Lights! Camera! Action!

..The Playboy & The Dropout..



Uchiha Agency is the center of the acting and advertising world. The CEO of the company dies and leaves his legacy to his son Itachi and another good portion to live on to his other son Sasuke. As it stood Sasuke worked for Uchiha Agency since he could walk, building his career. At the death of his father, Itachi seems to withdraw from him and picks at everything he does in his career.

Fed up with this Sasuke starts his own company with help from a group of shareholders. They choose someone to work along side him to make sure the company flourishes. Naruto Uzumaki. As time passes they became friends. There's just one problem...

Sasuke develops a bad habit of seducing every women he's ever shown and ounce of interest in to try and protect him; saying if they really cared about him they wouldn't have fallen for him so easily. When he falls for one who truly only wants him for his fame and money, Sasuke seduces her to expose her for what she really is...


..Chapter One..




He heard her gasp as she pulled at his shirt. Her lips were on his and he was laying in on good. Her hips arched into his and she moaned, pulling his Ralf Lauren midnight blue button up halfway over his shoulders and then finally all the way down to his hips. Her perfectly manicured nails dug into his back and wound around to unbuckle his sixty-five American dollar belt. Metal clinked against her nails and she was speaking softly.

"I'm not sure about this... what if he..."

"Shhh..." he breathed over his lips. "You're thinking too much." And then he was kissing her again and pulling down the straps of her chenille silk gown. Her breasts were fully exposed to his gaze. They weren't the best he'd seen money buy, but it didn't matter. He wasn't doing this for her and he sure as hell wasn't doing it for himself. He started nipping at her neck and pulling down the rest of her dress. She breathed in sharply as it fell completely off of her in one shinning pool of lavender.

He smirked as she pulled his pants off, the black dress slacks falling to the floor around his ankles. They were both left in nothing but their expensive underwear. He reached for her hair, pulling the elegant hair sticks from it and allowed it to fall in a shimmering wave down her back.

She bit her lower lip. "I like you, Sasuke, but... I don't want..."

He sighed and pulled her to him, immobilizing her arms. He hated waiting sometimes, especially on fake women. Especially on fake women who had their hand in his best friend's pocket. "Quit thinking about Uzumaki. He's not here right now. He won't find out." His words were a hushed, deep verbalization across her lips.

And the door opened, a stream of light illuminating their forms. Sasuke blinked at the sudden blast of it in his coal depths. Damn it was bright. Took him long enough. He smirked. "Hello,... dropout."

He knew how this would go. It was always the same. First, the girl would run crying to his arms, trying in some way to make up an excuse. He'd imagine she'd blame him first. Claimed he'd taken advantage of her. One of them had actually tried to say he was raping her. Like he needed to.

Then, Naruto would tell her to get out and never seen him again. Sasuke and he would have a nice long chat over a glass of brandy as to why this recent bitch wasn't worthy of him if he'd gotten in her pants so easily.

And finally, everything would got back to normal. And in a few more weeks he'd have a new trophy on his arm. And in another week or two Sasuke would prove just how loyal she really wasn't.

The only problem was... Naruto wasn't telling her to get out. Naruto wasn't asking him what had gone wrong. And Naruto wasn't joining him for a glass of very expensive English brandy. No, Naruto was shoving her out the door and slamming it. He was leaning back into the door and holding Sasuke's eyes with his cold blues. They seemed on fire as they stared at him. And then, he was stepping forward; stalking was more like it. Sasuke was frozen in place. What was going on here?

And then he heard it. He heart it before her felt it. The crack of a fist hitting a jaw. Sasuke stumbled back and held his jaw with his hand. He stared into the blazing cold blues of a man he called hs equal. "What the hell was that for?"

"You have the nerve to ask me that?" He yelled at him. He pointed over to the closed door. "I loved her, you ass! You knew I was going to ask her to marry me and you pulled this shit anyway! Just like you always do! And you asking me what it was for?"

Still rubbing his jaw he tried to move it and winced. He reached for his decanter full of brandy and poured some into a snifter. He reached for the glass and took a sip. He winced. Damn, that hurt. He turned back to him. "You think she actually cared about you?" A pause. He did apparently. Sasuke sighed. "They never do. If they don't want your money it's your fame for being connected to me. The fact that she was in here moments ago just proves it."

Naruto laughed bitterly and ran his hand through short blond strands. He didn't look at him. "You always say that. Always. And usually I brush it off as really being the girl. But this time? You went too far Sasuke. I loved her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her." He turned then moving towards the door.

