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01/02 Real World

Over the course of the afternoon, more and more of the first group of Digidestine arrived with the youngest two members of that group, Kari and TK, arrived with all of the members of the second group of Digidestine. It became very crowded in Mimi and Sora's apartment as the few kitchen chairs got used and the few folding chairs that the pair of women used when hosting a larger group of people. Even with those folding chair, members of the chosen of this world were forced to sit upon the floor along with their partners, if they weren't in the Digital world that is.

'So hot... So many warm bodies...' He thinks as he breaths through his mouth. Naruto had elected to give his spot to one of their hostesses and joined him upon the ground. As he is leaning upon his partner's shoulder while his tail is curved to rests behind Ken's back.

He tries not to move his tail too much, which only causes him to want to move it even more. He knew the most of the smaller rookies have taken up seats upon their human partner's laps, but he's rather too large to pull that off and he doesn't have enough room at this moment to curl up around the bewhiskered boy who's both his friend and his partner. The position in which he is sitting is already causing his body to ache.

"Hot?" Naruto asks him softly, oh so very softly as not to get hushed by the whole room. He moves his head to give the blond boy a look and Naruto flushes. 'Stupid question.'

They had long since finished watching Digimon Adventures, that season is only two hundred and sixty minutes long which is about four hours and thirty minutes. The members of the second group had been a bit stunned at seeing their adventures upon the scene. The room hushed Davis before the maroon hair Digidestine could say something at the sight.

'I can't wait until supper arrives.' He thinks to himself. It had been agreed that they would pause the disc to eat and to take time to do other things.


Mitsuo Yamaki

Tamer Real World

With a click, the metal lighter in his hand closes. He adverts his eyes from last night's report concerning the defeat of an incoming Wild One within thirty minutes of its breach upon the Real world. The only conclusion is that another Digimon had shown up and dealt with it, a Digimon already living in the Real world.

With a flick of his thumb, the lighter's lid opens before clicking shut once more as he ponders the odds of a Digimon becoming territorial enough to begin to snuff out arriving competition and found them very unlikely. Even with the absence of Ryo and Naruto, its unlikely that a Digimon could become so bold upon its own to begin such actions. Which leaves him with the possibility of a child partnered with a Digimon had ended the Wild One's life. He is rather hopefully that the child in question is partnered with a rookie instead of something akin to Ryo's partnership with a Digimon of a level beyond rookie to be rather unusual.

'If one views that cartoon as a documentary.' He muses to himself. The lighter clicks shut as he glances towards one of the few pictures he has of his young 'cousin'. He continues to hope that things with Ryo and Naruto were going well, after all, that strange digital storm that crossed over had vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

'Perhaps I should have the research department create something to make it possible for communication between those in the Digital world and the Real world . . . Never know when another crisis will happen and Tamers are needed in the Digital world.' He muses before he sets down the lighter and reaches for his mug to sip his cooling coffee.

After he had sipped from his mug, he reaches for his phone to set that idea into motion.


Henry Wong

After School

"Are we going to patrol around the city? Looking for more rogue Digimon?" Terriermon asks him while perched upon his shoulder as he walks through the park. He notices that most of the younger kids seem to be enjoying the various play equipment spread throughout the park as those of his age group seem to be hanging around under the trees, likely either playing or observing Digimon the card game.

The sight reminds him of all those times he went up against Naruto and lost to the hyper active blond. Its times like these that he feels the blond's absence more keenly then ever before. 'I almost wish I had followed them that day . . .'

Then guilt flares up as he imagines how his family would take his disappearance. With a soft sigh, he focuses on what his partner, he still finds it rather novel to be friends with a creature he only recently learnt actually existed, and says, "If any try to show up, I'm sure the Digivice will point us in the right direction."

"Then why don't we hunt for those that managed to cross over since your friend vanished with the other guy? I mean, they must be still hanging around concerning they went to all this trouble to come to the Real world!" The rookie exclaims.

"Momentai, Terriermon." He says to his Digimon partner. "Let's take it one step at a time, ok?"

"Mo-men-tai, momentai . . . What does that mean?" The green canine rookie asks him.

"Momentai? It means take it easy in Cantonese." He answers as he walks off the path, heading to a place that sported a red spiral painted upon one of its walls while Terriermon seems to verbally taste the word momentai. (And it begins! ((Evil laughter)) ^_^ )

The gate creaks as he opens it and then presses the inner door. He glances around the concrete room, particularly to the left wall that features the graffiti of a red spiral. Close to the bottom of the wall, there is an orange hand print and next to it is a purple paw print. He still wonders what kind of Digimon possessed such a hand/paw but concludes that he'll likely find out when his blond friend returns.

