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The fire ring in the center of the small village of Odiaba burned undauntingly in the starry autumn night, surrounding the eight chosen children whose lives were dedicated to the protection of the hopes and dreams of those surrounding them.  The eight joined hands in a circle with in the ring their opaque wings glistening in the firelight as a long forgotten language passed through their lips calling upon their ancient powers.  The ancient powers they called upon were the ancient powers tied to their virtues.

By day they looked like any of the other inhabitants of the small village but by night was another story.  As the sun would dip below the mountain and the stars come out a brilliant light would surround the chosen taking them into the air, transforming them into the guardians known across the land.  The opaque wings would appear from their backs painlessly and glittering symbols emblazed themselves upon their foreheads, turning them into fairies.  Their pointed ears would peak through their hair if the wind blew just right and clothes of silk wove their way around their bodies.  The girls were clad in simple dresses matching their wings the fabric glittering even in the darkest of darks.  The boys too bore black pants and silken shirts again in the colors of their crests making both beautiful in any light.  Disproving they common belief that the magical people were just a myth. 

The fires began to glow brighter lighting up the night even more as Taichi, the Master of courage, flapped his orange wings quickly lifting him into the air the glittering sun like symbol on his forehead burning like the power that surrounded them.  Taichi was the leader, the Master of courage and guardian of fighters, his job too fly across the land every night and give courage to those who needed it. 

Yamato took to the air moments later his blue wings fluttering like a humming birds in flight.  The Master of friendship had blonde hair and blue eyes that already had the village girls swooning at his feet and those he visited at night dreaming of his return one day.  He guarded trust, relationships, and blessed diplomats with good judgment all in order to bring peace to the land.

The Master of Love was next in the air her auburn hair flowing in the slight wind.  Sora was the guardian of love; acting much like Cupid in her duties of bringing destined couples together.  Though many of Sora's duties often had her working side by side with Matt her heart was already tied to Tai…mind, body, and soul.  A pair of light green wings were next into the air, light brown wisps of hair forced out of the way when the wings moved.  Mimi was the Master of Sincerity protecting the innocent against those who would deceive them, allowing the intended victim to see the deceiver in their true light.

Like Sora Mimi was too tied to one of the digidestined, hers the Master of Knowledge.  Izzy was born with and undying sense to learn and that thirst made him the perfect choice for the virtue he guarded.  The young red head with the vibrant purple wings watched over scholars and teachers, leading scientists to new discoveries and the scholars to new teaching methods.

Like Izzy the Master of Reliability, Joe, had a brilliant mind but he chose not to show it as often as Izzy did.  Joe had a gift when it came to the art of healing and he used that gift to help the healers and others in the medical field.  Due to his rock like loyalty those he blessed took on the trait, making Joe's blessing one of the most coveted during times of war.

The last to take to the air were the youngest and most powerful members of the chosen clan, Takeru the Master of Hope and Hikari the Master of Light.  The two worked hand in hand in protecting the hopes and dreams of the innocent, bringing light to those who needed it in their lives.  It only took a mere glance at the pair to see that they belonged with each other, one unable to function without the other.

Now that all the guardians were in the air their chants grew louder and louder the blessings for a safe and productive winter rising to the heavens and touching the earth spirits all at the same time.  The eager townspeople watched in awe knowing the ritual nearly word for word themselves, yet still getting goose bumps as the mystics raised their hands to the sky their powers shooting from their fingertips like arrows cutting through the night sky off to blanket the world with its blessing.  Cheers erupted from those gathered and they rushed forward like a human wall to catch the now unconscious beings.

The Masters were taken to their huts mixed with the other villagers in order to protect them from the many evils that sought them out.  Genni, the town elder, led the little line through the dirt streets watching much like a father would as they were tucked into their beds the peasants careful not to hurt the tender wings still on their backs.  He thanked each of them with a silent prayer before he walked back into the crisp night air.

Miles away from the peaceful village four warlords huddled over a map glaring at the locations adorning it.  Moytamia, Inoue, Hida, and Ichijochi were the four most feared names in all the world on their own and had refused to ever ally with each other…that is until they got wind of the eight mystical beings that were hidden somewhere in these lands.  The quartet ruled their conquered kingdoms with an iron fist, training their men to be killing machines, and each one had bore and heir to carry on his line.

"They have to be here," Hida hissed plunging his dagger into the sturdy oak of the table in frustration; they had been looking since the previous winter and the failure was beginning to ware on the group.  Ichijochi shot him a deadly look with his violet eyes piercing into his soul "Don't you think we know that, those we have tortured have confessed to being blessed by the fairies when they needed it most; we just need to flush them out".

This time Inoue spoke "They come by night making them harder to hunt".  A soft yet cruel female voice entered the conversation startling the warlords "Let me do it Daddy" Yolei said getting up from the cushioned pile she was getting her manicure on pushing the cowering slave away as she rose.  At first look the warlordess Yolei wouldn't be considered a threat, her thin frame, glasses, and long hair made her look unassuming and weak.  But anyone who dared attack her learned differently with in seconds of their misjudgement.  So knowing she had the full attention of the men she continued to speak "These mystics you are after fly through the night helping people; blessing them…I don't know about you but I sure could use one right about now".

Inoue beamed proudly at his daughter casting his shaky alliance a smug look "That's my girl.  Well just have our children send prayers out before they sleep and when they come we'll be ready".  As much as the other men hated to admit it, it was a good idea "What do they pray for?" Moytamia spat wanting to see the girl falter at least once.

Yolei had apparently thought everything out and didn't miss a beat "That depends on what each of us wants, I do plan on getting my blessing before I snatch the little thing up" she said smugness creeping into her voice "Perhaps yours son should pray for a brain and your daughter some hapless soul to marry her, heaven knows it won't happen any other way".  Moytamia snarled throwing the table over, drawing his sword and heading strait for the girl fully intent on ripping her heart out for the comment and defend his family's honor…he didn't get far.

