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I blame my recent hobbies for this.

I don't like this.

I don't like seeing you like this. I never did, you know.

You remember, don't you?

The first time we met? You were crying; you hated everything so much.

And when I saw you, kneeling there, sobbing...

It hurt me. I didn't want to see you crying, not the person who'd given me life, a home.

I wondered. Had I hurt you? Had my presence there in your mind, your childish mind, done this to you?

But then it dawned on me. I hadn't done anything to you. You didn't even know I existed, not back then. It had been someone else, someone outside of you--us-- who had done that. Someone else had done this to you.

I knew what they'd done, too. It was the same thing that had led to my birth: your back.

They'd scarred it, had carved the sacred hieroglyphs into your back with their knives. They didn't care about you, about how you felt, about who you were afterwards. They'd had their ceremonies; now it was your fate, duty, even, to live your life in the dark, like a filthy rat.

It made me angry, filled me with hatred for them. I wanted to hurt them, kill them, for that. You were mine, and who were they to dare to touch you?

And that fool who called himself your brother made it worse. He made it nigh-impossible for me to come out, to help you, unless you needed me, and he was unconscious. I wanted to kill him on more than one occasion, believe me.

Well, yes, I know you knew that already.

Of course I know you didn't like it! But he was in my way-- our way.

Well, I'm sorry I killed your dad-- our da--

'Stop making everything belong to both of us?'

That's a damned stupid thing to ask. We're from the same mind, aren't we? Aren't we sharing the same body? Maybe you've got more morals than I do, and maybe I like the dark more than you do, but we're the same person. We're just a little different in some ways.

Besides, I know you like having me around. Even if you don't know.

Oh, Ra.

Stop crying already! I say one little thing, and you burst into hysterics again.

Didn't I tell you that I didn't like seeing you cry?

What's going to make you stop crying for once?


Well, yes, I am holding you. Pretty tightly, too.

No, I'm not going to let go. Not unless you promise to never cry again.

You can't promise me that? Well, that's interesting. I guess I can't let you go.


Alright, alright! Fine! You didn't have to claw my fucking arm off!


Stop giving me that look!

Look, I'm not mad at you. Just a little annoyed. I never scratched you.

'I was born to protect you'?

Well, yeah, that's true. I guess.

But it's not like I ever fucking did that, is it? You still got hurt, and I couldn't do anything about it, because I was the one hurting you.


You forgive me?

Ra, you're naive. How could you forgive me for what I've done? I nearly killed those saps you call 'friends', after all. And you're only alive now because one of them risked their life to save you. I was about to kill you.


Fine, fine! You forgive me! I'll let that slide. Just stop crying!