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Tai Kamiya

01/02 Digital World

Greymon lowers his metal helmet down as some kind of rock and plant hybrid's beam of energy explodes upon contacting the metal helmet of the ground bound champion Digimon that had previously been Agumon. He watches as the smoke clears to find that Greymon had been pushed back at least a mile from the previous position that his partner had taken.

ExVeemon choices that moment to ram into the thing's back. The newly activated thing doesn't move an inch upon taking the full brunt of the flying champion's attempt at ramming into it. He watches as the 'head' of the rock and plant thing turns to face its back. ExVeemon launches himself from the thing's back before the head is fully facing behind itself.

"That should have worked! What is this thing?" He hears Davis shout some meters away, likely from behind some still standing trees.

The initial first attack had caused Davis and Veemon to become separate from Agumon and himself. The thing had, at that time, been only six feet in height when it came out of the ground, the trees broke apart and their particles were absorbed by the thing before the thing caused them all to be thrown back a few meters.

By the time Agumon had become Greymon, the thing had ground to tower at least five feet over Greymon. The thing had also taken on a greenish tint about its body with brown being used to form rings about the ankles and wrists of the thing with six brown dots upon one side of the thing's head, likely acting as the thing's eyes.

"Davis! Where are you?" He shouts as the thing's arms shift to attack ExVeemon.

Greymon seems to be recovering from the blast. He glances to his partner as the large dino looking champion seems to be using a tip of a claw on the side of his head. 'Must have that ringing in his ears.' He distractingly observes as he walks in the direction he thought he heard Davis' voice.

"Tai?" Davis asks as ExVeemon raises higher into the sky, escaping the fired ball of crimson energy. Much different then the simple black beam of energy that it had fired at Greymon just seconds ago.

"Over here!" He says before falling as the tree he had been climbing over suddenly breaks apart into data particles. He glances around to find more particles flying through the air, all moving right to the hybrid thing of rock and tree. The forest suddenly seems thinner as all of the fallen trees or still standing trees seem to be absorbed into the enemy.

"Crap..." He says as the thing under goes a change. Three sets of brown horns seem to grow out of the head while the arms suddenly sprout a second set of arms at the elbow. This new arm sports two thin grey 'fingers'.

The first set of 'hands' are held before the back that is now the chest. He can't see what is happening as the 'shoulder' is blocking his view. He glances away enemy to find Davis looking right up at the thing as the enemy gets ready to launch an attack at ExVeemon.

Suddenly blue energy hits the thing's side while Greymon fires off an attack. "Garurumon!" He couldn't help but shout in relief as he couldn't help but feel as though something was missing during this battle. 'Good old Matt!'

"Birdramon too!" Davis points out and sure enough, he finds Sora's partner in the air, opposite of ExVeemon. "Freaky how it transformed like that, huh?" Davis adds.

"I'm more worried about the landscape... How long until that thing begins to absorb the very ground that we are walk on?" He couldn't help but point out and Davis gives him a startled look.


Naruto Uzumaki

He felt highly impatient about how fast they are moving but bite the inside of his mouth to keep from saying something about how slow or how loud Kari is running. He knows that Gatomon seems to find their pace to be too slow for her taste as Gatomon's tail moves back and forth in annoyance. Gatomon's ears flicker about whenever Gatomon pauses to wait for them.

He wonders if Dorumon shouldn't Digivolve into Dorugamon but decides not to waste any of his partner's energy needlessly. After all, there were plenty of other people and Digimon about, its not as though they lack experience in battling either. He glances to the purple rookie as he jogs slowly through the forest, keeping about four to five feet behind Gatomon.

"There's TK and Pegasusmon!" Kari says and he glances up into the sky above Dorumon and then to the other side to spy the flying golden horse like Digimon. "I think Cody's riding behind him."

"Shouldn't you have Dorumon Digivolve?" Kari asks as the horse type Digimon. "I mean..." Kari glances over to Gatomon.

"You would have Gatomon Digivolve but you don't know if that will affect her current problem." Dorumon says before he could and Kari nods. He felt Dorumon's eyes upon him while he studies Kari's expression and stance.

"If you want to become Dorugamon, I won't object." He finally says after a few minutes as sounds of battle seem to reach them. He turns to look at his partner when he says that.

"I can Digivolve?" Gatomon says a bit stunned to herself. "I just thought..."

Dorumon nods and his Digivice begins to beep. "Dorumon Digivolve to..." The usual sphere of white energy engulfs Dorumon. "Dorugamon!" His newly altered partner declares with out stretched wings that featured jagged lines of two different shades of purple.

Dorugamon leaps into the air. "Ah guys... Something's happening a bit north of our position." His partner and friend reports.

"Is it that battle we saw TK and them fly off too?" He asks. He really hopes its not bad news.

"Ah... I'm fairly sure that at this point of time, no. Not yet at least..." Dorugamon admits. "I think we should take this one out before it joins its sibling." The champion adds.