An arrow not bigger than a small twig soared silently through the night air hitting the deadly blade dead center forcing it out of the warlord's hands.  The warlord looked up in a wild fury ready to unleash his fury on the girl's father only to see Ken Ichijochi lowering his crossbow taking Yolei into his arms and a passionate kiss.  "And that's my boy" Ichijochi said picking the tattered map up re-rolling it as he did "now how about we call it a night early I want the kids too have as much time as possible to lure them in".  The other warlords grunted their agreements and left the tent to fill their children in leaving Ken and Yolei alone still lost in each other's embrace.

His hands were running through her lavender hair enjoying the feel of every silky strand between his fingers.  Her head turned slightly in order to deepen the kiss and she pushed her body closer to his, her finger playing with the ties to his shirt.  Ken's eyes opened in pleasant surprise at her aggressiveness but enjoyed it nonetheless as her hand massaged his tired muscles of his chest.  It was when they began to move toward his back hidden beneath his cloak that he was forced to pull away gasping for air. 

Hurt shimmered in her eyes as she looked at him questioningly her lips still tingling for more.  Ken saw this and moved forward taking her hands in his kissing them tenderly "He didn't hurt you did he?" he questioned making a quick cover.  The hurt drained from her face and a wicked smile adorned it "If he had you would be holding his own heart in your hands right now" she said snuggling into his chest inhaling his scent as she did "thanks by the way".

"He's lucky he wasn't a step closer or else…" Ken loved Yolei more than life itself and if Moytamia had drawn even a drop of her blood Moytamia would have lost every drop in his.  She smiled running her hands along his chest once more "Just a little longer and then they'll all be out of the way".  He smiled down at her pulling her close once again "Just a little longer" he murmured into her ear before pulling her into another embrace.

Despite the fact that the young mystics had spent much of their energy in the winter ceremony they still rejoined the village in the normal daily activities.  Taichi was the first to rise greeting the sun as if holding an elemental bond with its fire as it crested over the hills every morning.  The unofficial leader of the small band looked around their home with a small smile falling across his face as they fell upon his closest friends, those he deemed as family.  And it was only after the seasonal ceremonies they would wake up in the same hut, other nights there were kept apart for safety reasons.

"You did a good job last night" a quiet voice said tenderly from the door as not to disturb the still waking fairy. 

Tai smiled at the guardian and mentor rubbing his back where his wings had been.  By day the chosen looked like every other person in the small village with the power of the stars and moon drawing the powers and their special features out of hiding each night.   "Thanks, we try".  The noise was finally rousing the other digidestined most of which groaning before rolling back over in their woolen sheets.  "Come on guys up and at em, we need to map out tonight's runs".  Matt finally sat up scowling at the Master of Courage with a look that would have melted ice given the chance.  Izzy was next his scowl not as threatening seeming as how the red heads eyes fell on Mimi who was asleep in the bed next to him.  It was always amusing to watch the look that fell across the scholars face for it hadn't changed since the first time he laid eyes on her all those years ago.

"One morning is all I ask" Joe grumbled putting on his glasses and pulling on his silver cotton shirt.  He also rubbed his head where the cross like symbol had been hours before chasing away its last traces to any prying eyes visiting the village.  Takeru too had pulled himself out of the arms of sleep and was currently kneeling by Kari whispering into her ear and removing stray hairs from her eyes.  Tai could see a small smile playing on his sister's lips but knew she wasn't about to open her eyes; Takeru was her favorite way to wake up and for good reason.  The Master of Hope would without fail whisper sweet nothings into her ears before capturing her lips with his, as if awakening a sleeping princess under a spell.  And as always Kari would respond with tender passion drawing her love into her arms and the blissful morning embrace neither noticing or caring that the others were present.

Tai wasn't mad, he was actually relieved to see the two so happy together knowing that no matter what happened they would have found a way to be together…one couldn't be without the other it was as simple as that.  Tai then turned his attention to the matter of his own sleeping love wrapped up in her sheets still in her dreams.  While Tai had favored TK's method of waking he found his own to be a little more humorous as he scooped the sleeping girl into his arms carrying out the door.  Sora's eyes shot open as the cold morning air hit her skin and a delighted and fearful scream escaped her throat.

"Don't even think about it," she warned trying to wriggle out of his arms seeing the lake that lay next to the town come into view.  Tai gave her a devious grin and picked up speed to reach the shore.  Sora increased her struggles giggling as she did even as his strong arms hoisted her above his head.  Without hesitation Tai threw her into the icy waters turning to run as he did.  He didn't make it far because after being thrown into lake on a daily basis Sora had become quite the swimmer and was up and out of the water before Tai had moved two feet. 

She stood dripping wet in front of him hunched over and ready to attack "I warned you" he said holding up his hands as if in his own defense "I told you to get up and you left me no other choice".  Sora crouched lower preparing to pounce "Really" she mused leaping forward tackling Tai into the icy water, returning the favor.  He came up for air a little shocked, this was the first time she'd actually gotten him into the water "Then were even" she smirked with a devious grin of her own wrapping her arms securely around his neck triggering his own arms to wrap around her.  Nature took over from there, their bond with each other bringing them together in a soft kiss ignighting a fire in both their souls "Even" Tai breathed taking her into his arms again and up the hill to join the others for breakfast.

By the time Tai and Sora rejoined the group the meal was almost gone and each one had a scroll in front of them their fingers tracing the names that lined them.  The scrolls would appear like magic each morning listing out those who had prayed for help the night before.  Sora took her seat reaching for her own scroll that appeared in a crimson puff of smoke sealed with her crest symbol.  Her amber eyes scanned the names seeing a few repeats from her last rounds "Some people just aren't satisfied" she signed chewing on a piece of bread.

