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Kari Kamiya

01/02 Digital World

"I wonder where she is... She's usually here to welcome me when I arrive." She says with a concerned look upon her face as she looks around the forested area where the TV is positioned.

"Maybe she found a fish she couldn't help but finish." Yolei suggests after letting go of her own partner, Hawkmon. "I'm sure she's on her way now." Yolei adds in support, trying to lift their mood.

"I believe Gennai sent Gatomon and Palmon to File Island to check on Primary Village. Something had landed close to it sometime ago." The primary red colour rookie informs them. "They left early this morning."

"I guess I'm going to File Island just to see if she's safe." She decides after she finishes scanning the area for what seems to be the hundredth time since they ported into the Digital world and Gatomon wasn't waiting for them along side of Hawkmon. Worry slowly eating away at her from the inside out at the thought of something happening to Gatomon, keeping her partner from meeting with them.

She bites her lower lip lightly as she now tries to think of how to get to File Island. She turns to stare at the screen with her Digivice in hand and finally holds the gadget to the screen, causing the Digi-Port to open, causing her to arrive in her room. It takes a few minutes to change the location of the Digi-Port before re-entering the Digital world.

She raises her Digivice when it begins to beep and spies a map that shows at least three signals. She suddenly is fearful that something dreadful has happened and jogs off into the direction of three signals, hoping that everything was under control. 'Please be fine, please be ok, I don't know what I'd do if something happens to you, Gatomon.' She thinks to herself.

Heart in her mouth, she arrives by a bank to find three young Chosen sitting around a campfire. The first thing she notices is that both Gatomon and Palmon were fine, that there's this strange purple furred Digimon whom head is resting upon the lap of a bright haired blond, and then the three humans.

"Ah... Hi?" The blond says in a highly unsure tone. The large rookie lefts its head from the blond's lap, allowing the blond to stand up. "Name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

"I'm Kari Kamiya." She says in turn after a few seconds. She found it to be fairly odd that Gatomon hadn't come to greet her though.

"I'm Koichi Kimura and this is Tommy Himi." The black haired boy says in way of introduction. The one with the hat, Tommy, smiles in a shy manner and waves.

"I'm Dorumon, Naruto's partner." The unusual purple Digimon says. The newly dubbed Dorumon seems to wince over as Gatomon and Palmon remain seated.

And then Gatomon introduces herself and Palmon. Something that causes her to stare at the two for a few seconds before staring at Naruto, at this moment, she found she has lost her voice. Naruto gives her a pitying look before saying, "Gatomon and Palmon are currently trying to rediscover themselves."

"Is that a polite way of say we got amnesia?" Palmon asks the blond curiously. Naruto sighs but nods a yes while Gatomon seems to dismiss the conversation to check to see if the fish were done.

Naruto moves to help keep her from falling down as she suddenly feels extremely light-head. Before she knows it, she's sitting by the fire with Tommy offering her a fish. She smiles weakly as she blinks rapidly to try and keep herself from tearing up.

She could only guess at how this has happened and couldn't help but mentally beat herself up for not just picking Gatomon up this morning before going to school.


Naruto Uzumaki

He watches with concern the young woman who introduced herself as Kari Kamiya. While he hadn't known what to expect if they had a run in with the local group, he had to admit he hadn't expected them to be older then Ryo. The woman hasn't asked any questions as of yet but he's pretty sure there will be, it's just a manner of time.

While he's focused on Kari's current well being, he does try to keep an eye on the two native Digimon. He could only hope one of the others have noticed any changes in either, though he privately hopes its more in Gatomon then Palmon for Kari's sake.

Although he doesn't have much of an appetite at the moment, he does manage to eat at least two of the fish. 'I wonder if we're going to have more showing up once Kari messages her friends? We were going to return to Primary Village to speak with this YamiTekiimon that's occupying it later tonight.' He muses to himself.

"Where did it happen?" Kari asks, finally finding her voice since Gatomon decided to introduce Palmon and herself to Kari. "Hawkmon mentioned Primary Village..."

