Twin travel challenge

Banish Them Back!

"Lily. Lily. Wake up! Rose! C'mon, it's almost seven! GET UP!" James Potter shoved his twin sister, Lily, before crossing over the room to his cousin, Rose Weasley, and shoved her awake too.

"Jamie! What gives?" Lily woke up, rubbing sleep away from her green eyes. She sat upright in her bed, as Rose grumbled awake.

"Jamie, I'm going to kill you," she said, her tone dark, as she sat up, swinging her legs from the bed in Lily's room.

"Whatever. Get dressed! Quickly! Dad and Uncle Ron said they could take us out for Quidditch as soon as we've had breakfast and got dressed! You better be quick or we'll start without you!" James said, running down the stairs so the girls could get dressed.

"Quidditch! Yes! I'm going to play Seeker," Lily said, hurriedly pulling out a blue tee-shirt to go with the jeans already on her legs.

Rose pulled on some jeans to go with her pink top, as she replied, "Well, I'm going to be Chaser. Jamie will want to be a Chaser too, won't he?" she said, biting her lip.

"Don't worry, Rosie," Lily crossed the room and took Rose's hand, giving it a squeeze. "There can be two Chasers."

Rose visibly brightened. "OK then!" She said, as the two bounded down the stairs to eat their breakfast.

They were met halfway down by the tantalizing smell of bacon sizzling, and two seconds later Ron's shout of "Bloody hell!" The two girls walked into the kitchen to see Ron jumping around the room, holding his apparently burnt hand; Harry trying to get Ron to run his hand under water; and James laughing at his Dad and Uncle's antics.

"Ron! You have to run your hand under the water. It'll help, honest!"

"That can't be true; I heard that the only way to heal burns was with a Burning Treatment Paste."

"Who did you hear that from?" Harry was getting annoyed.

"Mum," Ron said, now sucking on the burnt part of his hand.

"And she knows a lot about stuff, usually. But I grew up with Muggles who, surprisingly, don't have Burn Treatment Paste. Instead, they run their hands under cold water. Like this," Harry grabbed Ron in exasperation, and thrust his hand under a stream of ice-cold water. Ron yelped as the water hit his skin, but a few seconds later relief was apparent on his face.

"That feels good," he said, sighing as the pain subsided.

"See?" Harry raised one eyebrow at his brother-in-law, before spying the two girls. "Hey, girls! Who wants bacon?"

A chorus of 'Me's' was heard and soon the only sound was them chomping on bacon, Ron's hand still under the tap.

"Daddy, you're drooling," Rose pointed out, looking at Ron.

"It's the bacon, Rose. It looks so good, but your Daddy can't have any," Harry said, smirking evilly at Ron as he put the bacon into his mouth, licking his fingers appreciatively.

Ron glowered. "Sod off, Potter."

Rose gasped. "You're not allowed to swear! I'll tell Mummy!"

"Please, Rosie, don't. Please. Whatever you do, don't tell your Mum. She'll have my head! I won't be able to play Quidditch anymore!" Ron said, desperation on his face as he pleaded with his six year old daughter.

Rose contemplated this for a moment, then nodded. "OK then. I won't tell. I like playing Quidditch with you," she said, as Lily nodded her agreement. She looked at her Dad, concern in her blue eyes. "Is your hand OK, Daddy? Will you still be able to play Quidditch?"

"Yes, I'll be fine, baby," Ron replied, and then turned to Harry. "Can I eat now?"

Harry reluctantly nodded yes, obviously enjoying tormenting Ron.

"Yass!" Ron turned off the tap, before crossing over to the table and sitting down, wasting now time into tucking into the bacon. "So, who's playing what position?"

"I'm Chaser," Rose said, bouncing up and down in her seat.

"OK, sweetie. So, Rose is Chaser. So why don't we play Weasley against Potter? Only I get Lily, because you and James are so good," Ron said, laughing.

"Are you saying I'm not good?" Lily had a hurt look on her face.

"No, Lily. I just thought that you and Rose would like to be on the same team."

"We do, we do!" Rose and Lily chanted together, giving each other hug.

"Looks like you're a Weasley for the day, Lily!" Rose said, laughing.

