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Sasuke Uchiha

Frontier Digital World

He just glances around the various tables; some were empty while the rest had more of those Digital Monsters seated. Waiters weave about the chairs and tables to deliver food and drink to hungry and thirsty customers. He had slapped down a few bills of the local currency at the bar, the bills vanished a few seconds before a drink appeared by his right hand.

The golden coloured Digimon hums softly as the Digimon flutters about the shelves where various bottles are resting. The white and purple wings barely move as the golden Digimon flies. He glances away from the unnatural sight since those wings should be moving about but they don't.

'If only I feel up to it, I would stalk this monster after it gets off work and put it out of my misery.' He thinks in a distracted kind of way as he gulps down the drink. A slight and soft squeak which is then followed by two sets of foot steps with at least one set of foot falls causes slight clicking, which likely means that a set of foot steps belonged to something with claws. The second set sound lighter then the set with claws, in the end, he decides that two new customers had entered into the restaurant part of the inn then a single customer.

The two walk behind him since they caused his robe to sway slightly from their passing behind him. A few coins drop onto the counter and a muffled voice says, "Two star berry lemonades."

"Right a way, sir." The golden flying Digimon says in a slightly feminine voice replies. He feels his skin crawl at the idea that the monster behind the counter could be female.

It takes him a few seconds to realize that he really should have ordered something other then leaving it up to the Digimon to pick his drink as he begins to feel a slight sense of giddiness and light headed. The headache he's been sporting since he started loading data from the local Digimon population. Its pressure seems to subside slightly, which could be why he feels so light headed.

'You know, there's something familiar about that one that put those coins on the counter…' He finally realizes as he glances in a stealthy manner to his right. He couldn't help but wonder where he's seen such purple hair.


Naruto Uzumaki

The Spotted Leaf

'He must be plastered. He's not even bothering to turn away.' He decides after glancing in Sasuke's direction after a few minutes of having said boy looking right at him with a puzzled look on said pale face. Sasuke's charcoal black eyes seem a bit more focused on his partner.

Dorumon tries to get his attention and he turns to look at his friend. Dorumon gives him a worried look before glancing beyond him to Sasuke before looking back at him. It takes him a few seconds before he silently forms an 'Oh'. He inclines his head and Dorumon flashes him a small smile before his partner finishes off his drink and heads off to find a restroom.

He waits a bit before turning to see Sasuke's reaction and frowns at the sight of Sasuke silently giggling. It takes him a few seconds to realize that Sasuke wasn't on the 'ball' at this particular moment. "Excuse me but what kind of drinks has…" He motions at Sasuke and the Butterflymon hums thoughtfully.

"Well, he did fork over more then enough to pay for four Knock Out drinks. He is on his third… scratch that, final drink." The golden armour Digimon says as the feminine bar keep picks up the empty glass.

"Not drunk enough not to recognize your friend!" Sasuke states in a loud, harsh whisper with a manic grin plastered on Sasuke's pale face. "I'm so going to delete him, you too for that matter." Sasuke adds after a few seconds of thought.

"You are so wasted it isn't even funny." He says with a slight hint of amusement, although he can only hope that his voice is still disguised when he said that. Sasuke picks up the newly filled glass and begins to drink from it before he could think to take the drink from the Uchiha.

By the time his partner returns, he's wrapping wire about Sasuke's wrists. "Well, that's kind of anti-climatic." The purple furred Digimon admits as they head out of the restaurant.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" A voice says less then a mile from the Spotted Leaf. He turns to find a tall humanoid Digimon in gold armour with a blue cape fluttering about behind the Digimon. "I am Grademon and I'm here to escort your partner, yourself, and… him to Ophanimon's castle." Grademon says and he couldn't help but blink up at the tall Digimon.

"He's been loading Digimon again, hasn't he?" He asks the warrior Digimon and the other doesn't say anything. He closes his eyes as grief tugs at his heart strings. "Well, lead on then, Grademon. We can't keep a lady waiting, can we?" He says after a few minutes in a cheerless tone.