"We were going to visit the village later to speak with a YamiTekiimon in hopes of learning more about it." Koichi informs Kari. "Did you want to leave a message or something before coming with us?"

"I think I'll e-mail the others. I'm pretty sure Mimi will want to hear about this..." Kari says as she brushes a few strands of hair behind her ear. "That reminds me, where are you're partners?" Kari asks after a few seconds, glancing over to Koichi and Tommy.

"We don't have partners in the traditional sense as you know it." Koichi admits and Tommy nods. "One could say we're here to help recover half of our partners too." Tommy adds and he nods in agreement with that.

He smiles at how they deflected that question, although not very well considering Kari doesn't looks very satisfied with the answers they've offered. "What kind of monster steals half of a Digimon's data?" The red hazel eyed young woman asks with a hint of frost in her tone.

He winces at her wording but couldn't argue with the fact that the Uchiha that they're chasing couldn't be anything but. 'I'm so not going to inform her of Sasuke's habits in regards to why he fights Digimon... Not until we find him still indulging in said habits..' He thinks to himself as he turns to stare into the campfire.

"Other then Naruto and Dorumon, we haven't met the guy." Tommy explains. He feels Kari staring first over to Dorumon and then at him.

"We're tracking a guy my age named Sasuke Uchiha. He's got black hair done up in a duck butt style, supposedly 'dreamy' eyes, and pale skin." He says as he turns to stare into Kari's face. "I use to go to school with him before I moved. He's really messed up in the head, we've captured him twice before but due to odd circumstances, he keeps getting away."

"We're charged by Azulongmon to capture him and take him before the Sovereigns, but a dimensional gate opened up and we found ourselves in a different Digital world." Dorumon explains. "We captured him again but this time we were approached by a Grademon and asked to bring him before Three Celestial Digimon. We did so and this time, he managed to grab a hold of two powerful artefacts that Koichi and Tommy had welded and once more, escapes through a dimensional gate."

"And now you think he's here." Kari says in a flat tone and he nods. He glances over at Koichi and soon, the welder of Darkness takes out the dimensional device.

"We were given this to track the two spirit halfs that were stolen. One is here while the other is currently in a different dimension." Koichi says and Kari leans in to get a better look at the screen.

"You said spirits and Dorumon says artefacts..." Kari says. "These spirits... are they your partners?" The young woman asks.

"Yea, they are. You see, when we have them, we're capable to transforming into Digimon. You see there are ten elements and for each element there is a human and beast artefact." Tommy explains.

"The ten elements are fire, water, ice, earth, metal, wind, lightning, wood, light, and darkness." Koichi picks up. "These spirit Digimon are more commonly known as the Ten Legendary Warriors. My element is darkness and the half that was stolen was my human spirit."

"I was chosen by ice and it was my beast spirit that was taken." Tommy says and he could tell that Kari's glancing between Tommy and Koichi, clearly not really sure if she should believe them or not. "We know that Koichi's half is here in this world while mine is from where Naruto and Dorumon hails from."

"This is pretty overwhelming..." Kari admits and he grins slightly at that. "Izzy is going to have a field day with you guys." The Chosen of Light says with a sigh.

"Then maybe we shouldn't mention Ryo..." Dorumon says in an innocent way and he gives his partner a minor glare at mentioning their fellow friend and his fellow Digimon Tamer. 'Talk about clearing the air...' He couldn't help but grumble to himself.

"Ryo's alive?" Kari asks in shock and he really wonders if it was worth chasing after that bastard Uchiha. 'Oh wait, it's because I'm the only other dimensioning hopping guy who's capable to using chakra.'

'This is going to take a while...' He muses to himself with a sigh.


Ryo Akiyama

Tamer Digital World

"Is it me or are these foot prints getting larger?" He wonders out loud as he holds his hands under his armpits to warm them up. They entered into the snowstorm about two hours ago and they've been sticking to the only stretch of ground that isn't covered in snow.

