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Naruto Uzumaki

01/02 Real World

Dorumon lies curled up on the floor before the couch that he's lying upon. He can hear Dorumon shift slightly as the purple furred rookie dreams, what about, he didn't know. In the darkness about the living room, he could almost make out his partner's resting form. He continues to stare down at his friend and partner as he continues to try and control his breathing so he can fall asleep.

'You would think after such an eventful day I wouldn't have trouble sleeping.' He thinks to himself as his gaze turns from looking at the dark form of his resting best friend to staring back up at the ceiling. 'I miss Yamaki...'

He blinks as he realizes what he had just thought and finds, after a bit, that the problem is that he's sleeping in the Real World. 'I never thought I'd end up in the human world again until I accomplish my mission. When I do, I would be back with Yamaki and sleeping in my room.'

With a sigh, he tries to get comfortable once more upon the couch. Slowly, he feels like he's drifting off only to have it ruined by wondering, 'I wonder what Ryo and Cyberdramon have been up too?'


Ryo Akiyama

Tamer Digital World


"So glad we decided to put it in a back pack." He says dryly as he takes hold of the pack and toss it over to Cyberdramon. He gets up to stretch his upper body before glancing around at the desert around them, trying to pick out any snow left behind.

He dimly realizes that the Leomon is nowhere in sight, which likely means the champion Digimon felt well enough to leave before he woke. "Can't really tell that last night the snow was over four feet deep..." He muses out loud, after all, Cyberdramon isn't much of a talker and the silence does get to him after a time, it's one of the reasons why he misses Naruto and Dorumon so much.

Cyberdramon grunts as he finishes his upper body stretching to begin shaking sand off of his cloths. He grabs his actual pack and upon shouldering it, he glances up at the cloudless sky. Cyberdramon is already ready to get moving, they're going to try and find their way to Azulongmon's palace to see what the mega would do with the strange statue that seems to be trying its hardest to bond with him.

'Hopefully it won't be hard to make our way back up there.' He thinks as he climbs into the nook of his partner's elbow. Effortlessly, the ultimate Digimon takes to the air. 'The problem will be keeping the statue from bonding with another Digimon.'



01/02 Real World

"... Gatomon! Wake up, Gatomon!" Kari says and she blinks rapidly up to find a pillow over her head. Lightening up her grip, she tosses the pillow to the side, allowing her to view the room and giving her a clear view of her worrying partner.

As she sits up, she tries to recall what her dream... 'Nightmare really.' She notices Kari studying her and almost reaches out to, well she doesn't know to do what to her as a woman softly calls out, "Breakfast!"

Kari glances towards the door as the young woman calls out, "Coming!" Then Kari glances at her and asks, "If you want to talk about your... dream, I'm here to lend you an ear."

She nods her thanks and Kari leaves the room after climbing down the ladder. She glances off out of the window, her thoughts circling about her nightmare. Then her stomach growls and she finally gets down off the double bed, heading for the table where Kari is sitting at with a much older human woman, Kari and Tai's mother.

As Kari gets ready to leave, the high schooler turns to her as she helps dry the dishes. "You remember how to get to Sora and Mimi's apartment, don't you?" Kari asks her and she nods. "Bye mom! See you later tonight!"

"Bye dear." Mrs Kamiya says as Kari's mom uses a cloth to scrub the dishes.

"I'll see you there then." Kari says before walking out of the apartment and closing the door. She flickers her tail a bit while she feels bad for not saying goodbye to Kari, after all, the almost grown human had been nothing but nice to her since they've meet.

As she's done with the dishes, she leaps down from the counter and heads for the door. "Bye Mrs Kamiya. Thank you for breakfast." She says as she uses her tail to open the front door to leave this apartment as Mrs Kamiya says, "Your welcome, Gatomon."

As she exits out of the building, she's a bit daunted by how active the city is during the day. Shaking her head, she pushes her nervousness out of her mind as she tries to recall the route to that apartment where Naruto and Dorumon had spent the night while Koichi and Tommy had spent the night at TK's apartment. 'I wonder what they plan to do today.'

When she finally arrives at the apartment building, the sun is higher in the sky, which likely means it's around ten or eleven am. She leaps up and presses a button with the correct number of Mimi and Sora's apartment number. A few seconds later and she's able to get through the second door.

"Good to see that you made it." Dorumon says as the purple furred rookie opens the door to let her in. She nods as she passes by the dimensionally displaced Digimon.

"Hey Gatomon!" Palmon calls out from her spot upon one of the two chairs about the living room. She spies Biyomon and Patamon sitting on the other chair while Koichi and Tommy are sitting on the couch.

She didn't spot Naruto until she gets a good view of the flat screen TV. The cheerful blond boy seems to be doing something with a device. "I think this will help at least two of you with your amnesia." The blond says as she moves to sit upon the back of the couch, right behind Tommy since he's the shortest one upon the couch.