"Where are you going?" There was fear in Sasuke's voice, urgency.

As Naruto paused at the door knob he looked back. "I'm leaving, Sasuke. I'm done playing your games. I'm through with you ruining every half decent relationship I've ever had because of some... stupid noble idea that you're saving me. Just because you don't want to be happy doesn't mean I can't." He opened the door and paused as he heard the next words.

"You leave me now, Uzumaki and don't expect me to take you back. Expect to find your desk cleaned out and box at the front lobby tomorrow."

Naruto didn't say another word; he just slammed the door behind him, leaving a very angry, very lonely and very depressed and ready to drink playboy. That is, if the snifter shattering against the door was any clue.


One year later...

A flashy blonde in a tight red business suit is holding a microphone and smiling madly in front of a hotel as she speaks. "Ladies and gentleman, right now were waiting to get a glimpse of playboy model, actor, photographer and part time director Sasuke Uchiha. He's finally come back from Europe after possibly scoring a big deal with big time businessman Shikamaru Nara; a new up and coming player in the showbiz world. But, until he comes out of the hotel, let's give you a brief run down of this mysterious self made millionaire."

The camera panned out and went black. Suddenly images start flashing on screen of the young boy named Sasuke now turned adult Hollywood tycoon. Some were of him and his brother and others his father and him. Some of them had all three. A man's voice started to narrate. "Sasuke Uchiha. He was born into a world of flashing cameras, glittering lights and red carpets. At the age of five he started his modeling and acting career, setting the example for all others after him. At age eight he started in his first ever blockbuster hit movie. At age ten he became the youngest photographer to ever receive the Pulitzer Prize. Currently he is one of the biggest contenders in the modeling world, holding some of the most expensive men and women under contract. His actors number in the hundreds and at least three of them win Oscars everytime. Sasuke Uchiha, how will you surprise us next?"

And then the screen went blank.


Sasuke pushed the door open to the board room he'd just been in. As soon as he was out he schooled his features and ran a hand through his perfectly shaped black strands. He fixed his tie and then continued to walk on down the hall, his pretty little assistant trailing after him.

"Mr. Uchiha." Sakura called. "Mr. Uchiha." She frowned, growing angry that he was ignoring her. "Sir!" And then she was next to him, papers in her hands.

"What is it?" He stopped as the reached the elevators and hit a button. He was tall, well formed and fit beneath the guise of a well fitting black Armani. He worked out in a gym every morning. His breakfast was strict and his lunch and dinners ever stricter. He hated waiting on people. He hated making people wait for him. He was a playboy. And after going through assistant after assistant he'd finally found one who didn't want to get in his pants. One who didn't secretly want his kids. And if she did want him, she was good at putting him off.

He stuck his hands in his pockets, perfectly manicured nails digging into his palms as he kept his facade game face on. He finally turned to her only slightly as she spoke.

"Do you want me to contact your brother?"

The corner of his pale lips curled slightly. It wasn't a scowl, but it was close enough. His features were angular, sharp and almost aristocratic. From his plucked eyebrows all the way to his lovely lashes that were almost too long for his masculine face. His eyes were something anyone could drown in; depths of dusty coal.

"Very well." He entered the elevator and she followed after him. He pushed a button for the bottom floor. His free hand went back into his pocket.

"What do you want me to say?" Her green eyes were intent. She knew he didn't want to deal with this. But, the offer was too good to pass up. It would put them on the map bigger than ever before.

He stepped off the elevator into the crowded masses all trying to take pictures of him or get autographs. He headed towards the door and ignored them as security kept their grubby hands off of him. When the reached the red Lotus, he paused at the open door and looked at her. "Tell him to send whoever Nara wants to work with me on this over tonight. I want it out of the way." And then he was getting in and slamming the door shut. After a moment the car rode away down the city street.

He kept his gaze on the road as the engine purred in 2-Eleven model. His one good hand kept hold of the steering wheel as his free hand reached for a smoke. It was his only bad habit. Other than that he was a fit has a pure bred horse. He didn't mind though; everyone had flaws. Even him.

The night was dark and he knew his brother was in town. That bastard. He was probably the one to start this whole thing. He flipped his phone open while still holding his smoke and dialed a number. After a few rings a man's voice picked up.

"Yes, sir?"

"Marcus, I'll be home shortly. If anyone makes it there before me see to it they are made as comfortable as possible."

