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Ryo Akiyama

Tamer Digital World

It had taken them about a month since Naruto, Sasuke, and Dorumon vanished to track down that Fangmon, the one who had tried to save Sasuke. During this journey, Cyberdramon and himself had learnt a bit about Data Streams through practical experience, which helped hinder their ability to track down Fangmon in a timely manner. It's near impossible to pick up a trail when you're on a different plane of the Digital world, especially one that contains a different environment then the previous one.

It helps that the champion Digimon is still covered in some alien Digimon's energy signature. With a little help from Azulongmon, they managed to caught up with said champion, although for the pass week, they've been a bit more interested in observing the leather wearing Digimon then in deleting him. After all, they kind of need Fangmon alive for questioning, which is why he's been fairly busy going through some ratty ninja books concerning about interrogation tactics.

"I wonder why Daemon fetched these old books for Sasuke instead of newer versions..." He wonders, once more concerned about the condition of books and scrolls Sasuke had in his keeping when they found him. "I'll admit that they're in good condition but still..." He adds with a slight frown.

Cyberdramon just grunts, it's not as though he expects his partner to know the answer to that question anyway. 'Likely chose old thinking they'd be full of errors and mistakes.' He concludes yet again, after all, Daemon couldn't be expected to be an expert about Naruto's version of a ninja or about that world in particular.

"He's pacing." Cyberdramon finally informs him and after memorizing the page number, he closes the book before climbing up onto the rock to find that Fangmon is indeed pacing back and forth. Fangmon's tail swishes angrily back and forth while Fangmon tossing his head up every so often.

"Almost as if he's talking to someone..." He muses as he rests his chin on his arms. "Do you sense anything?" He asks the ultimate Digimon.

"If he is, the connection isn't using up a lot of energy or causing much of a disturbance." The grey humanoid dragon admits. Cyberdramon flexes his right hand and arm, clearly itching to take down Fangmon and after a few seconds, he decides that now would be a good time to capture the champion Digimon since it's obvious that the Digimon's guard is down and distracted.

"Now is as good a time as any to get him. He's clearly distracted and likely won't put up much of a fight." 'Not that it matters considering you are an Ultimate level Digimon.' He adds silently.

Within seconds, Cyberdramon seems to have vanished from his left and is pinning Fangmon in the ground. "That was fast..." He couldn't help but mutter as he heads down towards Fangmon and his partner.



He couldn't help but yelp as he finds the side of his face pressed into the sandy ground with a something heavy holding him down. He tries to see who is responsible and shudders. He had come to the conclusion that he was being hunted, he just didn't expect for the other Tamer and his partner to be the ones to catch him.

He had been trying to get a certain mega level Digimon to transfer him out of this dimension, true, it was a risky considering Daemon's only transferred a pair of human children successfully while creating copies of scrolls and books using minor data spheres that he's collected. It had just been easier to copy and then recreate the data on those items then to waste tons of energy to bring them to the Digital world.

Not that he felt the need to inform Sasuke of that little fact, after all, better for the punk kid to think Daemon had unlimited power and could always get him no matter where the punk found himself. Creating an illusion of a leash so the brat would behave.

'Fat good that did.' He mentally thinks as he waits for the Q&A session to commence before they delete him and load his data. He blames the prick for causing such disruptions so early in the 'game'.

'Given enough time, I could have gotten prepared for whatever was sent after us. If we were lucky, we would have given them a merry chase before confronting the lot.' He thinks bitterly to himself. 'This is all that brat's fault, I hope whatever end the punk bring down upon himself, it totally ruins him!'

"Guess Daemon pretty much plans to leave you to your end, eh?" The brunet Tamer muses once the human is within a few feet of his captor and himself. "I don't suppose you can tell me what Daemon had planned for that Uchiha kid?"

"Like he'd tell me! I was only brought on board to be that punk's guide until Daemon decided he had enough energy to open another portal to send the brat else where." He snaps. "My part in that guy's plans seems to be well and over, thank you oh so much."

"He must have commandeered portal." The Cyberdramon, the Tamer's partner, growls. He hears the Tamer sigh and he tests to see if the Cyberdramon's grip has loosen up any.

"Seems like he doesn't have any more information for us." The partner states and he swallows as well as tenses. He braces himself for what's about to happen next.

The Tamer sigh before saying, "Might as well give him a fighting chance. We might not have gathered much information but he does kind of deserve a chance to at least defend himself."


Ryo Akiyama

The fight did prove short but he did admit that Fangmon did manage to at least give his all, he's pretty sure that it'll be a while before that small tip area of Cyberdramon's wing grows back, if it capable of growing back that is. Though it'll likely serve as a reminder about underestimating a captured opponent.

'Now that we're through with that Digimon, what sure we do now? What can we do while waiting for Hige and Dorumon to return?' He muses as he sits in the nock of his partner's arm. Pondering what to do now that Fangmon has been deleted and uploaded by Cyberdramon.

