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Naruto Uzumaki

Frontier Digital World

He groans as he comes to, it didn't take him long to realize that something different is happening. As he opens his eyes lazily, he finds himself staring up into a canopy consisting of leaves that seems to filter sunlight through. In the end, it's the something using his chest as a jumping platform that causing him to lift his head and to give the little white Digimon jumping up and down on his chest a dry look.

"I would like to sit up, kid. So could you, I don't know, move off of my chest so I can do that?" He asks the Digimon. "Oh!" The little white Digimon says and scampers off of his chest using his little feet. With a sigh, he sits up and begins to stretch his shoulders while glancing about for signs of his partner, Dorumon.

"I'm Tokomon!" The little Digimon proclaims proudly and he turns to regard the In-Training Digimon. "Naruto Uzumaki, friend and partner of Dorumon." He tells Tokomon and the little strands that were like ears wiggle at hearing his partner's name. "I can understand the friend part, but why would you marry each other?" Tokomon asks, causing him to choke on air.

As he finishes a coughing fit that followed him choking on air, he answers in hopes of setting the little guy straight, "We're not married, it just means that I help Dorumon Digivolve and he offers his protection." 'Not that I need it that often.' He muses silently to himself as Tokomon thinks on this for a few seconds. "Huh, how come you just don't turn into a Digimon to defend yourself?" Tokomon asks and it's his turn to be puzzled. "For one thing, I don't think my Digivice is up for that task and I don't need to do so because I have Dorumon." He says finally, feeling uneasy at the thought anybody transforming into a Digimon.

"Oh! It's because you'd need a Legendary Warrior spirit to transform, right?" Tokomon asks with his eyes shining as if he finally discovered the secret to the universe. "Right." He say even though he's got no clue as to what Tokomon means by Legendary Warrior spirit, but he tries to keep that puzzlement off of his face.

"Anyway, I don't suppose you know where Dorumon is at this particular moment." He says, changing the subject as he reaches out to snag his bag before he stands up. "Sure I do! My teacher, Togemon, dismissed us to talk with him as he showed up during a lesson and after a few minutes, he began asking a whole bunch of questions about what the lesson is centered about." Tokomon says and then within a few seconds, the little Digimon moves quickly from him in the likely direction of where his partner is.

"Follow me! I'll take you to the school house!" Tokomon declares and once more, moving more quickly then he'd thought, Tokomon vanishes off the trail. With a shake of his head, it didn't take him long to keep up with the pace Tokomon set as the little white Digimon leads him through the forest. When they entered into an open field, he couldn't help but stop as he turns to regard the sight of the sky. 'It's official; I'm in a totally new Digital world. This just confirms it.' He thinks as he stares at the blue sky that had a few clouds floating over head while a sun beams down from above.

"Hey Tokomon, what's the rush?" A new Digimon asks while he continues to stare dumbly up at the sky, his mind trying to come to terms with the fact that he's in a Digital world that's similar to that Digimon anime that he discovered during his stay with Yamaki. He feels a bit of a ping at the thought of his distant 'uncle' and then his thoughts drifted to the friends he made.

With a sigh, he blinks and glances down to find himself kind of surrounded by a large group of In-Training Digimon. They were gazing at him with looks of awe and a bit of hero worship. "Err, hi there." He says, highly agitated at how still they were being.

Pretty much all of the In-Training Digimon greet him with their own version of 'Hi!', 'Yo!', 'Hey.', 'What's up?', and 'Hello.' He just fixates a smile to his face as he scans about the crowd for Tokomon. Within seconds, the little Digimon begin murmuring among them, he found it pretty hard to keep track of what they were saying so he just gave up. He runs a hand through his hair as he suppresses the urge to sigh.

It wasn't long before he found himself being bombarded with questions, like 'Are you really a human?' or 'What's in the bag? Gifts? Are you going to give us gifts?!' He manages to hold up his hands and it takes a few minutes for them to quite down. "Ok, first off, I would like to find my good friend Dorumon, who according to Tokomon, is with your teacher, right?" He asks and they chimed at him, "Right!"

"Now then, once that's done, I'll be happy to answer your question after I've hooked up with said purpled rookie, got it?" He asks and within seconds, the little Digimon part to let him through, something he's grateful about since he rather not be forced to do something like leap over the group, he would likely make it without landing on one of them using chakra but he rather not display said abilities since it could mislead them to believe that any human could make that leap.

Once he's out of the crowd, the young Digimon once more gather in a tight crowd as he walks towards the hut that's easy to spot now that he's out of the woods. Tokomon remains a few feet ahead of him until they reach the door, then the distant shrinks. "Teacher! Teacher! I brought Dorumon's friend!" Tokomon calls out and it takes a few seconds before a very large Digimon wearing red gloves over their hands appears.

