When the Levee Breaks

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Oscar Wilde


It had been two weeks since the events of Ridgeview; a time in which another case had been solved by the BAU. It had been a busy month. Aaron Hotchner sat at his desk, head in his hands. His brief solitude was interrupted by a knock on the door.

'Sir?' He looked up. There was only one person who ever called him "Sir" in that tone of voice.

'Emily? What are you doing here?' Her left arm was still in a cast, and it was clear that the right arm hadn't fully healed either. She held it awkwardly.

'I needed to give you my report.' She put the report haphazardly on his desk. It looked to be somewhat thicker than those of the rest of his team – she was required to detail her ordeal, or at the very least, what she remembered of it.

They had found the video footage of the cold-room, showing them the entirety of the previous victims' experiences. When it came to Emily's footage, JJ and Garcia had refused to watch altogether, and Reid had only lasted twenty minutes. There was a great deal in the video that she clearly either did not remember, or did not want to tell.

'Sorry it took so long. It's hard to type in a cast.' She smiled guiltily.

'You're okay?' he asked. 'With writing it, I mean.'

'I told you before,' she replied, though not with irritation, 'That's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me.'

'Rossi told me,' he explained. She nodded slowly, and opened her mouth, but Hotch beat her to it.

'But I know you didn't tell Rossi the whole truth. Or Morgan either for that matter.'

She attempted to shrug, but was somewhat hampered by the cast. 'I'll tell them when they're ready.'

'It's a pretty important detail to miss.'

'Which one?' She was clearly baiting him. Wanting to see how much he really knew.

'I read the file,' he explained. 'You told them that you were accused of being a spy. What you didn't mention was that you were, in fact, in the employ of the CIA at the time.'

She smiled at that. 'Worst covert operative ever. I wasn't even on assignment.'

'I know. Which leads me to the second detail.' He looked up, to gauge her reaction. Her face was blank, an expression which she had seemingly mastered over the course of the last few weeks. 'You weren't alone at the time of your abduction. Your husband and son were with you.'

She looked down, wanting desperately to avoid his eyes. He reprimanded her, but not in an angry way.

'These are the kinds of secrets that come back to bite us in the ass, Prentiss.' She returned her gaze; she didn't think she'd ever heard him use the word "ass".

'When you're ready to reveal all the skeletons in your closet, Sir. Let me know.' She nodded to him, and then left the offices of the BAU, farewelling friends and colleagues on her way.

A/N: Well there's a short little epilogue for you. Now here's a long authors note. Thanks to those who read this all the way through. It's been a long journey. Actually, no, it's been a little over two weeks. I guess that's what I get for procrastinating. Thank you to all those who reviewed, especially those who reviewed multiple times. And to those who came in expecting a M/E romance, I'm sorry, and I hope you read through to the end anyway. In principle, I'm against writing ship fics, preferring to focus on the non-romantic interactions of the team. That said, if it makes you feel better in any way at all, if there was a ship that I endorsed, it would be M/E. Expect the sequel – if there does end up being one – to hit the internet sometime in January. I have exams coming up, and then a holiday, and then I'll be back with a vengeance. Until then, peace out. tfm.