"Just what is this series called?" Biyomon asks as Naruto backs away from the device while holding the remotes for the TV and for the DVD player. Instead of answering, a song begins as the screen displays a menu.

Di Di Di
Digimon Digimon

Di Di Di
Digimon Digimon

Di Di Di
Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon are the Champions

Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon are the Champions

Change into Digital Champions to save the Digital World

Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon are the Champions

Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon are the Champions

Digivolve into Champions
Digivolve into Ultimate

Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon are the Champions

Digimon Digital Monsters
Digimon Are The Champions

Digimon Digital Monsters


There upon the screen is a display of a group of cartoon kids who kind of resembled certain members of the Digidestine and a group of cartoon Digimon who do resemble certain partner Digimon she met last night before they headed to Primary Village. The song is repeats itself mid way through, it stops as Naruto presses a button.

The intro finishes and a much younger sounding Tai Kamiya beings to speak. Despite herself, she couldn't help but lay there and watch this cartoon show the first meeting between these cartoon kids and their cartoon Digimon. "Wow... It's like somebody recreated that day..." Patamon state in awe as the episode ends in a cliff hanger and the end credits play.

"I wasn't there though." She points out. "Nor does it show Kari." She couldn't help but add.

"Ah, we didn't know Kari was a Digidestine until we followed Myotismon to the Real World. We also didn't mean you until we first confronted him." Biyomon explains with Patamon humming in agreement as the intro begins again.

"I didn't know Tai thought of TK as Matt's dopey little brother." Patamon muses. "But then, those were his private thoughts..." The orange rookie admits.

"I wonder if somebody made a cartoon about our adventures..." Tommy wonders as the second episode begins. "I wonder what our intro would look like if there was one based off of us."

Any conversations died down by the middle of the third episode. She did wonder if watching this was jogging Palmon's memory but didn't want to ask since everyone seems to be enjoying the show, even though more then a few of the members of the group had lived through it. 'Why do I suddenly dread the idea of seeing myself in this show?' She wonders as Naruto moves to make them some lunch.

It made sense that he would since the DVDs belong to him, so the blond has seen this show before and likely will again in the future.


Tai Kamiya

2:13 pm

He gets shushed as soon as he enters the apartment by pretty much everyone with the exception of the blond and the blond's partner, Dorumon. He silently closes the door and once he gets a clear view of the TV screen, he stiffens at the sight. He slowly shakes his head at the sight of some cartoon version of a younger Matt and himself argue while cartoon versions of Agumon and Gabumon watch them.

In the end, he moves to the table and grabs one of the chairs. Upon putting it behind the couch, he sits down on it and watches the cartoon episode, one so eerily similar to what happened in real life. He flushed at hearing Matt's private musings by the end of the episode before the credits begin.

"I didn't think you and Matt fought so much." Patamon says, causing him to glance over to the little orange rookie. "It must be that guy pride that Kari and Yolei use to talk about."

"Kind of reminds me of Kouji and Takuya's rocky relationship." Tommy muses. "Although it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's considered to be the youngest member of a group." The kid capable of becoming a Digimon adds.

Nothing else was said as the intro plays out, he found the song to be catchy too. The title of this episode proves to be 'A Clue From The Digi-Past' and seems to be focused upon Izzy and Mimi. He tries to recall if they ever did sit around talking about their adventures away from each other after Devimon broke the island up.

He did know that Izzy had discussed their time away from each other but never in a lot of detail. Though, at the sight of the Black Gear, he wonders, 'As those gears still there? Under the surface of File Island? Or did they vanish when Angemon defeated Devimon?'

His phone begins to vibrate and he excuses himself to answer it since the others seem busy watching the show. "Hello?" He says into the phone.

"Hey Tai. Have you made it to the apartment yet?" Sora asks and he replies, "Yea, I'm here right now."

"How's Gatomon and Palmon?" Sora asks him and he hums thoughtfully as he thinks about how to respond. "Well, I think they might get their memory back a bit sooner then expected. It seems that somebody brought along a cartoon show based upon our adventures in the Digital World. I'm not sure who but I'm laying a guess that Naruto brought them since he's the one with the remotes."

"Which set of adventures are we talking about?" Sora asks after a rather minute long pause. "Currently, the episode features Izzy and Mimi together on a piece of File Island that has that maze. I just finish watching an episode featuring how Matt and I hooked up after the group was separated." He answers.

"Oh..." Sora says and he sighs. "I guess that's one way to help them recover their memories."

"True. I'm thinking about asking the owner if I can borrow the DVDs to burn myself a copy." He explains before adding, "I think you might want to get a hold of Matt and send him over, he is out right now isn't he? I'll send an E-Mail to the others about this oddity. Who knows, we might get the chance of watching what happened during Ken's reign."

"I'll give it a try, though I fear he's likely practicing with his ex-band members." Sora explains and he hums in agreement. "I'll order something for supper. I hope you don't mind paying for it, I'll pay you back."

