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Naruto Uzumaki

Tamer Digital World

"Look there! I know that pale boy anywhere!" He cries from his position on Cyberdramon's arm. "How can he not be tanned?" Ryo wonders as Cyberdramon begins to speed at the pale white figure wearing a blue shirt. "You know, I don't think that ever came up." He muses after a few seconds as his partner, Dorugamon, shots pass Cyberdramon.

The pale figure of Sasuke tries to leap from Dorugamon's flight path but his partner adjusts and before Sasuke could do much, Dorugamon has already snatched the other human out of the sky and pins the Uchiha under him while Ryo and him wait for Cyberdramon to land. His eyes narrow as Sasuke shoots some bubbles out of his mouth, he frowns as they explode but they did little in the way of damaging his partner.

"That wasn't a jutsu…" He mutters out loud. "Oh?" Ryo asks and he nods. "Yea, I'll admit that I've never read much water style jutsus but I'm fairly sure there isn't a jutsu that creates exploding bubbles." He says and then Cyberdramon says, "He's been absorbing Digimon data."

"Why the hell would he do that?" He snaps as he turns to look at the ultimate level Digimon helmet head. "You're asking us? You're the one who knows him." The older Tamer states and with a sigh, he returns to watching Sasuke try and struggle out of Durogamon's grip.

Once Cyberdramon is about eight feet from the ground, he leaps from Cyberdramon's arm and once his on the ground, he stalks over to where his purple friend is pinning the kid from his home dimension. "Good job, buddy!" He says with a smile as Dorugamon turns to look at him.

"It was nothing." His partner says though the champion Digimon seems to puff out his chest a bit at the praise. "Order him to let me go! Dead-last!" Sasuke growls out.

"And who the hell are you to give me order, bastard?" He snaps as he turns to glare down at Sasuke. The other's eyes flash as the Uchiha sends a glare in his direction. "Naruto…" Sasuke draws out his name in an angry tone.

"Gee, I can just feel the love." Ryo muses and he gives Ryo a hard look. "DK…" He states in a blank tone and Ryo counters by saying, "Hige…"

"Get this monster off of me!" Sasuke snarls and he once more turns to stare down at the preteen that's being held on the ground by his Digimon partner. "What do you think, DK? Should we let him up?" He asks Ryo.

"Don't know, you're the ninja, Hige." Ryo says after a few seconds of thought. "What about you, Dorugamon? You think we should let him up? After all, you're the one holding him." He asks his partner and first best friend.

"I think you should bind his hands before we let him up. Even though Cyberdramon is an Ultimate level Digimon, we don't want to take any chances that he can escape from us." The purple furred beast dragon says and then in a softer tone. "He reeks of fresh and in-training Digimon."

He feels Ryo stiffen next to him. He turns his head slightly to get a better look at his friend's face. Ryo's eyes had narrowed and an unreadable expression covers his friend's face. "By fresh and in-training do you mean… Digimon versions of babies, right?" He asks his partner as he suddenly focuses on looking into his partner's eyes, almost begging the champion to say no.

"That sounds about right." Ryo says after Dorugamon didn't answer after a few minutes. His midsection suddenly felt like lead and for a few seconds, he felt numb.

Then he grinds his teeth in frustration and stalks to where Sasuke is and before he knew what he planned to do, with a singled chakra infused punched, he knocks the Uchiha out. Although he wants to keep punching that kid's pale white face, he reframes from doing so, although his whole body trembles with suppressed rage as he glares down at the piece of work that his home village had praised to high heaven.

"You alright?" Ryo asks as the older Tamer places a hand on his left shoulder. "No, but then, beating this bastard up won't bring those Digimon back. Besides, I'm sure he has some wire that I can use to tie his hands together behind his back." He says, Dorugamon hums in agreement while Ryo sighs.

It wasn't long before he finds more then just the metal wire. "'Seals for Beginners,' 'A Ninja's Guide To Summons,' 'Jutsus To Make Your Travels Easy.' These look ancient!" He says as he glances at some of the titles of the books that Sasuke has within his pack. "What are Seals?" Ryo asks as he picks up the book and opens it while he grabs the wire before moving to tie Sasuke's hands behind his back, he even looped some wire about Sasuke's midsection to keep the kid from pulling the arms over his head in an attempt to straggle Ryo or himself.

"Interesting… You can do all that by simply using a brush, some ink, and a small infusion of chakra. Too bad I don't have a clue how to summon my chakra if I had any." Ryo says and he blinks as he finishes cutting off the extra bit of wire.

