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Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 11

As he watches the sun rise over the horizon, he can't seem to really try to lift his spirits by watching the scene before him. With a sigh, he turns away from the colouring horizon to glance at his ex-instructor, the man that he had believed in just hours before. His hand grips the top of the Forbidden scroll as his other hand goes to the pouch filled with much smaller scrolls that he had stolen along side the much larger one.

"I'm such a fool, believing that I could ever be a ninja." He murmurs hatefully to himself, nobody was around other then the silver haired Chunin and himself, the container to the Kyuubi. So much self-loathing enters into his being that he wishes that he could just kneel over and puck it out of him, he already feels sick to his stomach as it is.

'Do you wish to have a new start at life?' An eerie voice asks him and he stiffens, his eyes darting around the clearing that he's standing in. He swallows before replying.

"And what if I am? What business is it of your's?" He growls, likely a pale imitation of what the demon fox within him likely sounded like when the Kyuubi wasn't sealed within him.

'You know that they're coming and seeing that you're kind of at a dead end right now, seeing as yonder man convinced you to steal all those scrolls.' The voice says, he winces at being reminded of that trick, though the voice continues on, 'I can see a very bright future for you, Naruto. One that will allow you to make your own choices, where the adults aren't trying to hold you back.'

He bits down on his lip, unsure on whether or not to take this... guy, he really hopes it's a guy since if it were a girl... He turns to stare at the fallen ninja as he considers the offer. Finally he asks, "And what do you get in return? I highly doubt you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart."

Hours ago he wouldn't have asked that question, but now, things have changed. A person he thought he could trust and was just trying to help him achieve his dream had turned out to have been planning to not just discrediting him by having him steal all those scrolls, true the silver haired man wanted only the Forbidden scroll but he had hinted that if he got a few extra ones, they'd be considered bonus points, but also on killing him. So he learnt a very important lesson, one that he'd be lucky to live through when those ninjas come to take the scrolls back from him.

The creepy voice laughs an even creepier laugh, a laugh that causes slight shivers up and down his spine. 'A very good question, boy. Let's just say that by helping you get away from this place, I help myself by adding an unknown element to the worlds at large.' The finally answers once the being finishes laughing that creepy laugh.

The answer throw him, he cocks his head to the side with his brow and lips frowning for a few seconds. He perks as he hears voices calling out in the distant. He becomes frighten and he glances to the Forbidden scroll. He's mind a whirl about what to do, but he knows he has to decide.

"I'll go, just... I want to take what I got with me too." He says softly and the voice chuckles slightly, he knew that the being agreed as the Forbidden scroll shrinks as his world begins to flash before his eyes. With a gasp, he finds himself in a new world, a world that seems to be totally barren...



Dark Ocean

'Drat, but then, I didn't think it would work, so therefore, it's a minor victory. He's alive and well, likely thanks to that fox within him.' He muses as he studies the energy tear that allows him to see between worlds that showed where the eleven year old boy was. Though he won't be able to do much expect resting, after all, it took a great deal of energy to move the blond from his world, a world that didn't have a Digital world connected to it, to that Digital world.

He truly can never understand the mind of humans, the boy and the fox sealed within him represented power, a power that could have been used to further that village's power. All the fools needed to do was win the boy's trust and devotion, the boy would have done anything they'd asked of him, but at last, they didn't couldn't even grasp that concept. 'Oh well, their lost, my gain.' He muses as he watches the boy's reaction to the fact that there isn't much of a sky over his head.

"Go, find a partner of your own choosing. Get strong, boy. For the harder it is for Yggdrasil and the others to deport you, the more likely they'll not notice my escape from this prison." He says out loud, knowing that the boy can't hear anything that he's saying. The memory of how the Digidestine managed to send him to the Dark Ocean plays within his mind.

