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First Chapter contains VERY mature content (five alarm Lemon for you who know the citrus code)

Warning, this story might be slightly darker than my other recent fare, but don't worry, it will be plenty fluffy too. It just deals with some serious issues, like death, abandonment, divorce, and single parenting.


Prologue: After the Battle


Even after the long night, Luna Lovegood found herself unable to sleep. Hours after she had helped Harry Potter make his escape into solitude she wandered the tattered, battle scarred Hogwarts hallways aimlessly. It took awhile, but eventually she realized that what she was searching for was some sense of normalcy in the ruins. Some part of the beloved school that hadn't been damaged by the ravages of war.

Once she realized what she was looking for, finding it was easy. She knew she must begin to search below ground if she were to have any hopes of finding a bit of Hogwarts that had been left unscathed and she was right, for it was there in the dungeons where she found the Hogwarts that she sought.

Here the dusty suits of armor still stood guard in all their untarnished glory. A few upturned potions bottles lay on the stone floors in front of the open door to Professor Slughorns classroom, and they were the only sign that something had been amiss.

Luna sighed and bent to pick up the empty bottles when she was startled by a sound from the empty classroom.

"Is someone there?" she said softly as she pulled her wand from behind her left ear. Receiving no answer, Luna decided it must be a small rodent and had just been about to tuck her wand back behind her ear when she heard it again. This time it was clear and Luna felt no threat, for the sound was that which one made when they were crying and trying to do so quietly.

Luna lingered in indecision. It wasn't in her heart to leave someone who was suffering without at least trying to comfort them...yet this person obviously wished to be alone, and had gone to great lengths to be left so. No, she finally decided, it wasn't right for her to intrude on another's mourning, not when they were purposely hiding themselves like this.

Luna turned again, but her foot had barely touched the bottom stair when a loud sob came from the potions classroom. It so tore at her heart that she couldn't make herself continue, instead she turned and rushed headlong into the room, not caring if she were intruding or not.

"Hello?" she called softly as she reached for a three tier candelabra from the shelf next to the door and lit it on the torch in the hall.

"I'm sorry to intrude" she said "I heard you from the hall, I just wanted to be sure ..." She trailed off

To be sure of what exactly?

Luna had just about convinced herself that perhaps she had been hearing things when she began to turn around and the candlelight fell on a form in the back corner of the room on the floor curled in a tight ball, half covered by a blanket.

"Are you hurt?" Luna said as she rushed over and knelt down, thinking perhaps that an injured person had been missed.

A head full of longish bright red hair shook a negative response, the face hidden in the bright hair.

"All right." Luna said softly. This person obviously wanted to be alone. "I'll just...just leave you alone then." she began to stand when a strong hand shot out from the blanket and grabbed her wrist. Despite the speed of the gesture, the hand was gentle.

"Don't go." a soft vaguely familiar voice whispered

"I do know you, don't I?" Luna said, her voice mildly surprised

He only nodded, not at all surprised by her question. He let go of her hand and brushed the hair from his face as he sat up.

"I'm not surprised you don't recognize me ." He whispered "I'm not much myself at the moment."

"George" Luna said, her voice laced with confusion "George Weasley"

"That's me." he said "At least, it's who I was...I don't know who I am now...without ..."

Things began to click into place for Luna, Fred Weasley was dead. George had lost his twin brother. But it went beyond that, for as long as she had known them, Fred and George Weasley had been best friends. She couldn't remember seeing one without the other, hearing about the antics or successes of one without the others involvement.

"Oh George! I'm so sorry!"Luna scooted closer and took his hands in hers. "I'm so very, very sorry! It must hurt so much."

"Everyone upstairs is celebrating"

"I'm sure no one expects you..." Luna put her hand on his

"It's not that...Voldemort's dead at last, I'd be celebrating too if not for...I don't want to celebrate, but I don't want them not to..." He sighed So I came down here, I didn't want to ruin it for the others."

"I understand" she gave his hand a squeeze "I don't feel much like celebrating either."

"Why don't you? This is a happy time...for most." George looked at her "I'm sure your father will be home soon..."

"It's not that..."She sighed and shrugged"Too many people died...and I...I just...I think maybe I've seen too much now...I can't...I don't see how I can be happy, at least not right now."