"What kind of things does it say Seals can do?" He asks his friend and Ryo just grins before closing the book. "Here, take a look." Ryo says as he tosses the book at him. He catches it and randomly opens it up to a page.

He raises an eyebrow at the symbol and then reads a bit of the text that describes what that symbol represents and where it usual is placed in a Seal diagram. He hums and then goes to the very front of the book to read the table of contents. Using the extra wire as a bookmark, he closes the book before browsing through some of the other books that Sasuke had.

"Looks like he didn't care much for the books he had in his possession if you go by the notes he wrote on these scrolls." Ryo says as his friend moves to open another scroll. "Really? The books seem pretty interesting, I might not remember much from my time at the ninja academe but I'm sure that our teachers never hinted at jutsus to make camping easier or that Seals could do half of the things that book describes. Heck, I didn't even know you could summon animals to fight by your side!" He says as he scowls slightly.

"Really? I thought the whole point of school is to educate you so that you have a lot of opinions about what you want to do with your life. I would have figured that ninja school would have covered all forms of chakra use." Ryo muses and he sighs as he nods. "Yea, you'd think… I wonder why they don't, well, unless it's because they wanted to… but they would be doing the same with…" He trails off as a thought blooms within his mind.

"…" Ryo stares at him while he frowns as he ponders that thought for a few minutes until Dorugamon asks, "What would they be doing the same with?"

With a sigh, he answers, "I wonder if they didn't try and sabotage my education. If they did, then they must have done it to the rest of the class as well since they never know when I won't skip that day of class." Ryo blinks as does the purple furry Digimon.

"Well, how about the practical reason not to teach such things? I mean, Hidden Leaf couldn't have been the only ninja village about." Dorugamon muses and he blinks. "Well, I do remember this parade once when I was younger, the ninja were from Hidden Cloud. Huh, maybe your right, maybe there were things they just don't teach at school. Maybe they get taught such things when they graduate to Genin." He admits thoughtfully.

"Anyway, I guess we better start heading out." Ryo says as the teen hands over the scrolls that he had been looking through. He blinks before he grins a lazy grin as he packs the scrolls in with the pack they found with Sasuke. He puts all of the others books in that pack with the exception of the beginner's guide for Seals, that one he puts in his own purple pack to read later that night.

Once he shoulders his own pack, he grabs Sasuke's dull brown one and he hands it to Cyberdramon, who's currently standing over Sasuke. "Get up." He says in a flat tone as he stands over the bastard with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring down at the baby-killer, in his point of view at any rate.

"Dorugamon." He says after a few seconds and his partner opens his mouth to fire off an attack. "Power Metal!" The attack lands to Sasuke's right side, causing the other preteen to move to his left side.

"Idiot!" Sasuke snaps as the Uchiha moves onto his knees before getting to his feet. "Gee, aren't you creative in name calling." He says in a flat tone as Sasuke glares spitefully at him. Cyberdramon moves and nudges the dark haired boy.

As Dorugamon and Cyberdramon force Sasuke to march up front, he hangs back with Ryo and asks, "Are we heading back to Azulongmon's place?" Ryo doesn't say anything for a few second before his friend answers, "I guess we can try heading to the real world, though, we'd just have to land in another dimension before heading there."

"Sounds good, I rather do that then to give him time to get free to continuing his killing spree." He admits and Ryo sighs as he nods in agreement. "I'll see if we can do so by tomorrow morning." Ryo adds and he smiles slightly in reply.



'So, they managed to capture the brat. They were closer then what I was led to believe. Although I'm kind of surprised to see that instead of the Devas, the Sovereigns sent two humans and their pet Digimon. At least one of their partners is an Ultimate, which at least gives me the excuse of not charging down there to free the brat.' He muses to himself as finally spots the group that have the brat he's in charge of.

The group has stopped for the night and while the two Digimon, a large purple Digimon that smells like a fellow champion, although there's an underling scent with that one, and then the ultimate level Digimon that he IDs as a Cyberdramon. He shivers slightly at the thought of challenging the virus hunter, after all, he rather not test his luck against that dragon type. He really doesn't know what to do, so he decides to stay out of sight and wait for an opportunity to free the brat.


Ryo Akiyama

After making sure that the broody kid hadn't managed to get his hands out of the metal wire that Naruto used to tie his hands in, he rummages through that bag once more, pulling out the book about camping while Naruto is busy reading that book about Seals while leaning on Dorugamon's side. He could still feel Sasuke's eyes glaring at him as he opens the book to the beginning of the book.

