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Sandaime Hokage

Hidden Leaf

Once more the council had submitted, AKA demanded, that Naruto Uzumaki be ranked as either an A or S ranked missing nin. Since he was alone in the office, he sighs as he crumbles up the request and tossed it into the trash can. He leans his forehead on the palm of his left hand as the elbow rests on the desk as his right hand was moving towards his pipe that's in one of his robe pockets.

As he's about to lit his pipe, there's a knock at the door. "Come in, Kakashi." He says, he's been expecting the man for some time. The silver haired member of the ANBU opens the door and comes inside of his office. Once the door is closed, the mask wearing nin stands at attention.

"Lord Hokage, sir, just returned from Hidden Sand and there isn't any sign of Naruto in or around the village." Kakashi informs him. He rests his elbow onto the desk, weaves his fingers together, and leans slightly forward, his pipe forgotten for the moment.

'I knew he wouldn't find anything. It seems that wherever you are, Naruto, you're beyond our reach.' He muses and after a few seconds he asks, "On another note, did you encounter anything of interest while you were there?"

"There was this one kid living in Hidden Sand that is some cause for concern." Kakashi says after a few seconds. He motions for Kakashi to continue and the man does so. "His name is Gaara and quite frankly, the people of Hidden Sand are terrified of him." Kakashi states and he raises an eyebrow on hearing that.

"Oh?" He muses and Kakashi nods slightly as he continues, "From what I've gathered, the Kazekage ordered that their demon, Shukaku, to be sealed into his youngest son, Gaara. The man intended to turn his youngest son into a living weapon, but from the sound of things, Gaara's highly unstable. It's likely that the seal used wasn't strong enough to block the demon's influence since my source claims that whenever Gaara falls asleep, the demon takes over Gaara's body and goes on a rampage until someone manages to wake Gaara up or when Gaara wakes up on his own."

He feels a headache coming on, but he nods slightly. "I've heard rumours that my counterpart in the land of Winds had done something with the demon they have in their procession. It would seem that we can expect trouble from Hidden Sand in the future." He states and he knows that Kakashi seems to agree with his observation.

He rests his right arm on the desk and then with his left hand, he picks up his pipe. As he takes out his tobacco pouch and puts a pinch into his pipe. Then as he holds the pipe in his hand, his free hand takes out a set of matches. With ease, he lights the match and carefully moves the match stick to where his tobacco is. Once that's lit, he flicks the match stick, extinguishing the flare on the wooden stick. He tosses it into the trash can as he takes a puff of his pipe.

"Do you really think we'll find him, sir?" Kakashi asks after a few minutes. "I doubt we will, somebody has taken interest in Naruto and it's unlikely that person will reveal who he is until he's confident that he has the upper hand. For now, I think I'll call of the search parties; as we're starting to get a slight pile up of missions that need to be attended to." He answers, though he wishes to locate the blond, he gets the feeling that for now, the next move belongs to whoever Naruto is with at this time.

He casually dismisses the captain of Hidden Leaf's ANBU, getting up from his chair; he turns to face the cliff face. His gaze drifts to the fourth stone face carved in the cliff. 'It would seem that your son has learnt of the burden he carries. I wonder if he hates me for keeping it from him.' He thinks as he stares that the Yondaime, Minato Namikaze also known as the Konaha's Yellow Flash.


Naruto Uzumaki

It's been a week since Dorumon and him had become partners and so far, Dorumon was getting use to the idea that he can use his chakra to fuel jutsus. Dorumon often remarks that he's like some kind of hybrid in the fact that he could match the power of most Digimon that were under the categories of Champion and under. He's still kind of learning about the different levels that Digimon can achieve but then, it seems kind of natural that as a Digimon gets stronger, it moves up a level.

He glares at one of the Gotsumon, though it had been an accident, his cloths were now officially ruined since there is a large hole in the middle of his jumper; his pants have a bunch of mini holes as well. Standing before the group of very young Gotsumon, they had been playing some kind of game and had been using his short cloths line as some kind of goal post, hence why his cloths sport so many holes.

