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Seeing Double


Hannah could hear the weapons fire from the ships outside their Raptor. She wanted to hide under the desk, but a sudden shriek from her mother caused her to pull away from the window and look over at the pilot's area. "Mom, what's wrong?"

The older woman had moved from the passenger seat to the pilot's seat, staring down at the dead man on the floor. "Hannah, I need you to take the other seat. I know that you and Kara have been sneaking around for flying lessons. At the moment, you're not in trouble. Do you remember any of it?"

Hannah nodded. "Of course, mom."

"Then will you take the other controls? An electrical surge killed our pilot and I can't fly this thing by myself," her mother relayed.

As the girl sat down and buckled her seatbelt, a blast from one of the Cylon raiders outside shook the Raptor. She looked over her shoulder, her gaze following the baby's wails. "Mom, Charlotte's crying again."

The older woman chewed her lip pensively. "I know, but right now it's more important that we can fly to a safe place."

Both taking the controls, Hannah prayed that they could escape. Her hands shook at every sound. "I wish dad was here."

Her mother sighed heavily, maneuvering the Raptor out of the action. "I know, sweetheart, me too. But we will get through this, and we'll see him again. Remember what I've told you…"

"'Never give up hope.' I know mom, but we're-"

"Just keep your eyes on the DRADIS screen, please," her mother instructed.

Hannah sighed, watching the dots on the screen, knowing that her mother was only being curt because survival was the highest priority at that moment. Red dots chasing blue and green dots. She trained her gaze at the blue dot of their Raptor. Then slowly five of the red dots began moving closer to their blue dot.

"Mom, they're following us!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Hang on. I need you to watch the percentage for the shield," the older woman said, looking back at the DRADIS.

"That's the blue thermometer thing, right?"


The Raptor shook as it took two more hits to the hull. "It's going down!"

Her mother pushed a few buttons toward the middle of the main console. "I've got rear phasers online. I'm going to try and see if I can get them to back off."

Hannah watched which buttons her mother pushed. Another cry from Charlotte caused the older woman to turn around though as the ship was struck again. The force of the blow launched her into one of the bulkheads.

"Mom!" Hannah cried, jumping up.

She had enough time to see that her mother was alive before running over to the pilot's seat. As Hannah looked out of the front window, she did not need the DRADIS to tell her that she was surrounded. She returned fire, the Raptor's new phasers mixing with the Cylon's fire, and the weaponry of their new allies, who were attempting to attract the Cylons' attentions. However, the mix of weapon fire began reacting with elements in the asteroid field that the Raptor had flown into, forming a bluish cloudlike mass.

On a hunch, Hannah flew the Raptor into the mass. But as she cleared it, the Cylons were nowhere to be found.