Learning To Love and Learning From Love

A/N: Hey everybody! Although this was originally written nearly a year ago, I'm revising the original version. I felt that the chapters 1-4 of this fic were more terribly written than my writing usually is, considering that this was written when I was still new to writing. But even so, I'm still a huge novice. -_- The chapter will [hopefully] be better and longer than before. For people new to this fic... just be warned that this fic is extremely AU, which means alternate universe... but at the same time, you'll find that this fic [kinda] follows the CCS storyline. Syaoran and Meiling are siblings as Touya and Sakura are orphans escaping from the unbearable tortures of the orphanage. Syaoran is engaged to an original character of mine and... the rest is to be discovered. O_o Everyone is 11 and Touya is 18. Rated PG for some foul language and dramatic complications later on. Hope people take time to read the revision. -_- So Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The Strange Meeting

"..." = Dialogue

'...' = Thoughts

~*~ = Scene/time change

[...] = Italicized words

"O Key that holds the Power of the Moon! Show your true form before me. I, Syaoran command under convert. Release!" A boy with closed eyes held a key floating in the air between his two parted hands. Wind came forth and surrounded him and a mystical circle with a moon and various other patterns appeared under him. His appearance and aura that surrounded him gave one a certain sensation. A sensation that felt like this boy was particularly using [magic].

The small key extended into a long staff and the boy grabbed it, finally opening his eyes. The first thing one would see was the way his amber eyes reflected fierceness, concentration, coldness. But if one studied harder, they would see that was not true. The boy then pulled out a card from nowhere. A card with a rather mystic and strange appearance. He proceeded to throw the card into the air, making it spin around fairly rapidly. He then lifted his staff, striking the card.

"Reveal your true form and put to use your sole purpose! Twin!" he shouted as streams of light flew out of the card and headed towards a certain area of the room he was in. It seemed to be a big room with equipment used for the art of fighting. Not just any type of fighting. Martial Arts. The streams of flowing light materialized into two small figures - twin figures. As soon as the completely materialized, they both got into fierce fighting stances.

The boy got into a fighting stance as well, the staff magically vanishing into thin air. Beside him, a girl with long, raven black hair pulled back into a single braid and piercing, but lovely cerulean eyes made fighting pose beside him as well. "Come on Syaoran." she urged and both of them lunged forward as the Twin across from them did the same. The two pairs engaged in a battle of Martial Arts skill, the battle raging on for a few minutes.

Finally, the human pair turned out victor as they gave one, final kick to the Twin, knocking both down. The battle had been fairly easy, not to mention that both pairs had to move simultaneously without making one signal to their partner. This would have been nearly an impossible task for a normal person, but for people like Li Syaoran and Iowa Fang-Fei, years of training and studying moves, things like this would be a rather simple task.

As the Twin returned to its retired form, Fang-Fei turned to Syaoran and did something that would surprise most normal people. She jumped onto Syaoran, knocking him to the floor immediately. "Fang-Fei... you're... choking..." Syaoran gasped from underneath her. She was to be his wife when he grew up, but he sometimes just couldn't stand her. Not that she was a bad person... she was just... too attached to him... possessive... she was just... Fang-Fei.

"Fang-Fei, isn't it time for you to go home?" Syaoran asked when she had broken their tight embrace - well at least on her part - and had gotten up from the floor. She nodded sadly, but gave Syaoran another tight hug as he got up. "I'll just see you tomorrow then, Syaoran!" she told him excitedly then walked to the front door of his house.

After she had left, Syaoran gave an enormous heave. He had been engaged to his cousin, Iowa Fang-Fei. He didn't hate her, of course he didn't, he loved her just like he would a close sister like Li Meiling. But... he didn't love her like she loved him. But then again, who did he love like the way she loved him? He sighed. Sometimes he wondered how it would feel to be in love... and maybe even wished a [tiny] bit to experience that... he shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking of that. He should be thinking of being the Clow Master. Of becoming the future leader of the Li Clan. Other things just had to come before love...