"Now what am I suppose to wear?" He asks the group of five Gotsumon. Dorumon was standing slightly behind him, likely a bit amused about these turn of events since in the end, it wasn't because of his training regiment that destroyed his jumper but a pack of rookie Digimon.

The group of five Gotsumon glance at each other, clearly hoping that one of them has an answer before as one, they turn to him and shrug their rocky shoulders. "Don't know, boss. Maybe if you're good some Digi-Gnomes will bring you some replacement cloths?" One of the Gotsumon suggests and he gives that one a blank look.

"You know, glowing flyers that make miracles happen?" One of the other Gotsumon pipes in. He sighs; he was beginning to sympathize with old man Hokage when it came to dealing with the results of his pranks. "Oh yea, like some kind of magical fae will magically appear and drop a pack of things before me right now, at this instance." He says sarcastically… only to have a purple backpack appear out of nowhere before him and drop onto the sandy ground between him and the Gotsumon.

"…" Nobody really knew what to say as they eyed the purple backpack. At the sound of chimes going off over head, he and the others glance upwards to see three flying glowing beings circling over head.

"Tell me I'm not losing it, Dorumon." He says to his Digimon partner and the purple monster answers, "You're not losing it, Naruto."

With that having been said, the group of three fae like beings rise high into the air before vanishing from sight. After a few minutes, he finally looks back at the backpack that seems to be overflowing with stuff in it. He also looks down at his hands to find that the ruined top half of his jumper was gone and a quick look around informed him that the rest of his ruined cloths were gone as well.

With a sigh, he bends down and opens the purple backpack. The first thing that greeted him was some kind of belt that has some kind of pouch threaded on it. He picks up the pouch and opens it only to find a deck of cards. He closes the cloth deck holder and takes out the article of clothing that the belt and card deck were resting on.

The item was a dark blue vest that had some inner pockets to it. He sets that aside and notices a brown coloured shirt with a pair of pants that were made out of a material he's never seen before. He also notices a pair of sunglasses at the bottom with some kind of passport with two plastic cards. He opens the passport and finds a bit of his information written in it as well as a pretty good picture of himself.

It takes him about a moment to realise that under this stuff was two books that were leather bound, one was modern history for a land call Japan and other was some kind of dictionary. 'It would seem I'm expected to read these two books. I wonder why…' He muses as he picks up the history book and flips to a random page, one that has a picture of a bunch of odd objects with wheeling on a black top road with tall glass building on either side of the street.

A glance at what's written on the page told him that if he were of a mind to, he's able to read the letters printed on the page. He glances at the picture and then notes that there's something written under it. 'This photo was taken at the corner of Houji Street and Hai crescent in downtown Toshiba.' He muses before returning to looking at the picture.

"So that's what a human city looks like, huh?" He stiffens on hearing one of the Gotsumon say so close to his ear. He sighs as he glances out of the corner of his eyes to see that even Dorumon was curious about the picture that's printed in the book. "Yea, it is. It's from a corner from a city called Toshiba." He says, wondering if anybody other then him could read what's printed in the book.

He then flips through the book again and this time, he finds some kind of map that shows a group of islands with dots on it. He notices that there are some names by the islands as well as names by the dots. It would seem that this was what Japan was and what islands surround it. The largest island is Japan and he notices that the legend at the top left corner told which dot represented the capital and which were just cities, he's slightly surprise to see that the major roads were also marked on the map.

He flips to a random page once more and raises an eyebrow at the temple that's depicted as well as the other pictures showing more of the temple's ground, some of the pictures were taken during different seasons too. He has to admit, the temple looks to be in pretty good shape, especially if the little bits of information were correct that this temple was well over a hundred years old. He's never really visited one of the temples that Hidden Leaf had, but he would bet all those stolen scrolls that the temple pictured in these two pages outclassed the few temples that Hidden Leaf sported.