Grademon nods in a sharp way before turning around, clearly expecting them to follow. He carries the out of it Sasuke over his shoulder while Dorumon walks behind him. He felt so guilty about all of this, after all, if he hadn't listened to that man, he would still be in Hidden Leaf, attending the academe with Sasuke. 'And neither of us would ever know anything about Digimon, traveled to another dimension, nor would I have met Ryo and Henry…'



Outside of Ophanimon's Castle

Four Days Later

The pale scrawny boy known as Sasuke continues to glare into the back of Grademon's head. 'We really should have left him in that cell. After all, nothing he tried to do worked once Sorcermon set up those spells on him.' He thinks before dismissing Sasuke out of his mind to worry about Naruto.

The golden haired boy that is his partner has been pretty withdrawn since they climbed aboard into that Trailmon's car. All Naruto would do was brood throughout the whole trip, which is why he's pretty worried about Naruto since the be-whiskered boy has never acted this way before and he really didn't know how to snap his partner out of it either. He pauses to turn to glance at his partner who's walking in the rear, it's clear that Naruto hasn't even taken a glance at the castle they're approaching either since Naruto's gaze isn't really on his surroundings but his thoughts.

'Just what are you thinking about, Naruto?' He wonders as he slows down to get in step with his partner. Naruto seems to blinks after a few seconds before turning to glance at him with a slight sheepish grin.

"I've been brooding, haven't I?" His partner asks and he hums in agreement. "Sorry, it's just, if I hadn't accepted that offer…" Naruto says, trailing off and Dorumon just mentally beheads Sasuke before trying to think of a way to comfort his partner.

"You're not responsible for anything that… that… pasty face fleshy virus!" He informs his friend and partner with a great deal of venom even though he tries to keep his voice down. "Whatever actions he's done while in the Digital world… worlds, isn't because of you! It's not as if you were the one holding his hand while he's doing said action!" He adds and Naruto blinks before slowly nodding his head.

"I know, I know. It's just, I can't help but feel guilty about the fact that I accepted that offer and that because I accepted it, it opened the way for Sasuke to receive that offer too." The bright blond admits with a sigh as Naruto's eyes flicker to the back of Grademon since Sasuke is being forced to walk before said knight like Digimon. "This brooding thing is more Sas… err, Uchiha's thing then mine." The young preteen admits.

"Think of it this way, at least his punishment won't be your task to carry out." He adds softly and Naruto sighs before beginning to nod in agreement. 'Let's hope that this is the end of this.' He thinks to himself as they finally enter into the castle, a castle that belongs to one of the three rulers of this Digital world.


Sasuke Uchiha

'You're searching has come to an end.' A genderless voice informs him in a final tone. He, privately, would have preferred his previous headache to this sudden case of emptiness that isn't really empty.

'So, you're saying that all of the spirits are within this castle?' He inquires as he slowly begins tense up while glancing about the hallway, trying to get a feel of this stone building that he's being marched through. All he gets from that 'empty' space is a soft, gentle warmth for a few seconds, likely all the confirmation he'll get from whatever presence is within that space.

'Now then, just how am I going to escape from these three so I can find and absorb those spirits.' He thinks, not caring for the fact that he hasn't the slightest clue what to look for when it comes to these spirits either. 'I wonder where the treasure room would be…' He muses as he recalls some stories about such things within castles.

'Hopefully this castle is no different.' He adds as they come to a staircase. A minor poke in his back is all that he needs to know that he's expected to walk up those stone stairs. The clinking of armour tells him that the golden Digimon is just a few steps behind him and a few minutes later, the sound of clicking nails assures him that the Dobe and the Dobe's pet monster are following as well.

'The question becomes, do I escape now or later?' He muses as an escape plan slowly comes together within his mind. He considers both options since the two have their own pros and cons that could spell success for his chances of escape to locate these spirit statues that are of the ten elements.

'Escaping later would mean that nobody but the guard would know that I've escaped… but there's always a chance they could rig the cell like they did on the train. Although it seems that I won't have to deal with the idiot and his purple furred monster right off the bat.' He muses to himself.

