A/N: Moonlite-n-roses introduced me to the Stuart Alan Jones version of Zack and the idea for this fic was born. Each chapter will be a story in and of itself, but may make reference to previous chapters. This is done in fun. Also don't worry about poor Jason, he will get another chapter where he redeems himself. The chapter title will tell you who Zack is paired with for that chapter, for some chapters he will be paired with more than one person. For instance in the chapter where he kisses Tommy, he also kisses Kim. There will occasionally be a threesome. Consider yourself warned for that and the fact that this fic will have both slash and het. This starts of with just a few kisses so for now it's rated T, when I move past kissing I'll up the rating. Thank you!


It was Kim's laughter that made Zack and Jason pause. They both looked at her confused as Billy joined her laughter by covering his mouth and Trini pressed her lips together. Zack looked up at the mistletoe hanging above his and Jason's head. Zack smirked and turned to take in his friend who was stilling staring upwards with a look of disbelief.

Zack's first kiss with a girl was Terri Keller in the fourth grade. She was crying, about what he can no longer remember. He does know he kissed her to distract her, it had worked too. Not that it matter when she moved away almost a year later. Still he was hooked, kissing was fun.

Of course he'd never kissed another guy before, well not on the lips anyway.

Zack blinked up at the unseasonal mistletoe that someone must have hung as a prank. He turned to take in Jason's confused face. Jason as his first male kiss? Now, he could get into that. He grinned.

Jason's eyes widened and he shook his head, "Come on bro, you can't expect me…"

Zack cut him off with a playful pout, "But think about it, you could be the first guy I kiss."

Jason's look of horror almost made him want to laugh.

"Hey, it's tradition?" he offered.

At that Jason crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, "It's not Christmas, it's not even Christmas in July."

"But it's mistletoe," Zack reasoned as he took a step towards his friend.

"So," Jason challenged.

"He does have a point," Billy reasoned.

Jason shot Billy a look that clearly said 'traitor'.

"Oh, I'm going to have to agree with Billy on this one," Kim smirked.

Jason's eyes shot over to Trini, pleading for her to step in. Trini glanced at Zack. Zack grinned and winked at her.

"Sorry Jason," she concluded, "it is tradition after all."

"Just give in to the inevitability," Zack tempted as he threw an arm around Jason's shoulders, "that I'll be the best kiss you ever have."

"I don't like guys," Jason grumbled.

"That has nothing to do with it," Zack laughed.

"Nope, nothing at all," Kim echoed.

"Blame the mistletoe," Trini advised.

"A wise choice," Billy put in.

Jason groaned and buried his head in his hands, "You guys are not helping."

"Oh?" Zack put in, "I think they're helping in all the right ways."

He wiggled his eyebrows when Jason glanced over.

"Fine," Jason gave in.

"Well don't sound so enthused," Zack mocked.

"You don't want to?" Jason asked sounding hopeful.

Zack laughed as he wrapped his arms around Jason's neck, "Now what gave you that idea?"

Jason rolled his eyes upwards to glare at the mistletoe. When he looked back down Zack's lips met his. Jason froze for a moment, and then he kissed Zack back awkwardly. It was barely more than a quick pressed of lips before Jason's hands came up between them and carefully pushed Zack back. Jason took a step away from the mistletoe.

Zack frowned, well that had been rather anticlimactic.

"What?" Jason asked.

Zack shook his head. How was he supposed tell his best friend that he was an awful kisser? It had almost been too brief to come to that conclusion, but it had been long enough that Zack couldn't help but think that Jason could do with some pointers. Taking in the frown on Jason's face Zack decided he wasn't going to say anything, instead he'd let Jason learn for himself one day.

"Nothing," Zack shrugged before falling back into his trademark grin.

Jason shook his head and grumbled. Kim laughed again as Trini eyed the mistletoe and then a distracted Billy. Zack looked back up at the misplaced plant and silently thanked it for his first male kiss. Hopefully they'd only get better from here on in.