"What's that white stuff?" One of the Gotsumon asks as someone points to one of the picture with one of their rocky fingers. "It is call snow; it usually falls during the season of winter, though it's been known to fall out of season." He informs the group and a round of 'Ohs' and 'Ahs' follow once he says that.

It takes some time, but soon the Gotsumon were called away by their parents, well, he thinks that those that are calling them are related to the group. Once they're not crouched around him, he stands up. After a moment of stretching, he hands the closed book to Dorumon just encase his partner wanted to look through the book while he's getting dressed.

Once he's done getting the cloths on, Dorumon looks him over before a slight grin appears on the purple rookie's muzzle and nods in approval. "That suits you way better then that orange jumper." Dorumon say with a bit of cheerfulness in his partner's voice.

"You think so?" He asks and walks over to the river to take a better look at himself by using the water as a makeshift mirror. He's slightly surprised to note how tough the material that the pants were made out of were and wonders what the name of the material was called as he admires himself in the river.

He turns away from the river and then begins to strap his leg pouch on using the bandages that he still has in his possession. He then picks up his belt pouch and the new belt that has that card deck lopped in. He threads the belt through the loops stitched around sections around the waist, only pausing to thread his belt pouch onto the belt before doing up the belt.

"You know, you could do with a hair cut." Dorumon muses as the purple Digimon watches as he messes up his hair so it'll spike up. "Oh? I highly doubt you're qualified to use scissors let alone cut hair." He says sourly and Dorumon snorts, clearly not taken back by his sour tone.

Though they've been together for about a week, they've come to understand that though they might snap at each other, they only do so because the other was the only one around for them to take the frustration out on. The only really heated argument that they had so far had to do with him trying to get Dorumon to try to race up that slab of stone that he uses to mark his progress into learning how to walk on vertical surfaces by channelling chakra into his feet. Dorumon won the argument by pointing out that he wasn't suited to using his chakra and that they're not even sure if Digimon had chakra paths because they're artificial creatures made of data, he still doesn't know what data consists of and because of this lack of knowledge he let the matter drop.

He picks up the pair of yellow tinted sunglasses and puts them on his face before stuffing the other book, the passport, and the two plastic cards into the backpack. He shoulders the pack and with a glance towards Dorumon, they head back to his cavern. He pauses as he receives memories from one of the group of shadow clones who finished perfecting one of the jutsus that he has on a scroll.

Once in sight of the cavern, the other teams of shadow clones puff out of existence which leaves him to inherit their memories of how far along they were before they expired. He moves the pair of sunglasses off his face and rests them on his forehead before heading into the comforting shade of the cave. He glances over his shoulder to find that as Dorumon was walking, the fluffy purple Digimon had his snout in that history book, though his partner manages to pull himself out of the book every so often to make sure he doesn't stumble along the path.

Once within the cave, he sets the purple backpack next to the bag of scrolls before resting on his favourite rock. He notices that Dorumon keeps to the cave entrance so that he'd have a good source of light in which to look through the book. He looks thoughtful as he watches his partner flip a page.

"Can you read what's written in the book?" He asks after a few minutes and Dorumon doesn't say anything as he shakes his head. "So you're just looking at the pictures then?" He asks and Dorumon nods, he can't suppress grin from his face and then he glances into at the purple backpack, wondering if he should see if he can't find out what data, digital, and maybe even see if there is anything in the dictionary about Digimon as well.

Once he has the book out, he frowns as he realises that the book opens in the wrong direction, it would seem that the book goes from right to left instead of left to right like a proper book. 'Come to think about, the history book is like that too…' He muses as he walks towards the cave entrance so he can take a look through the dictionary.

As he mentally sounds out the word 'data' he searches for the word list starting with the letter D. It takes a few minutes but in the end, he finds the word:

Data: pronunciation: \'da-ta, function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction, usage: often attributive

1 : factual information (as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation the data is plentiful and easily available — H. A. Gleason, Jr. comprehensive data on economic growth have been published — N. H. Jacoby

2 : information output by a sensing device or organ that includes both useful and irrelevant or redundant information and must be processed to be meaningful

3 : information in numerical form that can be digitally transmitted or processed

He blinks as he stares down at the page with a very puzzled look on his face. '… That doesn't even explain anything, let alone help me understand how Digimon and data are connected!' He thinks as a scowl erupts on his face as he completes that though.