Next he considers the benefits of trying to escape now, with the loud mouth blond and pet monster within ten feet of him. 'Escaping now means that I won't have to put up with acting like I'm weak and helpless, hide someplace and wait for the alarm to die down before exploring this place on my own. But they would be on their guard and likely place guards that I can't handle around said treasure room.' He reminds himself, particularly worrying is if he is caught after making such an escape that the security around his holding cell would certainly make it highly improbable of him escaping out of said imaginary cell.

'Better decide fast or I'll miss my biggest opportunity to escape.' He reminds himself as he spots an opening leading out of the staircase. 'Which will it be, going along to get judged or escaping run under this bastard's nose on the way to said judgement?' He asks himself but in the end, he knew which choice it had to be, no matter his thoughts and feelings on the matter were.

'That bar keeper had to have spiked those damned drinks, didn't it? Why else would I feel so weak? This knight monster must have bribed that stupid bar keeper to dose me with something.' He thinks as they walk pass the first opening into a hallway.

'Hopefully they'll give me the antidote once they have me in that cell.' He thinks to himself as the aching in his legs, especially around his ankles, continue to try and distract him from his musings. He, of course, refused to inform his capturers of the misery they're inflicting on him since he doesn't want them to have the satisfaction of knowing that they're succeeding in humiliating him.

He's an Uchiha, the last living legacy of a proud clan of ninja. Though he suffers, he will suffer in silence, which is appropriate for somebody from his noble clan. Though he is making a list of who will suffer what for his numerous humiliations that are being inflicted on him as he walks through this stone castle.


Naruto Uzumaki

Ever since they entered into the stone castle, he felt as if something is watching him. The feeling only seem to grow stronger, causing him to become kind of nervous and edgy. Although he hasn't gotten to the point where his eyes darted to every shadow in expectance of seeing some hidden watcher watching him, he couldn't help but feel that it wouldn't be long before he found himself doing it.

"You ok?" The purple furred rookie asks him with worry radiating from Dorumon's golden eyes. He just sighs while trying to force his shoulders to relax.

"Just seems as if I'm getting paranoid the longer I'm walking about in this castle." He admits after a few seconds while scratching the side of his head. "I just can't help but feel as if somebody is watching us…"

Dorumon frowns while his partner's bushy tail swings side to side a bit faster then it had before this conversation started. "Maybe we are being watched. After all, Sasuke likely has aggravated a lot of Digimon during his stay here. It wouldn't be that shocking to imagine more then a few Digimon wanting some payback, right?"

He thinks about it and then nods, his head slowly. "You do make a good point." He admits before adding, "Almost makes you wish he would try something, don't it?"

"I rather he didn't." The purple Digimon replies and he winces. He just sighs while wondering if somebody gagged the Uchiha since he expected Sasuke to be cursing up a storm and ranting about how they 'couldn't do this to him'.

"We wouldn't want to tempt fate, huh?" He muses with a slight grin after a few minutes. Dorumon just nods in agreement and with a flicker of the bushy tail, Dorumon picks up the pace.

With a shake of his head, he begins to take inventory of what's on his person, not counting what's in his pack. 'I wonder if my using of modify cards work here?' He wonders as he touches his deck of cards last and takes them out.

For a moment, he recalls the last game he played with Ryo. Thinking about the older Tamer causes him to wish Ryo had gotten sucked into the portal along with Sasuke, Dorumon, and himself. He gets shaken out of his thoughts as his partner diverges out of the staircase, likely following Grademon and Sasuke.

'Well, we're here.' He after walking down this hall, he puts the cards back into the card protector on his belt. He glances about the edge of the large doors, wondering if those markings mean anything. 'Maybe they represent programs like what Digidestine in Digimon Adventures found during their journey through the Digital world...' He muses at the sight of the symbols on the rim stones of the door.

"You are permitted to enter." A very familiar Digimon says and he couldn't help but stare at Nefertimon standing before the doors. He had encountered plenty of other Armour evolutions during their time searching for Sasuke in this world but hadn't really expected to see any of those featured in the show.

Grademon likely nods stiffly at the winged Digimon as soon as the doors swing inward, revealing a minor corridor lined with torches with a large table at the end. While he was busy glancing about the corridor, it seems that Grademon and Sasuke were already moving down the torch lit corridor. With a soft sigh, he fast walks to fall within three to four feet of Grademon's back.