At first he thought it was such a simple matter of finding a weak spot within this twilight world to open a portal to escape, but within days he's found out for himself that the powers that be had altered this world so it would become an inescapable prison for him. First that Tamer Taichi and his blue partner, a Digimon named Zeromaru of all things, ruin his plans in that world with the help of Neo, so he traveled to a world that, through his scans, had been visited by the Digimon God Millenniummon and located that one of the Chosen children was infested with a Dark Spore.

Once more, things didn't go as planned as interference from Myotismon prevented him from getting to the boy first and then the other Digidestine aided Ken in opening a portal to the Dark Ocean. Though the Digimon that he recruited to help him get the boy ended up forgetting the objective and went onto not just taunt the Chosen, but engaged them in battle and lost. Then finally to his current situation as his attempt to bring the blond boy to the lands of Azulongmon in hopes of tricking the boy into opening up a way out of the Dark Ocean from that Digital world.

But he's patient, in a few years he'll once more attempt to bring the boy, plus whatever Digimon he partners up with, to the correct Digital world and call on that debt that now has with the boy. After all, if Naruto won't aid him, he now knows where to find someone who can. The image of one Sasuke Uchiha flashes in the energy tear between worlds before the tear closes up.


Naruto Uzumaki

"Ok, it's been..." He checks his counting stick and says, "About six weeks and I'm still not hungry. I don't know whether to freak out or just keep doing what I've been doing since I found this rocky valley."

He knows that talking to yourself means that you're mad, but, after being here for just a day he already fell into that habit, or maybe he always had this habit and just never noticed because he lived in a village filled with other people so he just envisioned that he was talking to someone. With something new to think about, he creates twenty Shadow clones and without a word from him, they get to work in groups of five. Each group gets a scroll and then they're to work on what's within the scroll until they're all gone or when they've mastered wants written on the scroll.

True, a few of the scrolls are Genjutsu and he sucks at that branch of the ninja arts but he's determined to learn, master, and maybe improved what's on the scrolls he's stolen. Though he usually puts those Genjutsu scrolls off to the side so that he'll come back to them at a later date, well, hopefully at a later date. Before he leaves the large cavern, he studies the four groups of five for a minute before shaking his head and heading out into the rocky valley that seems to be devoid of all life with the exception of some kind of odd animated rock things claiming to be Gotsumon.

He stretches slightly at the entrance, while he's gotten use to the fact that shift between day and night seemed to consist of a freaky phenomenon of a line of light that can shift the world into a brightness of day or into the darkness of night. His eyes drift upwards as he studies the even weirder and eerier 'sky' of this strange world he's been living in for a bit over a month.

He then studies the horizons around him, checking for those odd pillars of light that, if he believed those rock creatures called Gotsumon, would zap you to another part of the world. While that does stir his adventurous spirit, he rather wait until he's done learning what he can from the scrolls before heading out to explore more about this world and those that call this world home. If they were anything like the rock people of this valley, he'll have an easy time living here seeing that it would mean that he'd be without anyone trying to single him out, to threaten him… Calling him a monster…

A slight smile appears as he stares off to where the Gotsumon village or town. Other then getting slightly bug about taking one of them as a partner, he got along pretty well with his new neighbours. He snaps out of his musings on hearing a bunch of cursing coming from the cavern that he's claimed as his own.

He walks off with a purpose away from the cavern, he heads to the vertical slab of stone that he's been using to measure his progress at focusing his…. chakra into his feet and trying to run up the stone's surface. He's also found that channelling some chakra into a kunai does make better lines on the slab of stone then just trying to use the kunai itself, plus for some reason, him channelling chakra into the kunai made it keep its edge longer. Why that is, he has yet to figure out but he's pretty sure that it's written in a scroll somewhere, whether he managed to get one of those scrolls were another story all together.

He takes a moment to study the shallow lines on the stone, marks made before the law of gravity decided to take hold of him. With a sigh, he reaches into his pouch to take out one of his kunai. Just as he's gathered some chakra into his feet, he hears a scream coming from his distant right.