With a sigh, he then begins to look through the book for the word 'digital.' As he sounds it out, he does find it after what seems to be an hour of searching under the letter D.

Digital: pronunciation: \'di-jə-təl\, function: adjective

1: of or relating to the fingers or toes digital dexterity

2: done with a finger a digital rectal examination

3: of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods or by discrete units

4: of, relating to, or being data in the form of especially binary digits digital images a digital readout; especially : of, relating to, or employing digital communications signals a digital broadcast — compare analog 2

5: providing a readout in numerical digits a digital voltmeter

6: relating to an audio recording method in which sound waves are represented digitally (as on magnetic tape) so that in the recording wow and flutter are eliminated and background noise is reduced

7: electronic digital devices; also : characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology the digital age

His eyebrow twitches as he closes the book; he had already looked before the word 'digital' in hopes of locating the word 'Digimon' but there doesn't seem to be any such word. He takes deep breathes in hopes of calming himself down seeing as he's really ready to attack something in frustration.

"Something wrong?" Dorumon asks as if suddenly sensing his emotions. "This book is incomplete. I looked up the words data, digital, and then tried to locate the word Digimon but all I found was the first two and they didn't say anything about how they connect to Digimon. So now, I really want something to take out my frustration on." He tells his purple furred partner Digimon in a very tense tone.

"I see." Was pretty much the sum of Dorumon's reaction to his frustration with the book that's resting in his left hand since his right hand is now balled fist into a resting on his hip. He takes a few deep breaths and forces his right hand to relax.

In the end, Dorumon hands him the history book with the promise that he'd read out loud to him. He takes the book and after looking through the table of contains, he goes to chapter one and begins reading out loud to Dorumon. After a few paragraphs, he finds that what's written within was really interesting.

As he finishes the first chapter, night falls and he takes out one of the cards from his card deck and uses it as a bookmark. Dorumon gets to his feet and begins to stretch as he heads into the cave. Yawning, he takes off his new cloths with the exception of his boxers, and just stares at the spot he usually sleeps in.

'Where did this futon come from?' He wonders as he stares down at the mattress that's next to a thick looking blanket. "Hey, Dorumon, did you wish for a blanket or something?" He calls out to his partner. "Maybe… Why?" The purple rookie calls back.

As Dorumon comes up behind him, he glances at Dorumon before returning to look at the thick blanket. "I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that blanket belongs to you." He says and out of the corner of his eye, he could tell that Dorumon seemed pleased with this.

So, as Dorumon curls up into his customary ball, he takes the blanket and covers the Digimon with it. Once that's done, he heads to his futon and covers himself with the light blanket that goes with it. He lies comfortably on the futon, already enjoying the fact that he has something much more comfortable then a small pile of stones.


Naruto Uzumaki

Four days later

As he admires the view from the top of the measuring stone, he hears a deafening roar and he spins around to see a serpent with a white head and ratty red leather wings. The clipped device begins to beep and as soon as he unclips it, an image of the Digimon appears hovering over the screen. 'Cool…'


Level: Champion

Attribute: Vaccine

Attacks: Spinning Needle, God Tornado, Wing Cutter, and Tail Attack

Mythical type. Although he has a rough temperament, this phantom Digimon is actually very intelligent. This mysterious Digimon is close to a god!

"I think he's heading right towards us." Dorumon says as he blinks as he looks down to where his partner is standing; it seems that Dorumon has paused in his target practicing to see what Digimon bellowed out that challenge. As reclips his Digivice onto his belt loop, he leaps off the stone slab; the feeling of satisfaction at finally managing to prefect using chakra to climb up the sides of the rock vanishes at this new challenge.