"Poor Syaoran..." sighed Meiling as she watched him standing, apparently in deep thought, after Fang-Fei had left. Meiling with her long, raven hair put into odangos and fierce red-ruby eyes, she was a warrior alongside her brother. She put her hand on the cool glass door she was watching through, peering in at Syaoran. Meiling knew that Syaoran wasn't satisfied with his engagement with Fang-Fei. But he did care for tremendously, considering she [was] their cousin. Although Meiling was her cousin as well, she didn't get along with Fang-Fei well at all. But that came as no surprise for anyone. Both of them had similar personalities with their characteristic fiery temper and fierce exterior.

Many people looked down upon them for their adamant wills and constant foolish impulses, but all the while other people looked up to them for their feisty personalities and the sensitivity that was locked within in them and released when the time came to show it. Meiling tended to be the warm-hearted of the two, however. She had many friends who loved her just as much. Fang-Fei didn't have any friends but Syaoran. Maybe she was just too occupied with keeping Syaoran under her gaze and hers only. Or maybe she just wasn't the kind of person to reach out for friends. Whatever it was, she had only eyes for Syaoran and she was happy that way.

Meiling knew from the very beginning when Fang-Fei and Syaoran had gotten engaged at age nine that Syaoran hadn't loved her like a fiancé should. The way Fang-Fei loved him. And, being the hopeless romantic she was along with Tomoyo, she had always went against that. Marriage should ascend from one's heart. Not be forced. She had always, and will always, thought that Syaoran should choose with his own heart. He hadn't met his fate just yet... but when he did, she should be the one to keep his heart from the day he sees her and forever more. However, fate was sometimes cruel. Maybe his fate was set to stay by Fang-Fei's side since the day they both say "I do"...

The sound of the door suddenly sliding open next to her startled Meiling, causing her to look up on instant reflex. There stood her elegant mother in traditional Chinese robes and her chin held high as a signal of importance. Meiling gave a small bow of respect to Yelan before she opened her mouth to inquire of the latter which was plaguing her mind. She just hoped that Yelan would approve of this inquiry, one that shouldn't have been explicable to the traditional Li warrior - even if she [was] a female.

Meiling looked up tentatively as the first syllable came out of her mouth. A soft smile adorned her mother's strict yet gentle face. "Mother... do you think Syaoran is... happy with his... engagement with Fang-Fei?" Meiling inquired quietly but as respectfully as possible, pausing at some places to search for the precise words. Yelan gave Meiling a slightly surprised look which dissolved as quickly as it came.

"Why do you ask, Meiling? I'm sure Syaoran is satisfied with his engagement. If he doesn't, he conceals it well." Meiling wanted to so badly to inform her that Syaoran was an expert at concealing his true feelings, but decided to keep her mouth shut and continued to listen. "Fang-Fei is your cousin and she is a loyal girl, a bit short-tempered, but has the capability to love Syaoran. Plus she has magical powers, which are developing to grow stronger, at that, and I know Syaoran can learn to love her."

Meiling wasn't so sure about that last part but didn't argue. She gave Yelan another tentative smile and bowed once again. "I was just wondering-" Meiling began but was cut off. "I know you care about your brother very much. You were just worrying about him." Yelan stated, smiling at Meiling in a proud sense. Meiling smiled and nodded, relieved that her mother had understood. "I'll be making my way to Tomoyo's house." Meiling informed Yelan, waiting patiently for her answer. Yelan nodded, approving of the request.

As Meiling made her way towards Tomoyo's house in the form of quick sprints, Yelan stared back at her, curiosity and wonder filling her eyes.


As Meiling made her way through the streets, several sakura petals came down on her. She caught one in her hand and stared at it. It was a pale and pretty pink, frail, fragile, and bright. She let the wind sweep it away along with the other petals that had helplessly fallen. Her neighbor was one of the few neighborhoods with these pretty pink blossom trees. In the spring, it was always a beautiful sight, the trees clustered with them. Syaoran always seemed enchanted by this.

But now it was the very beginning of autumn and the leaves were already starting to fall in various colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Her mind was then focused on her brother's dilemma. Fang-Fei was her cousin all right, but Meiling had never gotten along with her. They were always yelling at each other and getting into cat fights. And Meiling's brother was engaged with her. Fang-Fei was never really friendly to anyone except Syaoran. Meiling sighed. She didn't have [any] friends except Syaoran.