Again that feeling of being watched causes him to grow edgy as they reach the open room. He blinks at the sight of at least two familiar mega level Digimon. 'Seraphimon and Cherubimon… I wonder who the third one is?'

"I have brought the destroyer and these two travelers as well." Grademon says after bowing to the three angelic Digimon. The three glance at Dorumon and himself before glancing at Sasuke, Cherubimon has a slight frown on his face while looking at the Uchiha.

"You have our thanks for escorting them, Grademon." The female looking angel Digimon says and Grademon inclines his helmed head in acknowledgement. "Might you introduce our other guests?" The female member of this trinity asks.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki and his… friend Dorumon." Grademon says in way of introducing his partner and himself. "Naruto, Dorumon, I would like to introduce to you the three Celestial Digimon that rule this world. To the left is Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and finally to the right, Cherubimon."

"Hi." He says in way of greeting, a little overwhelmed with being introduced to the governing body of this particular Digital world. 'Hope I don't make a bad impression…' He thinks to himself as he becomes acutely aware of his current set of cloths while Dorumon bows.

"Naruto… Look…" Dorumon whispers to him while Grademon picks up Sasuke since the other boy wouldn't move when probed by the golden knight Digimon to move beyond the table. He gives his friend a puzzled look and the rookie jerks his head to the far right wall.

He glances that way and then stares at the sight of this small looking statue that's on a shelf of the wall. With a slight frown, he begins to glance around the chamber and spots more of them; some were placed higher up while the rest were within high reaching distance.

'Head busts?' He wonders before a surprised shout echoes about the chamber. "Sasuke, don't!" Dorumon cries out but it's a bit late as Sasuke manages to hit one of those busts, causing light to flash throughout the chamber.

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Ryo Akiyama


"I wish to introduce to you my teacher. Naruto, I'm sure you remember Rika from the tournament you entered me in." He says as he places his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I also believe you know most of the others as well." He adds and Hige nods.

"Oh yea, nice to meet you." Naruto says with a friendly grin while most of the Tamers seem to be absorbing the fact that he just admitted that he had an instructor and that he didn't enter himself in that tournament. "This is my partner, Dorumon." The blond adds and the most of the group turns to glance at the purple furred rookie.

"You taught Ryo?" Kazu asks and his fellow dimensional traveler nods. His two fan-boys begin to give Naruto starry eyes while Henry just looks bemused while Takato has a slightly bewildered look on his face while Guilmon steps forward to greet Dorumon.

"Now, since I know Rika's looking for a rematch with me so I've got a deal. You have to beat Naruto here and then I'll have that rematch with you. How does that sound?" He says to the usually grouchy red head. 'Hook...'

"Is he any good?" Rika asks as she apprises the blond that's standing a foot before him. Naruto glances his way with a slightly surprised look on his be-whiskered face. 'Line…'

"DK?" Hige says with a slight frown but he moves to stand fully behind his friend. With both hands on both of Naruto's shoulders, he gives a sharp push so that Naruto takes a few steps towards the red head while the others repeat Hige's nickname for him.

"What's wrong, Hige? You scared to go up against a girl?" He asks the blond while Rika's eyes narrow. 'Sinker."

"This isn't about that!" Naruto says sharply while the blond focuses on him. He knows what Naruto's implying but none of the others did, which is why he fought to keep a smile off his face as Rika grabs a hold of Naruto's wrist.

"Fine, if that's what it takes to get my rematch then I'll play him here, right now." Rika snaps and drags the blond to a clear spot while Naruto sends tiny glares his way.

"I don't get it. I mean, Ryo's the Digimon King, you've likely wiped the floor with Naruto a hundred times!" Kazu says while scratching the side of his head.

"Actually, I've never won a single match with Naruto. Have you Henry?" He asks the orange vest wearing Tamer.

"Never did either." Henry admits. This causes the rest of the Tamers glance between Henry and him in hopes of finding out that they're just joking.

"You mean you just set Rika up against somebody not even you have beaten?" Takato asks and he nods. The silence that greets this announcement is deafening.

"How did you manage to do that?" Rika yells and he just grins while Naruto just sighs.

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