"So, you think we're ready to take somebody like that on?" He asks his partner. "I'd say bring it on!" The purple rookie declares as he flares the tiny wings on his back as well as raises his tail to balance out thrusting his head forward.

He grins fondly at his partner before turning away and allowing the grin to fade as a look of determination replace it. "Let's go." He says and they begin to walk towards the flying Digimon that's just appeared in the valley.

"Race ya!" Dorumon shouts a moment before the rookie takes off at a dead run. "Damn it, Dorumon! Give a guy a few moments warning before you say something like that!" He cries out as he, too, goes from walking into a run in order to catch up to his partner.

"Metal Shoot!" His partner cries out as Airdramon dives towards his partner. The sound waves cause the blue snake like Digimon to cry out in pain for a few seconds, clearly the attack only seems to spur the champion level Digimon on as it hovers and spears its head out, tries to bite his partner.

"Metal Cannon!" Dorumon says after coming out of a roll. The attack hits one of Airdramon's eyes. Airdramon pulls away shaking his head and then Airdramon snarls as the champion Digimon glares down at Dorumon.

"You fight well, for a rookie." The champion growls out and then adds, "But that's not going matter since once I load your data, I'll then be able to travel to the real world. So prepare yourself, rookie!"

"He can talk?" He mutters in surprise but within an eye blink the larger Digimon shouts out, "Wing Cutter." Dorumon manages to duck out of the blunt of the attack but is still sent flying through the air.

He frowns as he watches Dorumon land roughly on the ground. "Ok, this is going well." He states sarcastically. His hand goes to his hip to get to his pouch that's wrapped around his hip although his hand touches the card deck. He sighs, though he frowns as he takes out the cards, it's the first time he really looked at them.

As Dorumon gets to his feet, he notices a modify card called Burning Wing. He does know why but he picks it out of the line up and puts the rest of the cards away. As Dorumon uses Metal Cannon in rapid section, he glares down at the card as he's unsure what caused him to take out his card deck but also pick out this modify car.

He flips it around in his hand; a slight frown replaces the glare as he studies the back of the card. A slight chiming sound next to where his device is causes him to look away from the card to see one of those fairy creatures that one of those Gotsumon had talked about a few days ago. The being was holding out his Digivice to him with that odd slit facing him.

"You got to be kidding me…" He says as he realises that there was a stripe on the side of the card and if what the glowing being was hinting at… "You mean it's kind of like teach Dorumon instant jutsus, huh?" He muses and the glowing fairy like being chimes happily in replies.

He takes the Digivice in his other hand and glancing towards the battle between Dorumon and Airdramon, he sighs. "This had better work…" He mutters softly to himself and as he slashing the card through the device.

"Digi-modify! Aero Wing activate." He declares without realising that he's shouting that out. He watches as the card's effects take hold. "Wow." He says as Dorumon's wings expand and then turn into a pair of scaly blue wings, with a leap into the air, Dorumon is flying straight at the surprised champion Digimon.

"Dash Metal!" Dorumon shouts out and as the attack rockets towards Airdramon, the flying serpent manages to snap out of its shock. The blue Digimon manages to evade most of the attack although the attack hits the champion's left wing, causing it to freeze up.

This causes the champion Digimon to become grounded and as Dorumon hovers about two feet above the ground, the card's effects vanish, grounding his Digimon partner. Just as Dorumon touches down his partner uses Metal Shoot. Airdramon screams and his purple partner rams into Airdramon's chest.

As Airdramon tries to hit Dorumon with its tail, Dorumon manages to use Dash Metal on Airdramon's other wing, causing it to freeze up. It seems that Dorumon did it just in time since the left wing seems to unfreeze a few seconds later. Airdramon growls in annoyance before calling out, "Spinning Needle!"

Dorumon gets the blunt of the attack and falls face forward. "Dorumon!" He calls out, charging towards his injured partner, not caring about his safety. "Naruto? Naruto! Go back!" Dorumon calls out when the purple rookie realizes that he's racing towards him.