As she approached Tomoyo's neighborhood, which were one of the richest in all of Hong Kong, Meiling decided that she'd explain all this to Tomoyo. But she doubted that Tomoyo didn't already know. Tomoyo was closer to Syaoran as Meiling was and knew practically everything about him. She could tell how he was feeling, like Meiling did, and she was loyal to him just as much as Meiling was.

Tomoyo and Syaoran had been best friends for four, full years and Meiling never remembered a day where they got into a small argument, let alone a fight. They were a great pair and there wasn't a soul in school where they didn't know that the fierce, aloof, and hard-working Li Syaoran and the rich, talented, and pure-hearted Daidouji Tomoyo were best friends. Both were from adequately famous families, and it didn't take a genius to figure out that they would be very sought-after in their late years. Meiling smiled. They made a great pair of friends... but not a couple. Meiling wouldn't know [what] to do if they were a couple. Her train of thought was interrupted as she realized that she was right in front of the Daidouji mansion.


"Ah, Meiling, hello. Is something wrong?" Tomoyo asked, ushering Meiling into her elegant room. Meiling shook her head. "Just wanted to come over, Tomoyo. Sorry, should I go home if you were busy or something?" Meiling asked, looking slightly guilty. "No, of course of not, Meiling! Let's just have some tea." Tomoyo apologized, then, coincidentally and seemingly magically, at that moment, a maid walked in, holding a tray full of things for tea. Tomoyo, complete with long, violet hair and beautiful amethyst eyes, smiled in gratitude at the maid.

As soon as the tray was set down, Meiling grabbed the teapot handle, as she was used to this, and poured the tea for the both of them and handed one of the cups to Tomoyo. "Thank you." Tomoyo said to Meiling who just nodded. Meiling grabbed a pastry and took a bite, the sweet tooth of hers acting up."So, Meiling... is there a reason why you came?" Tomoyo asked tentatively, hoping to get a response.

Meiling took a long drink from her teacup then set it down. She nodded slowly, then turned her head to look at Tomoyo. "It's about Syaoran." she informed Tomoyo, who got a worried glaze on her eyes. "And Fang-Fei." Meiling finished disdainfully as if a bitter taste was caught in her throat. Tomoyo set down her teacup and gazed sadly and almost longingly at the folds of her violet dress. They stayed like that, Tomoyo subconsciously playing around with the soft, silky material of her dress, and Meiling taking quiet sips of now lukewarm tea.

"Syaoran's not happy." The suspecting statement came out from Tomoyo with a hint of unhappiness. Meiling waved the oncoming thought. Tomoyo just cared a lot about Syaoran. "Yeah." Meiling responded quietly, twirling her lengthy ponytail that flowed from her odango around her hand. Tomoyo kept her gaze on her lap, her amethyst eyes drawing an expression that was one of sadness.

The atmosphere of the room was an uncomfortable one. Meiling was usually cheerful and energetic with quite a temper, but this was just a bit uncharacteristic of her. But no one was really comfortable in the subject of her brother being unhappy. She wanted to break the tense and heavy mood. She then got an idea. "Hey, Tomoyo. Why don't we walk to my house and get Syaoran so we can all go for a walk to cheer him up?" Meiling suggested with a smile, looking at Tomoyo expectantly who slowly and genuinely smiled back.

"Sure." Tomoyo answered, getting up from the spot where she was sitting at, and waiting patiently for Meiling to drink up the last remaining few drops of the tea in her cup. Meiling stood up and smiled and Tomoyo who just smiled back, thoughts of unhappiness flitting away. Syaoran had that effect on her. Meiling took a hold of Tomoyo's hand who squeezed Meiling's in response and the two set off for the Li mansion.


Syaoran closed his eyes and sighed heavily. Training was hard work and drained a lot of energy from Syaoran. But it was a part of his daily life, and daily life was always the same for him. Get up early, go to school, train, eat, and all the necessary. It was all neat, orderly, proper, and scheduled. But sometimes... it would get a bit dull. Meiling didn't necessarily have it like he did. She was an opportunist, making many friends and having an enthusiasm about life in general. To face the pessimistical side, Syaoran's life was as exciting as watching an egg boil.

Many people had thought that it would be a wonderful life to live as a member of the Li clan: fighting, training, magic, strength, and all of what a Li warrior's life was all about. But once it's a routine, a schedule, a life, the practical air you breathe, it was as normal to them as eating, sleeping, and going to school was for a normal child of age eleven. And Syaoran knew only of this life and not any other. He had built a stone wall around himself to keep most other people out. And it would take a miracle to break down the wall.