"Err, I take it Dorumon hadn't mentioned me, has he?" He asks and within seconds, the large green Digimon that seems to have needles covering their body drops in a dead faint. "I wonder if it was something I said." He muses and it wasn't long before Tokomon is giggling while Dorumon finally gets his head sticking out of the door to give him a mildly disapproving look before snorting lightly with a slight grin on his partner's fuzzy muzzle.

"I wonder how long she'll be out for." Tokomon muses as the little Digimon leaps onto one of the red gloves. "…" He turns to regard the crowd of In-Training Digimon that were now surrounding them. "So… Is this a bad time to start the Q and A section now?" One of the darker coloured Digimon asks, regarding him with a hopeful expression on their face.

As he glances back to their teacher and then at Dorumon, he sighs as his shoulders sag as he says, "Why not." The crowd of Digimon sound out a loud cheer and it didn't take long for him to find a nice spot to sit down as he answers these Digimon questions as best as he can without revealing anything too damaging.


Sasuke Uchiha


"What do we do with him now?" A voice asks as he opens his eyes to find himself in a dark space. "I guess we can take him to the surface and load him on a Trailmon." A voice muses in a thoughtful manner.

He jerks his head, suddenly fully awake on hearing a name that's most likely that of a Digimon. It takes him a few seconds to recall what happened to him during the last few days. He glances hurriedly about the darkness before trying to feel about to see if Naruto and his pet Digimon were here with him.

After a few minutes, he calms down as it seems that not only were they not here, but he's no longer tied up. Frowning, he tries to think of what he wants to do now. Though he almost wishes Naruto was here with him, if only to get revenge on the blond who humiliated him over the last few days. He grinds his teeth as he mentally lists the offences he went through as he stands up.

It's clear to him that Daemon had likely given Naruto aid before the Digimon and the blond broke their partnership. After all, Naruto's a brain dead student, everybody in the village agreed with that observation and he'll lay odds that Daemon's responsible for Naruto's sudden show of mental strength. While he did owe Daemon for giving him access to the Digital world, after all, if he never took the Digital Monster up on his offer, he wouldn't have the new surge of power that now flows through his veins.

But it seems that Naruto's had more then enough time to gather up not just a good amount of data, but also a few lackeys too. True, that Ryo kid had tried to get to know him, but he could tell it was just an act. 'Also, it seems that Naruto's found a new patron once Daemon and his partnership broke up as well.' He muses, dismissing that conversation about him wanting Naruto's acknowledgment since the blond isn't just beneath him as a ninja but socially as well, after all, other then the Hyuuga, the Uchihas are practically royalty in the village.

'He's just a common orphan, the likely produce of two lowlifes.' He thinks firmly as he tries to figure out which way he should head. It's so dark that he's forced to feel about him as he moves forward given that the two voices have stopped speaking long before he thought to remember from which direction they were coming from. He can't help but scowl at himself as he withdraws his hands and does a very familiar chain of hand signs.

Within seconds, everything lights up and some wooden items catch on fire. It didn't take long before voice call out and strange rock monsters come racing into the room. So unprepared to see these Digimon that he didn't try and struggle as one of them grabs his hand and leads him out of the room while the others try to stop the fire by stomping on it.

By the time he recovers from the idea of Digimon made out of rock, he finds himself out in a field with the sun slowly sinking in the horizon. Shaking off the stony hand of the Digimon, he takes a few steps away from the cave entrance before glancing about to see if there were other Digimon about. With a frown, he glares at the setting sun, hating the fact that there seems to be more of these rock Digimon about, so he can't attack and download the Digimon that's closest to him.

Then, to his relief, the Digimon closest to him heads back in to help with the clean up. As he casually glances around, be slowly begins to walk away from the settlement that he's currently in the center of. A few glance his way but they don't pay him much mind, which is fine by his since it just means that none of them will try and stop him from leaving this village. Not that it putting any distance between him and this village where he first awoke will take the bitter taste out of the back of his mouth.

'This is Naruto's fault. If he hadn't taken that Digimon up on his offer then I wouldn't have thought the offer safe.' He thinks darkly as he leaps over a trench as he heads in the direction he hopes is north.




"Wow, I can't believe you visited a human world!" A Koromon says in amazement, stars sparkling in the little Digimon's eyes. "I can't believe there's a fruit called Dragon Fruit." A Tanemon reflects while the little Tokomon who lead Naruto here seems to be thinking about something.

"So, you're here to capture a human who's collecting fractal code of Digimon?" The Tokomon asks kind of summarizing why they're here. "Pretty much." Naruto admits and he hums in agreement while a collection of in-training Digimon lay on him from his position to Naruto's left side.

"So, does this mean that this Sasuke guy is going to collect the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors? Adding their fractal code to his?" A Poromon asks. "Legendary Warriors?" Naruto and him wonder at the same time and the little Digimon seem to be shouting a lot of different things at the same time.

