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I was 2 miles out of Washington state when my emotions broke through. I pulled into the lay-by and dry sobbed for all I was worth. It was at times like this when I wish we could actually cry, I needed the release that tears gave. I spent hours there and when I finally pulled myself together, it was dark. I drove and drove until I finally reached my destination, Denali. Tanya, Irena and Kate had arranged for me to do my senior year at their local high school posing as their cousin, which was good...but I just couldn't put my heart into anything. I hunted when I absolutely needed to, did my homework, did all that was required of me, but I was numb.

I missed the way his hair glinted in the rare sun.

I missed look of concentration on his face when he played piano.

I missed HIM.

I missed them all.

2 years had passed since I left the Cullens and I had decided to go back to at least check on them. I drove the long journey for only the second time.

When I arrived at the house I knew something was wrong, there was a broken window, the front garden was overgrown, the garage bolted shut. I walked forward and peered through the broken window.

It was empty! There was absolutely NOTHING there!

No! this cannot be happening!


A nomad by the name of Victoria had come to us to tell us of a vampire with human pets that knew of our existence, however, the vampire was very young and had been changed by a former friend of hers. There were many curious things abut her though, first how she was able to control her thirst around her pets when she was but a year old, and also her power was like nothing I had seen before, the guard would certainly profit from her joining. I saw the faces of the vampire and her human pets and set out with Jane, Alec and Demetri to find them. Usually I did not go on missions but this girl intrigued me very much.

It was mere luck that we came across them while parked at the side of the road, Demetri of all people had somehow gotten us lost. The boy pulled over and got out, he introduced himself and offered to help, I shook his hand eager to see the vampire to whom he was a pet but...through all of the memories there was not one with her in, it confused and irritated me to no end, had the nomad faked her memories?! Just to be sure I met with a few people in the tiny town, but couldn't even find a whisper of strange.


I woke to my alarm blaring on Thursday morning, I groaned and sat up, my head hurt like hell and somehow I felt like I had lost something important...weird. I pushed the covers off and stumbled into my shower.

Esme was making waffles as I made my way down stairs, Esme handed me a plate as I entered the kitchen, I thanked her and sat down to eat. Little by little my siblings trailed in, all of them looking as bad as I felt, maybe it was universal 'headache from hell' day?

Days, weeks and months passed.

Before I knew it I was back at school for my senior year, then applying for college, then graduation, then packing up and leaving for Chicago.

For the first time ever, the Cullen clan were splitting up, Alice was going to a fashion school in Paris, Jasper decided to trace his family before attending college, Rosalie was moving to New York to become a model, Esme and Carlisle were moving to London, and Emmett...well no-one really knew what Emmett was doing. He was still cut up about his breakup with Rose, he really loved her and I often heard him muttering about 'getting away'.

The ride to the airport was uncomfortable to say the least, full of awkward conversations and even more awkward silences.

I hugged my mother and sisters, promising to call them, said my goodbyes to Em, Jazz and my father then walked to the check in desk, both my cars were being shipped to Chicago at that very moment, Alice, Jasper and Rosalie also made their way to check out desks after saying their goodbyes.

Life was going fine, but ever since that Thursday morning I couldn't shake the feeling something was missing, something important, it had all spiralled downward from then on, Rose and Em kept breaking up and getting back together, Alice and Jasper fought, Alice was depressed for a while and had to go to hospital she wouldn't eat and muttered about 'something is missing'. Esme and Carlisle hadn't known what to do. The last time we had truly been happy was about a week into our senior year, I smiled when I remembered the thee Italians that got lost on the windy roads, we had come across them on the way to school.

I was driving to school as normal, Rosalie and Alice chatting in the back, Jasper and Emmett talking loudly at some trivial thing, my mind was on more important matters, such as which college to got to. Then I spotted a man by a car with two teenage children and a dude f about twenty, he put out his hand and I pulled over to offer my assistance, we were really early anyway.

"Hello, is there a problem?" I asked sticking out my hand to shake, "I'm Edward by the way." the man smiled.

"Very pleased to meet you Edward, my name is Aro and these are my children, Alec and Jane, and my nephew Demetri I'm afraid we are lost." he said as he shook my hand.

We had quickly found where he had gone wrong and we were both soon on our way, he was rather odd...and smelled like onion. I chuckled.


