A/N: Written for y2dingo as she donated to help_haiti in exchange for my writing 1500 words.


Zack rested one hand against the wall just above Adam's head. He grinned down at his replacement as he held up his communicator in his other hand. To continue with the tradition he'd already started of kissing his teammates he'd have to be smooth, careful. He knew Adam, but wasn't as close to him as he'd become to Kim, Tommy and Billy. Getting a kiss from Adam would require delicate, suave…

"You know, you're always shorter than I expect you to be," Zack commented.

Adam's gaze finally moved from the communicator to meet his eyes. Zack wet his lips. Why had he not realized before how gorgeous those eyes were?

"I'm not that short," Adam protested.

Zack smirked, "You really are."

Adam shook his head, "I've probably got a few more growth spurts, somewhere."

"Somewhen?" Zack teased.

Adam wet his lips, glancing back at Zack's hand poised above his head. He seemed to suddenly realize the way Zack was leaning into him. A blush began to creep up his cheeks.

"It's really cool that I get your morpher," Adam said slowly, "Thank you."

Zack smiled, eyes slowly taking Adam in fully, for what almost felt like the first time, "You're welcome. I know you'll do me proud."

Adam smiled and his gaze went back to the communicator, "I almost can't believe this is happening. Nearly being turned evil and then getting to become a Power Ranger."

"It's is a bit much," Zack agreed before he reassured, "was for us to at first, but you get used to it."

"Are you really giving me your communicator too?"

Zack nodded, "We've already gotten Billy to agree to make us replacements, but you'll need this so it's yours."

"Thank you," Adam said as he reached to take it.

Zack pulled it away and smirked, "Was going to at least try to get a kiss out of you for it."

Adam blinked, then blushed and then laughed.

Zack frowned, okay none of this had turned out as suavely as he would've liked, but he really didn't think Adam should be laughing at him. Off his look, Adam pressed his lips together and asked quietly, "How would I get Rocky on this thing?"

Zack showed him and soon enough Rocky was answering.

"'Sha was right," Adam told him, "Bit freaky. Apparently you have to kiss them to get their communicator."

Zack started to shake his head no when Rocky asked, "Really? You okay with that?"

Adam shrugged slightly even though Rocky couldn't see it, "It's just a kiss."

"Cool!" Rocky replied. Then they heard Jason's brief squawk of protest being cut off.

Zack laughed, "I'm really beginning to think he protests too much."

Adam's answering smile was slightly mischievous, "How do I get Aisha?"

The conversation with Aisha was even shorter.

"First kiss with a girl and it get to be her?" Aisha's smile was apparent even through the communicator, "I'm so lucky."

A girl after his own heart, Zack couldn't help but approve. Now, for his kiss. Adam was blushing again, all the shyness seemed to come back suddenly when he wasn't being mischievous with his friends. Obviously they brought out the best in him.

Zack removed his hand from the wall, trailed it down Adam's chin, pushing him to look up. The kiss started softly, gently as Adam's hands found their way around his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss turned heated, Adam's lips moving in tandem with his. They broke apart slowly.

"I'm beginning to think all rangers are exceptional kissers," Zack commented as he slipped his communicator onto Adam's wrist. He pressed a kiss to Adam's temple before he whispered, "Just don't tell Billy I know a four syllable word."

"What four syllable word?" Adam agreed as he stole a swift kiss.