Chapter 7- Round 6 and happy endings

Chapter 7- Round 6 and happy endings...?

I come with heart wrenching news that THIS is the LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!! I know, I know, but sadly all birthdays have to come to an end, even Deidara's, so it's the last chapter! Ok, on to the lemon field's to see what else we can juice out of this!

"You know... Luckily there's one present left," Sasori smiled and it was returned.

"Actual technically there's two..." The blonde muttered before pulling away and locking his lips with the red heads.

"Is there?" the red head questioned, once their lips had pulled apart.

"Yep, but I'll get the other in a minute..." The blonde smiled and pulled over the present. "It's so your turn to be a true little uke Danna!"

"Is it?" He questioned.

"Yes," he captures the red head's hands. "And no strings attached." Placing the penis extension on his self Sasori pulled him out a condom, from a well placed draw beside the bed, to put over it.

"Don't want it falling off," he explained; the blonde obliged, thinking it would be strange if it feel off inside the red head.

"So, Danna on your knees or legs over my shoulders?" He questioned.

"Don't mind you choose," the red head stated.

"Fine... On your knees Danna," he smiled sweetly. "I want to see my cute uke, in a position that I wouldn't usually see him in." The red head turned around so they weren't facing and went on his knees. The red head leaning over him; started licking his back. "You know wood doesn't taste too bad."

"You think clay tastes good, of course you'd like the taste of wood," the red head joked and rolled his eyes.

"True." Deidara smirked and brought his face to his Danna's ass and started licking at the entrance. The red head clutched the bed tightly and closed his eyes. The blonde slid his hands over his tights making the tongues there to lick and the teeth bite the red head was moaning loudly and Deidara had to admit he sounded and looked so sexy like that he just couldn't resist.

He pushed into the tight space moaning at his Danna's tightness. The red groaned, no pain hitting his voice as he had been stretched much more than this just recently, though as the blonde moved slightly getting used to the feel of the condom and being in Sasori he brushed against the red head's prostate: him to push backwards and yell in pleasure.

"Danna..." The blonde panted, feeling extremely tired, but continued to push in. He wanted to pleasure his Danna one more time before falling asleep. He started to push in and out and leaned against the red head's back for support not trusting his own legs to keep his self up for too long. He wrapped his arms around his Danna and started to lick and bite at the erection.

The red head felt his self becoming weaker too and felt his arms might cave in, so kept his self and Deidara up using his elbows, hoping there would be more support. He was gasping and panting and couldn't quite get his breath especially with Deidara moving his oh so well trained tongues along his erection.

"Deidara..." He muttered as he felt his climax speeding down for release. And after a few more carefully placed thrusts he came all over the bed below them. He felt the blonde collapse on top of him and he fell down with him too.

"Sasori..." The blonde panted kissing the red heads back; he got a grunt of acknowledgement. "Where's my last present? Your present?"

"Go... Over to my desk, top right draw..." He panted; once Deidara was off of his back he turned over to a limping blonde. Well, it wasn't really a limp it was him swaying from side to side as though he was drunk. He opened the draw and took out a gift wrapped in blue paper, as blue as his eyes.

He opened it. Inside was a necklace. Not any old necklace it was heart shaped and Deidara had always wanted the little necklace, but his Danna had always told him his mother had told him to give it to his first love.

"Happy birthday Dei," he smiled as a loud bell chimed out indicating the end of that day.

"Thank you Danna!" The blonde cheered and jumped on the red head giving in a sweet kiss on the lips.

"You're welcome..." The red head muttered. "I'm not sure about you, but I'm tired..."

"Yeah, me too Sasori, but Danna..." The blonde looked up pleadingly.

"Yeah?" He questioned.

"Promise to get me something more educational next year?" He asked.

The red head smirked and kissed the blonde's cheek. "Why wait for next year how about Christmas?"

"Kakuzu! I'm just fucking asking to borrow the whip!" Hidan yelled.

"Hidan just leave him alone, I'm sure he's had enough turmoil for one day!" The brunette yelled back.

"It's not like he fucking used it; it's your fucking fault for fucking throwing my fucking whip away!" Hidan swore back and walked into Sasori's and Deidara's room without knocking. "Hey can I...?" He walked out without saying another word and a nose bleed.

"What's the matter...?" Kakuzu questioned and peered into the room.

There on Sasori's bed the red head laid. But, not alone, one hand tired up to the bed post his other arm wrapped around a certain blonde. The blonde curled up like a cat around the other's waist and his head resting of the red head's neck, both asleep. Around them were all of Deidara's toys from that day and the bed sheets, which just covered them, were all covered in cum.

Kakuzu smiled; closed the door. Walking away. Well, it looked like the blonde kept his promise he had done a very good job using their presents; Sasori had done an even better job at showing the blonde how they were used...

And that my friends is the end! (Cries) The yaoi feast is over! All over! (Punched self) this is no time for crying! Well, thank you readers, people who alerted and favorite this and I would like to especially thank all of you who reviewed, and future reviewers! (Bows) You are all amazing, and I'm glad if this story entertained you! please review, so in future I know if there's anything that could be improved and just general thoughts on the story! Ok, well anyway thank you for reading! BYE BYE!!!!!!!! ^^