Banish Them Back

Banish Them Back!


"How are they?" were the first words of Molly's lips as soon as she saw Ginny and Harry making their way down the stairs after putting their newly-discovered children to bed.

"Fine," Ginny said, sitting down beside her mother, "They're shattered, so they went down OK. I don't think they see anything wrong," she added, laying her head on her mother's shoulder, her head spinning at the events that had occurred within these last few short hours.

Looking over at her future husband, Harry had the same sort of expression on his face. He stared blankly ahead, while Ron and Hermione were bickering amongst themselves on either side of him.

"This certainly had been a hectic afternoon, hasn't it?" Arthur said, rubbing the bridge of his nose as Fred sat beside him.

"You're telling me," he said, as Ron and Hermione surfaced from their argument, Hermione's smug face and Ron's angered eyes and red ears telling everyone what they needed to know.

"Does anyone want some hot chocolate?" Molly asked, and got nods all round; she stood up, taking Ginny with her, wanting to have some time alone with her youngest child and only daughter.

Once in the kitchen, Molly subtly cast a silencing charm on the door, so that the two women could still hear out but no-one else could hear their conversation; not that Ginny was in any state to notice. She moved around the kitchen silently, getting mugs and the mixture needed. She turned around, looking at her mother. "You can go through, I'll get these," she said, grabbing a spoon.

"It's no bother, dear," Molly said, coming up beside her daughter. "Make two first. I want to talk with you," she said, her daughter's eyes going wide. "It's nothing bad, darling," Molly elaborated, smiling at her daughter, who eased slightly, but was still tense.

Two minutes later and mother and daughter sat beside each other, two steaming mugs of hot chocolate in front of them. Molly looked at her daughter. Her face was blank, but her eyes held untold happiness. Molly knew this was what her daughter had wanted since they had first told her stories about Harry killing You-Know-Who, but for it to actually happen? Molly wouldn't have bet one of her garden gnomes on it happening.

"How are you?" Molly said, taking a sip of her own, still scalding hot drink.

"I'm … I dunno, really," Ginny said, looking down. "I'm happy, yeah, because everyone survives and I get to marry Harry and have kids etc., but my head just hurts now!" she laughing, rubbing her head.

"I could imagine. If someone had come to me ten years before Bill was born and told me that I would marry Arthur and have seven children, I think I would have a slightly sore head as well," Molly chuckled, turning so she could hug her daughter. "Well, I think that their rightful parents should be along soon. They'll be worried when they see that their children have just vanished off the -"


Ron's voice bellowed, ringing off the walls and into the kitchen. The women looked at each other, and proceeded to run into the living room, Molly removing the silencing charm that she'd put on earlier.

Standing in the middle of the living room was another child. She looked the same age as Jamie and Lily, and also looked like them, as well. She had slightly curly, Weasley red hair, and an abundance of freckles littering her skin, same as the twins did. The only difference between the three was that Jamie and Lily had bright green eyes, while the girl in front of them had bright blue eyes. The little girl also had quite bushy hair, while the twins' hair was just messy, inherited from their father. The little girl looked wide-eyed at all of the adults and teens, shocked at Ron's outburst.

"Please don't tell me we had triplets!" Harry said, causing everyone (expect the small girl) to laugh aloud.

Thunderous footsteps were heard on the landing, and soon a sleepy-looking Lily appeared at the opening. Ginny jumped up to attend to her, but Lily let out a loud yell of "Rose!" and went speeding up to the new child, who ran to Lily, giving her a big hug when they met. "I missed you, Rose," Lily said, squeezing her tightly.

"I missed you, Lily. You left me without playing Quidditch!" Rose said, pulling back from the hug, her expression indignant. "And with the adults. They kept talking about 'getting back to the kids' and 'Time-Turners'."

Lily nodded, and turned to Harry. "Daddy, I couldn't sleep," she said, crawling on his lap and resting her head on her shoulder, thumb in her mouth. Harry rubbed her back, letting her stay there.

Rose seemed to notice who the adults were, and looked to Ron and Hermione, who were sitting beside Harry. "How come you two were there when I left Lily and Jamie's and now you're here at Grandma's?" Rose asked, looking at the unsuspecting teens.

"I dunno," Ron said, looking at the small child.

"Ever the wordsmith, Ronald," Ginny said, hitting him upside the head. Rose giggled.

"Auntie Ginny?" Rose asked, and Ginny looked taken aback.

"I have a niece as well now? Figures. Anyway, yes?" she said, looking at the girl.

"Why do you do that to Daddy? It hurts him. He told me," the little girl looked proud of herself while Ron was rapidly going blue, and then went for a more fetching red shade once he'd processed Rose's words.

"What?" Ron choked out, looking at her. "What did you say?"