"Not satisfied or clueless" Mimi said pointing too one of the names on the list "I have been to this girl four times already to show her that her suitor is using her, but does she get the idea?  No".  The brunette threw her hands up in frustration settling down when Izzy placed a comforting arms around her "Don't worry my love fifth times the charm" he said with a smile.  She looked at him lovingly before snuggling into his chest to finish her reading.  Seeing she was calm Izzy returned his dark eyes to his own list confusion filling his mind as he saw the final name on the page "Cody Hida" he said aloud.

Tai nearly chocked on his bacon when he heard the name tears filling his eyes as his air supply was momentarily shut off.  Swallowing hard he forced himself to speak "Did you say Hida?" many men had prayed to Tai the night before facing the warlords men…never to pray again.  The Master of Knowledge nodded with worry forming in the pit of his stomach, Hida was the name of one of the four warlords currently ravaging the lands surrounding their home "Perhaps is not the same one" he suggested hopefully even getting a skeptic look from TK.

"I don't like it" Matt said immediately looking at the last name on his list "I have a Jun Moytamia on my list".  Sora looked up with her own mild surprise "I've been too her before, the poor thing can't find a husband and prayed for weeks straight before giving up…even I couldn't help her.  Tonight I have a Yolei Inoue…" Matt's eyes darkened a little more and he turned his attention to his beloved little brother just across the table sensing something from the boy "Takeru?" he questioned.  The younger blonde knew he couldn't hide anything even if he wanted too "We have a Davis Moytamia" he conceded, "This is too much to be coincidence".

All nodded in agreement with Joe breaking the new silence "What about Ken Ichijochi?  Does anyone have him?"  Seven pairs of eyes returned to their scrolls each one coming up empty.  "That aside we can now safely say that this isn't an accident," Tai said firmly.  They all knew that they were hunted and the warlords were only four of dozens who had tried before, this was only the first time they seemed to come together.  "Now what do we do?" Kari asked quietly looking up meekly for the answer "We can't let these people down child of a warlord or not we can't condemn the children for the actions of their parents".

TK look her into his arms kissing her forehead comfortingly "We won't Kari we just need to know what we're getting into…I would never dream of leaving these prayers unanswered, we'll just all be a little extra careful tonight".  Once again nods of consent went around the table accompanied by solemn eyes.

Takeru sat in the large oak tree that was just at the outskirts of town watching as the sun began its downward path to the horizon.  The blue of the sky was fading into the red hughes with the crickets already chirping to welcome the night.  The young blonde liked to sit in the oak and wait for the transformation to come greeting the stars with his mystical form.  In his lap sat Kari absently rubbing his arms her flowery scent filling Takeru's nose with the heavenly aroma.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear before placing sparse kisses on her neck.  Kari sighed happily snuggling deeper into his arms and kisses "More than life itself" she replied.  The sun was dipping lower now and the oranges were peeking out now glowing in the darkening sky.  Takeru looked at the sky once more before moving around the sturdy branch so he was kneeling in front of Kari, his hands caressing her face tenderly "I have something for you" he said reaching into his pocket smiling at the look adorning her face.

Kari's eyes twinkled with curiosity and wonder like a child did at the pile of presents under the Christmas tree "What is it?" she asked eagerly when it was pulled from his pocket still hidden in his hands.  "Close your eyes," he said quietly trying desperately to hide the nervousness welling within his stomach.  She complied the smile still on her face allowing TK to open his hands and gaze upon the tiny necklace residing there.  At first look there was nothing special about it, the pendant hanging off of a gold chain glittering in the fading light.  Only upon closer inspection did one see how special the glittering pendant really was.  It was a clear white, in many ways looking like a diamond, tediously shaped to look like the flower symbol that adorned his loves head every night.  But it wasn't a diamond or any gem found on earth for that matter, it was a fallen star caught by a young Takeru in accordance to fairy lore to give to his intended bride when seeking her acceptance of his hand.

Now TK's own hands shook furiously as the put the chain around her neck adjusting the pendant so it would catch the last rays of sun.  Kari gasped when she felt the cold stone against her chest and almost opening her eyes.  Takeru couldn't wait any longer and scooted back a few inches taking a good look at her, memorizing every detail before he spoke again "Open them".

Again Kari complied her chocolate eyes fluttering open and her delicate fingers picking up the pendant gasping once more "TK's is beautiful, where did you find….
 she stopped the dawning of what the stone was hitting her causing tears to fill her eyes.  TK had her in his arms his eyes directly on hers "I saw it falling one night and couldn't let it fall so I caught it and just now put it back into the heavens".  Tears flowed freely now on both sides as the sun fell fully behind the horizon the first rays of moonlight fell upon their bodies triggering the dormant powers within.  But TK and Kari didn't notice all they saw or felt was each other.

TK wiped her tears away tenderly giving a startled shout when her hands grabbed his shirtfront and pulled him to her embrace.  Blue eyes were opened in shock as her lips seemed to taste sweeter than ever before, her hair silkier, and her skin softer as his lips and hands worked furiously to convey his love for the girl who had by their ancient laws become his fiancé'.  Kari too noticed the slight but nice changes in her love moving herself closer to him as the transformation began.

The wings were always the first to come in a shimmering light from their backs glowing and sparkling on their own as the light faded away.  The shimmering then appeared over their faces leaving the glittering crests and pointed ears in their wake moving to whirl around their bodies changing their clothes as the final step in the process leaving the two mystics in its place still wrapped in each others love.

Kari's hands moved to tenderly stroke TK's wings, preparing them for the nights flight while his lips left hers to move down her neck slowing and stopping when they got to the pendant placing a final tender kiss on it before taking her hands in his own his eyes returning to hers "Was that a yes?" he asked greedily taking in lung fulls of air a little surprised at the love that they had conveyed in a beautiful and passionate kiss.