"Where to now, Cyberdramon?" He inquires, wondering if the ultimate level Digimon had anything in particular that they should go while in this particular Digital world. "We have quiet a bit of time to kill it would seem." He adds thoughtfully.

His partner doesn't reply, just continues soaring through the skies of the Digital world.


Tommy Himi

Train Station

"Hey Koichi!" He says on seeing the teen. "How's it going?" He asks as he lets go of the button meant to hold the elevator doors open.

The doors close as the Chosen of Darkness replies, "Going pretty good." Then Koichi says, "I was kind of surprise to receive the message. I can't help but wonder what's wrong."

"Yea, me too. I mean, what do they mean by recovering half of our spirits? It kind of sounds like they got stolen, so why would they need us to help recover them? It's not like the thieves could use them..." He muses with a frown as he recalls their encounter of those shades of Digimon that failed to pass Darkness's test of worth.

'I wonder if they ever got reborn when the Digital world got recreated?' He wonders before the elevator jerks and suddenly speeds up, almost causing Koichi and him to flatten against the top of the elevator. When the elevator finally slows, he lands on the floor with Koichi landing partly on him.

The doors open and as they recover enough to stand, he glances around the underground station expectedly. They exit out of the elevator but still he can't see any of the others. He glances backwards just in time to watch the doors close but the elevator doesn't move, which kind of confuses him before his thoughts go elsewhere.

"I don't think the others are coming." Koichi says and the older Digidestine closes a cell phone. "It's been half an hour, Tommy. If they had gotten the message they would have shown up by now."

He sighs before wondering out loud, "I guess this means that only half of our spirits were stolen then." He couldn't help but feel more then a little disappointed that it seems as though the whole gang won't be together for this new adventure.

"I, too, had been hoping the others would be here if we were ever welcomed to travel back to the Digital world." Koichi says and he smiles weakly at Koichi, nodding in agreement. "We might as well get a board." Koichi adds after walking towards the only train in the station.

He follows suit and once they're in one of the cars, the train becomes alive. Slowly and with a few jerks, the train begins to pull out of the station. The train whistles as the train picks up speed.


Naruto Uzumaki

Fire Terminal

"Looks like something is finally approaching." Dorumon says and with a start, he sits up and glances in the direction his partner and friend is looking in. Clutching the package he's been entrusted to give to the new arrives, he gets up off of the floor and squints his eyes in hopes of spotting the Trailmon that's bringing Dorumon and his new travel companions; Koichi and Tommy if his memory serves since Koichi has been chosen by Darkness and Tommy by Ice.

The sound of whistling reaches his ears and after a few seconds, he finally makes out said approaching mechanical Digimon. He sighs softly, more then happy that they'll finally be on their way in following Sasuke's trail out of this world.

As the Trailmon slows down until it comes to a stop. "All aboard going aboard!" The copper armoured Trailmon declares before exhaust smoke covers the platform for a few seconds before fading away.

"Hey, I don't think we saw you get on board..." He turns to find two preteen boys; one of which is shorter and wearing a big orange hat. The other is much older and seems to prefer to wear darker colours.

"Huh? Oh, no, we're just here to hook up with you two. Dorumon and I have been here for little over a month's time." He explains and the two look surprised on hearing that.

"Really? But how did you get to the Digital world to begin with?" The younger asks curiously after sizing up Dorumon before moving to study him.

"It's kind of complicated but originally, we were in a different Digital world before this portal got warped and pulled us into it. Which deposited us here." He explains and the other two just stare, clearly not sure if he's telling the truth.

"Maybe we should give them the package." Dorumon suggests after a few seconds of silence. He glances over at his partner before holding out the package.

"Thanks... I'm Tommy by the way." The shorter preteen with the hat says as he takes the package.

"Naruto and this is my partner Dorumon." He says in way of introduction as Tommy and friend begin to open the box. He watches as they pull out two devices, likely their Digivices, and what appears to be a pocket watch.

"So... What do you mean by partner?" The other preteen asks and he motions for Dorumon to explain while he picks up the watch to examine. He flips it opens and stares down at a screen that seems to have one silvery blue dot and one black dot circling around two different star points.

He tries to press one of the buttons but it refuses to budge. 'I would have to say that it would seem that this device can only be used by the two native chosen.' He muses to himself as he glances towards the two.

"Not working?" The older one asks while Tommy continues to ask Dorumon questions about the world they had left Ryo and Cyberdramon behind in. "Also, I'm Koichi."

He grins before handing the watch over. "Maybe you should try using it. I get the feeling it'll work for you guys. After all, this was created in this Digital world." He says and watches as Koichi begins to fiddle with it.