There was a pause. "Are we expecting company sir?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm not sure who. Just make sure they get whatever they need."

"Yes, sir. Anything else?"

"Nope. Good day, Marcus." And then he hung up the phone and threw it in the passenger seat.

That idiot Nara. He was doing this on purpose. At least that's the way Sasuke saw it. He knew logically it wasn't true. The man was just making a good deal and he didn't care who he had to go through. He was offering Sasuke the sweet deal of putting his actors on the table for a good movie. A great script. He would provide the funds. And he expected him to oversee the project with another representative of his brother's company who would also be proving actors for this huge deal. It was a big movie. And everyone expected it be a major blockbuster when it came out. He didn't need to money by any means, but, it would put him high up on the totem pole.

He just hated that he had to work with his brother's company to do it. They'd never really gotten along since the old man's death. Itachi just got quieter and he got angier when his brother wanted less and less to do with him. He became more petty about his every action and choice in his career. Had he just been pissed about their father's death? He still shouldn't of taken it out on him. Damn asshole.

And whoever Nara had chosen to work with him he would be stuck with for months. Months of advertising. Months of parties. Months of overseeing the movie's progression together and making sure the director had his shit in order. They were essentially going to be overpaid babysitters. And heaven help him if he ended up with a woman. He'd get rid of her quick.

He picked up speed on the highway and headed south, sliding in and out of traffic. He silently hoped Sakura had managed to get a hold of her brother to get whoever it was over there. He hated to say it, but she was the one woman he could put up with on a regular basis. She didn't hassle him. She didn't bother him when he was busy. And if she did and he gave her hell she gave it right back in her own way. She took care of things that normally a bloody maid would. He wasn't sure why he gave her more access to his personal life than he had any other woman.

She was quick witted, smart, polite and always ready to rip him off his perch at a moments notice. She took care of his bills, clients, forgotten tabs and even made excuses for him on more than one occasion when he was in a tight position. And sometimes, when he did bring someone home, she made sure to get rid of them in the morning. Since hiring her he hadn't had to face another half naked woman in his bed trying to put up residence in his bottom dresser drawer.

And he didn't even have to marry her to get all those things. He supposed he paid her well enough that she just did it and didn't care. Did she actually have a life outside of his? He pondered this moment, actually feeling sensitive for a moment. He'd have to get her something then. And he might actually have to pick it out himself just to show her that he... appreciated.. yes that was the word. Appreciated her work.

He pulled off the highway and took another road to only turn onto a dirt ridden path. The car wobbled along until he made it to the gate. He leaned out and spoke his code. Registering the voice the gate's opened and he drove on forward towards the large home. He pulled around back and parked in the garage.

Marcus was already there when he got out and threw him the keys. "Are they here?" He kept walking, unbuttoning his coat.

"Yes, sir. The gentleman is waiting in your living room."

He nodded and headed towards the stairs leading up. "Did you get him anything to drink? Eat? Smoke?"

"He requested a bottle of your best English brandy and a lighter."

He paused then. "What was the lighter for?"

"His cigarette, sir. They were black. I think he called them cloves? Are you alright, sir?"

Sasuke felt something coiling in his gut and pushed it down. "Yes, fine. See to it that another glass--"

"Already taken care of sir. Two glasses went up to the bottle."

"Thank you, Marcus. I'll call you if I need you." And then he was moving up the stairs again and down the hall. His home was a perfect reflection of his personality. There were many clean lines and modern pieces. Some of it was leather. But everything had a clear shape. No antiques in sight. All the floors were either wooden, slate or marble.

As he made his way to the end of the hall and rounded the corner he supposed he expected to see another suit. Maybe a kid. Hell he might even have gotten stuck with a old stuffy business man who didn't think he could handle his job. What he didn't expect and had silently pushed down earlier was the blond looking out the large bay window which overlooked his large backyard.

He was taller than he remembered him. His hair was just a bit longer and brushed against his shoulders. His back was to him so he hadn't noticed his presence yet. His jacket was carefully laid out over a chair. The shirt he wore fit him like it was made for him and him only. He wore no undershirt or tank top beneath, so you could easily make out the taunt muscles in his back.

He seemed so comfortable with himself. So at ease. His legs were slightly spread, dress shoes placed firmly on the wood floor beneath him. One hand was in his pocket and the other was holding a glass of brandy as he stood next to the small stand holding the decanter and snifters.

