear her name coming from his lips that badly. It felt uncomfortably like arousal. She ruthlessly suppressed it, as she always did on the rare time she was near him in the past - before they were intimate.

"What do you want Sesshoumaru?" She asked gruffly, cutting him off.

He moved to be next to her and she shifted uncomfortably. Whenever he neared, she was in fear. Her heart began to race. "How long have you been here?" He asked, ignoring her hostile demeanor.

"Does it really matter?" She retorted, walking away from him. She couldn't take the heat of his presence. Even if she was angry with him for all he'd done, all he'd put her through, she couldn't help but be attracted toward him. But she already knew that was never going to change. However, she had to be strong and it was terribly hard for her to hold back from throwing herself into his arms.

"They…." He motioned towards the children's bedroom.

"Yes. They both are yours." She answered following his gaze. He saw her demeanor changed from irritated to proud. She was proud of their children and he was happy to know this. He did something right.

"But.." he wasn't sure what he wanted to say, "they are full InuYokai.." This is stupid. Why am I fixating on such a minor detail of the matter? How she stirred him, she never realized. He was a nervous wreck, though he'd master the indifferent look well. Too well, in fact.

"Nooo. They are hanyou, because they have me as their mother." She hissed, while narrowing her eyes evilly at him. She loved him still, and the memories of him and the Youkai female was like a scene forever molded in her mind. It shattered her hopes and dreams. But it had been so hard for her to forget him, not to love him. Every time she tried to forget him, she had failed, because she needed him, wanted him. Yet, he moved on so easily without me. Hell, he even tried to kill me! Her anger consumed her.

"No Kagome, they are InuYokai. It is in their blood." He pointed out . No matter how much she made believe that she didn't exist to him, she was the only thing that mattered. The only woman in his heart. This he found hard to communicate to her. And each night they were apart, he'd dreamt of her and her face haunted him through all the years.

Really? This is what he wants? To talk about what 'race' his kids are? ARGH!

She opened her mouth to protest, feeling her blood boiling, but she heard the stirring of her children. She knew they possessed his demonic powers and she didn't want them to hear the 'argument'.

She walked past him and out the front door. He followed. The rain had stopped and she led them a ways away from the house. She'd set up a barrier with her children in them, knowing that they were safe. She walked along the path and her palms extend, caressing the tips of some of the plants, a habit she'd picked up after years of living in the Feudal Era. She felt the wetness of the lingering raindrops.

The night was soft. It was one of those perfect summer evenings where the insects sang with happiness and the stars danced for them. She looked up at the moon and the twinkling stars. She heard his footsteps softly behind her. She looked up at the stars, and couldn't help but smile at his presence behind her. The sky was a sparkling dream, velvet like a royal's cape, she wanted to reach out and touch it, it seemed so close, close enough to kiss. She felt her body hot thinking of kisses.

Her heart beat loudly of the anticipation and nervousness. She focus on thoughts of his betrothed and the fact that he'd tried to kill her. It was the only thing that held her firm about his feelings toward her. There wasn't any! That she didn't exist to him. She exhaled heavily, angry once again with him, more so at herself. Although she put up the barrier and the spell to keep him at bay her heart had yearned for him to find them. And now that he had, she didn't know what to do with herself.

She found a large tree and sat on one of its protruding stump, looking up at the sky still. He stood a few feet away from her, and stared at her, taking in the scent of her that he'd missed so much. It took everything inside of him, not to move with lightning speed and tear her clothes off, make love to her, caress her and feel her again. He walked slowly over to her and heard the thunderous pounding of her heart. He sat next to her and she got up and walked away from him. He stood up right away, and in a blink he was in front of her and stopped her from wherever she was planning to go.

"Kagome," he began.

"I don't know what you want from me Sesshoumaru." She tossed at him.

"I..." I want to love you...but his voice caught in his throat and he was silent. Instead, he reached out to touch her.