"Like Hell I will!" He growls out and he evades Airdramon's tail. He uses a bit of chakra and leaps through the air, landing next to Dorumon. "This is my fight!" Dorumon growls out as the rookie tries to stand up. The gem on Dorumon's head seems to shine slightly as Dorumon tries to remain standing.

"Yea right, like I'm just going to stand around while you get the snot beat out of you." He states as he looks fiercely into Dorumon's amber eyes. "I'm not going to let this Teme get the best of me!" Dorumon snaps at him and the gem flashes brightly before it goes back to the way it usual is.

He blinks as he notices that all of Dorumon's injures have healed. "Now step back and let me do this." The purple furred Digimon snaps at him. "Sure thing, buddy." He says with a grin on his face before walking backwards, feeling highly relieved that Dorumon's injures were a thing of the pass.

With a slight nod, Dorumon turns away to face Airdramon. "So, that's the power of a Tamer and his pet Digimon, huh? Once I get to the real world I'll have to remember to find myself the strongest humans around." Airdramon muses after watching the touching scene between them.

"Even if you survive this fight, I highly doubt you'll find someone willing to look pass that ugly mug of your's to become your partner willing. Hope you enjoyed the show, now you'll be paying the admission!" Dorumon snaps and then let's loose a Metal Cannon attack.

The attack hits the white skull helmet that's protecting Airdramon's head. A slight crack tells him just how much power Dorumon's able to summon. Airdramon then counters by calling out, "God Tornado!" The twister blasts the area where Dorumon had been, it would seem that Dorumon's speed has increased since Dorumon's speed healing occurred.

"Metal Shoot!" The purple rookie calls out as soon as Dorumon is within five feet of Airdramon. This attack always seemed to cause Airdramon the most pain and this time it wasn't the exception either. With Airdramon in so much pain from the sound attack, it allows Dorumon to get behind the champion level Digimon. "Metal Cannon!" Dorumon cries out and the attack hits right behind the Digimon's skull, causing the champion to hit the ground flat on its face.

"Metal Shoot!" Dorumon calls out and this attack finishes Airdramon. Before his eyes, Airdramon's whole body seem to break down and as he glances towards Dorumon, wondering if he's going to watch a Digimon load another Digimon's data. Dorumon doesn't look any different as Airdramon's particulars float up into the sky, scattering the higher they go until nothing's left.

Dorumon heaves a huge sigh before falling forward onto the ground. He races forward, worried that the battle was too much for his partner. He slows down as he hears Dorumon's snores; a fond smile breaks across his face as he slows down. He kneels down and strokes the fur between Dorumon's ears.

"You did great, Dorumon. Though, we should have started off with somebody around rookie level first. Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." He says and then he moves so that he could easily carry his partner on his back. He moves his partner carefully as not to wake him up.

Channelling a bit of chakra into his scrawny muscles, he stands up carefully and then slowly heads back to the caves as he bares the burden of Dorumon's weight. 'Well, this is good endurance training.' He muses to himself, looking on the positive side of things as he carries his sleeping partner through the heated valley. A slight smile fixed on his face as he feels a great deal of pride in the fact that Dorumon had defeated the more powerful with a bit of help from him.



As he wakes from a refreshing sleep, he tries to remember what caused him to become exhausted in the first place. He jerks up as he recalls his fight with Airdramon. It takes him a moment to realize where he's at; he frowns as he realizes that his partner must have carried him here.

"Hey, where's the original Naruto at?" He calls out to one of the shadow clones of the blond human that he calls his Tamer. Most of the ten clone pause for a second before some of them shrugging and other muttering that they don't know and then return to working on whatever jutsu that's written on their scroll.

He scowls and then gets up off the floor. He stalks out of the cave and it's not long before he finds Naruto reading the dictionary since it's the thicker of the two books. "You're looking better, had a good rest?" The blond human asks without looking up from the book.

