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i t had been nearly a week since that event had occurred and all the other Guardian members had seemed to pick up that something was wrong between their Jack and Ace Chairs. Dragging her feet tiredly into the Royal Garden that afternoon, Yaya wasn't really in the mood for another long boring lecture about all that they had to get done before the weekend was back amongst them again. Her footsteps seemed to ring loudly in her ears and as she neared the steps she felt a feeling of dread settle over her. Sucking in a deep breath, she plastered on a fake smile and picking up her feet she began to bounce and skip up to the steps shouting 'Yaya's here!' loud and cheery; Pepe right behind her looking a little worried for her master but also masking her pain with a bright smile.

"Well…you're the second to arrive –strange."

At that voice, the smile she had forced on slipped right off and that feeling of dread seemed to grow as she looked up and spotted the one person she wasn't ready to face yet seated in his seat; legs hitched up on the table and a semi –bored expression plastered to his features. As he stared at the small eleven year old he seemed to take in her features before grinning and sitting properly. "How ya been Yaya?" He probed and swallowing down a large lump in her throat Yaya tried to keep her emotions in check and her voice as normal as she could possibly muster.

"Yaya's good and Kukai? How's Kukai?"

For some strange reason Kukai couldn't help but interpret that question differently. Maybe it was the way her eyes seemed to frown as she answered or the way she seemed to tug down on her blazer when she asked him if he was okay. Shrugging the feeling off, Kukai shrugged indifferently and leaned back in his seat and continued to study her for a moment and feeling a little uncomfortable under his close scrutiny she moved stiffly up the steps and instead of taking a seat in her usual seat beside the soccer player; she settled down in Amu's seat. The pair didn't dare say a single word to one another instead they sat in silence while Daichi and Pepe had seemed to float off somewhere in the garden.

Yaya wasn't usually a very observant person but she seemed to pick up that this meeting was going to be a no show after ten minutes of waiting in silence. She hated this, she hated not talking to her best friend, she hated the fact that she had been so stupid and had told him that she was in love with him and now here they were –not talking to one another. They couldn't even look at each other without remembering that terrible day vividly! Shifting in her seat she glanced up only to see that Kukai had drifted off somewhere between the time she had been debating over her thoughts and waiting for the others to arrive. Smiling softly, she gently kicked his leg from under the table and groaning he lifted his head, eyelids heavy as his green orbs clashed with her nut –brown ones and she felt her heartbeat begin to race.

"I don't think the others are coming."

Staring at her blankly for a moment, Kukai then nodded in agreement and sat up straight. "Then I guess there isn't really a reason to still be here huh?" Yaya nodded softly as Kukai grinned and staring at her solemn expression his grin slipped off and he ruffled his hair and rubbed his eyes. "Yaya look…I'm really sorry about what happened between us. You're my best friend and if it's anything – I hate seeing you upset and its worst when it's my fault that you're hurt…wont you please just forgive me and give me another chance? I promise not to hurt you this time," looking up at his pleading face Yaya tried her hardest not to burst into tears but that showed to be impossible when they began to cascade down her glossy cheeks but she managed to nod amidst it all.

"I'll give you another chance Kukai."

A broad grin spread across his face and popping up from his seat, he stared down at her small form; watching as she swiped at her tears. Yaya couldn't seem to get them to stop and as she reached up to swipe at them again she stopped dead, Kukai was running his thumbs over her cheeks and wiping them away and oddly enough it seemed as if he was also wiping away her pain and discomfort. Meeting his gaze for a brief moment his eyes were glassy and unfocused and in a foul sweep he had engulfed her in a warm embrace that seemed to warm her entire body and to last for an eternity. He didn't say anything and Yaya just let him hug her because even without words she knew that he was willing to give her a try to give this –their friendship another try.

"How about we go get some ice cream…my treat?!"

Kukai pulled back and stared at Yaya who just grinned and nodded before he pulled her out of her seat and not letting go of her hand, he tugged on it and the two headed out of the garden with Pepe and Daichi following. As Kukai glanced at the small girl beside him he couldn't help but smile at her giddiness and the bubbling of her laughter as she laughed in his ear and skipped along side of him; their footfalls in sync with one another just like their hearts. He'd try –he'd try to love her just as she did him because really under it all they were already meant to be together –the stars had predicted it along time ago…

Kukai & Yaya 4ever…END…

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