Rose started laughing as well, before Lily joined in, both pointing at Ron, who was the colour of a red tomato. "Daddy, you've gone red!" Rose said, running over to Ron and climbing up beside him. "It's good to see you, Daddy," she said, hugging him around the middle. Ron just nodded, looking at the small girl who was inhabiting his midriff. Rose jumped down, then ran over to Hermione, and settled herself beside her. "And you too, Mummy," Rose said, as Ron started to making choking noises. One of the twins went and thumped Ron on the back while the other hooted.

"Whey-hey! People, it looks like Ron and Hermione come to their senses and get it on. Bets for sixth year before any action occurs, go to George. Bets for seventh year before they make their move, come to me, please!" Fred said, as the rest of the family laughed, except Ron and Hermione, who were both in shock and Ron was glaring at Fred, while Rose's eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. Recovering, Molly was shooting death glares at her twin sons, while Ginny had walked up to Fred and was currently bargaining with him about a price for the bet.

"Yeah. Weird, isn't it?" Harry said, nodding to Ron, who nodded back, apparently unable to form the words.

"I have a daughter?" Hermione said, her voice soft as she gazed at the little girl who was snuggled into her side, her thumb in her mouth. She sat similar to Lily, and Ginny wondered what age they were. The three children were more like triplets, just as Harry has said.

"Apparently, we have a daughter," Ron laughed, walking over and kneeling down in front of Rose. "So, Rose," he said, testing the name on his lips, never really knowing until now how much he actually liked that name. They were his favourite flower, and his mother's. He wondered if that was why she had that name, if Hermione had actually let him choose something for once in his life. "I'm guessing you got here same as Lily and Jamie, with the Time-Turner?" Rose nodded. "So, what were the adults saying again?" Ron asked his daughter, picking up on something she had mentioned earlier.

"You were having an 'Adults Talk'," Rose said, if that was all the explanation Ron needed. When Ron gestured to go on, she looked puzzled, but nevertheless spoke once more. "I didn't really listen. But there was something about 'going back to get the kids' and 'building a time-turner' and also Auntie Ginny didn't look well," Rose said, cuddling into Hermione, who just cuddled her back, not knowing what to do with this small body that was suddenly depending on her for so much more than she was able to give at fifteen. She found herself feeling quite protective of this little person who just burst into their lives in the most extraordinary way possible. It was beyond Hermione's logic, and though that scared her to death, she was glad that it had occurred; she had a future, a future with Ron. So did Harry, and Ginny. She was overjoyed, especially for Harry. Now he knew that he had something to fight for, and that he was going to beat Voldemort, and that he wasn't going to die, or any of his close friends and family. Thinking about all of this, she now knew how Ginny felt. There were so many different thoughts, so many different emotions, from confusion to elation, running through her body that she didn't know where to start. Ron's answer startled her out of her thoughts.

"Right," Ron said, drawing out the 'i's. "So I guess that they're coming. And that conversation about the Time-Turner rules out banishing them back!" The last statement got giggles all around until a small voice punctured the laughter.

"Who's coming, Daddy? And who are you banishing? And why can't you remember that you were talking, it was only a few minutes ago!" Rose said, looking up at Ron, who sighed. She looked like Hermione in miniature, when she didn't know exactly what was going on. He bent down and picked his daughter up, her immediately resting her head on his shoulder.

"'Course I remember, Rose," Ron said, raising his eyebrows as he looked at Harry, who sent the same look back. "Just blanked for a moment," he looked at the inquisitive little girl, who bought her story. Lily, on the other hand, looked at him from her place on Harry's lap as though she didn't believe him one single bit.

Soon Lily was looking tired again, and Rose looked as though she could have done with a nap; so the adults and teens talked about trivial things, such as Quidditch and school, until the children once again fell asleep. Ron scooped up Rose as Harry took Lily, and put both to bed. Molly followed the two boys, and used an Engorgement Charm on Ginny's bed, so that Rose and Lily could sleep next to each other – it was obvious that the two girls were close. Just as she had done with Lily and Jamie, Molly transfigured a pair of Ginny's old pyjamas for Rose to wear. Both kids went to bed effortlessly, and the three kids looked like triplets as they slept. Without making a sound, Molly drew both boys into a hug, which they returned; all knowing they were thinking the same thing without having to say it aloud. This was a future; a future without pain, or suffering, or war.

The three walked downstairs to await the rest of the family. It had been a long day, and for now it was time to sleep, and wait until tomorrow, when hopefully, everything would be turned back to normal.


Harry was dreaming peacefully; the previous day had tired him out greatly. His sleep, however, was cut short abruptly by the entrance of one of his twin children, Lily. She bounded in to his room (after trying several doors and getting her grandparents, a bathroom and store cupboard), and threw herself onto Harry, who sat bolt upright, reaching blindly for his wand.