"Sure, I doubt we'll be leaving the apartment any time soon anyway." He says and they say good bye to each other before their connect ends. He stares down at the phone for a few seconds before pocketing it.

He heads for the door to get his D-Terminal to message the others concerning this interesting documentary about their adventures in the Digital World.


Henry Wong

Tamer Real World

Usually he ignores the beeping of his Digivice and how antcy Terriermon becomes when a Digi-Field occurs, allowing a Digimon to enter into the Real World. But since the snow storm the other day, he couldn't help thinking about the cartoon and what bizarre weather signalled for the first season of Digimon Adventures. It caused him to wonder if perhaps the Digital World was out of balance.

It wasn't a happy thought as he walks towards the site with Terriermon perched upon his shoulder. He didn't want to fight or send Terriermon into one but if Digimon exist like in that cartoon show, then maybe he's just putting off the enviable fact that he'll have no choice but to fight since if he doesn't do so now, things would only get worst then how it is now.

It wasn't a happy thought but then, that snow storm clearly wasn't natural since it cause electronic equipment to stop working. 'For all we know, it could have been a would be conqueror trying to gain a foothold here in the Real World.' He thinks, he shudders at the idea of invading armies of Digimon all over the city, working at herding humans about, breaking up families to try and pick out future Tamers from the children.

It's one of the reasons why he is following the directions upon his Digivice to the spot where a Digi-Field is about to form. Suddenly mists explodes as he enters into an old, vacated building that use to house a shop. The mist seems to clear as his partner leaps down off of his shoulder.

A beastly screech erupts from this flightless bird Digimon that sports a number of scales upon its neck and wicked looking thumb claw and index claw upon the wing. "Hello metal turkey!" Terriermon remarks, trying to mimic a group of certain American cartoon characters that usually say, 'Hello, nurse!'

His nerve fails him as the Digimon regards them coolie with its blue eyes. This champion racks its talons upon the ground, causing slight grooves to be scratched upon the concrete surface. The bird Digimon takes a deliberate step towards them.

'What kind of Digimon is this?' He wonders as he mentally goes over what Digimon he knew but kept coming up with a blank. His Digivice goes crazy within half a second of him having that thought.

As he grabs for his Digivice, Terriermon is already dodging to the left as the foe Digimon launches itself towards Terriermon. The impact of the landing champion causes a minor crater as his lower level partner responds by using Bunny Blast.


Level: Champion

Attribute: Vaccine

Attacks: Blast Shot , Destruction Roar, and Mega Dash Impact.

Ancient bird type. An ancient bird Digimon with powerful leg strength. An extremely ferocious bird, he attacks any moving thing he considers to be an enemy.

'No good, not good at all.' He thinks as Terriermon evades Diatrymon's series of Blast Shot. The green rookie returns fire through Bunny Blast but they don't seem to do harm to the champion bird Digimon. They seem to bounce off of Diatrymon's metallic scales that covered the champion.

It's clear to him that Terriermon is at a clear disadvantage in not just at being a lower level then the champion but in what kind of attack the green vaccine could launch at the flightless bird Digimon. He knew that if this was still the game, he could always swipe a card through a card reader to aid his on field Digimon. He's aware of a slot along the side of the D-Arc but didn't know what side effects there could be by slashing a card through it.

'If I don't do something soon, I might not even have a partner to worry about.' He mentally curses and after fumbling with his deck of cards, pulls out a stamina card and an attack card. He finishes swiping the attack card, which turns out to be Vademon's Unidentified Flying Kiss.

He is forced to run as the other effect of that attack begins to take effect. He hears Diatrymon curse, which surprised him since the bird hadn't come across as capable of speech while moving about, trying to evade those incoming meteors. All the while Terriermon is laughing, likely safe from the incoming space debris.

The attack finally dies down and as the dust and dirt finally dies down, he is relieved at the sight of Diatrymon under a ten foot wide meteor. The champion looks worst for wear and after shooting a glare at him, clearly knowing that he played a part in this unusual attack, the champion screeches and begins to glow. Before he knows it, the site around him alters to appear undamaged.

Sounds of cars and people reach his ears, causing him to realize that the Digi-Field has vanish. He's not sure if Diatrymon committed suicide or what, all he knows is that the Digimon is gone and that he'll have to be more careful about what cards he uses in battle since that attack seems to be a bit of an over kill as it could have easily harmed him along with other bystanders.

"Terriermon? Terriermon..." He says upon finding his partner collapsed upon the ground. It seems that the attack took a lot more out of the green rookie then he expected.

'But then, he summoned a meteor shower, so of course it would wear on him despite that stamina card.' He thinks as he collects his partner. As he holds the rookie to his chest, he glances around the site once more, still amazed that the damages seem to have reversed themselves within the Digi-Field. Leaving no mark upon the Real World.

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