This was going to be hard. He could see it already. The last time the spoke he'd told him to not come back. Was this some kind of cruel punishment? Even looking at him now brought back feelings he didn't like. The same ones that made him sleep with every woman he came across.

A couple of months after he'd left he'd actually sat down and thought about it. He'd wandered through his thoughts and tried to figure out just why he did what he did to Naruto. Time and time again it always came back to no one every being good enough for him. That all those woman were just like the ones he played with. You didn't get serious with them. You messed around but you certainly didn't give them a ring or keep them long enough to be exclusive.

And somehow that answer hadn't seemed entirely true. It took him some time but he finally accepted the fact that he wanted Naruto the same way all those other women did. Well, not for the money or the fame.. He wanted to be with him. He wasn't sure if it was just sex or if he cared something more for him. He supposed there could have been more.

It hadn't been easy for him. He still liked women. So, obviously he wasn't gay. He just liked both it seemed. Well, maybe not. He wasn't exactly attracted to every guy that happened to meander by. But, he was starting to notice it more and more that he had an attraction for the same sex. He still had an attraction for Naruto.

He took a few steps forward, slowly and quietly until he was right behind him. He reached up, as if daring himself to press his fingers into the base of his back and touch what lay there. After a quick moment he pulled his hand back and opened and closed his fingers a few times before stuffing it back into his pocket. And then he stepped around him, taking the decanter and a snifter. He poured himself some and took a sip as he moved to stand next to him and look out the window.

Naruto was the first to speak. "I almost choked on my drink when your butler told me 'Mr. Uchiha' would be home shortly."

Sasuke glanced over at him out of the corner of his eye. He didn't respond to his question, but answered with something else. "I wasn't aware you were working for my brother now."

He seemed to shrug. "I needed a job. You saw to that." He swirled his drink and took another sip.

Sasuke almost, ALMOST visibly winced. He was still mad at him? After a year? Did he hold grudges with people that long? "You left me, if I recall correctly."

Naruto looked ready to yell. And Sasuke was waiting for it. Naruto had never been good at controlling his emotions. Sasuke had always been the one to keep things in check. He'd always been there when his friend lost his cool and went over the edge. He'd always picked up the pieces for him...

But then, he seemed to just let it go. Just like that. "I'm not going to sacrifice my ethics for your games. I wouldn't then and I won't now, Sasuke."

Sasuke slammed his drink down on the tray and looked over at him. "She didn't love you! She never did. She just wanted your money. Probably more so than any of the other ones. Can't you see that?" He wasn't yelling, but his voice was raised.

Naruto's jaw clenched and he met his gaze. Electricity seemed to spark between them. "So, sleeping with her was the answer? Really?"

Sasuke threw up his hands. "You wouldn't have believed me otherwise." He got another look and grunt. Naruto turned away from him. "I could have talked to you till I was blue in the face and it wouldn't have done any good."

He turned around to face him, taking another sip of his drink. "You didn't even try! You just... slept with them! And then plied me with brandy and explained it away." He sighed. "And it's not like you weren't right about a lot of them." He stared at him again. "But some of those girls I dated about three days. Three days! And you got in their pants. You can't possibly connect with someone in three days, Sasuke."

This made Sasuke pause. "No, I always waited at least a week... What? Don't look at me like that. I did!" Naruto narrowed his gaze on him. "Ok, FINE, one of them I waited three days. But she was terrible...Naruto!" He was walking away. "Where are you going this time?"

He turned around as he got to the entrance of the living room. "I'm not working with you on this. I just can't. There's too much bad blood. I'm sorry." And then he was walking away again.

Sasuke ran after him then and somehow managed to get in front of him and block his path in the hallway to the garage. "Stop, alright?"

"Why should I? You haven't changed. I see that. You're not even sorry." He tried to move past but Sasuke stopped him again.

"Ok, fine, I was an ass." Another look. "Alright, a big ass. But, you have to agree those girls just wanted your money and what fame came with it."

"If this is your attempt at apologizing you failing. Badly." His arms crossed over his chest.

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "I'll make a deal with you. If you work with me on this project I promise I won't mess with any of the women you date."

He just stared at him, as if considering.

Sasuke gaped at him. A rare expression. "Oh come on! You know when I make a promise I stand by it, drop out. I never once broke a vow in my life."

Another long moment passed but then his face went soft and he looked like he finally gave in. "Ok, fine. BUT."


"But, if you so much as kiss anyone I'm remotely interested in were done. The deal is off and you loose the contract with Nara. Got it?"

"Got it."