He lets out a breath he unknowingly had been holding as Koichi causes something to happen with the display on the screen. "Maybe..." Koichi mutters softly and within seconds, the one with the black dot seems to glow as if something has clicked said star.

The display changes to show a village that seems to be made out of baby toys. "Looks like you're really are going to have to wear that shirt, DK." He mutters to himself with a grin.

"You know where that is?" Koichi asks and he hums. "Is it far?" The preteen asks and he snorts softly.

It didn't take long to show Koichi the DVDs and he couldn't help but chuckle softly. "It's a pretty good series, though I prefer season one." He says as Koichi flips it over and reads the back of box. Koichi just shakes his head after finally giving the two box sets of Digimon over to him, which he puts back into his pack.

"Let's see where the second dot is." Koichi says and he just shrugs, content to watch Koichi fiddle with the buttons to return to the previous map. It takes a few minutes and in those few minutes, he glimpses more of that particular Digital world that's on the screen.

He felt his jaw loosen as Koichi finally brings up the other world. A Digital world that sports the same 'sun' as the world they left DK and his partner Cyberdarmon. "You know this one too?" Koichi asks and he blinks in an owlish manner.

"Should know it, it's the world I hooked up with Dorumon." He explains, his eyes drifting towards his purple furred friend. He frowns as he wonders about which world they'll visit first on this particular quest.

In a way, he's kind of glad he's not one of those that can operate the watch device. It pretty much took the decision out of his hands, though from the look of things. 'Not that it would stop them from asking Dorumon and mine opinion...' He admits while Tommy and Dorumon rejoin the conversation.

"So, does it work?" Tommy asks them while Dorumon gives him a look of mild concern before stretching the tiny wings on his back. Koichi lowers the watch to give Tommy a look at the screen, which his partner takes advantage of to give the screen a look.



01/02 Digital World

'It's pretty strange to be visiting a world that's been displayed as a cartoon show. I know that Ryo mentioned coming from this world but still... Its one thing to hear about it, its another to visit it.' He muses as they rest by a river after spending most of the afternoon walking around, trying to find the spirit's signal on the watch but not having much luck.

'We could always ask around to see if any of the locals have noticed Sasuke around.' He muses as he swishes his tail tip in and out of the water while Naruto's preparing to use a fire jutsu to lit the fire so they can roast some of the stored meat apples Naruto had sealed away in a scroll. Allowing his partner a chance to practice using seals.

"Are you sure that wasn't some kind of magic trick?" Tommy asks for a third time. He privately chuckles as Naruto sighs heavily while Koichi just smiles with amusement oozing out of him.

"Why do you find it so hard to believe that I'm fully capable of using my chakra to perform actions that could cause Digimon to be green with envy?" His blond partner bemoans, which causes him to short softly knowing full well that though Naruto sounds so sincere, it was just an act. "I mean, there are likely tons of different dimensions out there where humans could have learnt different set of skills."

He glances away from the three preteens to look out across the stream. His mind already drifting through different thoughts, particularly what kind of encounter they'll have with the local chosen, particular with Ryo's old friend, Ken Ichijouji. 'I wonder if we'll get a chance to watch the DVDs before we leave this Digital world...'

"I think I'm going to stick with you can do magic." Tommy decides and he hears Naruto just groan, completing the act in his opinion. "So... What's going to be your next trick?"

"How about creating fire? That good enough trick for you?" Naruto asks in a light tone. "Be prepared to be amazed my friends!" The blond adds and he turns his head just so to watch the preteen often nicknamed Hige go through a jutsu at a very slow pace before taking a sharp intake and breathing out a small stream of fire, causing Tommy and Koichi to gasp in surprise.

"Wow..." Tommy exclaims while looking at Naruto with renewed interest. Naruto just beams at their reactions, clearly preening with the respect they have in their eyes.

'Not that I can fault him. He's still getting over being attention starved little kid.' He muses, he's pretty sure Naruto would have preformed jutsus while they were searching for Sasuke in the Digital world where they met.

'Although, Naruto had finished reading those newer texts that we librated from Sasuke. I wonder if he set clones to practice the latest jutsus he learnt from said texts?' He wonders privately to himself as stretches his tail and shifts position so he can take a nap.

After all, this Digital world had come across as a lot safer then the one he was hatched in. He also didn't feel very sociable at this point in time either and napping allows him escape that obligation. He doubts he's the only partner Digimon to do so and likely won't be the last.



Dark Ocean

"Perhaps not everything is lost." He mutters as he watches the fading images of a party of three human boys and one purple rookie Digimon. Closing his eyes, he feel exhaustion trying to get him to rest.

'I wonder how hard it would be to corrupt Darkness once more?' He muses as he presses more deeply into the stone throne he created on Sasuke's mental landscape collapsing as the Digimon the brat had created within his body finally hatched out of the egg that was Sasuke Uchiha.

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