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'Only five more minutes,' Sakura thought as she continued to twirl her pencil in between her fingers, her eyes focused on the clock in the front of the room.

The droning voice of Kurenai-sensei continued on, talking about multiplying X to Y to get the answer to the equation on the board. Sakura let out a sigh, she hated math with a passion. How she was getting good grades in this class was beyond her, it was the only one that she never really paid attention in.

'Geez come on already,' Sakura glared at the clock. It was 11:59, almost time for lunch.

Why did it seem like time slowed down in this class…oh right because she detested Math with her very being. The bell suddenly rung.

'Finally. Thank you,' Sakura thought as she rose from her desk, packing her textbook and notebooks into her backpack.

Students hurriedly moved out of the room, each one wanting to escape the torture of the classroom.

"Make sure you all try out for the spring musical this year," Kurenai-sensei spoke over the chatter of the remaining students in the room, "Konoha Academy is well-known for its specialty in the performing arts, I expect each one of you to participate in it in some way."

Sakura walked out of the classroom, barely paying attention to the nonsense about the musical. It wasn't any of her concern anyway; she had no interest in plays or musicals. Besides academics were more important to her than some stupid play, it was the only thing keeping her in this school. Sakura walked down the cluttered hallway, stopping at her locker.


Sakura looked up at her all too familiar nickname to see Ino running towards her, her blue eyes lit up in excitement. Ino has been her best friend since kindergarten, the two of them did almost everything together. Ino also knew more about Sakura than anyone else and vice versa.

"Hey pig," the pink haired girl replied as she opened her locker, placing her books on the middle shelf, "You seem more excited than usual," she stated in an amused tone.

Her best friend grinned even wider as if she were expecting Sakura to mention that, "Didn't you hear about the spring musical?"

'Here we go again,' Sakura sighed.

"Yes I did…interesting but it isn't my cup of tea," Sakura replied as she pulled out her bento box for lunch.

Ino nudged her best friend as they began to walk down the hall, "Oh come on Sakura it'll be fun! We're doing Beauty and the Beast this year."

"I have more important things to worry about. Like midterms in January. I don't know about you, but I think I want to be successful in life thank you," Sakura replied, walking a step faster than Ino.

"I heard Uchiha Sasuke-kun is also going to try out too," Ino said in a dreamy voice, completely ignoring what Sakura was saying.

Uchiha Sasuke was the most popular guy in school, also one of the best actors that Konoha academy had seen since his brother Itachi had graduated. Sakura sighed, she didn't see the big deal in that either. She didn't understand why every girl went so crazy over that guy anyway. To Sakura he was just like anyone else, except he was pretty hot, she would never admit that aloud though.

Ino huffed as she broke from her little fantasy, remembering what Sakura had said a moment ago, "Life is more than books and tests Sakura. You gotta have fun too!!"

Sakura smiled, "I do have fun in life Ino-pig. You're my best friend after all. That makes my dull life eventful in itself."

Ino nodded, "I know, what would you do without me."

Sakura chuckled, "Probably die under a rock somewhere," she said as they approached the door to the cafeteria.

The loud noise that was heard from the hallway hit them full force as they opened the doors. A ringing sound filled Sakura's eardrums for a moment but slowly started to go away as they approached their usual table by the window.

"Hey Sakura. Ino," a girl whose hair was tied into two buns greeted, her brown eyes lighting up happily.

"Hey Tenten," Sakura said, taking a seat next to the brunette haired girl, "Anything new with you?" she asked casually as she opened the box to her bento.

Her green eyes lit up excitedly, her mother packed onigiri today, her all time favorite. Only her mother made the best in her opinion.

Tenten let out a sigh, "Nope nothing eventful anyway. Though I heard rumors that we're getting a new member in the archery club," she explained as she leaned back in her chair.

Sakura nodded as she took a bite of her onigiri, goosebumps forming on her arms at the delectable taste. Tenten was the athletic one of the group; she loved anything involving sports, though her favorite was archery.

'I just love shooting the bow!' She remembered Tenten saying once.

"Really, who?" Ino asked as she took a seat on the other side of Tenten, taking small bites of a veggie wrap.

Tenten placed her index finger on her chin thoughtfully, "Hold on let me think. I believe his name was…Hyuuga Neji?" Tenten shrugged, "I'm not sure."

Ino looked at her friend confusedly, "Hinata's cousin? I didn't think he was into archery."

Tenten put her hands behind her head, "I don't know. I've never met the guy."

By this point Sakura was on her second onigiri as she listened to her friends chatter away, her jade eyes going to the empty seat next to her. Speaking of Hinata, the violet haired girl was late. That was something that was unusual; surely Hinata would have told them earlier.

"Where is Hinata anyway?" Sakura asked her eyes looking over to the two girls.

"She went to sign up for auditions for Beauty and the Beast," Tenten explained, "She said she'll be right back."

Ino suddenly stood up from her seat causing her companions to give her a look of confusion.

"What's with you pig?" Sakura asked as she finished her lunch.

"I just remembered I forgot to go sign up for auditions!" she exclaimed, bringing her hands to her face.

Sakura and Tenten sighed in unison; Ino could be such a drama queen sometimes.

