Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters, they belong to Stephenie Meyer

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters, they belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Bella was 14 the night it happened, that terrible event she has forgotten. Now in a Sanitarium she's faced with Nightmares that haunt her every night. Dr. Carlisle Cullen decides to take her on personally. Edward, his son in training, meets Bella and she quickly becomes his favorite patient. All Human. A little OOC. Enjoy!


Name: Isabella Swan

Age: 16

Date Of Birth: 13 September, 1980 (This is a guess)

Date Admitted: 15 November 1996 (Two years before Twilight begins)

Symptoms: Patient shows signs of severe amnesia, depression, and night terrors. Patient has shown to be unresponsive at times almost comatose. Patient has no recollection of the events leading up to 9 September 1994.

Excerpt from first interview with patient: "Isabella, Why are you crying?" "It's twilight. The sun is going down, it'll be dark soon. Don't let it get dark, Doctor!"

Carlisle sighs heavily and sits the medical file on his desk. Isabella Swan was being transferred from a different Sanitarium in Seattle. An agent had visited her and found the arrangements unsuitable for a sixteen year old girl. The rooms were cold and damp, and the treatments were far from conventional.

Just then Edward walks in looking slightly panicked.

"The new patient is here and refuses to come out of the truck. Emmett and Jasper don't want to use force, and the driver is threatening violence to her if we don't get her out soon," says Edward. Carlisle immediately stands up and follows Edward outside to the truck.

If there was one thing Carlisle couldn't stand it was violence. Force was a last resort and Carlisle was sure it would only scare the poor girl more. When they reach the truck it was true that the driver was unhappy. Emmett and Jasper were both trying to keep the driver away and trying to coax the girl out at the same time.

"Excuse me," says Carlisle. The driver immediately turns and glares at Carlisle.

"Get this nut case out of my truck so I can leave," demands the driver.

"Of course," says Carlisle walking over to the truck. He looks in the back and is horrified to find Isabella curled up in the back of the truck wearing a straight jacket and face mask. "No wonder she won't come out. Edward, come remove the straight jacket and mask from the patient."

Edward immediately climbs into the back of the truck. Isabella screams and tries to curl into a smaller ball.

"How can anyone be so cruel?" wonders Edward, as he reaches for the jacket slowly making every move deliberate so he didn't scare her. He removes the mask and jacket quickly.

"Good girl. Let's get you inside and cleaned up as well as some new clothes. You'll feel better after a nice hot shower I'm sure," says Carlisle. Isabella, knowing she had no choice, slowly and hesitantly climbs out of the back of the truck. Carlisle signs the driver's papers saying she was transferred and walks inside without another word.

Once inside they lead Isabella to the showers. Nurse Rosalie Hale was in her office which was on the way. When they pass she comes out.

"Doctor, is this the new patient?" asks Rosalie.

"Yes Nurse Hale. Could you get her cleaned up and take her to my office?" asks Carlisle. She nods and gently takes Isabella's hand leading her to the showers. After a shower Rosalie gives Isabella a check-up. To her surprise she had minor lacerations al over her body, some newer than others.

After making sure she was properly treated for the injuries and given an antibiotic she gives Isabella some clothes and leads her to Carlisle's office. Carlisle was looking over a medical file.

"Doctor, I've brought Isabella," says Rosalie. Carlisle looks up and notices the bandages on Isabella's face and hands.

"Is she alright?" asks Carlisle.

"She had minor lacerations all over her body as well as some bumps and bruises," says Rosalie. Carlisle nods and motions towards the chair in front of his desk.

"Come have a seat Isabella," says Carlisle.

"She hasn't spoken a word to me. Even as I was treating her wounds, she showed no signs of pain or discomfort; she just sat there," says Rosalie, clearly disturbed.

"That will be all Nurse Hale. Thank you," says Carlisle dismissively. Rosalie walks out and closes the door behind her. Carlisle looks at Isabella and smiles kindly.

"My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Most of the patients call me Doc or Carlisle. I don't mind what you call me. So you're name is Isabella, correct?" asks Carlisle. Isabella looks down blushing.

"Bella," she whispers.

