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As the sun set over the castle grounds two figures met is a sweet, passionate embrace, the priest's final words eliciting cries of joy from those gathered. "I now have the honor of presenting the Lord and Lady Takanishi, may the stars smile upon your union". The crowed echoed the prayer shielding their eyes as the power of the stars took hold for their nightly transformations.

The light faded away and the Masters of Hope and Light were still blissfully bound as one. They had waited years for this day to come and survived the ordeal of their lives.their love breaking through every barrier and defeating every foe. The ended their kiss slowly and gazed into each others eyes, whispering "I love you" before turning to the waiting arms of their family and friends.

Matt ruffled his brother's hair and pulled him into a hug "Never thought this day would come" he said proudly "but it has, you have a family of your own now". TK looked at his brother seriously "I've only added to ours, its not that easy to get rid of me". The elder hugged him again before relinquishing TK back to his bride.

He stepped back to take his surroundings feeling Jun's small hand slip into his own. He felt the usual shivers run up his spine from her touch "I really didn't think this day would come" he said quietly watching Takeru fondly. Jun looked at him with curious eyes, pleading for him to continue. "It was mere months ago that he lay nearly dead in my arms and now he's married".

"And so are you" she added fingering his gold band "all of you were able to recover from your capture and now serve the world better with your new found powers. So just for tonight let it all go and have fun this is supposed to be a celebration". Right after she finished the phrase she knew she was in trouble, Matt's eyes were aglow with mischief. "Fun you say" he said playfully scooping her into his arms and taking to the air, waltzing above the guests

Cody sat quietly with a small smile playing on his lips as he watched his former captives relish the moment. It had only been a few months since he'd discovered his true linage and how he came to be a warlord. Kidnapped as a baby and raised to be a blood thirsty killer. However that was all gone now, he was the crown prince and heir to the throne. He had parents who adored him and seemed quit intent on making up for the years they had lost.

"Iori, why don't you go join them," his mother asked from her throne, wishing nothing more that to be out of her stuffy clothes. Cody shook his head "I still don't feel right talking with them" he said hanging his head "not after what I did to them".

His mother ran her hand over his face fondly "My dear if you haven't noticed they did forgive you and acceptance is the first part of healing" she said gently nudging him into the crowd watching with proud eyes as he joined the others.

The king took her hand and kissed it, things were finally going their way.

Yolei sat longingly as Ken soared into the night sky, his wings glittering in the moonlight and a look of peace across his face. He always looked so content when he was in his mystical form. Now the warlordess wanted that feeling as well, she wanted to soar in the stars with her love, and using the book in her lap she was going to do it.

The book was pure black with an ugly rumor circulating that it was made of human skin; it contained only the darkest of magic. She had found the book locked away in a vault during their occupation of the castle. Warnings in every language were carved into the pedestal that housed it and she had to pry it from a skeletons hand. But in her lust for power none of that fazed her.

She looked over the spell before her a smile curling on her sinister lips.it was a spell to draw the power from one and give it to another, namely her. Letting a cruel laugh escape her lips she closed the books and opened her arms to Ken as he swept her away.

They had their army and soon they would have their vengeance.

Deep in the mountains not far from the forest stood a cave hollowed deep into the mountains core. The locals feared due to the fact it was home to dragons and now insane laughter would bellow from its depths on a nightly basis. That laughter belonged to the broken warlord Moytamia.

He sat before a fire rocking himself one single word escaping his lips "Hikari". Around him the dragons looked at him with loyalty and confusion, not comprehending what drove their master to such a state. Yet they remained loyal all the same.

All eyes moved to the entrance as the youngest of the clan came in a toothy smile across their face. The fire illuminated the yellow v symbol of his forehead and his unique blue color made him an oddity among the others who were all blood red in color.

"Master" he said with a deep bow. Davis looked upon him and waved his hand giving him permission to speak. "I have found their home" he said the excitement seeping into his voice. Davis's eyes lit up, he had been searching for it ever since he had settled in the cave and healed from his wounds. "You have done well Veemon," he praised throwing the dragon a leg of lamb then addressing his hoard.

"We will attack and claim the land that belongs to us" he cried "and I will have my bride!" The dragons roared in agreement shooting balls of fire into the air to voice their approval while the few men that remained me clapped loudly.

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