Her relation to Tai chose to show through that moment in a characteristic Kaymia smirk followed by her hands linking around his back "That was a yes" she said hugging him snuggling into his chest savoring the moment emblazing it upon her memory.  TK returned the hug laying his head on top of hers gazing out at the rising moon "Always and forever my angel".

Yolei gave her dagger one final swipe with the wet stone finally satisfied that the blade could split a hair or a fairies neck, whatever it came down too.  She slipped the blade under her silk covered pillow before moving to her vanity picking up the numerous bottles scattered across the face.  Despite the fact she lived most of her life in a tent her father made sure she had only the best forcing his men to hall top of the line furniture, fine clothes and linens across the country each time they moved. 

She settled in on the chair looking behind her back to made sure no one was watching as she picked up the bottles and pulled four empty flasks out of the oak drawers reading each of the levels carefully, one wrong move would be a disaster.  One by one she put sparse drops from the bottles into the empty flasks the contents beginning to bubble after the third flask was added, a puff of smoke signaling her victory.

The warlordess smiled corking the flasks giving the bottles a kiss before stashing them back into the drawer "Almost time" she whispered crawling into her covers looking at the rising moon anticipation rising into her stomach "Almost time".

Genni looked at the assembled mystics as they prepared to head out on their nightly flight.  In his weathered hands he held copies of each of their nightly runs, just as he had every night so if anything should go wrong he could retrace their steps to find them.  And according too Izzy there was a reason to be worried tonight.  It pained the elder to see those he viewed as his children hunted by those who would use and hurt them for their own devises.

"My children the sun has set you must go" he said returning his attention to them realizing two hadn't arrived yet "ah, the young ones".  Matt broke into a knowing smile his icy eyes looking to the great oak the two preferred to go through the transformation in each night…yet if Takeru's plan had gone through a lot more had happened in the tree over the past few minutes.

"Here they come" Joe announced pointing to the two glowing dots growing larger by the second.  As the two came into view it was apparent their hands were linked and something was shimmering around Kari's neck, it was Mimi that realized what is was first letting out a squeal of delight leaving Izzy arms to embrace the Masters of Hope and Light.  Sora was seconds behind her leaving the stunned boys taking Kari away from TK's arms setting her in front of her in order to examine the necklace.

Kari was glowing and TK blushed as Mimi hugged him fiercely "About time" she scolded making her way to Sora's side pulling her own glittering fallen star out of her hair letting it fall around her face as she compared the two.  Mimi's tear drop shaped star was glittering happily in the moonlight responding to its bearers mood matching the heart shaped bracelet Sora produced a second later.

While the girls fawned over the announcement Matt made it was to his brother's side pulling him into a loving embrace while ruffling his hair.  "See everything worked out just fine" he said getting a small laugh form the younger "I knew it would, I just needed someone to reassure me" TK replied looking fondly at his fiancé still being swamped by Mimi and Sora.   His face then turned serious "As for tonight…"

"We are all ready and Genni has the entire village on alert should one of us not return" Izzy said beginning to flex his wings for the flight.   "And we'll save those four for the last that way four of us will be there as well, just in case we need each other" Tai said looking at Sora worry filling his eyes with the knowledge he couldn't be there to watch over her as she blessed the Inoue girl. 

Sora had finished coddling over Kari and returned to Tai's side taking his hands reassuringly "Don't worry we'll all be careful" she soothed, easing his fears as well as hers.  "Then we need to get going" Matt pointed out realizing they were already leaving later than was safe too.  

No more words were needed as they small group clasped each others hands supportively before taking off into the night leaving Genni alone in their wake "Be careful children for you are more important to this world than you will ever know" he whispered sending his own silent prayer behind them.

Matt moved silently through the night as he arrived at the warlord's camp hours later ready for his last blessing of the night.  A knot was growing in his stomach as the torches flickered in the darkness and the silhouettes of the armed guards moved in front of them every few seconds.  He was waiting for the changing of the guard to move in knowing that during the disorientation was the best time for him to move in.  So while he was waiting his thoughts turned to warlords and what they wanted with him and his friends.

He knew that he didn't know the full scope of all his powers and that there were scholars all over the world that knew of hidden abilities he would never uncover, that is according too Izzy.  That meant that the warlords knew of some of these powers themselves or they wouldn't have set this trap.  A terrifying though made its way into his head what would they do once they had them…force them to perform blessings on a chosen few allowing many to needlessly suffer or perform test after test to harness the power for themselves.

Torture was something that Matt feared but not for himself.  Takeru was the only family he had left and time and time again he would willingly lay down his life to ensure TK's safety…a fatal flaw he feared someone would try to test someday.   "It won't come to anything like that" Matt muttered to himself his eyes catching Izzy's glowing light landing on the other side of camp, he too waiting for the change.

He didn't have to wait long the low tone of a horn echoed through the night, loud enough to alert the soldiers and quiet enough not to rouse those still sleeping.  Matt took to the air moving silently through the air.  He passed by hundreds of tents until he came to the one belonging to Jun.  It was a few rows later that the overwhelming smell of flowery perfume hit his unprepared nose full force causing him to gasp.  'That has to be her' he thought to himself following the scent until he came to the source slipping inside without a sound.

The tent was just as he expected it too be.  Fine silk dresses littering every piece of furniture leaving the amour empty, the vanity like Yolei's was covered with bottles but Jun's were perfumes of every scent and color, while the girl herself sprawled out all over the silken sheets with her mouth wide open.  Matt fluttered his wings harder in order to quiet the fluttering as he moved closer to the bed reaching for the sapphire colored pouch attached at his side grabbing a pinch of the sparking blue dust that it held.