"Bella? Okay, I'll make note of it," says Carlisle. Bella doesn't say anything; she just continues to look down ringing her hands. "Did Nurse Hale treat you alright?" Bella looks out the window and nods. "Good. My employees are to show my patients kindness." Bella doesn't respond.

"Do you know where you are?" asks Carlisle. Bella shakes her head. "You are in my Sanitarium. You no longer have to deal with those insensitive louts." Just then Edward walks in.

"Carlisle, her room is ready," says Edward.

"Thank You Edward. Bella, this is my son, Edward. He'll be in charge of giving you the proper medications. He'll also give you a tour of the Sanitarium and show you where you can and cannot go," says Carlisle.

"Come on, Bella," says Edward offering her his hand. Bella stands up, but doesn't take his hand. Edward leads her out into a large room where other people in lavender and green scrubs were doing various activities. The girls wore Lavender like Bella, while the men wore green. Suddenly a girl with spiky black hair looks up at them and grins before running over and stopping in front of them.

"Good morning Alice," says Edward. Alice looks at Bella and smiles.

"Is this the new patient Carlisle was waiting for?" asks Alice.

"Yes, this is Bella. Bella this is Alice. She's one of the first patients here," says Edward.

"We'll be great friends, Bella, I just know it," says Alice excitedly.

"She's one of the more…optimistic patients," says Edward before leading her down the hall. They come to another large room with tables resembling those of a high school cafeteria. "This is the cafeteria where you'll be served three meals daily."

Soon the tour was coming to an end and they were walking down a hallway with doors on either side of them. "These are the bedrooms. Yours is number 210," explains Edward coming to a door with the number 210 on the front and a small window looking in. You could see the whole room through the window, it wasn't very big. "Carlisle encourages the patients to go to the lobby during the day and socialize, but you can also stay in your room if you want. Lights out is at 10:00 and you'll be awakened by an alarm at 7:30."

Bella just nods to let Edward know she was getting everything. Edward smiles and opens the door. "Feel free to check it out." Bella walks in and looks around the room. There was a bed, a desk, and a window that could be opened and closed, but it had bars over it to prevent escape. Bella sits down on the bed and looks out at the view of the ocean. It was relaxing somehow.

"Would you like to go back out to the lobby? It sounds like you've already made a friend in Alice," says Edward. Bella shakes her head. "I'll come to get you at lunch time then. How does that sound?" Bella nods and Edward leaves locking the door behind him.

Bella sits down and looks out the window. The ocean was beautiful today the sun had decided to make a rare appearance brightening up the day considerably. Perhaps this was a good sign. Dr. Cullen and Edward seemed kind enough, but that might change once they realize how much of a freak Bella was. The voices in her head, the things she saw, they taunted her. No one knew about these voices or the…but she wouldn't dwell on that.

After about an hour Edward comes back in with a smile on his face. Bella was lying down looking at the plain white walls. This place was too white.

"How are you feeling, Bella?" asks Edward. Bella doesn't respond. "It's lunch time. Alice has volunteered to sit with you. I hope you like spaghetti." Bella stands up and follows Edward out to the cafeteria. Once she had a tray, Edward leads her to a table where Alice was sitting almost bouncing in her seat in anticipation.

"Hi Bella!" says Alice, cheerfully. Bella blushes and sits down across from her. "Edward, you should sit with us too." Edward was also holding a tray in his hands. He usually ate whatever the patients ate, Carlisle felt that it would make the patients feel better if they ate where and what everyone else ate. Edward sits down next to Bella.

"You don't mind, do you Bella?" asks Edward. Bella shakes her head and takes a bite of spaghetti. Realizing just how hungry she was she begins to eat quickly. "Did they not feed you in the other place?" Edward was sincerely concerned for Bella. He'd never seen a patient eat so quickly.

"Where'd she come from?" asks Alice.

"The Sanitarium in Port Angeles," says Edward. Alice shudders.

"No wonder she's eating so quickly. I went there for a while. You were lucky to get one meal a day if anything. You were treated like a criminal or something and the staff was always rough. Some of the men were perverts and enjoyed watching the girls shower and they would even go so far as to touch them," says Alice. Edward looks at Bella.

"That's terrible. Is it true, Bella?" asks Edward. Bella nods slowly. "Then it's a good thing you're here."

End Chapter

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