"Don't Sesshoumaru" she said, quickly turning her face away, she couldn't stand to look at him. Her heart ached too much. She knew her weakness would cause further damage and pain in her soul.

They stood as time moved. He finally broke the silence and reached for her hand again so rapidly, she couldn't protest. Her eyes moved in the slowest of motion and looked into his before looking at his hand, holding hers. She smiled a sad one. Kagome tugged her hand free from his grasp. She was mother to his children, he had her heart and soul and yet, he didn't want it, never wanted it! So what was he doing here? She bit down on her tongue hard to keep from crying.

"I want to try…" he said, finally found his voice. She turned her head abruptly to look at him, confused of what he meant. "Just tell me what you need this Sesshoumaru to know… do…." he beckoned.

She snickered in disbelief of his statement. She blinked her tears away. "Don't Sesshoumaru, I can't. It was hard enough…." ~-~You have no idea what I went through...

"We can do it" he coaxed.

"It's too painful for me." ~-~Please don't do this...please don't hurt me again...

"But..." ~-~Don't fight me...don't tell me to go...Let me love you, Kagome, don't turn me away he begged silently. "I wish for you to take the children to my castle.." ~-~I, forever want to be near you….

She cried. ~-~How could he ask for such things after all he's done? He wants to take my children away from me?

"" she stuttered.

"I want you to be there with me," he finished his sentence. Or I could stay here if you'd only let me... She blinked her tears away. He carefully slid his hand around her waist, and pulled her closer. "Don't fight me Kagome, give this Sesshoumaru a chance to show you how foolish he was." He stroked his hand through her silky hair. The essence of her made him mad. He thought to hold her forever, and if he held her long enough she would feel everything inside of him that he felt toward her. That his love for her was stronger than his pride, and that her anger toward him will subside and things will get better and oh, how he wanted to love her. Love her for all that she deserved. And more.

He held her chin so that he could look into her beautiful eyes. The ones that had submerged him in eternal submission. He leaned in and placed his lips on top of hers. She did not protest. But she didn't make a move. Her rubbed his lips softly, back and forth against hers. Brushing from left to right, right to left. He inhaled her scent deeply. She felt the heat flooding through her body. And when his tongue protruded between his lips and touched hers, she felt the warm trickling wetness that she hadn't felt in years. Passion of her love for him, flooded her like a new tide. A tear made its way down her cheek and he licked it softly away.

He cradled her face in his palm. "Do you…Kagome…" Kami, this Sesshoumaru needs her! "do you still love this Sesshoumaru?"

She was shocked at his question. She never thought he would be the one to ask such a thing.

"I…." she began.

He waited, his heart caught tight in his throat, "Say it, I want to hear you say it" he pleaded in a whisper burying his face between her neck and shoulder, inhaling the scent of her.

"Sesshoumaru…I…" she stuttered. Oh, how he loved the sound of his name exiting from between her soft lips.

I want to hear you say it! Kagome, this Sesshoumaru was so stupid! She wasn't sure what he was thinking and her heart flutter in a flurry of nervousness.

She sniffled back her tears. Like he could read her mind, he said, "Don't give up on us, let me in again."

"Why now Sesshoumaru?" Is it because you realized your children are not hanyous? She choked on a short, bitter laugh.

"You left me," he answered.

"You tried to kill me!" she pointed out.

"I was irrational."

"And now?"

"Now, you are my mate, as you've always been. But, I am no longer a foolish Youkai."

"But, you are betrothed" her voice full of disappointment and pain.

"It was Mother's idea. It doesn't matter, I can not be betrothed if I've already been mated" he explained. He took hold of her hand. She looked down and noticed the scars and scratches. He tried to pull it away and hide it, but she held his hand firm and stared at it, curious how it had happened. Seeing her staring so intently, he murmured "the barrier at the well." Kagome furrowed her eyebrows. "I tried to chase after you, for over three years. The barrier was relentless against me." He lifted his left and raised her chin so their eyes locked. Oh, Sesshoumaru! Pain flashed through her eyes, caressing at his scars, all because of her.