The dust was one of the keys to the blessing and the only indication that they had ever been there.  This like most of his other mystic powers came in a sapphire blue and would work its magic on the blessee long after the fairy left.  As Matt approached the bed he almost fell to the floor in shock as he got his first real look at the red heads face.

It wasn't remarkable beauty or disfiguration that shocked him; it was the tears.  Crystal tears rolled down her cheeks in her fitful sleep and soft whispers escaped her lips "Why don't they like me?" she whimpered rolling over.  Matt's heart sank, she hadn't prayed to set a trap she had prayed because she was in desperate need of a friend, companion, anyone. 

Matt reached back into the pouch picking up even more of the dust beginning to sprinkle it over her sleeping form and as he did he did something he had only done for Takeru after the nightmares that would keep him awake at night or when the thunder drove him under the bed quaking in fear, he began to sing.  The unchained melody wasn't loud enough for the guard's just outside too hear but loud enough for the girl.  As the dust began to work into her system the melody began to soothe her and her tears stopped.

"May the powers guide you" Matt whispered tossing the last pinch over her face "and they will guide you to what your heart knows is right".  With that he slipped out leaving Jun in a silent, untormented sleep for the first time in her young life.  "Thank you" she whispered rolling over and inhaling a whiff of the sweet dust.

Cody heard the horn sound for the changing of the guard and he waited with baited breath for his tent flap to open.  He was smart and being the son of a warlord exposed to some of the most brilliant thinkers and tactical planners in the world, passing their secrets and knowledge to him.  And it was that knowledge that told him the fairy of knowledge would be coming after one of the guard changes using the confusion to slip in and out unnoticed. 

Right on cue the flap opened and the red headed fairy with purple wings flew in his dark eyes looking around the room quickly before going to the boy.  Izzy was awed by the number of books lining the makeshift wall fighting the itching sensation in his hands to pick them up and run his hands over the leather, read each one cover to cover.

Izzy forced his mind to the task at hand expanding his senses for any sign of a trap reaching into his pouch pulling out the dust.  "You know you can do so much more with you life," he said watching the purples sparkles cover the boy "I sense big things in you and add this to your blessing let your true self out.  A life of evil doesn't suit your spirit".  He then carefully backed away slowly heading out the door.

Emerald green eyes shot open just as the door began to close and a fully dressed Cody was out the door before the flap had even closed.

Takeru pushed aside the kaki flap of the tent allowing Kari in before closing it again his eyes adjusting to the darkness immediately.  He took his loves hand in his own taking flight in order to avoid all the debris littering the floor making the blonde wonder how Davis even found his bed every night in the pile of old clothes.  "Lets do this fast" Kari said her voice distant "I don't like the feeling of this place".  TK squeezed his hand in agreement before letting her go taking up his position on the opposite side of the bed.

In unison they reached into their pouches pulling out the power tossing it over the sleeping form watching it mingle together in the air before falling on the sleeping snoring form.  The pair waited a few seconds for the magic to work "He hopes to rule the world as his father does" Kari said sadly putting the rest of the powder back "I guess I was wrong".

The sadness in her voice made TK's heart break and ache to hold her at the same time.  He was about to reply when he realized that the saw like snoring had stopped coming from the warlord's son and panic began to envelope the boys system.  "Kari…" he began only to see an armored hand shoot from under the covers snatching her throat before either one could move.

Davis was up like a shot his back to the other fairy seeming not to notice him at all, his attention focused on the Master of Light he had in his grasp.  "My my aren't you a pretty little thing" he said coldly letting his eyes roam over her body slowing in a few places enjoying the feel of her fearful shivers in his grasp "I may find more than one use for you after all".

It took a few seconds for the shock to wear off of TK's system and his protective love to take over.  The fear in Kari's eyes at that moment would have been enough for the fairy to level an army.  Luckily no army was before him and Takeru politely tapped Davis on the shoulder causing him to jump in surprise as he turned keeping his hold on the frightened girl "I'll have you unhand her now" TK said in a low voice before delivering his fist right into the brunette's face sending him into dreamland for the rest of the night and the better part of the afternoon.

Kari fell to the ground holding her throat and coughing allowing tears to fall.  So many horrid emotions had flowed to her from his mere touch shaking her to her very core.  The evil feeling didn't leave her until TK's arms wrapped around her and his lips kissed her forehead repeatedly cooing to her all the while.  Her arms wrapped around his neck and her head to his chest "If they are all like that were in more trouble than we thought" she whispered.

TK looked down worry filling his features that worry turning to fear when two ear piercing screams ripped through the air, one of them all too familiar because they had heard it at breakfast that very morning.  Gathering Kari into his arms his golden wings took light taking one last look at Davis willing pain to the slumbering form for even thinking of his love as a piece of property before taking off into the night.

Sora looked at the sleeping girl before her finding it hard to believe that she was the daughter of a cold blooded murderous warlord bent on taking over the world.  A small smile was playing on her lips and the name Ken slipped by every so often this turning the fairy's attention to the gold-framed picture laying on the nightstand.  "Young love" she said wistfully reaching into her pouch getting her dust concentrating on whether the current love was true. 

And just as Sora expected it was "You had nothing to worry about" she whispered watching the glittery dust encircle the girl and a bigger smile fall across Yolei's face.  "I knew I had nothing to worry about" Yolei said cruelly slipping her hand under her pillow "but you on the other hand have a full plate".  Sora let out a cry and took to the air her speed not matching that of the young warrior who had her hand around her wrist in a matter of seconds.

Sora's eyes were wide with fear as she flapped her wings harder in an effort to get away "Let go you don't know what your doing".  The evil that crossed through Yolei's eyes shook the mystic to the bone "I know precisely what I'm doing" she hissed pulling Sora down bringing the knife up as she did.  That was when Sora made her last desperate move by kicking her leg up right into Yolei's restraining arm hearing a loud snap as it did. 