He comes here because its the only place that continues to bare markings of his absent friend. He feels Terriermon leap off of his shoulder and seemingly glide down to the floor. 'It's a nice little hide out.' He admits as he takes off his pack to take out the thin lab top to see how weak the barrier at this location is today.

"You know what's missing in here? Space. And lights, but this place could do with some renovating." The green rookie vaccine Digimon remark once more.

"This shouldn't take long." He reminds his partner. He ignores the snort that followed that statement as the computer boots up. It takes about a minute for the screen to reveal the desk top and about thirty seconds for the icon to finally appear.

He uses the sensitive finger pad to move the mouse curser to click one of the desk top icons. He clicks the icon and it takes a few seconds to run the program. He connects his Digivice to the lab top before enacting the program to go ahead to test how thick the barrier is.

He doesn't know what he'd do if it's thin but so far, in the last week that he began to use his created program, the barrier in this spot proves to remain at a consent strength. He plans to use the readings of this site and compare them to the readings he'll do at the battle site last night. He's curious to see how the two will compare.

"Are we done yet?" Terriermon asks as the green rookie manages to some how, flop upon his head. He sighs softly at his partner's antics.

'It's going to be chaos when they meet. I just know it.' He thinks to himself, he doesn't doubt that Naruto and Terriermon will become fast friends. They had common interests concerning that they think he needs to get out more and to have more fun.

'Hopefully, Hige's partner doesn't sport the same attitude as they do. I doubt the ward could survive having three of them about.' He muses as he saves the results before closing the lab top without turning it off.

"Done." He says as he begins to stuff it into his pack. "One last stop and then home." He adds as Terriermon rolls off his head and lands in his lap.

"Finally! Also, could we stop and grab a bite to eat? I'm starving!" The rookie states as he shoulders his pack.

"I guess it couldn't hurt."


Naruto Uzumaki

01/02 Real World

He walks behind Dorumon since his partner wanted out of the apartment. He couldn't blame his furry friend from wanting out of that crowded apartment. It wasn't as though his partner was the only one who wanted out either, Tai and Joe had followed them down but had headed in a different direction for their walks.

Although in a strange world, he casually noted minor things that should help them return back to the correct apartment building. Among those walking about the city at night, more then a few would stop to glance at Dorumon. It's not everyday that they get to see a rookie as big as his partner. 'Or as fluffy.'

"Feeling cooler?" He asks Dorumon, who just sighs as a soft rumble comes from the purple rookie. "Ah, well, I'm sure a bowl of popcorn will settle that."

"You really know how to get on the good side of a guy, don't ya?" His partner remarks and he chuckles softly. "It'll be nice to be back home." Dorumon says after a few minutes of silence. "I'm sure Ryo will be glad to see us too."

"Yea, I'm sure he will. Although I'm kind of wondering how Yamaki and Henry are doing." He admits to his partner. "I mean, I really left Henry hanging and I didn't get a chance to say good bye to Yamaki."

"Feeling guilty of following Sasuke through that portal?" The purple furred rookie Digimon asks. "Can't really blame you, I'm not thrilled about this grand dimensional adventure either, you know." Dorumon says as they pause by an alley way.

"I never thought it would lead us to a world that's depicted as a cartoon." Dorumon adds thoughtfully. "But then, I never thought I'd met a human capable of going toe to toe with a Digimon. Matching special attack viva special attack."

"Yea, well, I never thought I'd met creatures like you or end up in a totally different world that lacks a sun and stars." He reflects. "Then again, I never thought I contain a fox demon in my gut either . . ." He says with a sigh, a hand hovers over his midsection.

"I guess I'm just home sick. I mean, this human world doesn't seem all that different to home, only . . ." The rookie says and he nods, kind of getting what Dorumon means by that.

"I missed that cave when we were living with Yamaki." He admits. "Although I do find school to be a heck of a lot better then the ninja academy. Even if they assign so much homework."

"So you don't miss your birth world? At all?" The furry dragon like rookie Digimon asks.

"I miss the various training fields and breathing fresh air instead of air containing exhaust fumes." He admits. "I want to say I miss a certain ramen stand but, well, I think I'll miss their company more then the ramen. Funny, how being able to eat non-spoiled food changes your opinion and meal ideas." He adds thoughtfully.

"You know, the more I hear about the inhabitants of this village of humans, the more I would love to burn their homes down around them." Dorumon says after a pungent pause. "I mean, a glass filled with water isn't water." The purple rookie reflects.

He just nods while he runs a hand through his messy blond hair. He tries to imagine such an image but found that he just rather settle for never seeing the place again. "It still smarts, you know. I really thought I had what it took to become Hokage, to be respected."