My family was scattering to the corners of the world it seemed, nothing had been right since their senior year, something seemed to be missing from our lives, like a person we couldn't remember. If I tried I could almost come up with a face but my head always hurt so bad, one time I actually got a nose bleed. Carlisle had gotten an offer from a hospital in London and we decided to go to get away from the now melancholy feeling of Forks. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Rosalie had all flown away on the same day, leaving Emmett, Carlisle and I alone. Emmett packed up his Jeep and left the next day.

Carlisle and I had bought a penthouse apartment close to his work, but we wee still getting used to the city, it was very easy to get lost. For my birthday Carlisle was taking me to the theatre to see Part 1 of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials', we also had tickets for Parts 2 and 3.

We came out of the theatre smiling and holding hands, it was a nice night so we had decided to walk, I looked at the sky, I couldn't see the stars because of the light from the city but there were no clouds, it was a while before we realised we had no idea where we were. I started to panic, I looked around for a street sign, a taxi, something that would help.

I was tackled from behind, I let out a cry of surprise and I saw Carlisle thrown across the narrow street, he crashed into the wall of a building and collapsed on the ground. I was then reminded of the thing that had tackled me by a loud growl. I whimpered and struggled, I HAD to get free!

I felt a burning pain in my neck, I screamed, it felt as if my soul was being sucked out.

I lost consciousness after a few seconds.


I often thought back to my high school days, I missed my family terribly, especially Emmett, but being a model was hard work, if you even got recruited that is, and I just didn't have time for a boyfriend in the beginning, add to that he wanted to elope then travel the world, it just didn't fit in with where I wanted to go.

My thought chased each other round my mind, so much so that I didn't realise there was someone in front of me until I walked into them. I almost fell over but a pair of strong arms caught me.

"My my, don't you smell just...delectable."


I sighed, where did it all go wrong? At first I was surprised when I had visions of the brown haired beauty, I didn't know who she was but she was somehow frustrated me to no end. Then when I met Jacques...let's just say everything came back, I missed my family, but for their own safety it was better they stayed away. I was just about to start on my work when the tell tale signs of an oncoming vision emerged.

The Brunette knelt in front of the old white house,

"No! No! Where are they?! They were supposed to fine! They were supposed to be here!" she wailed dry sobbing into her hands. A twig snapped and her head shot up, she caught sight of the perpetrator and suddenly her eyes were cold and hard with hatred.

"YOU!" she shrieked at the smirking red haired woman, "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" she stood up and leapt through the air towards the redhead. The battle didn't take long, the brunettes pure rage and hatred of the woman only strengthened her powers. The redhead was no match for her.

"Go Bella!" Alice cheered before going back to her work, she would have to find Bella soon, delaying much longer could prove fatal for more than a few.


Since leaving Forks, I discovered that my great great grandfather had fought in the civil war, Esme's brother (dead) who I always thought was my real father, had in fact adopted Rose and I when we were 3 months old, my real mother was a travelling circus performer who'd had a fatal accident and my real father was unknown.

I entered my apartment that I shared with my friends Peter and Charlotte, and got started on dinner. Peter had just come into the kitchen to say hi, my concentration slipped...and so did the knife.

It felt like I had been tackled by a mountain as I crashed to the ground with Peter on top of me, then the pain of probable cracked ribs was nothing compared to the burning. I heard running footsteps,


Crash! Bang! I heard growls and snarls but the last thing I heard before falling into the blackness was;

"I'm sorry my friend, so truly sorry, if you ever forgive me fr this it will be to soon."


I was chopping wood for my fire, I had built myself a cottage in the wilderness and was content in my solitude, I missed my family but couldn't bring myself to be around them, especially Rosalie. She hurt me, she hurt me bad and she knew it. The rain had started to pour, and all of a sudden the thunder and lightning joined the party, the rain now coming down in sheets. I grabbed what firewood I could carry and made my way back to the cottage, the ominous crack and crash was all that alerted me to the falling tree.

As my concious slipped away I caught a glimpse of a brunette so innocent and beautiful that she MUST be an angel.


I found Emmett quite by chance. I was passing through, hunting as I went along, continuing my search for the Cullens, I heard the tree falling and somehow over the sound of the thunderstorm, a gasp of surprise. I ran. As I got closer the scent that assaulted my nose was so familiar I thought I would either laugh or cry.

I saw his mangled body beneath the tree and made the decision then and there, Emmett would become a vampire. I knelt down, and lifted the tree off him, he had blacked out,

"Sorry Emmett, but you'll thank me later." I whispered into his ear before sinking my teeth into his neck. Now I was one step closer to finding my friends, and my Edward.

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