He turns to listen to the sound and watches as a large amount of dust erupt from that direction. Without a second thought, he puts his kunai back into his pouch and heads off to see what's up. He leaps easily from the top of one large rocky ledge to another, slowly climbing up the valley wall.

Once he's out of the valley, he blinks as he sees two large beings fighting with a smaller purple ball almost between them. One of the beings looked to be a sandy turtle with spikes jetting out of its shell. The shell monster's beck is currently trying to tear out the other being's shoulder.

The other being is a large sandy coloured and seems to be made out of rocks. One the thing's head is a metal helmet that seems to cover the top of its skull. It also seems as if the being is being held together by leather ropes or something of that nature since he can see it around the joints.

Despite the beck biting down on its shoulder, the thing made of stone doesn't seem to feel any pain as the other hand grabs the turtle being around its exposed neck. "Ground Dash!" The spiked shell monster cries out as the turtle's forelimbs slash into the rock being's chest and move downwards towards the ground, what startles him was the fact that the turtle beast spoke.

The golem looking monster is sent back which allows the turtle monster to fall onto its forelimbs. The shelled monster misses squishing the small purple ball as it charges towards the helmet wearing monster. "Sulphure Plume!" Bellows the monster made out of rock and as he watches, a bunch of ash shoots out of its mouth, hitting the spiked shell in the face.

"Eep!" He hears a higher voice cries out and the purple ball tries to flee blindly out of the way of the two fighting monsters. 'You mean that isn't a toy ball?' He wonders to himself since he didn't want to attract either monster's attention if he could help it since he hasn't the faintest idea as to what they are and why they're fighting each other.

The two larger monsters seem to pause to watch the tiny purple ball looking monster tries to escape the battle field. He bites his lip, not sure if he should get involved or not. "Why can't you guys leave me alone!" He hears that same high pitch voice shout out; it kind of reminds him of a younger kid's voice.

Before he realises it, he's darting towards the two large monsters chasing after the smaller purple beast that reminds him of a ball. He has to admit, considering that the two monsters have longer strides then it, the purple monster seems to be a few steps ahead of the pair, though he figures that the kid monster was getting tired since the monster made of rock manages to over take the purple one.

He adds a bit of chakra and manages to slip under the spiked shell turtle monster and grabs the small purple beast just as a rock fist slams down where the small beast had been laying. He manages to leap over the turtle's head and then races over the spikes on the turtle beast's back before leaping off the turtle's back. He keeps running, not bothering to take a look back to see what the pair's reactions were to the fact that he stole their 'toy.'

He hears bellows of surprise turn to outrage just as he reaches the spot he had been standing just minutes before. He finally chances a look over his shoulder to find that the turtle shelled monster had tripped and the rock monster runs into it. He turns away as he comes to the slant marking the beginning of the rocky valley.

He slides down the valley's wall, careful to leap over any rock that he was about to slam into. He has to admit as he slows as he reaches his measuring rock, that it had been a rush sliding down the valley's incline. He almost stumbles as he tries to take a few steps on the dirt path.

With a sigh, he turns around to take a look at where he slid down. The beast in his arms hops out of his arms and onto the ground. He then begins to chuckle and within seconds that chuckle becomes uncontrollable laughter.

As he finally gets control of his laughter, he finds that the purple monster wasn't totally purple in colour as it seems that the tip of the muzzle and toes were white. He notices a pair of pointed ears on the little guy's head. Defiant amber eyes study him with curiosity and wariness; he can't help but notice how tense the little guy is.

"Well, that was a rush, wasn't it?" He muses with a slightly silly grin on his face. "You think that was fun? I could have been deleted and loaded!" The purple beast growls out.

"Deleted?" He asks, tasting the word since he's never heard that word before. "Yes! I could have been killed and my data loaded by my killer." The little guy snaps and he blinks as he cocks his head on hearing another new word.