"I don't see why you're bothering to read that book. It's not like you'd be able to pull off any of those jutsus." Sasuke states and he answers without glancing at the kid, "True, but I'm fairly bored and I'm sure I can get some tips on how to camp without relying on any of these jutsus. After all, people have been going camping long before ninja began using chakra."

"Then you're a fool." Sasuke states and he shrugs. "You can think whatever you want; it doesn't stop me from reading this book." He counters before he goes on to ignoring the kid.

'To be truthful, I really don't know what to think of any of this. After all, what do you do to a kid who's not right in the head? That village really turns out some odd pieces of work. I get the feeling Naruto turned out as well as he did because of his genetics and drive then how he was raised.' He muses to himself as he tries to dismiss those kinds of thoughts.

As he begins to read the book, he could feel Sasuke's eyes on him, something that did kind of aggravate him but he felt he could ignore it, after all, he's got faith that Cyberdramon could be very intimidating when the need arose, though he had noticed that the kid didn't pay his partner much mind. Something that's very ill-advised considering what his partner is capable of but then, Dorugamon didn't haste to display power which could lead the brat to believe that the purple furred champion Digimon is more of a threat then Cyberdramon.

After finishing the first chapter he stretches his back and turns to find Sasuke sending glares at Naruto as the blond with whisker marks seems to be doing drawing something in the sandy ground while explaining something to Dorugamon in a soft voice. The purple Digimon would say something occasionally and the blond would get a thoughtful look on his face before answering or looking it up in the book.

"Jealous?" He muses after he gets to his feet and walk about to shake the stiffness out of his legs. The brooding pale boy switches from glaring at Naruto to giving him a very well worn death glare. "What do I care what happens to that dead-last. He's just a waste of space." Sasuke states calmly.

"And yet you don't seem to be trying too hard not to glare at him. Though I think the problem is more simple then that." He muses as his gaze flickers from the pale boy to the tanned one busy talking animatedly with his Digimon partner. "You miss having him try to get you to acknowledge him." He says simply and Sasuke glances angrily away from him.

After a few minutes, he sighs and returns to reading the book that had been founded in Sasuke's pack. After all, Sasuke's pretty much proved himself to be a very poor conversationalist and ninja since the kid wasn't even trying to get any information out of him in regards to anything really.




"I still don't get what's so great about this brat. After all, he didn't even try and get free at all during the night, especially considering they were just reading a book each." He grumbles, he had stayed awake for most of the night only taking brief naps.

"I always figured the brat's all talk and no action when it comes down to having to prove himself." He adds softly to himself as he takes note of what's going on with the two humans. The taller one with the darker hair seems to be toying with something.

After a few seconds, he finally gave in to his need to get closer, though he hopes that neither of the two Digimon with the boys would sense his approach. 'Hopefully the pair won't be too observant about what's going on around them.' He muses as he begins to creep forward towards the group in hopes of finding a way to free the brat from them.

As something shots out from some kind of device that the elder human had been toying with, he pauses as he watches as the air a few feet away from the group suddenly change. "Are you sure that gate is safe?" He hears the blond boy ask the taller kid.

"Sure I'm sure; I've used it to get here after all." The brunet tells the blond, although as he gets closer, he had to agree with the blond on this one, that gate doesn't look too safe. "Ok fine, I'll trust you, although I'm kicking the bastard through first." The blond replies and he snickers silently to himself at the title the blond has given to the brat under his care.

"Fine by me." The older boy says and the blond pushes the brat towards the gate. As the blond shoves the brat towards the gate once more, he sighs as he picks up speed, after all, he can't let the brat go through that gate since it likely leads some place that wasn't where Daemon wanted the brat to go.

'Here I go.' He thinks as he lets loose a howl, startling most of the humans of the group while the ultimate level Digimon is already moving to attack him. 'This is going to hurt.' Were his thoughts on the matter as he begins to zig zag towards the group.



Dark Ocean

'Well, well, well. So that one is still alive, huh? And I thought he was died when Moon-Millenniummon's keep was destroyed. Oh well, at least I don't have to use my own energy to create a gate, I'll just take over this one.' He muses as he observes events through an energy tear hovering before him.

Although his face is covered by cloth, he has a minor smirk on his face as he begins the process of hi-jacking the gate that the Legendary Digidestine Ryo Akiyama had created to lead to another Digital world.