"Kagome, do you still love this Sesshoumaru?" he asked again.

She wrapped her hands around the mid section of his lower arm. She pushed on his hand to loosen his grip and turned from him. "No, Sesshoumaru,"

I am too late! His heart stopped. She turned to face him again, " I don't love you, still."

He wanted to die. A thousand knives jab at his heart. He really had lost everything. He staggered a few steps back.

"I never stopped" she finished, her voice with a breathless quality she never knew before. Her lids rolled and her soul met with his.


"Grrrr…" he growled his heart wanted to explode. It was so full of happiness; a feeling, an experience he'd never known his entire life. How just a few words from her lips can alter his life! He sauntered toward her with a fluid animal grace that quickened her heart. Unconsciously she began to back away from him. His eyes tracking her body, lingering on her mouth, her breast, her groin. Her arousal reached his senses and he groaned.

"Oh." A soft gasp escaped her lips when her back slammed into a large tree trunk. She couldn't take her eyes off his ambers that were shot with gold. His hungry ones burned back at her. She blinked and found him next to her, her heartbeat picking up a notch at his heated perusal.

Sesshoumaru reached his hand around her waist and she leaned into his chest, drawing his scent into her nostrils, tasting his desire. She tipped her head back so she could see his face. His brows were drawn downwards, his eyes darkened. His hands drifting to her abdomen, she went rigid in his embrace and jerked when his breath feathered over her neck, followed by his lips and tongue. He moved his hands and placing one in the center of her back, he parted her legs with his knee and pressed into her with firmness; while he fisted the other hand in her hair. He tipped her head and brought his mouth onto hers. His lips mobilizing over hers with firmness, pressing harder as he slid his tongue along the seam between her lips, and she parted for him. Adjusting the angle of her head, he drove his tongue into her mouth. He darted around inside of her wetness, relishing on the taste of her and rubbed his tongue along the inside of her cheek, moving back towards her tongue until she was actively stroking back.

Sesshoumaru deepened his kiss, devouring her mouth with a hunger that drove straight through her body. Her wetness flowed and her womanhood clenched, and a groan worked its way out of her chest. He growled his approval as he traced down her back to her ass with his free hand. She was completely senseless. Her lungs heaving for air as she stared blearily at his face. Then he gathered her into his arms and carried her back to the little hut.

She pointed him to the far room at the end of the house, away from the children. He laid her down on the futon and loomed over her. He never took his eyes off hers as he dropped his mokomoko. Untied his sash and laid his swords down on a nearby table. He rid himself of his armor and stretched out next to her. He caressed her face with the back of his hand while she beamed up at him. She felt her skin burning as his eyes narrowed and scan down from her lips, between her chest, and further down south. She felt completely naked even though her kimono was still on. But it wasn't for long. His claws ripped apart her Obi. He slowly peeled the layers of her kimono away like he was unraveling a delicate gift. He was.

Then, using his claws he started a trail over her collarbone, around her breast, down her abdomen, then back up again. She bit her lip at the sensation. The last time they were intimate, he was rough and eager. Now, he was taking his time and although it felt so good, it was also torturous.

He bent further over her, his lips meeting her flesh on the underside of her jaw, then brushing downwards from there. Heat flared wherever he passed, and her nipples tightened, ached. She ran her fingers into his hair and tried to drag his face over her breast. He allowed her to, circling the sensitive bud with his tongue before sucking it between his lips. He teased one nipple with his teeth and tongue until she was shoving on him, trying to get him to pay attention to the other neglected twin. He did, licking a path across her chest before drawing the tiny harden bud into his mouth.

She fumbled with his hakama and practically ripped his kimono apart wanting, needing to feel the hot flesh underneath. She reached for his arm and let her fingers trace the contours of his biceps. It flexed beneath her touch and her vagina twinged at the sensation. With a whisper of a chuckle he licked her neck where his mark laid and something fierce fired within her. Suddenly, she shot her eyes wide open.