"Relax," Sakura said as she rose from her seat, "We can go sign you up now since we still have another half hour to do what we want. Besides we can go meet up with Hinata too," Sakura explained as she dumped her trash in the trash bin.

"Okay!" Ino exclaimed again, "Are you going to try out Tenten?" she asked curiously.

Tenten shrugged, "I haven't decided. But I like Beauty and the Beast so chances are high that I might."

"That's awesome! See Sakura, even Tenten is going to try out."

Sakura sighed again, she knew what Ino was trying to do, "Nice try Ino. But no thanks."

She ignored Ino's pout as they silently walked to the area of the building where the theatre classes were being held. They were stopped suddenly by a crowd of people that were surrounding the audition signup sheet.

Tenten's eyes widened at the crowd, "Wow there's so many people here."

Sakura's eyes scanned the crowd, "Yeah there is."

This was another reason why she never tried out for anything either, she was not very fond of crowds. Suddenly the voices of students strangely started to die down.Sakura looked around, clearly confused. What happened? Why did everyone stop talking? She looked at the faces of the students and followed their eyes. Her green eyes noticed a dark haired boy wearing a blue polo easily make his way to the front of the crowd, hands casually shoved in his pockets.

"It's Sasuke-kun!" Ino whispered happily in her ear.

"Thanks for stating the obvious Ino-pig," Sakura replied.

Only Sasuke was capable of silencing a crowd of students it seemed. Her eyes narrowed as she watched him pick up and pen and scribble his name onto the sheet. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear; she never understood what was so great about him. She noticed a blond boy in an orange turtle neck walk up next to Sasuke, stealing the pen from his hand and writing his name down as well.

"Naruto's trying out too?" Sakura asked to no one in particular, she never pictured Naruto as the acting type.

Sasuke turned to face the crowd, his expression blank as people allowed him to pass by, the squealing of fan girls could be heard from all around. She watched as Sasuke's onyx gaze wandered around the crowd, scrutinizing at the faces of all the girls who were fawning over him. His eyes only met hers for a brief second, but she noticed the confused look he gave her, probably wondering why she wasn't like the rest of his fan club. Sakura rolled her eyes and brushed passed him, pulling Ino and Tenten along with her.

'Please. There are better things to worry about then chasing after the likes him,' she thought, still feeling his intense stare on her back.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed as he walked passed her.

Uzumaki Naruto. The class clown. He was in Sakura's English class; he sat right next to her. In short, they were really good friends.

"Hey Naruto. No time to talk," Sakura said as she pulled her two friends to the front of the line.

Tenten sighed, rubbing her sore wrist, her eyes looking around for any signs of Hinata, "Looks like Hinata left before the crowd formed," she stated absent mindedly.

Ino looked down on the audition sheet, "It says Hinata's going to try out for the chorus," Ino shook her head, "No I don't think so," she said, pulling out a blue ink pen.

"Ino you shouldn't do that," Sakura said, trying to pull the pen from the blonde's grasp.

"Sakura you have never seen Hinata act…I'm doing this for her own good," she explained as she crossed out the word chorus and replaced it with lead role.

Sakura sighed at her friend's actions, but knew that she meant well.

"Tenten I'll put your name down while I'm here too," Ino said after writing down her own name, "What's your last name?"

Tenten shook her head, "It's too long for that little space. Just put my first name."

Sakura looked to the clock; lunch was almost over, "Are we done here? Class is going to begin soon. And I don't want to be late," she complained, her patience thinning.

"Yeah Yeah. Almost done," Ino said as she wrote one more name down on the sheet, an evil smile on her face.

'I'm doing this for your own good as well,' she thought as she looked down at the name she had just written down.

'Haruno Sakura.'

Ino knew that she would never hear the end of it, but this could be good for Sakura. Studying wasn't the only thing in life.

"Okay done!" She said as caught up with her two friends.

"What class do you guys have next?" Tenten asked as she placed her hands behind her back.

Sakura's eyes lit up, "I have English next," she said excitedly.

English was her favorite subject after all; writing was something that she loved to do in her spare time. It helped to relieve the stress of school and life in general. And Naruto was always entertaining to watch, especially when he teased Kakashi-sensei about always being late.

"I have Chemistry," Ino said sadly, "I'm doing so badly in that class. Asuma-sensei is tough."

"I'm sure that Shikamaru will help you if you asked. He does sit next to you after all," Sakura stated.

Shikamaru was a genius when it came to academics; he was even smarter than Sakura. The only problem was that he was extremely lazy and always fell asleep during the lecture, but amazingly he passed every single test.

Ino huffed, "That lazy ass? Yeah right. Oh by the way Sakura, you should come and watch us audition for the play tomorrow," she said, a mysterious grin on her face.

"I'd rather not," she replied.

She felt Ino grab onto her arm tightly, "Please Sakura! For the sake of your best friend! You don't want me going alone do you?" she asked giving her best puppy dog face.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Tenten and Hinata will be there tomorrow. Why do you want me there?"

Ino's pouty face intensified, "For support."

Sakura looked at her suspiciously and let out a sigh, "Fine. Fine."

"Yay!" Ino jumped up in the air.

Sakura sighed, Ino was over excited, she knew her well enough to know that something was up. She focused her emerald eyes to the ceiling.

'Why do I have a sudden bad feeling that she's up to something?'

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