"Now we really are sisters!" Lily replied, also giggling.

"Pfft! You two are already sisters, never mind cousins."

Lily and Rose just beamed.

"Looks like it's you and me, mate," Harry said to James, and both high-fived.

"Watch it, guys. Me and my girls are gonna whip you!" Ron said. "So, no Seekers. James, Lily and Rose can play Chaser, Me and Harry Keepers. That OK with everyone?"

"Yes!" Everyone chanted, before Harry turned to Lily and James, Rose trooping outside with her Dad to get her starter broom.

"Go upstairs and into Daddy's study, and get the Quaffle and Keeper's gloves. They're on the desk. Don't touch anything!" he yelled, his twin children halfway up the stairs.

They both loved going to their Daddy's study. It was seldom they were allowed as, just like the other set of twins before them, Fred and George, they were in to almost anything and they weren't satisfied until they had touched everything. Both children looked around with awe, both decided to take as much time as possible to get the Quaffle and gloves, despite the fact they were perched right in front of them on their Dad's desk, exactly where he told them they would be.

"Look, Jamie! It's Daddy! And Uncle Ron, and Auntie Hermione!" Lily exclaimed, pointing to a newspaper clipping dated 3rd May, 1997.

"Yeah, that's way cool," James said, his eyes wide. "They look really young."

"Yeah," Lily's eyes caught something flashing, on a shelf. "Jamie, what's this?" Lily asked, pointing to the shiny, gold necklace that was on a shelf.

"No idea," James said, before he went around the back of his Dad's desk, and scrambled on top of it, ignoring Lily's cries of "Get down, Jamie! You'll get hurt!" He grabbed the gold necklace, and climbed back down, standing in front of Lily with the gold chain.

"It looks like one of Mummy's necklaces," James said, turning it over in his hands.

"It's really shiny," Lily whispered, totally in awe at it.

"It is. I wonder what this does?" James said, his finger going out to press a button.

"Jamie, don't!" Lily said, grabbing the chain, but both of them disappeared, the chain falling to the floor, rolling underneath Harry's desk out of sight.

It was a few minutes later that Harry started to wonder where his children were. He knew that they didn't get into his study often so they would look at the various newspaper articles lining the walls, but he hoped that they hadn't touched anything. There were some things in there that were very dangerous in the hands of grown men, never mind six-year-old twins. Mischievous twins with a certain penchant for trouble, as well.

"Lily! Jamie! Come on, everyone's waiting!" Harry called up the stairs, and when he got no reply, his forehead creased and he ascended the stairs, calling as he went up.

"I know you're curious, guys, but we have a game to play!" he said, opening the closed door to his study, only to find it empty. The Quaffle and gloves were still on the table, untouched.

"Lily?" Harry said, his voice laced with concern for his children. "Jamie? Come on now, we all want to get playing soon,"

He checked in both the twin's rooms, and his room, where his wife was awake and in the shower. He tried underneath all the beds and in every cupboard he could find in the house, before he went outside to find Ron and see if his kids were with him.

Ron and Rose were in the garden, discussing Quidditch, and the Cannons (who happened to be Rose's favourite team as well as Ron's) chances in the league.

"Hey," Harry panted as he ran up to them. "Have you seen Jamie and Lily?"

Ron looked puzzled. "Nope. You sent them upstairs, remember?" his voice was laced with concern as well as puzzlement.

"No, I checked the whole house. They've gone. Simply vanished!" Harry cried, running his hands through his hair in desperation.

He ran back through the house, calling his children's names again, before once again going into his study. He noticed something was wrong right away; something on the top shelf that usually caught the light was gone.

"Oh, no…" Harry said, sighing, as he checked the shelf. Ron and Rose came running in afterwards.

"I've checked the whole of the grounds," Ron was out of breath, and Rose was also panting. "They're not there."

"I think I know where they've gone," Harry's voice was grave.

"What's wrong?" Ginny's voice punctured the silence that followed Harry's comment. "We heard you shouting on Jamie and Lily. Where have they gone?"

Harry turned to his wife, his eyes conveying grief and sadness as well as guilt. "Honey, I've lost the kids."