"I can't believe you dragged me all the way here." He growls and at that the whisker cheeked boy frowns as the blond looks up. "I didn't drag you, I carried you. I channelled some chakra into my muscles and carried you on my back. Do you really thing that I'd drag you after such a big fight? I was totally hot and sweaty by the time I got here. I'm not sure how you stand it, having that much fur in this kind of climate." The blond says and though the blue eyed boy can't see it through his purple fur, he flushes on hearing that.

"Err, sorry, I just assumed that… well, you're not very muscular you know." He stutters out and his Tamer gives him a dazzling smile. In the blond's sparkling blue eyes, he can see a flicker of understanding for a few seconds before Naruto returns to reading the book before him. "No problem, I know I'm scrawny but you got to remember that I'm not like your typical human. I'm not limited to physical means." The blond adds airily and he snorts at the tone that his Tamer is using.

"Guess so. Guess so." He muses as he studies the human before him. With a sigh, he settles next to Naruto and when the blond moves the book off of his lap, he rests his head on it. As the blond begins to stroke his neck, his Tamer hums some nameless song that the blond most likely hear but can't remember real well.

'Life is good.' He muses as they remain in that position until nightfall. He knows he's not the only one who enjoys the comforting physical contact from someone that he trusts. He wishes that life could always be like what it is at this moment and until things are forced to change, he's going to enjoy this peaceful life while it lasts since he knew that when the time comes, their peaceful existence will shatter as powerful Digimon begin to appear in their life and make life difficult for them both.


Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 12

"Metal Shoot!" Dorumon shouts and the sound waves cause the viral Garurumon to howl in pain. As soon as the canine Digimon lets go of Dorumon's tail, his partner dashes away from the black and white Digimon.

Once Garurumon finishes shaking its head, the beast glares at the purple rookie. A slight grin appears on his face as Dorumon's red gem flashes, causing his partner's injures to vanish as the light fades. Although when Dorumon finishes this guy off, he knew that Dorumon will fall fast asleep as a side-effect of the instant healing that the gem causes in the middle of battle.

Though today is his birthday, the party that Dorumon and the valley's Gotsumon had arranged had been interrupted by this rampaging Garurumon. This would be the eighth champion level Digimon to invade the rocky valley since Airdramon, coming all this way to load Dorumon's data in hopes of a gate leading to the real world would open up. It seems that there's this rumour circulating around the Digital world that if you load a Tamer's partner's data, you get an instant passport into the real world.

Though the number of rookies that had come calling was much higher then the number of champion level Digimon by four. Still, ever since that day in May, the number of Digimon seeking them out had been steadily increasing in frequency. Though this was the first time that a champion had attacked the Gotsumon residing in the valley…

"Metal Cannon!" Dorumon cries out as his partner leaps over the charging black coloured canine Digimon. The attack hits Garurumon in the back of the head and causes the champion to lose its balance for a few seconds, this allows Dorumon to move a few feet away from the rampaging viral champion.

"Howling Blaster!" The black coloured Garurumon howls out and Dorumon manages to evade this range attack. He takes out a modify card.

"Digi-modify! Metal Attack!" He shouts as he slashes the card through his Digivice. "Dash Metal!" Dorumon roars as the card takes effect. The attack freezes the viral Garurumon solid and one Metal Cannon later, the damage to the village, a sleeping Dorumon, and data particles were all that remained of the battle between his partner and the powerful champion Digimon.

"Err, I guess the party's over before it's started." He says as one of the elder Gotsumon comes up to him, he scratches the back of his head as he waits to hear a response. "Well, we did manage to keep most of the gifts from getting damaged." The elder muses and he perks.

"I got presents? Cool, thanks old man... Err or is that old mon?" He says and kind of laughs nervously at the end of saying that. Although it seems that the elder isn't offended by his slip, the elder seem more amused then anything, although he does muse on whether or not this elder is a guy nor not since it's kind of hard to tell with Digimon. Although he finds it's easier to categorize stranger Digimon under the title of it since its more then likely that the stranger won't last beyond the battle.