"I know what you mean." George sighed deeply "Right now I can't imagine ever laughing, or smiling or even..." The tears had begun again and his body shook with the sobs.

"Oh George..." Luna put her arms around his shoulders and began to gently rock him while she spoke soothingly into his ear.

"It's okay...shhhhh. It'll be okay. You'll find a reason to smile again, I know you will. Maybe not tomorrow, but you will."

George put his arms around her and clung to her for a long, long time. He remembered Harry telling him once that Luna had a gift for making people feel better, he hadn't been wrong. There was just something about her...

At last he rested his head on her shoulder and buried his face against her neck, and he found himself believing every word she was telling him.

"You will too" he said, his voice just above a whisper and as he lifted his head from her neck his lips brushed her ear, making the flesh rise along her arms.

"Do you think so?" she stared into his eyes, so close to hers, and her hands moved from his back to rest on his shoulders.

George knew he should let her go, they were too close, their faces only an inch apart. Her silvery eyes held him, begging him for comfort even as they comforted him. He felt himself drawn into them and held. But even though he was held captive by them, he was a willing one. In fact, he felt that he could have been held there forever and not have minded a bit. It was perhaps this willingness that lead to what came next, for the next thing he knew, George had closed the distance between them and covered her lips with his.

Everything that happened after that was like falling down a well, a lovely well that had no bottom.

George was aware of only the sensation of lips against his, warm and willing, in complete sync with his. When his lips parted, hers parted in acceptance of what he offered. When he moaned softly, he heard her moan even more softly in response. His hands moved from her hair to her back, to support her as he lowered her back upon the blanket. Luna allowed the movement, and it was like a dance, graceful, and fluid.

He shifted to the side to relive his weight off her and allow his hands access to touch her as his lips slid from hers to her chin, then slid slowly along her jaw to ear and then to her pale neck where he encountered her robes.

George hesitated, a moment of consciousness sweeping over him as he momentarily remembered where he was, then sweet lips took his again and he was back in the well, back in the sweet plummet that was Luna Lovegood.

His fingers unhooked the fastenings on her robes and she shrugged out of them, wiggling around to toss them aside. George's lips slid to the open v on her shirt, his fingers cupping and holding her breasts as if they were precious artwork that he wanted to memorize by touch. His mouth moved over her breasts, still kept from him by her shirt and bra, and he teased a hard nippled through the cloth.

His shaking fingers fumbled with the buttons and Luna brushed his hands away. "Let me"

George watched as inch by inch pale skin was exposed to his gaze in the candlelight until she lay beneath him in just a white lace bra. He nearly moaned aloud at the sight and he bent his head to taste her skin, licking around the delicate lace and teasing the nipples through the fabric.

"Take...it off." Luna said breathlessly, her hands kneading his shoulders.

George looked at the bra and blushed, a small smirk on his lips.


Luna giggled a little as she undid the front clasp, leaving the bra in place.

"Ingenious" his lip quirked up in a grin as he sat up and pulled her into his lap then slid her bra straps down her arms as he licked and suckled her breast. Luna reached down for the hem on his shirt and pulled it up over his head, then she pushed him onto his back and bent her head to lick his chest. George felt his eyes roll back when she latched her mouth onto a nipple and began to suckle him as he had been her.

"I want you." he moaned as he stroked her hair back from her face "I want you so fucking much."

Luna stopped and looked at him "Really?" her voice sounded afraid, as if she expected him to send her away "Do you really mean that?"

"Shit..." George was taken back by her doubt at a moment like this, couldn't she see...feel how much he wanted her? He put his arms around her and rolled her onto her back, kissing her hard. "Can't you feel it? I want you so bad I can't stand it."

Luna could feel it, his excitement,his desire. She felt his need pressing into her own.

She nodded and smiled. It wasn't exactly what she meant...but maybe ...it could be a start?

She reached down and wiggled out of her panties and skirt so she was completely naked beneath him.

"I want you too..." she kissed his shoulder and up to his neck "Please..."

Something glowed in his eyes as George Weasley looked down at her, he kissed her gently as he moved over her and into position, and then carefully entered her the first tiniest bit, careful not to hurt her. He moved slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, not even for a second, watching for the slightest wince of pain. It never came. He was incredibly gentle with her, more gentle than she had ever imagined a man could be and when the moment of pain did come he held her as if she were his most precious possession.