"This shouldn't take long." Gatomon says confidently and he gives the cat Digimon a minor glare. One which caused the white champion to give a startled glance to Kari.

"You just had to go and jinx it, didn't you?" He states as flatly as he can. His hand already unclipping his D-Ark from his belt loop before fingering his card deck.

He jerks to the left as something causes the bushes to rustle. A brown and grey humanoid looking thing seems to be moving towards the site of the first battle. He watches as a few metal balls hit it and the ground around it.

Even before the smoke clears, Gatomon is already launching an attack at the strange object that resembles a rather tall and thin humanoid. Gatomon looks satisfied that the target had been eliminated, the digital feline already has her back facing the site where Dorugamon had fired at. 'Maybe I should just slash a card and be done with it. Better put a stop to this before something happens.'

He winces as Gatomon gets backhanded into a tree. The smoke clears to reveal the undamaged humanoid rock thing. Dorugamon fires off another metal ball, this one hits the rock thing in its shoulder. The rock thing's attention seems to switch from Gatomon to the purple furred champion.

"Gatomon!" Kari shouts but stops herself from charging towards the rock thing while it's still standing over the fallen white furred champion. He tenses, wondering if he has to do something to get to Gatomon out from under there before Kari disregards her caution of the unknown thing made out of rocks and dirt.

'While, I think it's paying attention to Dorugamon... It's hard to tell without eyes.' He thinks as the moving bit of landscape suddenly leaps into the air, it uses the local tree branches as spring boards.

Kari surges forward before he could do so. He's torn between keeping an eye on the high-school student or on the enemy. He's just glad that Kari picks up Gatomon and hurries away from that tree, coming to stand behind him. He's just relieved that Kari hadn't remained so close to where the enemy had been standing.

Jerking his gaze upwards, he manages to witness Dorugamon's wings flatten, causing the champion Digimon to duck down as the rock thing sails through the air, aiming to where Dorugamon had being hovering at. Dorugamon's wings open just before his partner falls below the tree line.

The rock like entity falls out of his sight but as Dorugamon rises into the air, he hears the sound of something heavy moving about the tree tops. Suddenly, he spies something leaping above the tree line, something grey and brown in colour. He hears Dorugamon call out an attack upon hovering high enough in the air that he can hardly make out his partner's form.

He curses as he draws out a card, he hadn't expected to become so absorbed in the fight that he would forget to draw a card from his deck. He hears the explosion but doubts that it has done any real damage. He spreads the four out and picks the card featuring MegaSeadramon's Mega Ice Blast.

He then waits for the rock entity to get in close to Dorugamon. Holding his Digivice in his hand, he watches as a sphere like screen appears a few inches in the air over the face of the Digivice. The holo-sphere shows the forest from high above, likely from Dorugamon's point of view.

As the entity comes soaring towards Dorugamon, his thumbs the edge of the card, waiting for the digital entity to get a bit closer to his partner. Dorugamon continues to circle over head as the purple furred champion watches as the strange being tries to twist about in the air. With a grin, he slashes the card through.

As the entity is beginning to fall, the flying champion declares, "Mega Ice Blast!" He watches as a cone of ice snakes through the air, engulfing the rock being.

"Yes!" He couldn't help but cheer. The chard of ice containing the enemy begins to fall through the air within seconds of the cone coming into contact with the entity.

"How did you do that?" Kari asks and he finally remembers that he's not alone in the forest.

"What was what about?" He counters, hoping that he used the right tone with it.

"You did something with the card... You have that screen showing the forest from up high..." Kari points out and he begins to wonder how best to answer these inquiries.


Cody Hida

"It's so big..." He couldn't help but observe as they fly towards the site of battle. Pegasusmon drops down to the ground to let them off.

"I don't think this is going so well..." Pegasusmon observes, not taking off right away to join the champions already engaged in battle with this thing with at least four arms. "They shouldn't have any trouble taking it down..." The armoured horse Digimon adds.

"Garurumon!" Matt shouts and this leads to a certain canine like champion Digimon to be engulf in light. "You too, Greymon!" Tai adds, causing the large dino like Digimon to also be engulf in light, leaving the other two champion Digimon to distract the being while two of their number advance to a higher evolution.

As WereGarurumon and MetalGreymon are unveiled, Digmon arrives to join the frontal assault while ExVeemon and Birdramon hang back. Pegasusmon still hasn't moved to join his fellows. Digmon, MetalGreymon, and WereGarurumon fire off their strongest attacks.

The smoke clears to reveal a slightly damaged enemy that seems to be bleeding out water and steam from cracks upon its body. A cheer raises up from the louder members of the group, namely Davis and Tai. The steam and leaking dies down as the entity that they're facing begins to glow.