Yolei screeched with unspeakable pain throwing her now useless arm down blade still in hand across Sora's leg.  The fairies scream echoed with the last of Yolei's into the night rousing the half awake guards from their semi slumbers.  Sora placed a hand over the wound taking to the air soaring out the door as fast as her wings could carry her.  The pointed tips of swords greeted her as she did.  Using what little agility she had left to dodge her way into the forest surrounding the camp. 

Blood was flowing freely from the wound leaving her body weaker with every flap of her wings.  Yet fear that she was being followed pushed her onward even as her vision began to blur darkness finally taking her allowing her to fall to the ground below.  Sora never hit though Izzy had heard her scream and frantically followed it going into a state of panic when he saw drops of blood glinting on the leaves.  He caught up to her just in time catching the auburn haired girl in his arms. 

Izzy looked her over carefully seeing no other injuries other than the cut and promptly wrapped that with a piece of his shirt.  "Don't worry I'll have you back to Tai in no time" he assured gathering her into his arms and taking off into the night a silent prayer that TK and Kari got out in time.

Ken cradled the sobbing Yolei in his arms as the healer prepared to set the break.  He had been sleeping when her scream ripped through his very soul making him physically ill with the pain it was conveying.  So he had ripped through the throngs of men now pouring out of the tents looking for the girl's attacker forcing Ken to keep is tongue and not tell them they would never find it.

"Mistress I won't lie to you, this is going to hurt" the healer said his voice wavering fearing what her father would do when another agonized scream escaped his daughter's lips.  Her eyes hardened with resolve and her grip on Ken tightened "Do it I want vengeance and the sooner I'm better the sooner I get it".  Seeing she was set the healer took her wrist and a deep breath mentally counting too three.  Looking quickly to her father making sure he didn't have any last orders…seeing none he continued.  On three he pulled as hard has he could feeling the bone snap back into place before Yolei's scream ripped through the night once more.

Ken's face had gone white as her nails dug into his own arm drawing blood in the process.  He watched as the healer splinted and wrapped the bone with a practiced speed finishing within seconds and allowing Ken to fully envelope his loves trembling form.  "We'll get them I promise," he whispered in her ear seductively knowing it would life her spirits.

It worked and a devious grin made its way past her tears "And it is their suffering that will bring us too power".

Tai's chocolate eyes worriedly searched the horizon for any glimmer of light belonging to his friends of family.  "Don't worry they'll be fine" Mimi said joining him in scanning the horizon the wringing of her wrists hinting at her own worry.  Tai realized she was just as scared as he was at the moment she too having the love of her life and soul mate going into the jaws of the lion "I know and the same goes for Izzy he's a bright man and would go to hell and back for you".

This brought a smile to her face and he wings fluttered briefly to get more height when a faint light caught her eye.  Knots formed in her stomach and she took to the sky feeling the familiarity of Izzy's soul fill her own.  She turned to Tai her smile turning to a frown when she saw the look in his eyes "Sora" he screamed taking off like a bullet with Mimi in his wake.

He flew as fast as his wings could carry him pushing himself to his very limit when he saw that Izzy was cradling Sora in his arms a blood soaked bandaged wrapped around her leg.  She sensed him coming and looked wriggling free of Izzy's tender grip to fly to the safety of Tai's arms finally letting the fearful tears fall when his arms closed around her.  Izzy's arms didn't remain empty for long seconds after Sora left Mimi was there "Thank the stars" she whispered huddling into his embrace.

Izzy just kissed her gently is response all the time happy that she hadn't been targeted "Cody didn't even move when I was there yet Yolei had a dagger under her pillow and waited until Sora finished the blessing before attacking".  Tai who had been listened narrowed his eyes and pulled Sora closer "What of the others did they get out?"  The Master of knowledge lowered his head in shame, he had been so concerned with getting Sora out he hadn't even thought about the others "I don't know I got Sora out and came here…but don't worry they heard the scream and probably got out before it was too late".

Tai allowed the wave of anger to pass realizing he would have lost Sora if Izzy had waited for the others.  "Matt" Mimi cried happily pointing to the blue dot causally flying up to the rendezvous point as if nothing was wrong.  A relieved smile was on his face until he saw the state of his friends "It was a trap wasn't it" he said coldly carefully landing on a soft patch of grass.

Izzy nodded "You didn't have a problem either?"  Matt looked at him quizzically seeing Sora's leg "She really needed a blessing" he said "More so than most of the others I blessed tonight.  TK and Kari?" his thoughts turning to his brother in a flash.

Tai was about to deliver the bad news knowing it would send the Master of Friendship into a frenzy when a familiar voice greeted them "Are shaken but here" TK said touching down his fingers intertwined with Kari's.  Both the older siblings felt relief wash through their bodies each one embracing the younger Tai running his fingers over the bruises forming on her neck.  "Davis" she said TK's eyes darkening "They want our powers among other things" he said the tremor entering his voice as he relived the look in Davis's eyes as he looked Kari over like a piece of meat.

Matt embraced TK once more his now tired eyes looking to the coming dawn "We know what they want and who they are now…for now lets get Sora to Joe and Genni and regroup there".  No one wanted to argue each one gather their love into their arms taking to the sky for as long as the sun permitted each one running through the crisis they now faced. 

Feet away the bushes rustled as a black-cloaked figure slipped from behind his foliage cover following the fading dots of light that were his target.  "Like shooting fish in a barrel," he muttered taking to the trees now following the fading trail into the coming dawn.

Dawn had come hours ago and Takeru still refused to let sleep come to him, the horrid look in Davis's eyes and the fear in Kari's greeted him each time his eyes closed.  Finally giving up he slipped from his bed careful not to wake Matt slumbering across the room.  All of the mystics were sleeping well into the day due to the events of the previous night, no one crawling into bed until the sun was high in the sky.  He easily achieved not rousing his brother and was across the small town in seconds arriving at the door to Tai and Kari's hut peeking through one of the windows.

