AN: Thanks to my awesome beta reader, Jaimee. This story won't be updated as quickly as the last two because its not yet finished. Feedback is appreciated.

The smell of coffee and Philly cheese steaks wafted through the air of the elevator and Tony's stomach grumbled.

The morning had been especially rough. Two dead bodies with barely recognizable dog-tags had been found in Anacostia.

Trooping through the historical neighborhood of DC and interrogating little-old-ladies who liked to sit on their rockers had not been his idea of fun.

Ziva's temper had been short all day. When Tony had given her an inquisitive gaze, as if to ask "What's wrong?" she had merely shook her head at him.

Obviously she didn't want to talk about it and Tony knew better than to push her- especially when her shoulders had that particular set to them. He knew she needed a neck rub; he knew she was tense which made her prone to headaches.

But despite knowing all of those things about her, he still worried if she trusted him enough to share – to tell him what was eating at her.

Ducky was autopsying the bodies, happy to have two new guests to speak with in the morgue.

Abby was running analysis the dog tags and the mysterious green goo they had found stuck to the corporal's shoe. She was voting for alien intervention as cause-of-death. They had all chuckled as she reverently looked at the evidence tube. She, of course, did not find it amusing.

They all had missed breakfast, having been called in early.

Gibbs' cup of coffee had been spilled when one of the old ladies in Anacostia had opened her door, and her dog squeezed past, plowing into Gibbs' legs in his attempt to get out of the house.

Old lady, dog, or accident didn't matter – spilling Gibbs' coffee was enough to set the man on edge for the rest of the day.

Needless to say, lunch couldn't have come soon enough.

Tony was smart enough to pick up a replacement cup of coffee for Gibbs when he had been sent on a lunch-run.

McGee was in the lab helping Abby. And Ziva had been called into MTAC. Gibbs... well, Gibbs didn't do lunch runs.

The elevator chimed and the doors slid open.

Tony's ears were assaulted with what could only be described as violently-spoken Hebrew.

He rounded the corner, his body already on alert. Ziva rarely took that tone and, when she did, it was never pretty.

She stood on the landing of the stairs, facing a tall dark-completed man. Her hands gestured wildly as she spoke, something he was not used to seeing in his stoic partner. Tony moved towards his desk and set down the bag of food and coffee. He kept an eye on Ziva while pulling Gibbs' coffee from the carrier.

His boss moved next to him silently, taking the cup from Tony's hands.

"Who's the punching bag, boss?" he said softly, motioning with his chin towards the encounter

Gibbs glanced at the younger agent and took a sip of his coffee. hid his smirk behind his cup of coffee before replying. "Her fiancée, DiNozzo."