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Takuya Kanbara

Frontier Real World

He felt this odd tingle and glances off in the distance, towards a certain subway station. He couldn't help but frown as he felt as though something big had just passed by. He snaps out of it as his younger brother lets out a whoop of joy and he quickly turns to find his younger brother's game avatar doing a victory pose.

"Ah man!" He couldn't help but exclaim.



01/02 Digital World

'That doesn't look too good...' She thinks while staring up at the sky over a certain village known as Primary Village. A side glance towards her fellow Digimon, Palmon, shows that the rookie, too, didn't like the look of those clouds hanging over such a peaceful place.

"I really hope that's just a storm brewing..." She hears Palmon mutter under her breath while the plant Digimon flexes her hand and fingers. She turns away from her fellow partner Digimon to glance around the forest, wondering if they're really alone.

"Let's get this over with, Palmon. Kari's going to arriving after school to pick me up and I want to be there to meet her." She says with a sigh, it's been about a month since she spent any time with her partner, she privately didn't see why Kari's so worried about these examines since her partner's gotten top marks before and likely knows everything needed to pass with flying colors without studying so much.

"Well, she is in her last year of high school. Even Mimi worried about what University she'll be attending next year." Palmon points out and she couldn't help but find that a bit surprising but didn't let it show.

"What is it about humans and school? I get that they've got a lot to learn but why can't they learn it at their own pace?" She wonders and Palmon just shrugs as they finally begin to walk towards Primary Village.

"I think it's because they grow up so quickly." Palmon admits after a few minutes of walking and she hums, seeing her fellow's point. "After all, there isn't any real set amount of time for a rookie Digimon to automatically Digivolve into a champion. It's different per rookie."

"It's hard to believe they'll be old enough to be parents in a couple of years." She muses as they comes within sight of some of the buildings of Primary Village. Something about seems to cause her fur to stiffen, causing her to become alert and very cautious.

Out of the corner of her eye, she notes that Palmon has paused and seems to be glancing around with narrow eyes. The color around them seems to be faint but still there. Though she could only imagine for how long, particularly as she struggles to recall the last time she's experienced something similar.

Her eyes widen as an old memory concerning the kidnapping of her partner slowly comes to mind. 'But why would the Dark Ocean be acting up now? Is Daemon finally making a move?' She wonders, dreading the answer since Daemon was... is a highly unusual Digimon compared to the others they've encountered.

'He's a Demon Lord, representing the sin that is Wrath. Not sure why we have Digimon representing the human concept of sin and I believe I am better off not knowing too.' She decides, she knew humans weren't peaceful creatures and had committed horrors upon each other in their history, horrors that likely eclipsed anything an evil Digimon have ever committed too.

"I hadn't expected to encounter someone like you." A voice that some how echoes about the forest just outside of Primary Village says. The voice had a male quality to it at that. "It seems that instead of meeting the brother I shall meet with the sister."

"How do you know of Tai?" She asks, after all, that's Kari's elder brother. Something drops down from the trees, it takes her a few seconds to realize that this was a very unfamiliar Digimon that seems to be wearing black armor with dusty gold trim.

"Don't know anybody named Tai, little 'niece'. I'm talking about brother, and now sister, Light. As in that which is the opposite of Darkness. For it is Darkness that I represent for that was one of the two elements that were stolen. Not that it means anything to you..." The ruby eyed feline faced Digimon says, not really clearing up any of the confusion going on with either Palmon or herself.

She already wished that villains wouldn't talk, it doesn't do anything but cause confusion among the group. Although, as she studies the taller Digimon before them, she couldn't figure out what level the Digimon was nor its attribute. Something upon her tail seems to be growing warm though.

"Who are you?" Palmon demands and the gray skinned Digimon in black armor glances over to the rookie, ruby eyes studying the rookie with no small amount of interest. "Well?" Palmon snaps after a few seconds, her arms spread wide and her fingers already extending a few inches.

"YamiTekiimon, the Darkness slide evolution of Tekiimon." The armor dressed Digimon answers and then adds with a bit of a smirk, "Son of the human prick, Sasuke Uchiha."

"Sasuke... who?" She couldn't help but wonder and YamiTekiimon just chuckles in such a way that causes a bit of a shiver to move down her spine to the tip of her tail. She really didn't like this Digimon, not at all.

"Don't worry about it, he's served his purpose, not that he was ever expected to survive either way... We highly doubted that Daemon tried to save our 'mother' when we hatched out of him. Most evil Digimon don't care for humans except when they need a more flexible tool." YamiTekiimon says in a off hand kind of way.

"How do you know Daemon?" She demands from this stranger. A stranger that claims to have hatched from a human of all things. 'A very likely story if I ever heard of one.' She thinks as she narrows her eyes while digging her heel into the ground.

Her body tensing as she prepares to spring towards the much taller Digimon. Not that YamiTekiimon seems to notice as the gray skinned Digimon with ruby eyes just looks slightly bemused and crosses his arms over his black breast plate. She really didn't like him.

