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01/02 Digital World

'This is going to take some getting use to.' She thinks as she walks at the head of the group who want to interview YamiTekiimon about Palmon and her memory loss. To her left walks her partner, a young woman named Kari Kamiya.

Not every member of the Digidestine were with them, even Palmon herself wasn't with them as Izzy wants to try a few things in hopes of reconnecting sections of memory within Palmon's body. Izzy believe that their memories are still within them, only the connections with them have been unhooked. She really didn't like the thought that he's capable of manipulating their data and couldn't help but wonder if Izzy has done something like that before.

Just thinking about it causes her fur to prick up. 'Not exactly a happy thought.' She thinks to herself. 'I wonder if Palmon's thoughts run parallel of my own?'

"How long has those clouds been hanging around this part of the woods?" She hears Koichi, one of the dimensional travelers, wonder out loud. She didn't say anything since she, obviously, couldn't recall the answer.

"It kind of reminds me of the Continent of Darkness where we encountered you, Koichi." Tommy, another dimensional traveler, remarks. 'Does this mean that Koichi and Tommy are recent acquaintances?'

"At least it lacks the sinister feeling of the Dark Ocean." Patamon, partner to TK, says. "It was so bad that it seem to sap the colour from everything that entered into it." The orange rookie adds.

"That lighthouse's light was worst. It was totally black, darkening everything while it rotated around." Kari points out, causing her to wonder if she had been with the human while visiting this place, this Dark Ocean.

"And I thought just experiencing that crossover in Ken's base was bad. How come you guys never mentioned this lighthouse before?" Davis asks with Veemon agreeing with the goggle wearing young man in blue cloths.

"Didn't we mention that it was a Control Spire?" TK asks. "Then there were those things that appeared as Divermon..." The dirty blond young man remarks.

"I wonder if they ever got rid of those Dark Spirals on their arms..." Kari wonders thoughtfully. "But then they might have been fakes, a tactic to lure me there. And it worked too."

"I guess it was something you had to be there to experience." Tai sums up. "Kind of like the training Piximon had Agumon and I do after I had caused Agumon to Digivolve into SkullGreymon."

"I still remember how he made us do chores. Remember racing around with those sponges TK?" Patamon says.

"Yea. Then during the night Matt and Izzy vanished to go get their crests out of that well." TK muses.

"Yea, I remember that. Sora and Mimi then suggested that I would be the next one to disappear." Joe adds in a wistful kind of way.

"I wonder whatever happened to Pximon? Did he escape getting captured simply because he set up that barrier in the desert? Or did he switch locations?" Matt wonders.

It seems that none of the Digimon knew what happened to Piximon either, although surprisingly, the thought of some of these humans doing chores for a Digimon did calm her suspicions. She also couldn't help but ask, "Were Kari and I with you while you were doing chores?"

"Actually, Kari and you didn't join the group until after we had returned to the real world. Kari had missed camp because she had developed a minor fever." Tai answers and she glances sideways over to her partner.

"It's been a pretty long time since we really discussed our first adventures. It's kind of hard to recall everything we went through perfectly, after all, it happened close to a decade ago." Matt admits.

"You know, it would have been great if Gennai or somebody had documented our adventures so we could look back on it be it the good times or bad ones." Joe muses. "I mean, wasn't there some movie companies trying to buy the rights to our stories once?" The oldest member of the group wonders.

"Yea but interest waned as people wanted to forget about it." Tai points out. "I still kind of recall how my parents dealt with those news hounds that tried to interview Kari and I."

"Mom called up a lawyer the very next day. Though it likely helped that both of our parents were part of the news scene, so we weren't bothered by them." TK recalls.

"It took a while before my parents finally called in a lawyer. I think it was around the time I stayed up for a total of five days." Joe admits.

"Weren't you also preparing for some kind of test during that time?" Matt asks. "No offence Joe but you were a bit of a nervous wreck back then when it came to school."

"I still can't believe you went to summer school." Tai reflects.

The conversation kind of dies down as they finally get within view of the buildings of Primary Village. She could only guess at what's going on in the heads of the humans of the group, although it likely revolves around their past. 'I wonder what kind of adventures I had before I hooked up with Kari?'

"Naruto, I smell his scent, though it's very faint." Dorumon suddenly says. She pauses to glance over to her right to look at the purple dragon like rookie Digimon, the Digimon seems to have his nose a few inches from the ground.

"How fresh?" The bright haired blond asks the fairly large rookie. Something about the boy bespoke of something tensing up to pounce.

"Hard to tell. Another scent is overpowering it." Dorumon answers and Naruto just frowns.

'They're both tense... Like they're gearing up for a fight.' She observes, only now noting that she's not the only one staring over at the pair of dimensional travelers.

"You mean the guy that stole Koichi's and my spirit halves?" Tommy asks, reminding her why the two weren't accompanied by partner Digimon. "But if he's here, then why isn't my spirit half here too?"