Heat and intensity built around them and even then his eyes remained locked on hers, she suspected that even when she became hazy and her own drifted up and away, that his still remained. It wasn't until he buried his face in her neck as they screamed out their mutual pleasure that he finally looked away, and then, after several lingering kisses, he drifted off to sleep.


Luna lay awake, thinking about what she had done. There was no questioning the fact that she had acted without thinking things through. She needed to think now, to try to make some sense of things, to get a grip on what happened before she spoke to George. She couldn't do that if she stayed here now.

She jumped to her feet and quickly began to dress, then held her robes tightly around her as she stood looking down at where George still slept.

"I'm sorry George" she whispered as she knelt down and quickly kissed his cheek "I'll explain why I ran off when I see you later. I promise, I'll talk to you later and explain."

When George woke Luna was gone. Gone from the potions classroom, gone from the Dungeons, gone from Hogwarts.

It was five years before George Weasley heard a single word about Luna Lovegood, and then, it wasn't from Luna.

It was from a stranger. A stranger she had hired to act as a go between so she wouldn't have to see him.

For five years George Weasley had wondered what he had done to make her run from him.

All he could remember was wanting her more than he had ever wanted anyone.

Before or since.





-Luna's Secret

-Chapter One

-Echos from the Past


He knew he should feel some sadness, or pain, after all, his wife was leaving him...so why was it all he could feel was...relieved?

"Are you really happy?" He asked hopefully "I mean really?"

"Yes, really, I am" She looked at him sadly "I'm sorry, I never wanted to hurt you."

"That's just the problem isn't it?" He smiled softly "Shouldn't getting a divorce hurt, at least a little?"

"You'd think so...but I just feel..."


she nodded "We never should have married should we?" She said as she clasped his hands between hers as she finished in a whisper. "I'm so sorry, ...I've made such a mess of things."

"You didn't do it alone." He handed her a tissue "We thought we were doing the right thing ...for everybody."

"But I've made you so miserable" She shook her head "All these years of fighting, trying to make you be someone you aren't."

"It's my fault, no matter how much I look like him...No matter how hard I try...I still can't be... him. For you, or for the family." Now a tear did come and he wiped it away

"It was wrong, so very wrong of us all to expect you to take his place. Particularly me. You gave up your own happiness for all these years" She wiped the tears from her cheeks "But now, maybe you will have a chance...you're only twenty-five, you have a lot of life ahead of you still."

"As do you." He smiled at her "I hope you and he will be very happy together."

She couldn't help worrying, wondering what would become of him. "What about you? Will you try to find her?"

He stiffened and looked away, they had argued over her so damn many times in the past year, he couldn't stand to do it again. "I've told you, over and over...it was one night." His tone revealed the lies in his words.

"I've seen you when you are thinking of her you know" She smiled softly, even though he couldn't see it. "You can't fool me, I've seen you suddenly get a far away look in your eyes...and I just know...you're back there, with her."

"Please, I don't want to fight." He turned and went to the window "Not again."

"Who said anything about fighting? We've fought enough over the past few years." She followed him and put her hand on his shoulder, turning him around "You smile when you think about her, I haven't seen you smile like that in a long time, not since Fred died. I want you to be happy."

He sighed "She left remember? She left and never came back. It's been five years and still, she's never tried to contact me, not once."

"Maybe there was a reason, a misunderstanding. If you still having feelings for her you should..."

He shrugged "It's over...it doesn't matter. I don't..."

An intense pain fill her heart, knowing that it was her fault he felt that way, it was her cruel words that had destroyed his belief in himself. All the years and all the fights...all the times she had told him he was lacking, that the twin who died had been so much more than he was.

"That's not true."

The clock on the mantle chimed and, for the very last time, he put his arms around her.

"You'll be happier now, won't you?" He smiled as he gave her a final hug "You promise? You deserve to be happy."

"You do too." She hugged him back and then tried to make him look her in the eye. "You deserve a happy life."

"You better hurry, you're going to miss your portkey" he smiled

"Promise me you'll think about finding her."