"Did you know that this village seems to be involved in data retrieval and storage? I mean beyond it collecting Digimon data?" The armor wearing Digimon says suddenly, causing her to shake slightly out of her slowly narrowing focus.

"Huh? What does that have to do with anything?" Palmon wonders and she glances over to her fellow partner Digimon.

"That's a surprise." YamiTekiimon states in a very smug way before the Digimon reaches into a pouch that seems to be in the metal sleeve of an arm. YamiTekiimon's hand has a small pile of golden brown dust and as she leaps for him, he blows it right into her face.


Ryo Akiyama

Tamer Digital World

"Since when does it snow in a desert?" He wonders as he shakes off a thin layer of snow that is still clinging to his shirt. His pants were also covered and as he glances over to Cyberdramon, he finds his partner looking off into the distance in what he felt was a thoughtful manner.

"Something that passed through this area caused a minor storm to brew. The storm hid its presence." His partner states and he puts his hands under his arms as he moves to stand next to the Digimon that is his partner.

He whistles at how thin the strip of bare sand that hadn't been covered in snow. He walks over and gets a better look at the strip of desert, thus getting a good look at these slightly huge tracks. He frowns as he gazes from one print to the next and the next. He couldn't help but be impressed that something that large managed to slip pass with Cyberdramon less then a mile away.

"Definitely stealthy." He muses, a bit curious as to what kind of Digimon could cause a snowstorm in a middle of a desert during the middle of the night. "Want to find the Digimon that did this?" He asks his partner after his partner joins him by the tracks, the snow slowly beginning to be overcome by the warming temperature of morning.

He studies his partner for a moment since he kind of expected some kind of sound from the large Digimon. A huff, grunt, something really, but all he got from Cyberdramon was puzzlement. 'Nope, don't see any pigs flying nor do I see a rapture going on either, so what's with him? You'd think he'd be down right eager to go after a Digimon that slipped through his claws, in a manner of speaking.' He thinks to himself as he stares at the ultimate Digimon that is his partner.

"Something isn't right..." Was Cyberdramon's only answer and he just stares at the humanoid dragon. He really stares at the ultimate for a good few minutes.

"Ok, who are you and what have you done with my partner?" He finally demands, not convinced that this was really the Digimon he's come to be wary of and determined to control when the battlelust grows to be too much. "I mean, you can't be my Cyberdramon."

The ultimate level Digimon growls softly while the helmet head glares down at him. He takes a few steps away from the winged Digimon, his hands held up in a surrendered manner. "Ok, ok, it's just not like you to not go tearing after an opponent that not only managed to display the power to alter the weather but use it to cover his signature." 'Not that I recall encountering a weather controlling Digimon before, not if you count...''

"There is something... elemental with this one. As if..." Cyberdramon trails off. He sighs and wonders just what the big deal was, after all, how special could this Digimon be?



01/02 Digital World

He watches as the two arrivals to the village in a casual manner. Although he's waiting to see any sign that their memories have returned while they toured the village where Digimon eggs are created and hatch into fresh Digimon. He's unsure if the sights and sounds of the village would be enough to jolt them out of their current state of dust induced amnesia.

'I had only just discovered a way to access the rest of the data storage, not sure if I manage to get the creation process down just yet.' He thinks as he considers the fact that he had tried to get the mushrooms of forgetfulness and instead got this golden brown dust, not that he's going to complain since from the look of things, the dust works just as well as the mushrooms are said be.

'Handier more likely, although if I'm not careful, I might have gotten a face full myself... Maybe I should try again for the mushrooms, at least that way I'll be fairly sure I won't accidentally forget who I am.' He decides after a few more minutes of reflection as they finish the tour.

So far, neither had made any sudden movement like a jerk of their head, their body stiffening, or a quick glance to the other with wide eyes. He's not sure if he should be glad that the dust worked or disappointed since he really wanted a chance to test his fighting abilities and the pair had struck him as seasoned fighters. 'Easily distracted fighters, but fighters all the same.'

"Sorry, but nothing clicked." The Palmon admits and the Gatomon nods in agreement. He sighs and scratches the side of his head, trying to think of another way to test their amnesia. He really didn't believe that anything within the village would click or else he would have heard about them from the Elecmon that had been guarding this village before he tossed the red rookie into that river.

"Maybe you two should try taking in the sights of the rest of the island?" He suggests after a few seconds of debating between keeping the two close or having the pair far from him when their memories come back. "Just because nothing around here didn't do it, doesn't much other then you didn't spend a lot of time around the village." He points out in a helpful manner.

"You could be right..." The light touched Gatomon admits slowly after thinking on that for a few minutes. He glances once more towards the ring upon the white digital cat's tail, wondering how something so holy could have ever felt the touch of something dark and vile, but then, Gatomon had mentioned a boy name Tai, likely meaning that the two were partnered to a pair of humans, children or young teens if the example set by Naruto and Ryo meant anything.

'Wonder if Naruto has found a means to follow after? I wouldn't put it pass those three megas to have put some kind of tracking programs upon the elemental statues.' He muses as he considers what he knows of the blond that had managed to capture his 'mother'. 'Not that it was very hard... The prick did get drunk. How anyone could consider that one a genius is beyond me. The blond at least was smart enough to form a lasting partnership with a member of a superior race.'