Syaoran remembered how it had always been at school; the bright, disciplined, and strong Li Syaoran, cold, fierce, and serious. His only friends were Daidouji Tomoyo and partly Yamazaki Takashi, along with his sister Li Meiling who was quite the opposite of him, like the Yin and Yang. He always stood out, being [different] from the others. A lot of the other boys were either scared of him or were tremendously jealous of him as he was the target of most of the young, immature crushes of the giggling girls. But nonetheless, he was considered [different.]

His back tensed on reflex as his doorbell rang. The first thing that crossed his mind was the possibility that it was Fang-Fei. He wasn't prepared for [another] time set of a hyperactive girl's love-struck antics. He didn't budge from that spot. His older sister by seven years, Feimei would go and open it if they rang long enough. Sure enough, the quite-irritated voice of his older sister yelled something along the lines of "Alright, alright, hold your horses." He wasn't so sure as to they were quite incoherent.

"Syaoran! It's Tomoyo and Meiling! It's [your] friends and you expect [me] to open the door?" Feimei shouted directly to Syaoran who got up at once. He had expected to be Fang-Fei, but he was obviously wrong. He made his way to the front door where Meiling stood pouting, Feimei stood, a triumphant smirk straight across her face, and Tomoyo stood patiently smiling. The moment he entered the room, Tomoyo's eyes lit up like a star in the night sky.

"Hello Syaoran." she greeted him calmly but happily, smiling at him gently and lovingly. "Hi Tomoyo." he greeted back. He wasn't smiling, but anyone with eyes could tell he wasn't unhappy to see them. "Hey Syaoran." Meiling said to her brother moodily, glaring up at Feimei. Syaoran acknowledged it with a nod and looked up at his older sister who was a couple heads taller than them. "Okay, now I'll leave."she gave in, receiving Syaoran's signal and gave Meiling one final smirk before making her way back up the stairs.

Meiling stared after her, sticking her tongue out in the process. "She's so mean!" Meiling whined, indicating to Feimei. Syaoran rolled his eyes while Tomoyo giggled. "What was it about [this] time?" he queried in annoyance, glancing at Meiling. She pouted and crossed her arms in a childish manner. "She called me an impatient, short-tempered, and spoiled [brat]! For no reason!" Meiling reasoned defiantly, throwing her hands up in exasperation. Syaoran sighed heavily and touched his forehead with his hand. "Doesn't she always?" he inquired, making a point. "Yeah, but she had no reason to!" Meiling defended once again. Tomoyo giggled again.

"Anyways Syaoran, we came to see if you'd be able to go on a walk with us. Would you like to?" Tomoyo offered with a smile. And Syaoran followed as well. A small smile formed on his lips, curving them slightly. "That would be good." he responded quite cheerfully. He had no idea how happy that made Tomoyo. "Syaoran, you really [should] smile more often." Meiling teased, pinching his cheeks. Syaoran withdrew his face, slapping Meiling's hand away playfully.

The three set out the door into the crisp and cool foretelling autumn wind. Cherry blossoms and leaves twirled and danced in the relaxing wind, one stopping to rest atop Syaoran's head. He brushed his head and watched the sakura fall to the ground then be taken away to an unknown destination by the wind. He couldn't deny that he felt relaxed, relieved, and happy at that moment. Some moments like these were the breaks he got from his life, the air he breathed. Just walking alongside Tomoyo and Meiling complemented his day. But...

He foreboded an arrival of something, or [someone] else that would break his cycle, his routine, his life. He just didn't know what. It was a feeling that aroused at the bottom of his heart. But he knew it was in there somewhere, trying to tell him something... just what?


"Big Brother?" A pair of feet slowed to a stop. "Yes?" a male voice answered with a tint of annoyance. "Can we rest? I'm tired." a female voice of a child asked with pleading. The older male sighed. "Sakura, we've already rested four times already." he reasoned with her, obviously tired of all this. "Please?" his younger sister begged. He sighed heavily and let himself drop onto the curb. "Thank you!" the girl sighed with relief, dropping next to her brother, relieved to rest.