It takes a moment before it dawns on him that deleted seems to mean to die and he frowns slightly on figuring it out. "Why would they want to 'load' your 'data'?" He asks, more then likely he won't enjoy what the little purple dude is about to tell him but he gets the feeling that it's something he has to know now that he's residing in this world.

The little guy blinks; it seems that the cute beastie expected him to know this fact. "But you're a Tamer! How could you not know something as important as that? I mean, why else would you become a Digimon Tamer if not to help your partner Digimon get stronger?" The little guy shouts at him.

"Ah, well, you see, I'm pretty sure I'm not a Tamer and I haven't the faintest clue as to what a Digimon is. I've met some Gotsumon but no Digimon and though they've asked about me taking a partner, I haven't, so, yea, I really don't know what you're going on about." He admits cheerfully to the small beast.

The little guy's mouth moves but no sound comes out of it as well as blinking rapidly. 'It would seem that I still have that ability to cause people to be render speechless.' He muses as he waits for the little purple monster to find his voice…

The little guy's mouth slams shut as the little guy puffs slightly before growling out, "Then out in Chaos's name were you able to survive this long in the Digital world? And what do you mean you don't know what a Digimon is?! Then how did you get here from the real world without evening knowing what a Digimon is?!"

His index finger on his left hand rubs the inside of his ear, not that it stops the ringing in his ears any. As he pulls out his finger, he thinks about how to answer the little guy's inquiry. "Hmmm, let's see. Well first off, I've only been here for a little over six weeks and I've aced the academy's survive tests, though for some reason I haven't had felt the need to eat since I got here either." He answers, he pauses as he tries to think of how much to reveal next.

"As to why I don't know what a Digimon is, that's simple, where I came from nobody has ever mentioned anything about them and I kind of accepted somebody's offer to start a new life which is how I showed up here. I don't know who that guy was nor did I get the guy's name, though he knew mine." He answers; he can still hear that creepy laughter as if it were only yesterday.

After a few silent seconds he decides to introduce himself, "By the way, I'm Naruto Uzumaki." The little purple being sighs and replies, "I'm Dorimon and I'm an In-Training Digimon." He frowns slightly before asking, "Is Dorimon your actual name or what?"

"It's my species name." Dorimon says and he blinks. "So do all Digimon go by their species name or are they just too lazy to think up name names?" He asks since it seems to be a bizarre way to live your life, seeing that if you live in a community of the same species, which would get kind of confusing answering to the species name instead of an individual name.

Dorimon looks surprise and then seems to think about it for a few moments before answering, "Well, to be honest, I don't think it ever came up before. So I won't know."

He nods and then glances up to where he had journey to see what the excitement was all about. "Well, since neither of those… Digimon have appeared, I'd say you're a free Digimon." He muses as he continues to stare at the spot where the valley ends and the sandy wasteland begins.

"Guess so. I wonder if they deleted each other or if someone stronger showed up…" Dorimon wonders and he shrugs, he can't answer that since he, like Dorimon, weren't around to see how their fight ended.

He sighs and glances down to where Dorimon is standing, wondering if the little guy was planning on sticking around this valley for a while. Though he wonders if the Gotsumon would try to delete Dorimon to load his data, he's not sure what data was or why anyone would load it, but he figures he's got time to learn stuff like that.

"So, you want to crash at my place until you find a place of your very own?" He asks, he's kind of enjoyed talking with Dorimon and it might not be so bad having the little guy around, at least he'd have someone to chat with more often since he doesn't visit the Gotsumon a whole lot. He's pretty aware of how lonely he is and kind of hopes that the little Digimon takes him up on his offer.

Dorimon cocks his head to the side as the little guy considers his offer. After a few seconds, Dorimon sighs. "So, are you said that there were some Gotsumon living in this valley?" Dorimon asks and he nods. "Pretty friendly rock beings that are about yea high." He answers and holds his right hand to the height that they come up to on him.