"Yes you do, and either title's fine." The Gotsumon elder tells him and he nods. "So, do you need any help rebuilding?" He asks as some Gotsumon manage to put a pillow under Dorumon's head with a bit of help from another Gotsumon.

The elder sighs as he shakes his head. "No, no, no, we'll do it ourselves, young one. It was enough that you keep him from deleting any of the villagers." The old mon says and he sighs, but he wasn't about to try and change the elder's mind.

As the elder motions for him to follow, he does so as the villagers of the valley begin to repair their homes. Many of the villagers smile at him and some even wave as they walk pass; he gets mixed feelings about that as he follows the elder to the council building. On one hand, it's nice to know that they don't blame him for the attack but then on the other hand, he feels guilty for endangering them by remaining in the valley.

"You shouldn't feel guilty about the damage caused to our village, Naruto. This kind of damage can be repair or replaced. But you can't replace a life." The elder tells him as they reach the building, he ducks down so he can enter.

"I guess so. It's just that… If Dorumon and I weren't still hanging about…" He trails off and looks away from the gifts resting on the large table.

"This is the Digital world, boy. Many Digimon live solely by the code survival of the fittest and they then spent their whole lives fighting one battle after another. We've had to deal with those types in the past and will likely deal with them again in the future." The elder Gotsumon says firmly.

He sighs but he kind of gets what the elder is saying. His guilt lightens on hearing that. He smiles slightly as he says to the elder, "Thanks, I guess I really needed to hear that."

He then grazes at the gifts on the table; he can't believe that all of those were meant for him. He feels a lump appear in his throat as his eyes sting slightly from unshed tears. "It's up to you on whether or not you want to start unwrapping them. We'll help you take them to your cave when you're ready to go." The elder tells him and he can't reply so he just nods.

He walks up to the table, careful not to bang his head on the ceiling and then sits down by the table. A glance towards the doors tells him that the elder had left and he sighs. He debates for a few minutes on what to do and in the end, he decides he might as well enjoy his birthday for once in his life and begins to open the gifts that number around twelve.

The first gift is a pair of runners that were grey and blue in colour. He glances down at his sandals; he sighs and sets the runners to the side before reaching for one of the two smaller gift bundles. He unwraps the gift and finds three pairs of white socks as contains. He smiles and shakes his head as he puts the socks over top of his new pair of runners.

The third gift was the other small gift and he finds two pairs of boxers, one is purple with a red paw print on the right butt cheek and the second is blue with thin grey stripes. As he sets them over his runners, he can't help but be highly amused by the gift. He then takes a stack of five packages that he'll bet were books just by the look of them.

He picks the heaviest book and opens it. It seems that it's a book listing myths and legends from around the world, well, from around the human world connected to this Digital one. He also notices that the book goes right to left, just like the other two books he owns. He moves onto another book that's wrapped up and finds a biology text book.

With a shrug he sets the text book over top of the one containing stories and picks out another package that's shaped like a book. This one turned out to be a cook book and the next one turns out to be another cook book except that it's about desserts. The final book turned out to be a manga containing something titled Wolf's Rain and like a proper book, it reads left to right.

Once he's done with the gift of books, he begins to eye the rest of the four remaining gifts. He's kind of surprised to notices that there really were twelve gifts… With a sigh, he picks up a flexible package and once he opens it, finds a black windbreaker with wild red and orange flame designs on the sleeves and on the back of the jacket. Inside of the pockets was a pair of dark red and orange fingerless gloves that he's seen Jounin wear.

He picks up the remaining three and by the time he's done opening them up, he's got another pair of pants like the ones he's got on, a dark red vest to match his gloves, and finally a dull yellow long sleeve shirt with a red Japanese dragon fighting a white tiger. He sighs as a warm tingly feeling resides within his chest area.

All in all, this had been the best birthday he's ever had and he knew that he had made the right choice in leaving his world behind him. True, he feels a bit guilty about taking off with the Forbidden scroll, but in his opinion, it's safer with him then back in the village. After all, if he could steal it then just about any enemy ninja could have.

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