Kari was alone curled up in a fetal ball in her bed Tai leaving her alone to stay with Sora while she slept.  TK silently cursed himself for letting her sleep alone after what they had been through just hours before.  Unwilling to leave her alone any longer he slipped through the door hearing Kari's labored breathing as he entered.  Whimpers slipped out her arms beginning to flail the nightmare she was having becoming worse with every passing second.

Finally she shot up screaming, crying "Takeru" all in one terrified breath.  Her chocolate eyes were wild and full of tears, those tears falling when she saw TK running across the room to get to her side.  "Takeru" she cried again as his arms closed around her lovingly his hands stroking her back relieving her sobs.  "What was it?" he asked soothingly getting an answer right off "It was the warlords" she whispered gravely "they came here…after us.  The villagers…" she stumbled as the images of the bloody bodies of the villagers flashed again in her mind.

"Shhh" he cooed pulling her too his chest "it was just a dream that will never happen I won't let it".  Kari nodded from her protective cocoon of his love "I know its just the thought of it, these people raised us as their own children and I couldn't stand if that led to any suffering".  TK looked in her eyes once again realizing just how much he loved her at that moment her compassion out weighing her own health seemingly all the time.

Unable to take it any more he cupped her chin in his hands looking into her eyes "By the stars I love you and swear on everything holy that I will never let anything happen to you" this finally got a smile from the Master of Light her arms liking around TK's neck in a swift move "I can never hear it enough times" she said leaning in embracing his love with her own.

Yet miles away Kari didn't know how right her dream really was for at that moment hundreds of men sat in their saddles watching the four warlords for the signal to move.  Their children also sat at their sides saddled up and armed to the teeth Yolei looking as if she could kill an entire army with her mere look.  Ken was at her side having shed his black cloak his violet eyes on her when they were on the blade he was sharpening in his hands.  He was the most upset about the Yolei's injuries taking out his wrath on a few guards who had placed themselves outside her tent.

"Where is he?" Davis asked shifting in his saddle anxiously.  Every since he had seen the Master of Light he had become obsessed with finding her again, despite the black eye her partner had given him.  Davis has merely said the blond had caught him by surprise and next time he would be rid of the threat before the fairy had time to move.  "He'll be here," the calm voice of Hida said calmly with a stern look in his eyes silently telling Davis to back off.

Oblivious Davis continued his chattering and Jun rolled her eyes moving closer to her father "One came too me last night too Daddy" she said sweetly getting a proud look from her father "He felt sorry for me".  Moytamia beamed even prouder "That's my girl".  She nodded in response but her heart cried out she hadn't called to him as part of their plan she had called out because she needed it.  And now she too was like Davis was smitten by her visitor his blond hair, still shimmering before her eyes as she had caught a glimpse on his way out.  'Perhaps his will help me' she though hopefully turning her attention to the figure on horseback approaching the hoard.

Ichijochi looked through his looking glass carefully reading his hand for attack should it be a lost traveler "Its Cody" he confirmer lowering his hand and the glass to address the troops amassed behind him.  "Remember to do whatever necessary to apprehend them," he shouted coldly seeing the men all sit up straight in acknowledgement.  By then Cody had arrived a map in his hands and a victorious look in his emerald eyes.

"They are in Odiaba," he said holding up the map showing the layout of the village the names of their targets next to specific houses.  Inoue gratefully took the map studying it carefully "Clever" he mutter before taking his turn to speak out "they are spread throughout the village as a defensive tactic" a chuckle escaping his lips "So we will surround the village and cut off any escape route.  Also work fast for if we don't have them by the time the sun goes down they will get their wings too escape…understand".  The men shouted picking up their reins in anticipation and cruel grin made is way across the warlords face "Attack!"

Matt slowly allowed his senses to return to him as the afternoon sun finally broke through his windows.  His eyes adjusted to they light as he sat up to see if Takeru was awake yet feeling a wave of panic run through him at the sight of the empty bed.  "Don't panic," he said to himself throwing on clothes and running out the door to the only possible place TK would be, Kari's.  He arrived at the brown hut battling down the urge to charge in screaming his brother's name.

Instead he peek through the window smiling at the sight that greeted him, TK safe and sound cuddled with Kari smiles playing on their sleeping faces.  "Give them a few more hours" Joe said as he approached his bag of herbs in hand "I don't either of them slept a wink until the other showed up".  Matt nodded following the healer "How's Sora doing?".

Joe again smiled "She's going to be fine I gave her a few stitches and some herbs to help her sleep, so after a little rest she'll be as good as new.  Just don't count on Tai leaving her anytime soon, right now he's worse than a mother hen guarding a chick".  Matt laughed expecting nothing less of the leader clapping Joe on the back "That's great news now lets go get some breakfast before the mother hen goes out to get some food for her and leaves nothing for anyone else".

"I think we may be too late but it's worth…Genni?" Joe said stopping mid sentence confusion filling his eyes as the elder came running over one of the hills by the village waving his arms frantically and screaming incoherently.  "What is he saying?" his voice filling with worry and dread, looking to Matt for answers.  Matt's blue eyes narrowed as the hair on the back of his neck stood on end and the words hit home "The warlords found us" he whispered.

Joe let out a strangled scream of disbelief trying to utter if Matt was sure but was given orders instead "Go warn Izzy and Mimi their hut is the farthest away I'll get the others and we'll meet in the oak outside of town…we need to get the men away from the village if we do anything".  The Master of Reliability let his fear flow to the back of his mind and his sense of duty to his friends and the village take over.  "Good luck" he called running off pushing his way through the men of the village running to arms.