"We can ask him when we find him." Naruto sums up as the blond looks off into the direction of the upcoming buildings. She glances away from the bright haired human to glance around the clearing to see if she remembers being here.

"We should split up since we'll cover more ground that way." Tai suggests and she glances to the brother of her partner. "Pair up before I pair you up." The guy with gravity defying hair adds.

Davis moves to stand with Tai before Matt could, if she's any judge. Tommy moves to stand with Koichi just as Joe moves to stand next to Matt. Cody seems to glance between TK, Kari, and Naruto before moving to stand with TK when Kari moves to stand with Naruto, which kind of causes her to breath a sigh of relief since, at this point in time, she knows Naruto and the dimensional travelers better then the group she's apparently been a part of for years and years.

With that, they all silently take off in different directions. "I would have thought you'd have preferred their company to Dorumon's and mine." Naruto admits after a while.

"I have to agree with Naruto on this one. I mean, you could have picked TK. Cody seemed to expect you to." She admits as they walk with Dorumon taking point as she's not really incline to take the lead.

"She could have a thing for blonds." Dorumon pipes in before Kari could form a reply. She couldn't help but snort in amusement while Naruto says Dorumon in a sharp tone.

"Well, to answer your questions, I find it interesting that you two are the sole representatives from your world. You also seem to have some kind of beef with this mystery guy." Kari admits.

"Well, for being the representatives of our world, the only other Tamer I know is Ryo and his partner Cyberdramon. Those Digimon that show up in the real world... Well, they're kind of destructive and well, my uncle's a member of this group who's charged with trying to keep Digimon from entering into the real world. If they can't stop them before they crossover, Ryo and I tend to be expected to deal with them." Naruto explains.

"So there really isn't like there's a real group of kids where we're from that are partnered with a Digimon. If Ryo's still in the Digital world then... Huh, never thought of that one." The blond trails off with a slight frown upon his face.

Then the blond shakes his head, clearly deciding to push those thoughts out of his mind for now. "Anyway, as to Sasuke. He's a monster and I shudder to think of how long he's been visiting Primary Village. I'm not even sure what we'll do even when we catch him... Everything is just so... so... screwy with him its so unreal."

"We say Ken was a monster once upon a time." Kari says and the two short of barked out a laugh for a few seconds before stopping. She frowns, trying not to ask what Kari means by that.

"It was a faint scent, Hige. For all we know, whoever has this half of the spirit of Darkness could only have the hint of Sasuke's scent because Sasuke had possessed this half. If he was around, his scent would have been stronger then what I smelled recently." Dorumon says and Naruto gives the purple Digimon a startled look before slowly nodding.

"Well, I should trust your nose to know, shouldn't I?" Naruto muses before adding, "And don't call me Hige!"

"But it fits you like a T." She admits and Naruto just groans. The boy's arms get thrown up in the air.

"Oh come on! Only DK has any right to call me Hige, well, maybe Dorumon does too considering he's also my best friend." The blond admits with arms cross over his chest.

"And you're my best friend too, Hige." Dorumon replies sincerely and Naruto blushes, clearly embarrassed by the sentiment.

She notices Kari looking a bit sad at the display. "How long have you two been partners?" Kari asks the pair.

"That's kind of... well, a hard story to swallow but I was getting chased by Tortomon when Naruto showed up. I was only a Dorimon at that point." Dorumon explains and Naruto smiles softly at memory.

"I saw this huge plume of dust and decided to investigate. It was kind of sad that this huge Digimon was chasing after this little purple fuzzball. All that work and for what? A bit of data?" Naruto says, shaking his head.

"Of course there was a Golemon there too or have you grown so old that you've forgotten that tiny detail." Dorumon says in a bemused sort of way. A grin fixated upon the Digimon's muzzle.

"Hey! I saved your furry tail that day or have you forgotten that? I slid under that turtle to get you, you know!" The blond reminds the rookie.

"Oh how can I forget? I was in your arms when you leap over a whole Tortomon's back! And then racing towards the valley's side, slipping only to slide down the last part! You were the most insane being I met at that time!" The purple rookie says and Naruto chuckles in a nervous fashion.

"Yea, that last bit was tricky." Naruto admits. "But hey, we're here today because of my awesome skills."

"Considering you did out run two champion Digimon, I can't really argue with that." Dorumon says and Naruto just beams. "Still can't believe you were in the Digital world for a good two months without a partner to defend you."

"I had a village of Gotsumon as neighbours. It's not as though I had to worry about being lonely." The blond reminds the purple rookie. "If any Digimon were going to enter the valley, they were after the villagers, not me." Naruto adds.

"So you realized you were partner then and there?" Kari asks and the two were suddenly reminded that they weren't alone.

"Well, not really. Night came and Dorumon, at that time Dorimon, decided to spent the night instead of risking the valley." Naruto explains. "Come morning, the little Dorimon had transformed to become a Dorumon."