"Wait," she said pushing past him. He watched with tender curiosity and smiled as his mate summoned a barrier around them. "I don't want the children…" before she could finish he yanked her down into the bed and covered her mouth with his. His hand moved down her legs and caressed it up and down before pushing it apart. He positioned himself between her legs while he continued to trap her mouth in a wild, erotic tangle of tongues. He continued this while reaching for her hand. He carefully led her hand to his hard cock and placed it there. She encircled his massiveness and shuttered from the heat. She could feel the veins pulsating from his engorged attachment.

"Uhh" she groaned under his kiss while stroking his long hard length. She let go of it when he shifted and slid one of his hand under her ass, poising to enter her. She was surprised and curious when he didn't. Instead he rubbed himself between her lips, her wetness rubbing and dragging along his length. As he thrust forward, his hard shaft rubbed on her hard clit and she shivered in pleasure as her orgasm exploded.

"Grrr.." he growled as the scent of her, trapped inside the barrier sprinkled over him like a blanket. Sesshoumaru pulled back and positioned himself at her opening, he leaned down and licked her neck, tracing her ear lobe. "Tell me.." he said

"Mmmm," Kagome moaned, feeling his head invading her wanting pussy. "I love you Sesshoumaru." She rasped and he jerked his hips forward, spearing straight into her core.

"Ahhhhhhh!" She screamed and sighed from the pleasure-pain. With a twist of his hips, he buried himself further before he dragged his long length outwards from her depths. He plunged back in, twisted, then withdrew. As his pace picked up, he dug his fingers into the soft glove of her ass and locked the other arm around her shoulders to pin her in place.

"Yes! Yessss!" Kagome screamed, curling her hips toward his, lost in the pleasure that was bursting along the nerves inside her sheath. Her moaning continued as he kept powering his cock in and out of her. His shaft was so hard that she could feel all the contours of his flared head as it moved through her flesh.

Sesshoumaru's breath washed over her neck, closely followed by his lips. He licked down the length of her shoulder then sucked the tender section of where the two met and held it between his teeth. He nibbled softly before moving to his mark on her and licked it as he continued to pump into her.

"Oh Kami, Sesshoumaru…" her head spin, her heart throb and she clawed her nails down his back before wrapping around his shoulders for support from his hard thrusts.

"Say it again," he gasped as he picked up speed of his long strokes.

"I love you Sesshoumaru." She complied to his request and he bit down on her hard, drawing blood from her.

"ACKKKKK!" she screamed and he assaulted her mouth with his, sending her right over the edge when she tasted her blood from his lips. He slammed into her in a frenzied drive that brought her to her peak again. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pounded against her sex, her fingernails digging into the muscles in his back as her entire body coiled with tensions. His cock thickened, he impaled her pumping in and out, grounding against her, a low growl came out followed by

"My mate", her muscles contracted and she shoved her hips forward to meet his thrust.

"Uhhhhhhh" Sesshoumaru growled and his cum shot into her in a series of hard spurts. His body jerked, then the wash of his semen warmed her cervix as he spewed his seeds.

Grabbing a handful of her hair he stared deep into her eyes "Mine!" he said through gritted fangs.

"Yours." She answered.

He threw back his head and howled as he continued to empty himself into her and a third orgasm rocked through her when she felt his cock pulsate as he came. She couldn't catch her breath and she let the intense sensations consumed her.

He collapsed on her and after a while he stirred, and she held his face in her palms. She traced the outline of his crescent mark, his magenta stripes, the outline of his lips...he smiled and moved to pull out of her and she whispered.

"Don't" She held onto him. She wanted to feel him connected to her, like the very first time they were together. Her dreams and hope had finally become a reality and she let the beauty of it wrapped around her as she laid beneath her love, her life, her euphoria, where their souls met bodies.


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