"This trail is getting wider as well." Cyberdramon adds. "The atmosphere seems to be becoming affected. This storm... it's growing." The ultimate level vaccine Digimon adds after a few more minutes of travel.

"I've noticed that the snow seems to be piling up..." He admits and then says, "I wish I had some snow gear now. I might not be trudging through the snow but that doesn't stop me from feeling the chill in the air."

Suddenly, something drops upon his head and he hears soft chiming, signally that a Digi-Gnome was within hearing range of his wish and granted it. 'Pretty handy, although I wonder if they're concerned with this snowstorm? This isn't a natural occurrence after all...'

Pausing to bundle up, he also took a look at his Digivice and sighs. He had hoped they'd at least catch a glimpse of this Digimon before nightfall but it seems not to be. "We'll keep going for a little more, Cyberdramon, and then we'll call it a night." He tells his partner Digimon as he begins to continue to walk down the uncovered strip of land.

The metal helmet wearing Digimon just grunts before following after.



"This is unacceptable! We should put a stop to this unnatural creation before it causes the rest of this world to become any more unbalanced!" Zhuqiaomon shouts within minutes of the last of their fellow Sovereigns arrive to discuss the newly arrived Digimon.

"It's not totally unnatural, Zhuqiaomon." One of the heads of the turtle Sovereign known as Ebonwumon remarks. "Part of him is of the element of ice." The second points out. "Which is part of the nature of our world." The first speaking head sums up.

"It reeks too much of human to be anything but unnatural!" Snaps the fire bird Digimon. "The elemental half is from a foreign world as well. Therefore not a natural part of this one!" The mega level bird shaped Digimon adds.

"All Digimon 'reek' of humans, Ahuqiaomon. Humans did created us and our fate is the same as theirs when it comes down to it." He replies calmly, very much used to Zhuqiaomon's fiery temper. "I will give you that the half spirit he carries isn't native to this world and should be returned to it."

"Agreed, though the problem is we're becoming stretched as we are trying to keep the storm contained. It doesn't help that our efforts only seem to be feeding this Digimon in question." Baihumon says while the tiger like Digimon's tail moves up and down about Baihumon's feet.

"Whatever happened to those pair of Tamers we sent after that human?" One of Ebonwumon's heads wonders. "Did both vanish into that dimensional gate?" The second head asks and the two heads glance at them in turn.

"Ryo and his partner Cyberdramon have been spotted going between planes." Zhuqiaomon answers. "No sign of the blond or that X-Antibody pet of his." The fiery bird practically spats, clearly disguised that one of those have cropped up in one of the four worlds in which they 'reign' over.

Not that he liked that their safeguards proved ineffective in keeping one of the more pure strains of the X-Antibodies from achieving the right form any more then Zhuqiaomon. 'The Dorumon must have been with Naruto as an in-training Digimon before Digivolving into a rookie. That's the only way I can think of in how he managed to achieve that form.' He thinks with a soft sigh.

"Well then, who among us should contact Ryo? I doubt he'd be happy to see..." He trails off. They had done what was needed to keep Millenniummon from destroying what they have sworn to protect.

Sadly, it seemed that their actions had caused Ryo to develop trust issues. It did cause him to wonder just what it was that caused Ryo to befriend the dimensionally displaced blond but he could only hope that having Naruto and his partner vanish hasn't reopened old injuries. They wouldn't know what to do if Ryo decided to aid Millenniummon's attempts are domination...

"I might as well. I was the one who called Ryo and them here in the first place." He finally says after a long pause.

"Good luck with that, laddie." One of Ebonwumon's heads says. "You'll need it." The other adds as the giant turtle vanishes.

"Agreed." Baihumon says before vanishing while Zhuqiaomon vanishes without a word to him.

"I wonder... does he still carry his D-Terminal?" He wonders as he, too, vanishes from the meeting chamber, returning to his crystal palace.