Naruto Uzumaki

Tamer Digital World

Something captures his attention and he frowns as he turns from watching Cyberdramon toy with the strange fox like Digimon that's charging towards them. He freezes for a few seconds as he watches as the usually white energy gate begins to display new and sinister colours. He also made sure to grab the back of Sasuke's shirt as the other boy tries to sneak off while Ryo, his Digimon partner, and himself were busy watching Cyberdramon prolong the battle between himself and the champion Digimon, Fangmon.

"Ah, Ryo? Is the gate suppose to be glowing a sick green colour while purple and red lights dance between the thin black energy that's circling about the edge?" He asks as he focuses some chakra into the muscles of the arm that's gripping Sasuke's shirt with a bit of chakra going to the soles of his runners to anchor him to the ground so that no matter what kind of force Sasuke manages to summon up, it wouldn't dislodge him from his spot before the gate.

"What are you talking about?" The elder Tamer asks and his friend turns from the fight to look at the gate. "Kami… What's going on with the gate?! It's not supposed to be displaying those kinds of colours!" Ryo shouts and he nods as he manages to pick Sasuke up by the back of his shirt and put the black haired, moody bastard between him and the gate.

"Good to know." He muses as he watches as from within the depths of the gate, something the colour of dull orange seems to be coming towards them, slowly taking the form of tentacles as the orange energy gets closer to the opening. He then uses his other hand to keep Sasuke from trying to back away from the gate.

'I wonder if I feed Sasuke to the gate it'll be satisfied with having him as an offering?' He muses ideally as the bastard begins to struggle harder to get out of his iron clad hold. 'Knowing my luck, it won't.' He decides after a few seconds of thought.

"Maybe you two should back away from the gate." The purple coloured champion muses and Ryo backs away while he just frowns as Sasuke tries to do just that. "I don't suppose if we just throw the bastard in that it'll cause the gate to close?" He asks before taking a few steps back as the three dull orange tentacles begin to exit out of the gate.

"Somehow, I doubt closing it will be that simple, Hige." Ryo says and he replies, "I say it's a valid opinion all the same, DK." Sasuke tries to bolt, throwing all his weight to the left as the bastard snarls out, "I'm standing right here you bastards!"

Sasuke's attempt at escaping from his grasp doesn't work and he just hauls the emo boy back to a position between him and the corrupted gate. "I highly doubt your opinion at this moment matters, Teme." He says as another two tentacles emerge out of the gate. He hears Dorugamon hum in agreement as he takes another step back, dragging the Uchiha backwards with him.

"I think it's growing larger." His partner says as the five tentacles seem to retreat back into the gate, dispersing into puffs of dull orange energy, causing the red flicking lights to darken. The thin circle of black energy seems to brighten and then thicken before pushing against the air surrounding the gate. The sick green glow that hangs about the bottom of the gate suddenly increases and before any of them could react to the change, the mist becomes one solid tentacle that slices through the air to wrap about Sasuke's waist.

Sasuke screams like a little girl before the tentacle tries to yank the bastard towards the gate. The only reason Sasuke hadn't moved any closer to the gate is because of him anchoring himself to the ground viva using chakra to do so. Although Sasuke's no longer has his feet on the ground as the tentacle's grip has slide about the bastard's ankles.

He moves his arms under Sasuke's arms and then puts the kid in a kind of head lock, remembering to focus his chakra into his arms and into the soles of his feet while Ryo and Dorugamon move to try and force the green tentacle to let go. "I don't know how you're doing that, but just keep doing it, Hige!" Ryo shouts as Dorugamon tries to rip out a part of the tentacle while Ryo moves from pulling Dorugamon to moving to his pouch that's about his hip, taking out one of his kunai to stab the tentacle.

"You know, I might just look into getting me my own set of these." Ryo says as he moves next to his partner. "That's great, I'll even teach you how to throw them, but for now, could you, I don't know, call Cyberdramon over to help? Sand isn't the greatest thing to try and anchor to." He replies as he struggles to keep his hold on Sasuke while the bastard yells out a steady stream of insults.

He can't help but note just how many time Sasuke used the same insult repeatedly. 'Guess his vocabulary for insults isn't as large as mine.' He muses thoughtfully as he pours more energy into the ground.