The brother, Kinomoto Touya, with black hair was about two times the height of his little sister and seemed to be around age 18. His coffee eyes had a serious look to it and his mouth seemed to always be in that downward curve it was at right now. The younger sister, Kinomoto Sakura was cute little thing with short, auburn hair pulled back into two pigtails to the side and enchanting emerald eyes which also held a shining innocence and happiness.

The two stayed silent for couple minutes, Sakura taking advantage to rest up while her brother was lost in deep thought. "Big Brother, why did we have to leave the orphanage again?" Sakura asked wonderingly. Touya paused for a second before proceeding. "... The orphanage didn't have much quality... and basically, Sakura, they treated us like shit." he explained to her hesitantly, spitting out the last part bitterly.

Sakura gave him a disapproving look. "Big Brother, you shouldn't curse like that." she scolded reproachfully, earning a scoff and a smirk from Touya. She huffed. "Big Brother, you're so mean." she grumbled quietly, resting her chin on her knee. Touya chuckled and ruffled Sakura's hair who gave a small "hey!". "What would I do without you, my little monster?" he asked adoringly, receiving another huff from Sakura. "I'm [not] a monster!" she complained, giving her brother a shove who just laughed back. "Yeah, whatever, Monster." Sakura huffed once again. "Big Brother, you're mean." she repeated before earning another ruffle of hair.


An electric shock zapped through Syaoran and Meiling at the same time, causing both to abruptly stopped, looking here and there as if searching for something. Tomoyo stopped as well and gave them a worried look. "Is something wrong?" she inquired, looking around as well. "No... but we feel two magical auras around here somewhere." Syaoran informed her, his eyes narrow and his pupils moving from side to side, looking for any signs of suspicious people.

"Syaoran, I think it's that way!" Meiling told him as she started running towards the direction she was pointing at. "Aa, Meiling, wait!" Syaoran shouted desperately, grabbing a hold of Tomoyo's hand and running as well. Tomoyo didn't mind that she was being forced to run as humanly quick as possible. All she felt was Syaoran's hand grasping hers as she followed him, running at full speed. She could just dream that they were running to a solitary place all by themselves, Syaoran leading the way, smiling adoringly at her who smiled back as well. A person could dream, couldn't they?

Unfortunately, her magical daydream ended as Syaoran briskly stopped and released his hold on her hand. Meiling had stopped and they were standing in front of two people who looked to be a girl their age and her older brother. The two groups just stared at each other, questions arousing. Touya finally decided to start the questionnaire. "May we help you?" he asked hesitantly and cautiously, slowly inching his arm to block Sakura from any possible harm.

Syaoran and Meiling felt stupid standing there, but anyhow, they didn't know what to say. "Ah... uh... do you have a magical aura?" Meiling queried hurriedly, racking her brain to find one. Tomoyo sweatdropped while Syaoran slapped his forehead. Meiling gave an apologizing look as Syaoran sighed. Touya narrowed his eyes in suspicion. What did these kids think they were messing with? Were they being serious? Touya had to find out, but he always had to be careful as well.

"Ok, what are you kids up to?" Touya reproached, crossing his arms and looking down on them. "We're just asking you, do you have magical powers because me and him have them too, and magic's powerfully radiating from you." Meiling explained, seeming insulted whenever Touya had asked what these "kids" were up to. Syaoran gave a glare towards Meiling. She couldn't keep her mouth shut, could she? However, Touya and Sakura just stared at them wide-eyed in wonder.

None of them knew what to say, as Meiling had took them all by surprise. "You wouldn't happen to be part of the Li Clan, would you?" Touya finally broke the silence as he received two nods. He nodded in understanding, letting his guard down just by a tiny amount. "So... you've got magic?" Meiling suggested a subject, impatient of the silence that reverberated in the air. Touya slowly and tentatively nodded. "Yeah..." he trailed off, not knowing what to say next. All of a sudden, Touya grabbed his sister and ran, an idea off from the top of his head.

