Final Warning (Ha!)

You guys suck, you know that? XP Just kidding. Alright, so after much deliberation and reviews sent my way... I've decided to keep LCA up. BSV2 is still coming down. So, if you want it? Get it by the 5th, ok? I've extended the date for a few people that messaged me with whatever question or reason. LCA will stay up, but BSV2 is coming down for good. Maybe when when I'm done with my other fics I'll update LCA.

Good news for you guys! And in the end good news for me. My paperwork for the school to verify my stuff through the government grant (pell) I got didn't get in one time... sooooo I won't be taking classes this fall. I will in the spring and summer. Why is this good news for me? Well, because I'm going to Dragon*con at the end of August and don't wanna miss classes on a full time schedule. It's good news for you because it means I'll have more time to write if you read my other fics.

I can't promise when I'll get back to work on LCA, but I can promise I will at some point. People keep telling me it's too good a read to not update it at all. Thanks again for the support ^,^