"I'll think about it..."

"I guess this is it then. Be happy, okay?" She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Goodbye George."

She smiled and bent down and picked up the suitcase that held the final traces of her every having lived in the house. In an instant she was enveloped in wind and the portkey swept her away.

"Be happy Angie." he whispered to the empty walls that had once been his home, and for the first time, he really meant it. It had been like the old Angelina, the girl that he had grown up with, had been back today. George hadn't seen her in a very long time...at least four years.

It was a incredible relief, knowing that their farce of a marriage was over at long last. Sure, they had been happy, at first. But in his heart he had known all along that when Angelina had looked at him, it was Fred she was seeing. And it was Fred he had tried so desperately to give her, even as his own heart was shutting down more and more, and he became more and more miserable. But then, he had come into the marriage with his heart already broken beyond repair.

George shook himself with a disgusted shrug and took out his wand. With a turn and loud crack, he was back in his shop.

"Hello Mr. Weasley, welcome back." Audrey, a sweet fifteen year old witch he had hired to work in the shop over the summer, called back from the front of the shop to greet him.

"Hello Audrey, hows business?" He smiled and picked up the stack of mail from his desk.

"It was busy earlier" she said, all youthful smiles, white teeth, dimples and cornflower blue eyes "But it's slowed down a lot now."

"Typical for summer" he tossed a stack of bills onto a stack for his accountant. "People shop in the morning so they can avoid going out in the heat."

"Don't blame them!" she said with a little sigh "It's hotter than Merlin's best cauldron out there today!"

"Couldn't have said it better myself." George smiled "You know what, why don't you take the afternoon off? Head over to the beach with that boyfriend of yours Dork or whatever his name is..."

"It's Mack" she dimpled with a little laugh "And you know it too, you and that brother of yours Ron just like to tease!"

George stopped at a letter from the Ministry of Magic and rolled his eyes. It was just like Percy these days to abuse his position at the Ministry to send personal mail on the Ministry knut. Percy called it his payback for the way Cornelius Fudge and Rufus Scrimegour messed with his head. George called it being too cheap to use his own stationary, envelopes and owl.

"Mr. Weasley?"

"Hmmm?" he glanced up from the envelope

"I asked if you were sure it was okay for me to leave." Audrey hesitated with her bag on her arm "I'd hate to leave you in the lurch."

George smirked at her and bopped her on the top of the head with the letter from the Ministry "Yes, were so packed I can't imagine how I'll ever get by without you Audrey."

Audrey rolled her eyes and turned around "You know Mr. Weasley, one of these days I am going to get tired of you picking on me and go down to Mr. Fortescue's ice cream shop and get a job, then you'll be sorry you teased me so much. " she pointed her finger at him. "Just you watch."

"You wouldn't ever" George leaned on the counter and tapped the envelope to move the letter down so he could tear the end off. "You like working here too much, you like the perks." He tore the end off the envelope and held the open end out to her.

"What perks?" She looked at him skeptically

"Working with me of course." George grinned "Do me a favor and blow in there for me."

Audrey blew into the envelope and then scrunched up her eyes "Why did you want me to do that?"

"You have more hot air than I do." he snickered "Better for popping open envelopes."

"That's it." she gave him a scathing look and tossed her arms up in the air. "I quit! I'm going to Mr. Fortescue right now and..." she reached for the door knob.

"I'll see you tomorrow Audrey." George waved her out the door."Better hurry, winters coming."

"Bye Mr. Weasley, thanks for the afternoon off, your so cool!"

"Tell Dork I say Hello."

Audrey giggled "It's Mack, and I will." she shut the door behind her after giving a final wave.

George grinned and reached a finger down into the envelope and absently pulled the letter free. Of the small pleasures in his life, teasing Audrey was one of the better ones.

"Okay Percy, now what do you want?" he said as he unfolded the letter. But it wasn't from Percy.

Dear Mr. Weasley,

My name is Donovan Morgan and I am a contractor in the Ministry Magical and Family Liaison office. We are usually contracted to settle disputes between parties and or families when face to face contact between the two is not recommended by the Wizengamot. However, in some circumstances, we do contract independently when business needs to be carried out and one party does not wish to have contact with the second party, which is the case in the matter which has lead me to contact you.