Lily laughed, and handed him his glasses from the bedside table. "It's only me, Daddy!" she said, giving him a cuddle. Harry's heart was racing still, but he managed to give Lily a hug in return. She seemed to have inherited Harry's morning persona; bright and breezy, which usually annoyed everyone else as he was up at the crack of dawn, while everyone else slept in. By the absence of Jamie, Harry guessed he was not a morning person either.

"Hey, Lily," Harry said, as the door was thrown open once again and Lily's cousin, Rose, walked in, looking the spit of Hermione with her hair wild and sleep clogging her eyes. Obviously Rose was not a morning person, and Lily had woken her up. She crossed the room to Ron's bed, the occupant stirring thanks to Harry and Lily. Both boys were soon dressed, both taking extra-quick showers, and set off to get some breakfast. Molly was surely up; she never seemed to sleep, she was always the last to go to bed and the first one up.

Walking into the living room, both boys were cut short. The girls were on the sofa, both sleeping peacefully. Ginny's red hair was messy and wild, as was Hermione's; Hermione was sleeping on her side while Ginny was on her front, one arm out of the duvet someone had conjured. The boys stifled their laughter at them, and ran into the kitchen, carrying the younger girls. They shut the kitchen door and hoped to Merlin that Ginny and Hermione didn't wake up as both of them were underage, and they couldn't put a silencing charm on the door. Molly wasn't there, much to the boys' mutual dismay. It seemed as though it was up to them to make breakfast for Rose and Lily.

"So, what do you girls want for breakfast?" Harry asked, praying to was something simple like toast or eggs.

Unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side today. The two girls looked at each other, and in perfect unison, said "Pancakes!"

Ron looked at Harry in desperation. "Please tell me the Dursleys' made you make pancakes!" He pleaded, clasping his hands together, keeping his voice quiet so the girls, who were now talking together about Quidditch, didn't hear him.

"I think I know how to cook them," Harry said, mimicking Ron and keeping his voice low. "We'll give it a bash and see. We better make some for Ginny and Hermione as well."

Ron nodded. "What do you need to me to do?"

Around fifteen minutes later and three pancakes on the floor and once sticking to the pan, Lily, Rose, Harry and Ron were sitting down to reasonably-cooked pancakes. The girls looked happy enough and ate away, still talking about Quidditch or, it seemed, Rose's upcoming seventh birthday.

"So they are six," Harry muttered to Ron.

"Huh?" Ron answered, to engrossed in eating his pancakes to notice his best friend was talking to him.

"The girls," Harry said, "Are talking about what Rose wants for her seventh birthday, and Lily commented that 'her birthday wasn't for another five months'. So they are six years old."

"Oh, right, OK," Ron said, nodding as he finally understood, but nodded too enthusiastically and bits of pancake went flying from his fork. The two young girls squealed as maple syrup and pancakes hit them in the face, and both burst out laughing as Harry pouted mock-indignantly as he peeled a large bit of pancake from his hair. The older girls, Ginny and Hermione, walked in as Ron was apologizing to Harry, who still was covered in maple syrup, from his hair to his left cheek, which still had bits of pancake attached. Ginny and Hermione both burst out laughing; joining in with Lily and Rose who were roaring with laughter at Harry's pouting face and Ron's apologetic look.

"So we've entered the battle site, yes?" Ginny said once she'd recovered, taking her own stack of pancakes and sitting down on the other side of Lily, as Hermione did the same, sitting down beside Rose, taking a cloth and trying to get some maple syrup off her. "Don't bother, Hermione," Ginny said, "We'll give them showers later and get the muck off them."

Hermione nodded, and turned to the boys. "Good nights' sleep?" she asked, tucking into her own pancakes.

"Yeah," Ron said, "Before the Thunder-Girls woke us up."

"I've got bruises," Harry whined, rubbing his stomach, as Lily laughed. Harry got up, walked over, and pressed his cheek against her hair, rubbing the in maple syrup as she squealed in delight.

"I didn't hit you that hard to deserve that," she said, giggling, Rose joining in. The room was filled with happy, cheerful banter as they finished their breakfast, the girls taking the young children off to have a shower to get the maple syrup of them. The boys were left to tidy up, and there was still no sign of Jamie or the rest of the family.


Three hours later, and the Burrow was awake and fed. Everyone was crammed into the kitchen – which was now free of maple syrup, as was the four original occupants – and everyone was talking about what they should do with the children to keep them occupied.

"Let's just play Quidditch with them," Ron suggested, and Harry, Fred and George seconded that motion.

"All day?" Molly said incredulously. "I don't think so. You'll tire the poor kids out."

"No!" Jamie piped up, as Rose nodded in agreement with her cousin. "We can play all day!"

"Yes!" Lily said from her place on Harry's lap, which seemed to be her favourite place.