"Hey!" Meiling yipped as she watched the two suspicious people running - well at least one was running and the other was being dragged. Syaoran's eyes narrowed and he pulled out his magical key that he had at a previous time. "O Key that holds the Power of the Moon! Show your true form before me. I, Syaoran command under convert. Release!" Syaoran chanted in an almost incoherently low voice. The key once again expanded into a staff and Syaoran took a grab of it. He pulled out a card and threw it up into the air. "Endow your powers onto this staff and create a distance warp. LOOP!" he yelled powerfully as he stroke the card and what seemed to be a glowing red ribbon flew out into the air.

Whilst all this was happening, Tomoyo was staring at Syaoran admirably, a video camera in hand and taping every little breath he took. To people that really didn't know Tomoyo well at all, this would seem out of the ordinary. But Tomoyo had always said that if you were to be someone's "number 1 fan" you would have to want to imprint everything they had done in someway. She chose videotaping as she was good at it and she enjoyed it. She always loved to play back these tapes and watch Syaoran go through his exploits of Clow Cards and the transformation of the Clow Cards with the help of... Tomoyo didn't want to say. Those kinds of memories are poison to the mind of memory lane and should be extinguished. But they [were] caught on tape... unfortunately.

Suddenly, Tomoyo's train of thought was broken at the sound of Syaoran and Meiling's pounding footsteps as they ran towards the two strangers. Tomoyo quickly followed as well, the lens of the camera still against her eye. "We want you to explain everything. [Now]." Syaoran demanded, glaring at Touya who glared back. "Now why should a [brat] like you [assume] that we're hiding something?" Touya asked, immediately lighting a fire in Tomoyo's heart. How dare he call [her] Syaoran a [brat]!

"Well, you [did] start running away." Meiling observed as she stroked her chin, grinning up at him who just glared back. A smirk replaced Syaoran's characteristic scowl. Tomoyo giggled at the amusing scene. Meiling always had smart little remarks ready. "We're not going to do anything to you. We just want to know what you're hiding." Meiling explained to Touya, a bit more slowly than he had wanted her to. He shot her another glare. This [brat] was just as annoying as her brother.

Now whilst all this was happening, Sakura didn't have a say in anything. She was actually terrified. She stood there, wide-eyed, watching the two stranger children about her age and her brother arguing about whether they had any magical lineage or not. Why couldn't her and her brother just get some peace which they desperately needed. But Sakura found an attraction towards the trio. They probably didn't have anything to do with her life, but she felt as if she was in close relation to each of them. Especially the boy with burning amber eyes that her brother had called a brat...

Should he tell? Touya had no clue as to if he should tell them or not. If they were part of the Li clan, they were to trust and wouldn't do anything bad to them. But if they were characters that shouldn't be trusted, Touya would be hanging the fate of him and Sakura on a string. But somehow, he felt a pull towards them as if he had a relation with them, similar to what Sakura was unknowingly going through as well. In one sudden decision, Touya decided to confide in them.

"My sister and I are orphans for about seven years. Our parents, Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto, were powerful magicians and we lived a happy life. But when my sister was four years of age and I was just eleven myself, our parents got into a terrible accident when experimenting with magic and the accident was also fatal. That's when we were sent to an orphanage. We lived in that same orphanage for the full seven years and it was a living hell. Finally, we decided to escape. And here we are." Touya finished, surprising himself and Sakura. Immediately, he felt regret.

"Oh... I see." Meiling commented, showing that she wasn't expecting something like this at all. Everyone stayed quiet for a while. Where to go from there? Then Tomoyo cleared her throat. "I could take one of you into my house, for a while at least." she offered courteously, smiling softly at the two. Sakura and Touya exchanged glances. "And the other--" Touya asked but was cut off by Meiling. "Can stay with us." she said as well, her voice loud and proud. She received a glare from Syaoran.

"You can't just go around offering our house to people." he whispered to her fiercely. "Come on Syaoran, it's just [one] person." Meiling reasoned, looking at Syaoran pleadingly. He sighed heavily and glanced the other way. "Do what you like." he gave in moodily, earning a grateful smile from Meiling. "So, what do you say?" she directed the questioning to Touya who didn't know what to say.

He received pleading looks from Sakura and Meiling. Were these people good enough to trust? Would whoever took Sakura in take a good care of her? A million questions raced through his head, each one more complex than the previous one. But then again, they had no place to stay for now until Touya would get a job and they could settle down. He ignored any distractions and concentrated his thoughts on the matter at hand. But what to choose?

~End of Chapter

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