Naruto Uzumaki

01/02 Digital World

He places the earphones for his MP3 and couldn't help but feel pleased that it works when he presses the play button on it. 'I almost forgot they packed this for me.' He thinks to himself as he then glances to where Izzy and Joe are examining Gatomon and Palmon while more then a few nervous Digidestine look on, some gripping their partners a little too tightly as well, although not too hard or else the Digimon would complain.

"It works?" Dorumon asks him after nudging him a few time in the shoulder and only after he takes one of them out of his ear. He gives his partner a sheepish, guilty look as he nods.

"Want to listen?" He asks his purple coloured partner. He makes sure to turn down the volume on the MP3 player as well, knowing that Dorumon doesn't like having the music blaring at the volumes he usually has it.

"Not now but I think something more interesting is 'blooming' between Koichi and Ken." Dorumon informs him and he couldn't help but be puzzled by that until he glances around in search of said mentioned Chosen.

"That's not good..." He mutters softly as he watches Ken rubbing his neck while Koichi stares at Ken, a young man who's partner is currently perched on the left shoulder. It's clear that Koichi is doing something since his fellow dimensional traveler rarely blinks.

Just watching Koichi for more then a few seconds causes him to develop goose bumps. A few minutes later, he swears colour around Koichi seems to fade away, causing Koichi to appear more pale looking then he's suppose to. Shaking his head, he gets up and silently moves to be behind Koichi.

"Something wrong, Koichi?" He asks just loud enough for Koichi to hear. He relaxes as Koichi jerks before snapping his head around to look up at him.

"Wrong?" Koichi parrots back after realizing he had asked him something. He nods while studying the chosen of darkness, although he's not sure what he's looking for but he's glad he hadn't found it within Koichi's eyes.

"You were staring and I think causing Ken some discomfort." He tells Koichi. "Just wondering if you find something interesting about Ken." He adds.

"There's... I don't know what but it's there..." Koichi says, clearly not wanting to talk about this. "Could we leave it be?" Koichi asks hopefully.

"I know what's lodged in Ken's neck and so does most of the group." He tells Koichi as he moves to sit next to the boy. "It's not exactly a secret since DK told me that Ken got it while saving him from having it enter into him." He adds.

"What is it then?" Koichi asks him, it seems that Koichi has become a bit stressed by being within range of the Dark Spore, a 'seed' that Millenniummon left behind. He could only wonder about why it's effecting Koichi at all since, to his knowledge, it's not active.

"It's called a Dark Spore. It's something that causes negative emotions to bloom within the 'host'. It also increases physical prowess and intellect." He tells Koichi. "The Digimon that it originate from was... is... might be again..." He trails off for a moment before saying, "Millenniummon."

"Millenniummon." Koichi says under his breath. "This Millenniummon, is he still around?" Koichi asks.

He frowns as he glances into the bonfire, trying to think up an answer to that question. "I'm not an expert on Millenniummon. The only ones I can think of are the Digimon Sovereigns and my friend Ryo, who I like to call DK." He says to his current traveling companion.

"Ryo... he was a friend of theirs?" Koichi asks, inclining his head towards the native group plus Tommy. "They seemed to have mixed feelings when he's mentioned."

"Ryo originated from these two connected worlds. Things got pretty overwhelming, so much so that I take it when Ryo was asked if he wanted to return, he chose not to. I only know Ryo's take on the events, though I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to tell their take." He says before adding, "Ken though... Ryo and Ken seemed to have been rather close before Ryo vanished."

"You think Ken wants to come along to at least see Ryo when we leave this world behind?" Koichi asks him, clearly voicing half-formed thoughts swimming about within his head.

"Don't know. All I know is I won a bet with Ryo and I plan to at least get something, a few pictures, to give to him." He says before adding, "Though I kind of wish now I had some pictures to give to Ken to show that Ryo's ok..."

"Anyway, you want to listen? I'm pretty sure that we're going to be a while before they're prepared to leave." He says, holding up a newly wiped earphone.

Koichi blinks before shrugging. "Why not, it's not as though I have anything better to do."

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