"Might as well, for the night at least. I am injured and rather not see how peaceful this colony is." Dorimon admit and he grins brightly at the little guy, Dorimon gives him a weak grin and within moments he's leading the little purple Digimon to his cavern. He's pretty sure that all the Shadow clones would be out of chakra by the time they reach the caves as well.


Naruto Uzumaki

He slowly comes to his senses and begins to notice how much warmer he is then when he fell asleep. It takes him a few moments to figure out that the source of warmth was coming from his right side. So he slowly moves turns his head to the right and cracks open one of his eyes.

It take a few minutes to register that the source of the warmth wasn't little Dorimon, but a much larger purple creature with a bushy tail that he can't see the tip of. All he could see was the creature's back and the tiny wings coming out of the beast's shoulder. He becomes fully awake but he doesn't move since he didn't want to disturb the purple beast lying next to him and for another, he's kind of comfortable where he is.

In the end, after countless minutes, the beast finally begins to wake up without any aid from him. As the beast stretches his limbs, he can see white fur covering the tips of the beast's muzzle, legs, and tail. He smiles as the creature's head comes to rest on his lap, giving him a good view of the ruby red marking on the beast's head. He couldn't help himself; he reaches out with his left hand and touches the marking. To his surprise, what he's now touching wasn't fur, but something hard to his touch as it didn't have the give that fur did.

"Are you done poking it?" A slightly deeper voice asks, he also realises that the voice sounded a great deal like Dorimon's voice only now it sounded much… older. He pulls his hand away and asks, "So, who are you now?"

At once Dorimon blinks and finally realises that he's undergone a transformation. "I Digivolved…" The purple Digimon says in amazement.

As the Digimon formally known as Dorimon gets up, he pulls himself into a sitting position as he watches as the Digimon examine himself more closely. After watching the Digimon move around in a circle for what feels like the seventeenth time, he repeats his question, "So, what are you called now?"

"I'm Dorumon now, a rookie level Digimon." Dorumon says with a hint of pride as the purple Digimon pulls himself up and puffs out his chest. "So then, I take it that this occurs naturally then? Transforming from one form to another I mean." He asks.

"Well, yea, it is, though it usually happens when a Digimon gets more experience is all." The purple rookie answers. "So, I guess this kind of changes things, huh?" He muses and the purple beast nods in agreement. "Yea, it does." Dorumon replies.

Dorumon gives him a quick look before looking away. He sighs, not sure whether or not to be happy for the purple beast, seeing as how the little guy is now likely more stronger then he had been as Dorimon. A slight growl echoes through the cavern and he watches as Dorumon places his arms by his mid section looking embarrassed.

"I don't suppose you have any food around here, do you?" Dorumon asks and he sighs. "I haven't found much in the way of food since I got here. There's a river though, I never really bothered to see if there were any fish in it though." He answers once he gets to his feet.

He walks over to pick up his discarded jumper. Once he puts it on, though it's getting pretty ratty, he then straps on his pouches onto his person. He glances to Dorumon before leading the way out of the cavern, he once more leading the purple beast through the valley, though this time; he's not carrying the Digimon.

As he thinks about what his last meal consisted of, his own stomach begins to ache and it's not long before it rumbles in displeasure of being empty. He feels Dorumon's eyes at his back as well as feel his face heat up. "Guess I'm not the only one thinking of food." Dorumon says with a hint of amusement and satisfaction.

"Guess so." He replies without glancing back to look at Dorumon. They walk in silence since they exhausted things to talk about yesterday as he lead the then tiny fur ball to the cavern he claimed as his.

After about twenty minutes of walking, he would have reached the river quickly on his own if Dorumon wasn't around. He doesn't know how fast the beast can run, but other then having their stomachs complains about the lack of food, he didn't see any reason to rush. As an added plus, he's enjoying the view as well.