I have been contracted by Ms. Luna Lovegood to act as liaison between she and you for a matter that is of the utmost importance. There is no reason for a meeting between you and Ms. Lovegood has informed me that she wishes to have no contact with you whatsoever.

If you could make yourself available on Wednesday next I would like to call upon you at your place of business at 3 P.M. to discuss this matter further.

Donovan Morgan W.W.L.O

Magical Affairs and Family Liaison Office

George felt his head begin to swim...after all this time, five years, Luna was contacting him?

But no, wait, she wasn't.

Ms. Lovegood has informed me that she wishes to have no contact with you...

Against his will George's mind flew back five years, to the memories he still carried so close to his heart. Suddenly it was as if he had just made love to her the night before. Being with her had felt so right, so perfect. He had been confused about so many things back then, but she had made sense, she had reached in and touched a part of him that he hadn't even known existed before she found it.

But when he woke, she was gone, leaving only a trace of their combined scent behind. He'd quickly dressed and went in search of her, leaving no part of Hogwarts unturned. But when Padma Patil and Cho Chang told him that they had seen her packing her things to leave he felt the loss come over him once again that he had felt the moment he realized that Fred had died three floors above, but now it was doubled in its intensity and he thought he would die from it.

Losing Fred had cost him a huge part of himself, he was the familiar and the known. All the strength and familiarity George had ever known was wrapped up in family, particularly in Fred.

But losing Luna, something so new and beautiful that he had only just discovered, had cost him his heart and soul. When he had reached out to her he had used up the last of his hope for the future. When she left, she took it all with her, and he was left with nothing but a shallow empty shell.

And now she was back...but she wasn't...she just wanted something from him, just like before when she led him on, fucked him, and then left him broken hearted because he'd been fool enough to believe she cared.

Only this time Luna wasn't even the one contacting him, she was sending some...some ministry Liaison fuck!

George felt the anger surge white hot through his body and he crumpled the letter in his hands, then ripped it, tearing it to shreds.

But it wasn't enough. He picked up a broom and smashed the nearest display where a man and woman stood arms around one another mocking him in the sunset while they advertised daydream charms. He bashed it over and over until until all that remained was a trace of a pink sunset.

"Shit!" he said as he slid to the floor and kicked the remains of the display. Behind closed eyes he saw Luna's silvery eyes in the dim light of the candelabra again. So wide and innocent, so sweet and beautiful.

So deceptive and lying.

"Fuck you bitch" He sneered coldly at the remains of the outline of the woman "you ain't getting anything from me."


"You're sure it was delivered then Mr. Morgan?" Luna Lovegood chewed on a fingernail as she sat nervously behind her desk, the London skyline spectacular behind her. If there were any perks to living like a muggle, this was definitely one of them.

"Do you know if he read it?" Luna looked up at a soft knock on her office door and she waved the young brunette in and pointed to a chair.

"Of course Mr. Morgan, I understand, this isn't high school. But I'm sure you understand how much is riding on his compliance." she rolled her eyes. "You don't know this man, he can be a stubborn..."

Luna crossed her arms impatiently "Of course I know, why the hell do you think...no. I know you think he should hear it from me, but trust me, that won't make it easier. A face to face is out of the question. Because I said so, thats why. I never want to see George Weasley again as long as I live."

Her face softened "Of course I would, if it came down to that being the only way...lets just hope it doesn't. But as pissed as he's going to be when he finds out I kept it from him all this time, I doubt he will wish to see me anyway."

Luna smiled suddenly "I will, I have a huge stack of pictures for you again by the way. Okay, We'll see you soon." Luna hung up the phone and turned to look at her assistant Janine.

"How did the owl delivery go?" she asked nervously

"He doesn't know, because 'this isn't high school, he didn't have one of his friends stay to watch' " Luna rolled her eyes and clipped her earring back in place. She opened her drawer and kicked her heels in, pulling out a pair of comfy trainers and a change of clothes.

"Such a sweet way to put it." Janine rolled her eyes.

"Sometimes, I swear, he doesn't realize how important this is." Luna closed the bathroom door, leaving it open just a crack so they could continue their conversation.