'Not that Sasuke ever got a chance to really see what that partnership could do...' He admits, though he couldn't help but feel a bit envious of a certain purple furred Digimon. From what little Sasuke had seen of Naruto and Dorumon's interactions, it seems as though Dorumon got a mentally healthing, fully functioning human being instead of some insane, emo with self-esteem issues and a superiority complex brat.

"Well, thank you for your help." Palmon says, causing him to come out of his thoughts. He smiles slightly and nods.

"I'm just sorry I couldn't have been a bigger help is all." He states as they bowed to each other. It seems as though the pair has indeed decided to tour the island, giving him some time to plan for their next encounter.

As he watches the two vanish into the forest, his thoughts turned to his 'twin' brother. 'I wonder which world he ended up on? He is the more powerful of us since the stolen half he is bonded to is the beast spirit.'

Then his stomach growls, reminding him that it is empty. "Sometimes I wonder if it's worth being a Digimon..." He mutters softly as he turns to head for the recreation station to see if he can't create a bowl of soup or some other dish since he is growing tried of eating fish, even if the spirit of Darkness is a touch feline.


Naruto Uzumaki

"What are you?" A slightly familiar voice asks and it takes him a few seconds to look upward when scanning around the forest. He blinks at the sight of the white digital cat that's crouching upon a branch of a tree.

"Ah... human..." He manages to say as he takes in the sight of one of the more famous Digimon, one that's partnered to the Chosen of Light, Kari Kamiya. He also felt a twinge of something, after all, just cause he's got a demon inside of him doesn't make him a demon.

'Though I've never encountered a Digimon that's been able to sense the fox before... Is it because of who her partner is?' He wonders, although if that's the case then how long until his two new traveling companions will learn of the fox? The two were bonded to legendary elemental warriors that represent the elemental essence of their Digital world.

"Human?" The white Digimon mutter with a frown. He felt nervous and a bit offended by how Gatomon is reacting.

"What does a human want in this world?" The feline Digimon finally asks after dropping down to the ground and he couldn't help but stare at her in disbelief. 'She didn't just ask that did she?'

"Well... I'm here chasing a guy named Sasuke Uchiha. The prick stole two sacred statues from this trio of Holy Digimon. Seen him?" He asks, deciding to think of how Gatomon of all Digimon was acting like this. 'Although... does this mean we arrived before the events of season one?' He wonders while Gatomon shakes her head.

"Why are you naked?!" Another familiar voice asks in a loud way, causing him to jerk. He glances sharply back towards the camp, wondering what's going on over there.

He sighs as he bolts towards the source, not giving the champion Digimon a glance as he weaves about the trees until he arrives to find Tommy in the clutches of a Palmon as the rookie holds the younger boy up in the air. He glances off to the side to find Tommy's cloths resting by a small bundle of logs that had been gathered for the fire last night.

"There's another one?!" Palmon says once the plant rookie notices his arrival at the bank. He just studies the rookie, not sure what to make of this development.

"You know, you're pretty fast." He hears Gatomon say as Palmon glances between Tommy who's wrapped up in her vine fingers and himself. He doesn't glance over his shoulder to see what state the white champion is in as he's a little more concern with this odd behaviour since he's pretty sure that Mimi's partner should be a Tanemon if they arrived before season one started.

"You found one too Gatomon?" Palmon asks the white cat Digimon. The plant Digimon looking a bit beyond him to look at Gatomon.

"I don't suppose you could please gently, gently mind you, put Tommy down?" He asks Palmon before Gatomon could reply. Tommy seems to relax while the plant rookie seems to frown, as if considering his request.

"Might as well do as he asks." Gatomon says and Palmon finally does put Tommy down in the river. Tommy shivers a bit while walking away from the rookie, he watches Palmon intensely, wondering just what is wrong with the pair as Palmon moves to the bank.

"And they are?" Palmon asks Gatomon as the plant rookie keeps an eye on him. "And is that armor he's wearing?" The rookie Digimon wonders.

"Beats me." Gatomon admits and he sighs. "I do know they're called humans." The white champion Digimon adds.

"But he called that one," Palmon points first at him and then waves over to Tommy, "Tommy. So does that mean that the small one is Tommy and that one is Human?"

"Human is what our general species is; Tommy is his name. A personal ID." He decides to clarify. "My personal ID is Naruto."

The native two Digimon's eyes light up in understanding. "So then, is that armor you're wearing?" Palmon asks once more.

"Not really, it's just cloths. As you've seen with Tommy, we don't have a thick pelt of fur covering our body so we wear cloths to help keep our bodies a bit warmer then if we walked around naked." He explains and the two just kind of oh at that.

"Well, that explains why didn't look like YamiTekiimon's armor..." Palmon muses and he frowns, he never heard of a Digimon like that. 'Yami means Darkness, Tekii means animosity, and, of course, mon means monster. Not a very reassuring sounding Digimon. Sounds hate filled.' He muses to himself while deciding to glance away from the two Digimon and see what has become of Tommy.

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