Once they reach the river, he bends down to wash his hands before using them as a cup. He can hear Dorumon gosling down the water, he watches the rookie for a few minutes and then he uses his wet hands to wash his face. He dunks his head into the river for a few seconds, once he brings his head up; he shakes his head, enjoying the feel of freshness.

He runs a hand over his forehead and then through his wet hair, moving his bangs out of his face. He then spreads out his fingers and begins to shake his hair, messing it up so it goes back into its usual hair style. He opens his eyes once he rubs some water from his eyes and finds Dorumon watching him with a slightly interested look.

"You're hair, it's so… bright." Dorumon muses and he can't help but blink. Dorumon continues on, "How'd you get those marks on your cheeks? Or are they something humans sometimes have?" He moves his hand to his right cheek, he guess he was dirtier then he thought if Dorumon hadn't noticed them yesterday… He presses his lips together in a straight line, trying to think of how to answer that. "Well, I don't know how I got them, as far as I know, I've always had them. As to if other humans having them, then no, they don't." He finally answers.

"Ah." Dorumon says and then looks down at the river for a moment before turning to his left. He gets up and turns his attention to the river just as Dorumon begins to head off in that direction.

He pauses for a moment before shrugging. He then follows the purple monster, keeping the river to his right. It takes a bit but they finally come to a slightly large pond, complete with some plant life. He shrugs at the sight of the flowering plants close to the bank.

He then turns on hearing something splash, he watches a lazy fish descends back into the water. He grins and within seconds he's striped off most of his cloths with the exception of his boxers and grabs a kunai from his pouch. He puts the kunai in his mouth and then after a short run, leaps into the deeper part of the pool of water.

It takes a few moments but he does manage to catch a large fish. Once he breaks the surface, he wrestles with the fish before tossing it in the direction of Dorumon. As the fish flops towards the pool of water, Dorumon reacts and manages to grab the fish before it could escape back into the water.

Though it takes some doing, he manages to catch a total of four fish, two for Dorumon and two for him. The last fish he had speared it with his kunai, the force of the kunai made the fish hit one of the palm tree trunks. Within moments he's climbing out of the water and towards the stuck fish. He grips what he can of the hilt and pulls the fish and kunai free of the tree trunk.

He takes out the kunai and then guts the fish, just like he learnt during those survival classes. He then does the same with the other three fish. He watches as Dorumon finishes adding some more sticks to the pile of wood. He takes four straight sticks and after making some points at the ends of them, he then spears the fish on the sticks, and then pushes the butts of them next to the soon to be fire.

He debates if he should use a fire jutsu to start a fire or use the matches he has in the stem of his jumper. As he tries to decide what to us, Dorumon take a coloured stone and racked his claws against it, sparks flicker into life for a few moments before dying. He snaps out of his inner debate to watch Dorumon once more rack his claws over the stone.

About the fourth time Dorumon does so, one of the sparks finally catches onto the bundle of leaves, causing a minor fire to be created. Dorumon then moves the little bundle to the main pile and once it's close to some more leaves and twigs, Dorumon blows softly at the little fire. As one of the twigs crack, Dorumon stops and pulls away from the fire.

"How'd you know to do that?" He asks the monster, highly curious as to how Dorumon knew how to do that since the guy had just transformed last night. Dorumon grins in satisfaction as he answers, "When you Digivolve, you get a lot more then just a new body and attacks, you get some inherent knowledge too, like instinctive knowledge of what kind of mushrooms are poisonous to you or how to keep yourself warm by knowing how to make a fire."

"Oh." He says before taking the bloody kunai and washing it in the water. He then for a few seconds, had it in the middle of the fire, hoping that by doing so will kill any unwanted things on the throwing knife. He puts the kunai on a rock and then lies on his back, staring up at the freaky looking moon that seems to be hanging up there, in the 'sky.'

"You know, we kind of made a good team just now. You got the fish and I made the fire." Dorumon muses and he hums in agreement. "I'm just wondering, but, what do you mean by 'partner'?" He asks since he pretty much thought that by partner, the Gotsumon were talking about him getting engaged with one of them.