"Cyberdramon! We could really use your help here!" Ryo shouts as Ryo once more using both of his hands to stab the green tentacle. He didn't really hear anything from the dragonman Digimon since Sasuke chose that time to scream as those orange tentacles erupt from the gate once more, causing his ears to ring.

"Damn it, Teme! Shut up! You're not helping at all with all that screaming and cursing, Uchiha!" He growls as he tries to shake the ringing in his ears out, he can't using a finger since that would mean loosing his grip on the bastard.

"Ok, that's it, back away and I'll blasting it with one of my attacks." The purple champion states in his deep toned voice. Ryo moves back out of the way as Dorugamon take a step backward. His partner's mouth opens and within seconds balls made out of metal launch out of his partner's mouth, flying through the air to explode on touching the green tentacle.

Other then causing the gate to screech like a banshee, the attack didn't really do much damage to the green tentacle. The gate finishes screeching in pain and then two of the orange tentacles snap through the air to grab his legs while the other three manage to ensnare Dorugamon, one of the tentacles around his neck, upper body, and one of his legs. Dorugamon cries out in surprise as he feels a tug from the tentacles about his legs, he's not even sure how it was that he managed to remain upright when he received a sharp tug from the two tentacles about his legs.

'Huh? Why are they glowing?' He wonders as he observes the tentacles about his legs as best as he can. Then suddenly, his legs began to feel weak. "That's not good…" He mutters softly and Sasuke asks in a sarcastic tone, "What's not good? Is it the fact that we're about to be eaten by this thing or how the colours of it clash?"

"I'd say the fact that's it's sapping my chakra." He states and the bastard turns to look at him in the face as best as he can. "… We're about to get eaten, aren't we?" The guy asks and he hums in agreement, after all, he doesn't know if it would be a good thing to create shadow clones at this moment.

"Ah, DK? If you get back to the real world, could you, I don't know, tell Yamaki that he's the best fake uncle I ever had? Also, tell Henry I hope he doesn't let his baby sister walk all over him." He says as calmly as he cancels the chakra going to his feet. After all, he'll likely need it where he's going.

"Good to know that you can be dramatic, Hige." Ryo states as Cyberdramon finally shows up. "Har har, DK, har har." He replies and before Ryo could answer or for Cyberdramon to do something, all of the tentacles yanked at once, causing him to be yanked off of his feet and heading directly into the wide mouth of the dimensional gate with Dorugamon being dragged from behind.

'I just hope that Dorumon and I can find our way back here.' He muses before he blacks out as a part of him touches the red and purple energy that's dancing about the middle of the gate, between the thin line of black energy that's about the edge of the gate.


Ryo Akiyama

'Naruto…' He thinks as he stares at the spot where the gate had once stood. He can't help but feel a touch numb at what just happened. His friend, only friend at the moment really, had just vanished from this world, leaving him alone with Cyberdramon.

He blinks and finally turns to regard the kunai in his hand, a reminder of the blond who had been by his side just minutes ago. Cyberdramon hums and he sighs as he turns to face his partner. "So, what do you think? Will they be alright?" He asks his partner.

"Naruto and Dorumon are survivors. If there is a way back to this world, they will find it. I doubt we'll be seeing that other one, though." Cyberdramon states in his bestial sounding voice.

He smiles slightly and nods as he once more studies the kunai resting in his hand. "So then, what are we going to do until they return?" He muses as he picks up the back that had belonged to Sasuke. He puts the kunai into one of the pockets before tossing the heavy pack to Cyberdramon.

He turns his back on the site of where Naruto and Dorumon had vanished, looking towards the battle ground that Cyberdramon and that Fangmon had fought. In the end, he just picked a random direction and started off in that direction. It wasn't like he had anything better to do, so he might as well explore this world in the meantime.


Henry Wong

Month Later

He stares up at the ceiling, he had a pretty emotional afternoon and he can feel Terriermon next to him. He holds up his left hand, studying a familiar device, one he recalls Naruto owing, only his is white with green trim while Naruto's was red with steel gray trim with strange symbols on the rim about the screen.

'I guess Naruto must have had a Digimon of his own as well. I wonder what kind of Digimon he ended up paired with? An Agumon? Or maybe a Gabumon? Also… should I contact Yamaki about this? Surely if Naruto had a partner Digimon, he'd have kept it at the apartment, which might mean that Yamaki would have discovered the Digimon?' He muses as he gazes at the screen with a slight frown.

In the end, he allowed his arm to drop down to the bed and he resumes staring up at the ceiling. Somehow, he eventually drifted off to sleep.

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