Suddenly the landscape begins to glow and the cheers die down. The remaining trees suddenly become uprooted before breaking apart into particles of data. This data gravitates towards the enemy and once acres and acres of trees have vanished, leaving a huge, open field all around Primary Village.

"I think we need to rethink our strategy on this one..." He says while the rest of the Digidestine begin to call out to TK and himself since there weren't any trees blocking anyone's view of each other.


Koichi Kimura

Racing through the forest as JagerLoewemon with Tommy riding upon his back, they arrive in time to watch as this glowing being alters its form. Whatever it was, it's body began to grow long, kind of like a snake like or maybe like a ferret. Something raises up along the top spin of the body, something that seem rather large and plate like.

Whatever this being is, it now sports five sets of limbs, the space between the legs seem rather equal. The end of this being has split into two tails. The head sports three sets of horns and a long, slender muzzle with jagged teeth on display.

The glow retreats to reveal those plates to be raised green scales that were capable to overlapping each other. The main colour of the body is grey with brown tiger stripes along its sides. Each toe of this entity appears to be sporting a metal like talon; the metal seems to be copper from the colouring he decides. The fangs on the other hand seem to be more reddish then orange.

The six horns were black in colour and appear to have more in common with antelopes then with rams or goats. The entity's eyes glow blue and it appears as though the face doesn't spot any brown stripes but, instead, crimson and white markings like circles, rectangles, triangles, and the odd symbol either at the centre of a circle or printed in a band with dots in-between the symbols displayed in the band.

All in all, the enemy's appearance seems to be that of a ten legged oriental dragon. Just looking at it causes him to feel as though his armour should rise up like standing hairs. Then, with a few twitches of its tails, the over hundred foot long entity suddenly moves quickly, some how taking to the air.

Quick as lightning, the dragonish being attacks the flaming bird Digimon and seems to be well on its way of choking or biting off the head of the bird Digimon when the white winged Digimon finally reacts with range attack. The more land bound Digimon begin firing off attacks at the dragonish entity. The attacks don't seem to phase the entity.

"Koichi? Could I..." Tommy says and after a few seconds, he lies down to allow Tommy to slide off. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." He replies before moving to put some distance between Tommy and himself since he doesn't want this dragon thing to attack Tommy while the young boy wasn't transformed into Kumamon.

Once he's a good distance away does he proceed to attack the flying being. Taking aim, he declares, "Dark Master!" The energy that had been building up finally gets released and takes the form of a black lion. The attack does what the other attacks hadn't been able to do, get the being to let go of the bird Digimon's throat.

"Biyomon!" And somebody moves towards the now falling pink rookie. Not that he has much time to pay attention as the entity is already trying to snatch him up with its jaws.

"Where's Kari? Has anyone seen Kari?" Tai cries out, as if suddenly aware that they were missing people, namely Naruto, Kari, and their partner Dorumon and Gatomon.

"Pegasusmon and I will look for them!" TK cries as he manages to bite down upon one of the black horns, causing him to be risen up into sky. The entity tries to dislodge him by tossing its head this way and that, flying high into the air and then diving right into the ground, dragging him through the ground causing a trench to form until he finally lets go.

He has time to recover as the dragonish entity hasn't managed to turn quickly enough to snap at him with its jaws. He charges up another attack, shouting out, "Ebony Blast!" Though he's forced back from the recoil, the attack hits the dragon entity head on as the head comes to be within two to four miles of him.

He recovers a few seconds before the enemy does and charges forward with a very animalistic snarl. He slashes at the entity's eye before being sent flying through the air. The dragonish entity follows through by firing off a hail of ice shards, a few manage to get lodged in-between his armour joints. He couldn't help but cry out in both shock and pain.

"Mega Claw!" A voice declares and suddenly a humanoid dragon like Digimon attacks the dragonish being's side of the head, causing it to bellow out in pain before leaving off coming after him to attack the mega level Digimon. As he tries to dislodge the shards of ice, the mega in mainly yellow armour keeps the enemy distracted by flying about the sky and blocking with the rather large shield that is usually resting upon the mega's back.

"I think we should pull back. Even if we have both MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon fight this thing, I don't think we'd win." He hears Matt say before he finally just transforms out of being JagerLoewemon.

He sighs as the shards vanish before they hit the ground but he didn't feel like rejoining the fight as those shards seem to have sucked the energy out of him while lodge in-between his armour joints. "Koichi! You alright?" He hears Sora asks as she arrives with Biyomon in her arms.

"Those shards... I think they drained some energy out of me." He admits as he stands up. His first few steps were almost stumbles but he takes it slow so he doesn't fall.

"I think we're going to leave. Whatever that thing is, we're not ready to face it, at least not without the rest of the team." Sora tells him as she catches him before falls to the ground as he trips upon a rock.

Sora helps him as they walk to join with the others while WarGreymon continues to lead the dragonish entity on a merry chase about the sky. "Just glad there's only one of those things." He says and he notices Sora nodding in agreement with that sentiment.

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