"Of course he does Luna, you know he does. He's been getting to know you for how many months now?" Janine said sympathetically

"I know, I know." Luna pulled a t-shirt on and slipped on a hoodie and sweatpants, then returned to her desk and slipped into her trainers. "I'm just getting scared. I know George well enough to know how he's going to take this news. And it wont be well."

She stopped at the desk and picked up the small backpack and slid her purse and keys into it.

"I know he never cared about me, I've accepted that, not like I've had much choice since he ran off and married while I was..." she shook her head "None of that is important right now, I just need to get him to agree to help."

"He wouldn't say no?"

"They boy I knew wouldn't have, but..." She shrugged "Gotta run, I'm late."

Luna hit the sidewalk with a vengeance. Running was good, running was proactive. Sometimes she felt like if she ran hard enough she was even able to outrun the horrible twinges she still felt when she thought of him. When she thought of that night, and the shameful morning after.

She'd been heading up for a shower but decided what she wanted first was something from the kitchen so she'd taken a detour, and ran into Mr and Mrs Weasley, even if they didn't know it.


"Oh Arthur have you seen George, I can't find him anywhere, I'm ever so worried."

She fretted with her hands on the skirt of her dress.

"Don't worry dear, I'm sure he's fine. I sent Angelina to look for him last night, they must be together off somewhere." He patted her on the back.

"Angelina? Oh good. Such a good girl, if anyone can help him mend his heart its her." She sniffled

"And him her." Arthur nodded in agreement "I expect they'll marry soon. Now that the war is over, that's what they talked about."

"Imagine Arthur, our George a married man." she smiled wanly "If only Fred were here...oh my baby...my poor baby..." she wailed against his shoulder as he pulled her into his arms.

End Flashback

Luna hit a brick wall and turned a corner, then slowed down to a trot give her body time to cool down. Inwardly she still simmered under the humiliation brought on her by George Weasley.

She'd wondered at first, maybe it had been a misunderstanding, maybe she had been wrong to leave without talking to him first...then she had seen the announcement in the paper. They'd eloped barely two weeks later. It was pretty clear, he had used her like a piece of trash, and then tossed her away.

Fingered,fucked and forgotten...wasn't that the old saying?

Luna shook her head, desperate to shake loose all traces of negativity as she opened the apartment building door and walked inside, pushing the button for her floor.

Her father had known that something was wrong with her the minute she came back from Spain looking like she had been the one who had just spent time in Azkaban instead of Spain and he had forced her to the doctor immediately.


"This is so silly" she said "I keep telling Daddy that there is nothing wrong with me."

"Well, I agree with that." the healer had said "There's nothing "wrong" per say."

"See, I knew it...it's just stress from the war..."

"Not exactly." The healer had lifted her eyebrows "You're pregnant."

End Flashback

The elevator reached the fifteenth floor and Luna hit the security code that would allow her entry to her condo. Even before she had the door open, she heard little feet scamper closer and she smiled.

"Mummy's home! Mummy mummy!"

"Hiya Punkin' head, give us a kiss" Luna gave a wave to her father to let him know that all was well, then she smiled as she squatted down and was knocked on her behind by her four year old daughter and given a huge smacky kiss.

"Mummy, Mrs. Reyner says it's not nice to call someone Punkin' head."

"Well Miss Callie Jo" Luna reached out and teased a bright red ringlet of hair before pulling her into her lap "Did you tell her why Mummy calls you Punkin' head?"

"Umm...no" she sighed softly as she rested her head against Luna's arm. "Cause I didn't think to."

"Well, on Monday when you go to school, you just tell Mrs. Reyner that Mummy calls you Punkin' head because you have hair thats the same pretty color as the pumpkins in your Grampa's garden." Luna sighed and put her arms around her daughter, gently rocking her.

"Just like my daddy?" Callie Jo asked

"Yeah" Luna said with a small smile that made her hurt inside "Just like your daddy."



Chapter Two Preview

George has an explosive meeting with Donovan Morgan

that results in a demand for a face to face meeting

with Luna.

When it's denied, will he take matters into his own hands?

Callie Jo is only part of the secret...what else is Luna hiding from George?

And what is George desperate to hide from Luna?

And, what is it that Luna needs from George?

Will he be able to still

deny her when he finds out what it is?


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