Matt waited until he was out of sight before turning on his heels and running back to TK and Kari this time throwing open the door only to find them already away and halfway to the door.  TK looked panicked as he ushered Kari too the door his eyes brightening when he saw his brother.  "They are here for us" she said TK lowering his head for a reason unknown to Matt but obviously apparent to the two. 

"We need to keep them away from the village or else the people are dead" TK reported seriously looking deeply into Kari's eyes for confirmation.  She nodded solemnly now looking to Matt who decided to follow his gut "Already on it I told Joe to lead Izzy and Mimi to the oak where we'll meet them with the others".  Kari shook her head running to meet Sora and Tai who had already been awakened by the calamity "It won't work they will kill whoever the come across until they find us…we must lead them away".

Tai who had just heard the tail end of the conversation shook his head "I'm not going to risk anyone…"

"The villagers will die if we don't" TK shouted tears welling his eyes as he reiterated with what Kari had told him earlier "These people took us in and raised us as their own children and I'm not going to hide while they get slaughtered.  We can lead the attackers away and make them chase us until dusk…then we can fight back".

The leader was about to argue but Sora's gentle touch stopped him "He's right you know" she said softly looking at the men running past with pitchforks "I can't let those monsters hurt them to get to us we can give them chase until dusk and then its time for a little revenge" she finished pointing to her stitched leg.  Tai looked around seeing the other agreed and knew without a doubt the missing trio would do the same thing.  "Fine we go get the others and meet them outside of town".

Ken watched the attack from the top of the hill his fathers looking glass in hand.  "Look over there" Yolei said pointing to six running dots with her good arm.  Ken obeyed smiling as the figures came into focus "Its them all right" he said happily "order the men to surround the perimeter of the tree but stay out of sight while our fathers keep the villagers busy we'll go get them". 

The others nodded in silent agreement kicking the horses into a gallop the men following without question following the hands signals they were given profefficently hidden within the shrubs minutes after taking off. Yolei, Ken, Cody, and Davis too hid in the bushes until the just the right moment when they were all together.

Izzy hopped down from his low perch when he saw Tai approaching catching Mimi easily in his arms determined not to let her out of arms reach until they attack was over.  All the while hundreds of questions were running through his head most of them centering on how they were found.  "What's the plan?" he asked as soon as Tai was within in hearing distance.

"We lead them away from the village and wait until dusk to make our move" he said quickly doing a mental headcount before a rush of something evil went up his spine.  That rush turned to pain when Sora and Kari's scream echoed through the clearing.  Looking back he saw a small arrow in his back, not close to any vital organs but extremely painful all the same.  He then began to feel dizzy as what really happened dawned on him.  He looked over to see Kari holding TK crying with Matt tearfully but carefully easing the arrow out of his brother's shoulder.

As Joe approached him Tai passed out the last thing he saw was four riders coming from the bushes the girl and the brown haired boy each holding a small cross bow loaded in their hands "That's for the eye" the boy with brown hair stated coldly through narrowed eyes.

Sora cried out again as Tai passed out in her arms Joe inspecting the arrow gasping at the black substance still on the tip.  "That's right is poisoned" Yolei said cruelly looking directly at Sora as she did as if telling the girl that was her vengeance for the broken arm.  "Now all of you put your hands up and come quietly and no one else will have to get the antidote when we get back to camp…and trust me I'm the only one who has it".

Matt looked up with icy eyes gathering TK from Kari reading his muscles to run, taking note Joe was doing the same.  Joe was not only the guardian of healers but the best in the realm if the warlords had the cure so would the Master of Reliability.  "Never" he said forcefully jumping up as the others took off in different directions knowing they couldn't follow them all at the same time.

The quartet merely laughed and Cody clapped his hands allowing the men surrounding the clearing to show themselves.  While the men were appearing Ken and Davis rode out after the fleeing mystics on horseback cruel smiles across their faces.  "I just love it when they run don't you" Ken said with pleasure before he veered sharply to the right leaning over in the saddle of his galloping horse his arm extended as he swept Sora off of the ground and onto the front of his saddle.  Before him Joe stopped dead adjusting Tai in his arms fixing the warlord with a glare.

Davis too had the same strategy only Kari was his target.  His heart leapt with pleasure at the scream she gave as she was lifted away from Matt and the unconscious Takeru in to the cold arms of the warlord "Miss me my little pretty" he whispered in her ear.  Matt stopped dead shocked when his brother shook in his arms "No, let her go" he mumbled before falling away again.  They were trapped with no escape, and the others knew it too hanging their heads in defeat.

The men had forced them into a small huddle only parting a little when the warlords came through each one holding a bloody sword "Well done children" Moytamia said looking at their prize "well done.  Now bind them and get them on a horse those villagers are liable to regroup soon".  Again the men did as ordered leaving Sora and Kari with Ken and Davis knowing they were insurance that the others would try nothing.

"Done sir" one of the men said looking to the huts in the distance "now what of the village?"

Ichijochi looked at his coldly taking hold of the rope that held Izzy in its coils seeing the fear residing in the boys eyes "Burn it to the ground and kill anyone on sight".  Izzy's eyes widened in unison with the others as he thought of Genni and the others still within in the borders "No!" he screamed getting a hard yank for his efforts.  The tug brought him face to face with his new captor the evil in the man's eyes sending chills down Izzy's spine "One more word and I'll allow them to have a little fun before they go".

Only silence remained after those words as the six conscious mystics looked back to see the flames rising from the huts hungrily licking at the straw roofs painstakingly constructed generations ago.  They watched their homes succumbed to the fire and the cries of those they called family echo after them with Genni breaking through the smoke just in time to catch a last glace "May the stars protect you for I have failed" he whispered tears falling for the eight chosen were now in for the worst days of their lives.

To Be Continued…

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