I know this idea has been used already, but I couldn't resist. The whole Yuuki never became human and stayed a pureblood vampireconcept is fun to work with. And I get to write Kurancestfluff because I love KxY (and some Zekifluff, maybe onesided).

The first arc of the story is going to be Yuuki's life with Cross and Zero. It's not really going to be chapters, more like oneshots and maybe a few drabbles, also chapters with the main Night class students and what they think about the whole Kuran princess deal.

The second arc is going to be Yuuki's life before she goes to the Academy. It will be really short. And the third arc will be Yuuki going to Cross Academy.

Let's get this show on the road.

Hand of Sorrow

The child without a name grew up to be the hand
To watch you, to shield you or kill on demand

-Within Temptation

...It's so cold...

Snow...Oniisama told me about snow. But something's wrong. It's supposed to be pure white...not red. Where is all the red coming from?

I smell father's blood...and mother's blood.

Something bad is coming.

I'm scared.

A million thoughts flew through Kuran Yuuki's head as she watched the outline of her home from a snowy hill. She could see that the ground around the huge mansion was stained red and she could barely make out the outlines of people moving in front of the house. Yuuki stood there nervously waiting for her brother or parents to come for her.

Everything had happened so fast. After Yuuki had told her parents about the nightmares she had been having they had both run out of the house. It was awhile before Juuri had come back to the basement, alone. Yuuki had been clutching Kaname's arm while they were waiting and as soon as she saw her mother she had run to her arms.

"What's happening? Where's father!" asked Yuuki helplessly as she looked at her mother with frightened eyes. Juuri didn't answer her question, she just tightened her hold on her beloved daughter.

"Yuuki...my Yuuki...You've made your mother so happy. I love you so much," she whispered as a stray tear fell from her eye. She knew that this might be the last chance she would ever see her beautiful daughter's face. She let go of Yuuki and looked at her with a sad smile. "I have to go now. I want you to listen to Kaname."

"Mother...?" asked Yuuki, confused by Juuri's strange behavior. Her mother didn't say anything. She moved away from Yuuki and walked over to Kaname. Yuuki watched as they exchanged a few words and Juuri kissed a suprised Kaname quickly on the cheek. She came back to Yuuki again and pulled something from around her neck. It was a silver locket with the design of a butterfly made out of purple jewels on the front. It had been a present from Haruka on their anniversary. On the inside was a picture their whole family had taken together when Yuuki was three. Juuri placed the necklace in Yuuki's small hands and then wrapped both of her own around them.

"Everything your father and I have done was to protect you, Yuuki. Please remember that." She gave her daughter one last kiss on the forehead and then swiftly left the room.

Not so long after her mother had left, Yuuki had started smelling both her parents' blood. Kaname seemed worried also and decided to go check on them. He sternly told Yuuki not to leave the basement and that he would be back as soon as possible. Yuuki sat there trembling after he left as she smelled more blood and heard furious screaming. Finally she couldn't take it any more and flew out of the house. She saw a nearby hill that was a safe distance away from the house and she had been standing there for a long time.

"Where are you, Oniisama?" said Yuuki quietly, clutching the locket her mother had given her tightly in her pocket . She was starting to wonder if she should go back when suddenly she felt a presence behind her.

"Are you lost little girl?" said a raspy voice. Yuuki turned around slowly to see a dark figure looming figure with shining red eyes looking down at her. He was covered in a trenchcoat and the hungry way he was staring at Yuuki was scaring the girl. She stumbled back a few steps. It was the first vampire she had ever met besides her family.

"N-no. I'm not lost," replied Yuuki nervously. The other vampire smirked as he saw the little girl look at him with frightened crimson eyes. He was drawn to this place by the strong smell of blood in the area and he could tell that the girl in front of him was another vampire. He could smell the strong scent of sweet blood coming from her.

"Well, if that's the case, would you mind if I drank your pure blood."

Before Yuuki could react the vampire came rushing at her with barred fangs. He grabbed her roughly by the shoulder and she could feel his claws extending.

"No!" Yuuki screamed as she struggled to get away. She was too young for powers to be of any use against the Level E. She closed her eyes as she felt him getting closer.

Somebody help me!

Suddenly, Yuuki felt the other vampire pulled away from her. She opened her eyes just in time to see another person's arm slam through the Level E's head. Blood covered the snow around them and the newcomer withdrew his arm from the dead vampire's head. The Level E's body fell limply to the ground before turning into dust. Blood had gotten on the corner of Yuuki's mouth and she licked it away before looking up at her savior. She instantly knew who's presence it was.

"Are you alright, Yuuki?" said Kaname as he knelt down to Yuuki's height with his arms outstretched.

"Kaname-oniisama! You saved me!" Yuuki ran into her brother's arms with relief. Tears fell down her face as she wrapped her arms as tightly as she could around him.

"I was so scared," she whispered as she felt Kaname's arm tighten around her.

"I told Yuuki that whenever she was scared, I would be with her," Kaname said reassuringly as he wiped the tears from her eyes.

There you go. Chapter one is completed. I was wondering how Juuri would have died if she didn't erase Yuuki's memories. I don't think Rido would kill her on purpose based on the recent manga chapters, so lets just say she died protecting Haruka from that vampire hunter sword and then Rido killed Haruka out of anger. Yuuki was supposed to be staying in the basement like a good little pureblood while her brother kicked some vampire ass, but she got spooked and ran away. And somehow ended up on a hill. She gets attacked by a vampire, Kaname comes and totally massacres it. Next chapter should be out shortly. Please review and give me your opinion.