Ok here it is my new story

Ok here it is my new story! If you review this I will continue but only if I get….hmmm lets say 7 reviews at the least!

Summary- Renee and Charlie stayed together until Bella was 13. Renee and Bella move to Florida, Renee wins the lottery but not long after dies in a car crash, leaving Bella ALL of her money etc. Bella is 17 and a vampire Bella moves to forks to live with Charlie.


Bella at 13

Short-4 foot nine, chubby, glasses, brace, frizzy hair, bookworm, geek, unsociable, clever. (Kind of like me….)

Bella at 17

Taller-5 foot 4, thinish but curvy (British size 12), wavy brown hair down to her waist, inhumanly beautiful (of course she is a vampire!), still unsociable but not quite as much, intelligent, VAMPIRE!

Edward at 17

Player, arrogant, handsome, annoying (to Bella and his siblings), clever

Alice at 17

Hyper when happy, caring, not as much of a shopping freak

The Cullen's moved to forks 6 months before Bella left and are NOT vampires.

Jasper and Rosalie are recent additions to the family and are Esme's niece and nephew. Esme can't have children; Alice, Edward and Emmett are adopted.

Disclaimer- I only own the idea not the charectors,sadly….


I don't think anyone really noticed her unless to make fun of her, in fact I haven't thought of her for years, the chubby swan girl, I mean come on! Why would anyone notice her she was your average geek1 glasses, brace you get the picture. Her parents divorce was this entire town talked about for weeks! We had lived in forks for about 6 months before she left with her mother to Florida. Now she was coming back. Her mother had died in a car crash a few weeks ago leaving Bella 17.3 million dollars to use as she liked.

Everyone was prepared for the little red Ferrari but not what stepped out of it. She was beautiful! Taller, about 5 foot 4, and with silky, wavy chocolate hair down to her waist. Her eyes were topaz, obviously contacts and as I walked from my Volvo to my first class I was speechless. Everyone was. Mike Newton was staring at her, mouth almost reaching the floor and eyes the size of dinner plates. He wasn't the only one. She lifted her Gucci shades to survey the gawking crowd of people before walking towards the office with the grace of the finest ballet dancer. That was another difference; the old Bella san couldn't take two steps without falling. No WAY could this be the same Bella swan.

He he so that was Edwards thoughts of Bella! I'm posting the next chapter within a few minutes and it will be longer and mostly from bellas POV.

Pleeeeeeease review they make my day!