'This is already giving me a headache.' He groans as he lies his head back down on his forelimbs, leaving it up to his human partner to calm the masses. Something the blond has experience with as long as he's known the whiskered marked boy. 'That is, unless he's only talented when it comes to controlling Gotsumon.' He muses but he's not disappointed as his best friend and Tamer slowly reigns over the horde of in-training Digimon.

"Ok, ok! Calm down you guys! It's hard to hear each of you when you're all shouting at once!" Naruto says and they finally stop hopping about as they shout out their answers. "Now then, when I ask a question, you many bounce up and down but don't answer the question until I call on you, got it?" The blond asks and the gang of in-training Digimon all agree with the terms.

"Ok, now then, who can tell me why Sasuke would be interested in these Legendary Warriors?" Naruto asks and after a few seconds, the blond picks an Upamon to answer this question. "The Legendary Warriors represent the ten elements of the Digital world." The Upamon says and Naruto hums before asking, "Alright then, I can guess some of these elements, which are fire, water, earth, and wind, right?"

The crowd of in-training Digimon chime back, "Right!" Naruto nods in a thoughtful manner before asking, "Alright then, other then those four, what are the other six elements?" Once more the horde of in-training Digimon start hopping up and down, waiting for Naruto to chose one of them to answer that question.

Naruto picks a Chapmon to answer this question. "Steel is one!" The Chapmon tells them. After a few seconds, Naruto picks another Digimon, a Pagumon this time, "Thunder and ice!" His Tamer picks a Yaamon who answers, "Darkness and Light!" Next up Naruto picks a Viximon who answers, "Wood."

'Shouldn't thunder be lightning? After all, thunder is just a sound.' He wonders before beginning to wonder about the difference between earth and steel, or why steel isn't just call metal. Finally he snaps out of his thoughts as Naruto continues with asking the horde of in-training Digimon more about these elemental Digimon warriors.

"Ok, what did this group do to become famous in the first place?" The blond Tamer asks and the group of in-training Digimon glance at each other, clearly not knowing the answer until Frimon on his back begins to hop up and down. "Ok, let's hear it." Naruto says after glancing about the horde of in-training Digimon.

The Frimon puffs up as the little guy says, "The first set of spirits were the ones that stopped Lucemon during his first rampage through the Digital world. After sealing the corrupted angel in the center of our world, they then their power got divided into two halves with one half being called a 'Human' spirit and the other being called a 'Beast' spirit." He blinks, kind of surprised to learn that another Demon Lord had operated in this world.

"I take it there was a second rampage recently, huh?" Naruto asks and all of the in-training Digimon nod in agreement. "How come you said Spirits of Legendary Warriors instead of calling them Legendary Warriors?" He pipes in after thinking about the previous answers.

The horde of in-training Digimon glance from him up to Naruto, clearly unsure if the rules applied when he is asking a question. "Same rules apply when Dorumon asks a question." Naruto says calmly and within seconds, a small number of in-training Digimon where hopping. Naruto picks a Motimon to answer this question.

"Well, once their power was divided, neither of the spirits were able to take physical form in the form of a Digimon so their data transformed into twenty little statues that were then entrusted to the three angel Digimon who were chosen to rule the Digital world in the wake of Lucemon's sealing." Motimon answers and he wonders if they're still in statue form now a days.

"Alright then, has Lucemon been resealed?" Naruto asks the group after a few minutes of silence. "He's been deleted by the group of Digidestine humans who came to possess the spirits of the Legendary Warriors." A Hopmon answers once Naruto points to the little guy.

"Anyone know the name of these Digidestine?" Naruto asks and Budmon is picked to answer this one. "The warrior for fire was Takuya, the one for light was Kouji, Zoe was wind, Tommy was ice, JP was thunder, and then Koichi was darkness. Kouji and Koichi were twin brothers too!"

'How odd that the two chosen children who were chosen to take the mantles of light and darkness were twin brothers.' He muses although what really tickles his funny bone was the use of name Digidestine given to the children who arrived to save this Digital World. A name that had been used in the cartoon show based on Digimon.

Before either Naruto or himself could think to put forth another question to the Digimon gathered before them, the teacher of this school finally arrives on the scene. "While I must admit that this is a good review of history, it's getting late and supper is ready to be eaten." The champion level Digimon, Togemon, says and within seconds of that announcement, a lot of stomachs growl in agreement with the teacher's statement.

He waits for the Digimon on him to get off before he himself gets up off the ground. "You stiff?" Naruto asks as the blond hangs back to wait for him. "Not really, I do think that my tail might have fallen asleep on me though." He admits with a hint of amusement and Naruto chuckles in reply as his Tamer moves to take the lead, following the path the horde of in-training Digimon had taken when they followed the plant type Digimon.

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