"We then kind of spent some more time together next to a river." Dorumon admits. "I have to admit, seeing him fish was something. Still is actually."

"It was after breakfast did we finally decide we didn't object to the idea of being partnered with the other. It's then that this," Naruto holds up his red and grey trimmed Digivice, "Showed up."

"Been together since." Dorumon adds and Naruto grins while nodding. "He's become like a brother to me." The purple Digimon adds and Naruto says, "Dido."

Silence reigns for a few minutes and they finally began moving once more, although now she's got a lot to think about and a minor ach in her chest as she realizes that maybe it would be worth letting Izzy mess with her data if it means remembering her partnership to Kari Kamiya.



He glances away as the group pair off to investigate the village above his location. He tries not to let it the sight of Koichi bother him even though the chained consciousness of the elemental spirit within struggles against the chains, trying to touch the power core to send a message to the boy about what he's planning on doing. The shadows increase for a few seconds until the trapped consciousness finally stops.

It's oh so tempting to consider trying to retrieve the other of Darkness from Koichi but the few free floating memories that weren't locked down by Loweemon. The memories of the group encountering those Digimon that failed to bond with the spirits of Darkness. He's not willing to push his luck, he's content to contain a half of said warrior.

'Besides, I only need to hook up with my 'brother' and I'll be whole once more.' He thinks, the feeling of missing a part of himself causes him to feel pained. It's likely the reason why he felt Koichi's approach so keenly as well since he himself isn't the only thing that is only a part of a greater whole.

"Well, the least I can do for 'Lord' Daemon for causing this situation is to pay him in kind." He grins as he stares down at the computer console. He presses the enter button and watches as the keyboard light up.

Soon the hum of the ancient machine slowly increases until it purrs. He then moves to sit down upon the couch that has a coffee table that sports various snack items and drinks. A touch of a button and a screen comes floating out of the floor, another touch of a button upon the device upon his wrist and the screen gives him an aerial view of the village above.

"Let's see how they'll react when the old defences come online." He says as the screen slowly begins to rotate through various camera angles. "This should keep them busy while it's getting created."


TK Takaishi

"I wonder whatever happened to Elecmon? I know some ended up serving under Ken during his dark period but I thought Elecmon would have returned to Primary Village afterwards." He wonders as he stands in a familiar field of eggs and a few feet away were brown stone cribs that contain sleeping fresh Digimon.

"Oh yea, I remember him. Didn't he mention something about all of this being ours one day?" Patamon wonders as the orange rookie moves to land before an egg.

"I seem to recall a match of tug-a-war between you two before he mentioned something along those lines." He agree, he felt a bit ashamed for not visiting Elecmon before. 'We've been so busy with our lives that we've forgotten to come visit old friends in here...'

"We didn't encounter this field when we were here some years ago. When we came to fix this place up." Armadillomon remarks while sitting up right with an egg in his digging claws.

"Didn't we play soccer in this field?" Cody muses as the youngest member of the second group glances around in a thoughtful manner. "It's kind of hard to tell."

He hums softly as he glances around the egg field before he picks up a triangle spotted egg. He smiles softly as he gently rubs the egg. A few seconds later the sound of 'puff' rings out and suddenly there's a Poyomon in his hands while a stone brown crib is revealed from another puff of smoke.

He bends down and the newly hatched Digimon hops down into the crib. He smiles down at the little white Digimon as the little guy begins to hop up and down while giggling. 'If only human kids were that easy to bring into the world.' He muses.

"How'd you do that?!" The yellow rookie asks. He glances over to Armadillomon as Cody's partner stares over in his direction.

"Rub the egg gently and it'll hatch." He instructs and Armadillomon rubs the egg. Within seconds, a puff of smoke causing the armour rookie to leap back in surprise.

"Ah, isn't he cute?" Armadillomon says upon looking into the crib. Cody moves over to the crib and bends down to see what kind of Digimon hatched from the egg Armadillomon. "Who knew it was so easy to hatch a Digimon egg?" The yellow rookie muses.

He glances down at the Poyomon that he had hatched when the little Digimon began to whimper. "Hungry, huh?" He muses and it takes him a few seconds to take out his pack of gum.

The little white Digimon looks at the unwrapped stick of gum with interest. "Here you go. Sorry I don't have anything filling on me." He says to the little Digimon before the little Poyomon hops up to take the tip of the stick.

As the freshly hatched Digimon chews on the stick of gum, he stands up and moves to give a stick to the one Armadillomon had hatched. He finds a Botamon in the crib who's just beginning to whimper. The little black fresh Digimon takes it without much prompting.

Suddenly, an echo of a blast seems to roll over them, followed by a blast of air. As the wind settles down, he glances over the tree line until spotting a plume of smoke raising up into the air. "Patamon."

"On it, Tk!" His partner and faithful friend says. "Patamon Armour Digivolve to...!"

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