ok.I might get hell for this cuz it's my first fic.Ya, I finally got around to posting my own story.I chose to do one for Time Machine tho I don't know how good this is gonna go- I never was good in english class!lol!I hope you guys enjoy it.PLEASE REVIEW! But don't flame! lol!

A new dawn...

Alex walked alone beside the bank of the river.It had been a year since the battle with the morlocks.He and Mara had gotten married and Mara was now expecting theri first child.The professor was nervous and anxious about it.
Ever since he found out she was pregnant, he had been constantly doing everything to make Mara as comfortable as possible by doing all the house work, helping Kalen with his schooling, cooking and anything else to prevent Mara from exhausting herself.And now that she was eight months, he was even more frantinc.

Today Mara had been very tired so she was at home resting.Alex had decided it to be a good time to go out and have a walk to maybe clear his mind.YIKES!How would Alex, a dad-to-be be able to clear his mind?Especialy with his beloved Mara so heaviily pregnant!

Kalen was soon to meet up with Alex cause he had wondered where Alex was and why he wasn't at the house caring for Mara."Alex what are you doing?"he asked."Oh Kalen."Alex said nervously."Im just out here ding a little thinking that's all."

Kalen looked at him."About the baby?" Alex smiled."Yes.I wonder if its gonna be a boy or a girl."

"I hope its a boy."Kalen smiled."Then I'll have a brother of my own!"

"I'll be happy with either myself."Alex said."And we can always have another later on, maybe."

That night when Alex and Mara and Kaeln were in bed, Mara suddenly woke Alex out of a sound sleep.

"Mara what's wrong?"

"Alex I think it's time!"

To be continued...

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