"You know to have somebody to fight by your side. Kind of to be your best friend, I guess." Dorumon answers and he replies, "Ah. I thought they wanted me to marry one of them." He hears Dorumon snort with a hint of a suppressed chuckle. "You really thought that's what they wanted?" Dorumon asks in a strangled voice and he shrugs.

"Well, in my defence, I've never really had anyone that I could depend on to stick by my side. I don't even have parents and I don't even know who they were since nobody's ever gotten around to telling me about them. I've been pretty much alone throughout most of my life, since parents really didn't want their kids to get to know me. Sure, there have been a few people who take time to make a bit of an impact on my life, but none of them could really drive the ach away." He states in a bland voice since he was pretty much accepted the fact that he'd never make any real friend his age while he lived in Hidden Leaf.

"Kind of sounds like a typical life of a Digimon. I'm pretty sure no Digimon ever knows who their parents are, well, there are likely some communities that are like that but over all, most of us life out our lives without interacting positively with other Digimon. Around here in Zhuqiaomon's lands, it's pretty much survival of the fittest. While Fresh and In-Training Digimon tend to be off limits most of the time, once you get to be a rookie and up, life's pretty brutal and often short." Dorumon muses; he could sympathize with the kind of life that goes on around here.

"Pretty much ever Digimon wants to get strong enough to go to the real world, the world filled with humans, looking for a human to partner up with. Nobody knows what having a Tamer could do to a Digimon but a lot of Digimon want to find out. Some even say that being partnered with a human allows you to Digivolve faster." Dorumon adds, he raises his eyebrow on the bit of humans making a Digimon Digivolve faster.

"It kind of sounds like I'm about to find myself beating Digimon off with a stick as they come to court me once word gets out that I'm around here, huh?" He asks with a touch of amusement. "It probably depends if you get a partner between now and then." Dorumon states and he sits up to look at the purple Digimon.

He sighs and looks into the fire for a few seconds, thinking about what Dorumon had told him. "So, does that mean you're one of those Digimon looking for a partner? A Tamer?" He asks, wondering whether Dorumon was interested or not.

Though oddly enough, he kind of hopes that he was since despite the fact that they hadn't known each other for long, it kind of felt natural having the Digimon around, even if he hasn't the faintest clue what the term Digimon stands for. "Maybe." Dorumon says in a blank tone and before he could react to that, Dorumon adds, "I think the fish need to be turned."

He nods and spent the next few seconds rotating the sticks to allow the backside of the fish to get cooked. Not that it seemed that the effort was needed since it seems that that side was getting cooked either way. He's careful about not touching the flame since doesn't want his hand to sting.

Once that's done, he glances up to Dorumon for a moment before moving back to where he had been sitting before having to turn the fish around. Dorumon seemed to be pretty intent on sky gazing to play much mind to his questioning glances that he sent towards the monster's way.



'So, does that mean you're one of those Digimon looking for a partner? A Tamer?' As this repeats within his mind, he honestly doesn't know what to think. Sure, he's interested in Naruto; he's never expected it to be like this though.

He's heard a lot of talk about how arrogant humans were, how they'll likely treat any Digimon they come across. Sure, nobody he's ever eavesdropped on has ever met a real human, but then, it's pretty well known that the Sovereign of these lands despises humans with a passion, so it's likely that a lot of those rumours might just be spread by the Devas spreading Zhuqiaomon thoughts on the matter.

But then he considers what Naruto told him of his home, of how Naruto had been an orphan and nobody seemed to care if Naruto lived or died, he could read between the lines a heck of a lot better now then when he was Dorimon. But during the he's spent with the kid, he hadn't seen anything that indicates that the blond desired that treatment and it also seemed that Naruto was pretty ignorant of where he is and how to proceed. He knew that things would change and if the Devas don't get him one way or another, some more powerful Digimon would likely lay claim on the blond and he's kind of sure that would be a bad thing.