The adults laughed at the kids' enthusiasm. It seemed that their joy and delight never ran out. Soon, everyone was picking teams and Fred and George were on their way to dig out old Starter Brooms for the kids when a loud 'pop' was heard in the kitchen.

In her shock, Molly threw a soapy frying pan at the new arrivals, who had just entered the kitchen.

"Whoa!" An older Ron said as he ducked to avoid his mother's accurate aim. There were four of them, and all were adults. It because immediately obvious that they were the parents of the future children, and they were here to pick them up and take them back into their own time. "Trying to kill me here?" Older Ron said, rubbing his head where the pan would have made contact had he not ducked.

"Mummy! Daddy!" Both Lily and Jamie ran to the older Harry and Ginny while Rose sprinted towards Ron and Hermione.

Older Harry's arms wrapped around the twins as older Ginny did the same. The older Ron and Hermione were in the same position, and when Hermione spoke, it was to the three of them.

"Didn't we tell you not to play in Uncle Harry's study?" Hermione said, scolding Rose, and Lily and Jamie took note of their Aunt's tone of voice. "You could have done some serious damage."

"Sorry, Aunt Hermione," chorused Lily and Jamie.

"I'm sorry, Mummy!" Rose said, throwing herself at her mother. "But why's there two of you?" The little six-year-old asked, immediately sensing that this person she was hugging was her mother, not the younger version who looked almost the same.

"I don't know, Rosie," Hermione said, looking up at her fifteen-year-old self. "Sorry, about all of this," adult Hermione said, to the fifteen-year-old Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione.

"No problems!" Ron laughed, as both Harry's, Ginny's, and Hermione's looked at him – even his older self looked at him incredusly.

"No problem? Blimey, how did you get them to just calm down? They are usually like mini hurricanes wherever they go," Adult Harry explained, scooping up Lily who was clutching on to him for dear life.

"Really?" Younger Ginny's voice was laced with disbelief. "They've been perfect."

"Pfft!" Adult Harry said, laughing. "Take my perchance for finding and creating trouble, and your stubbornness, and you've got a hell of a pair of twins on your hands."

Older Hermione seemed itching to go. "Let's give them the potion and get going!" She was running around, trying to get everything sorted out. "Urgh! I can't do this in these heels…" she muttered, kicking off the shoes and leaving them at the side of the kitchen table, instead running around in her bare feet.

"What potion?" Molly had just recovered her voice after seeing her daughter and son older, as well as Harry and Hermione older as well. She seemed suspicious.

"We can't let you walk around with this in your memories. It's seriously messed up the timeline," Older Ginny spoke for the first time. "So, could you all drink this potion? I can't remember any of this occurring so you must, must take it. Please. We'll all be taking it when we return to our correct time."

Older Ron looked apprehensive about something. Older Ginny quickly caught on to what Ron was thinking. "There's someone we want to see first," Older Ron said. He looked at the crowd standing before him, and at the back, were Fred and George. All four of the future adults conveyed on the pair, hugging particularly Fred.

"I love you, right?" Adult Ginny said tearfully, wrapping her hands around Fred's waist.

"Yeah, I know, Squirt," Fred said, a bit spooked as to what was going on but had a fair idea.

"We need to go, Gin, this is messing up stuff really bad the longer we stay here," said Older Harry, carrying Lily as Ginny had Jamie, used his free hand to tug Older Ginny into the centre of the living room as Older Hermione finished handing out the potion to everyone. "Bye, guys! See you all soon!" Older Harry said, waving as best he could. Everyone waved and blew kisses as the seven future beings vanished as they had arrived.

"Well, that was interesting," Arthur said, the first thing he'd said in a long time. George and Fred nodded their agreement. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were just staring at the stop where their future selves had vanished with their children.

Molly glanced at the potion in her hand. "I think we should all take these in bed. Hermione said they would knock us out."

Everyone was ushered to bed, and everyone took the potion upstairs to their rightful bedrooms, where everyone took it, some willingly, some reluctantly. Ginny, Ron and Harry had to force the potion down Hermione's throat she was so intent on keeping the memory of meeting her daughter, and it took a long time to coax Harry into taking it too, he wanting to keep the notion that he would survive this fight.

It was the next morning when everyone went downstairs; a pair of shoes were lying next to the kitchen table. Everyone oohed and aahed over the expensive material of the shoes and boggled at the designer name, finally deciding that it was a Muggle designer who made them. The big question on everyone's lips was 'whose shoes were they?' Nobody knew. It also was raised why no-one could remember these past few days, as if it had been removed from memory. It was suspicious and Arthur and Sirius (who could remember these days) looked into it but found nothing.

And ten years in the future, Hermione Weasley was stressing because she couldn't find her best Christian Louboutin high heels.