Once more his mind goes back to whether or not he should partner up with the blond. 'We click.' He muses as he pretty much sums up one of his primary consideration for going through with the partnership that Naruto represents.

It doesn't hurt that just spending one night with the blond and he Digivolved into his rookie form either. He was also eager to know if he could get stronger just by hanging around the whisker boy, to see if he could turn the tables on those that once hunted him, to become the hunter. A part of him had watched how Naruto moved as the blond lead him to the river, how Naruto moved with a grace of a cat type Digimon and seemed to make as much noise as a ninja type Digimon.

That part of himself approved of the blond, telling him that there was much that the blond could teach him, and that same part told him that the blue eyed boy would match him in power as well. He didn't understand what last bit was about, but it kind of reassured him that Naruto could hold his own if things went from bad to worst. It likely helped that he had seen Naruto's skill with that throwing knife too.

"I think the fish are done." The blond says and this snaps him out of his thoughts, his stomach growls in approval, much to his embarrassment and the boy's amusement. He blinks as he finds a stick with a fish speared through it was being held out for him, he nods his thanks and takes it from Naruto's hand.

It wasn't long before he's eaten both of his fish and was kind of eyeing Naruto's second fish since Naruto's being careful as he ate his first. He tries to look away, knowing that the third fish was Naruto's and not his. "You can have it; you likely need it more then I do." Naruto says and he glances up into the blond's face for a few seconds.

"Are you sure?" He asks and the blond nods, waving his free hand towards the final fish. "Thanks!" He chirps out and within seconds he's downed the remaining fish.

"I guess you guy eat a heck of a lot more then I do, huh?" The blond asks in amusement. "Well, I am a growing monster." He replies, he enjoys having an almost full stomach. Naruto hums in agreement.

He throws a few more twigs into the fire which causes the flame dancing within to leap and then devour the bits of new wood. He kind of wished there were some data packets around but then, the Gotsumon probably goes around collecting them to use as they see fit.

He notices how built Naruto was, sure, Naruto is the first human that he's ever met but he could tell that Naruto had more muscle then fat. He wonders if all humans were as slender looking as the blond. Though when the blond was wearing that orange jumper, it was kind of hard to notice what kind of build the boy had, but now without the bulky cloths, he had a pretty go idea of how truthful Naruto's story was. He doubts that it's a good thing that he could see hints of Naruto's ribcage, though in the end, he kind of gave up trying to decide on how healthy the blond whisker boy was since he's not an expert on humans and there weren't any around to decide if Naruto was typical of human his age.

"So, what do you plan on doing now?" Naruto asks him and he blinks, he glances up into the blond's blue eyes as he thinks of how to answer that. "I don't really have any plans for the future." He admits to the human sitting a few feet away.

"Yea, me too, though I guess I should try to find a way to travel to the human world. I'll probably get kind of tired of hordes of Digimon trying to get a piece of me, literally and figuratively." Naruto jokes with an easy going grin on his face. He snorts as he nods his head in agreement as he can see that happen.

"You know, I won't object to helping you with that." He says after a few seconds of silence between them. "And I wouldn't mind having you around." Naruto says.

Just after Naruto said that, a ball of light appears to descend down into the blond's hands. He cranks his head as much as he can as the light fades, allowing some kind of device to be revealed. The main colour of the item was blood red with dark coloured grey for buttons and some odd symbols around the screen of the device though there is a circle of white that is kind of between the buttons of the device. He watches interest as Naruto examines the device, even flipping it to get a look at the back of it.

"Hey, it gives me the time and the date too. Though I'm not sure what else it does." Naruto says after playing around with the buttons. He shrugs, though he does point out, "Well, whatever it is, it's got to be important or it wouldn't have appeared, right?" Naruto nods and he grins slightly, feeling that they now have proof that they were Tamer and Digimon.

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