"We should probably head back to the apartment." He says, changing the topic and Dorumon nods in agreement. They then set off back the way they came, hoping that a search party hasn't been formed yet to look for them.


Kari Kamiya

'It's so odd to see parts of our lives play out in front of us in the form of a cartoon. Although, it does seem to help both Gatomon and Palmon recover their memories.' She admits as she helps with the dishes.

Instead of using the dish washer, they had opted to wash the load of dirty dishes by hand. It help give them all a chance to reflect more upon what they've watched and are about to watch. Although at least four of their number had left the apartment, which also means that they are waiting for them to return from their walks.

'I wonder why Dorumon needed to get out though . . .' She wonders. 'He doesn't strike me as shy sort, not with Naruto as his partner.'

She closes the cupboard and glances to the door when Sora opens it, welcoming Joe, Naruto, and Dorumon inside. "It's kind of warm in here and I do sport a lot of fur." She hears Dorumon explain in an apologetic tone.

'That explains that.' She thinks with a slight smile as Sora waves the rookie's explanation away while Joe came in baring some more soda. "Tai should be up shortly with a box of pop corn."

It wasn't long before Tai joins them once more in the apartment as Sora moves to take the box of soda from Tai's arms so that her brother could take off his shoes.



Primary Village

He stretches a bit as he watches the defence program circle high above the village. The entity wasn't complete but then, he hadn't known about Naruto's Digivice's special feature of allowing Dorumon to borrow attacks from other Digimon with a swipe of some kind of card. 'Still, one out of two of them surviving the first confrontation is pretty good.'

'Too bad I can't sent it into the Dark Ocean . . . Oh well, having it around will draw them back so I can send them in its stead.' He muses with a smirk. 'But when that will be . . .'

He might not know but it gives him time to familiarize himself with the weapon before he uses it upon Daemon. There's plenty of various programs hiding that room from the prying eyes of various evil Digimon, especially the one who corrupted the original Daemon, GranDracmon. While he's not sure how successful the defences are in that regard, but he knows that the room hasn't been used in years.

'I wonder who Piedmon is? He is concerned the previous user of the room but that's all I have on him.' He thinks as he heads back into the protective room.

'Must not have been that important or else he'd still be around.' He thinks, dismissing any pondering concerning the previous user. He smiles as he walks over to the machine that houses the weapon.

"You're days are numbered, Daemon."

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Henry Wong

Second Tournament

"Wait! You submitted my name for this tournament? Why not DK's or your own?" Hige whines while he pins the paper number upon the blond's back.

"You need to battle other kids from other districts. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be able break your streak." DK responds upon shaking off his fan club.

"You just don't want to face Rika again." Hige says flatly. "Just how many letters of challenge has she sent since November?" The blond asks DK.

"I think the number is up to seven." He remarks and DK sends a bemused look in his direction. "Not that I'm counting of course since I'm not the addressee." He adds, causing Hige to chuckle softly and DK to roll his eyes.

"Well, break a leg as they say." He tells Hige as he pushes the blond thirteen year old towards the door. "We'll be watching." He adds as Hige walks towards the door leading to the room filled with other card Tamers.

"So, why didn't you enter?" DK turns to ask him after Hige vanishes through the door. "I mean, you're pretty good yourself. You have won a few matches against me, after all." DK remarks as they head to their seats.


Rika Nonaka

"I don't see Ryo, do you?" A guy says not that far from where she's standing. "It's almost show time, so where could he be?" Another replies while the murmur of the room increases.

"Hey, didn't that blond arrive in the building in the Digimon King's company?" Another wonders and she catches sight of said blond. She remembers him from last year's tournament as he had left in Ryo's company back then, which makes them friends.

"Go asks him then."

"No, you go ask him."

"Come on, why would somebody as cool as Ryo want to hang out with a guy like that?"

"Hey, isn't that the girl Ryo beat last year?"

And on and one it went until a whistle pieces through the murmur of the room, causing every kid to become silent. It wasn't long before they were divided into four sections. She finds herself in the third section while the bewhiskered blond named Naruto is placed in first section.

She faced countless opponents, none of them really that challenging. She had gotten a lot of practice in since her lost last year, so it didn't surprise her much. 'The only reason I entered was to face off against Ryo. These others just aren't worth the effort.' She thinks dismissively.

She found herself trying to pick out Ryo out from the crowd and by the time she's to face off against an opponent from section four, she found him in the front row with another teen, this one wearing an orange vest. 'I'll have to try for a match after I'm done here.'

After coming out victorious from her match with the winner from fourth section, Naruto is victorious from his match up with the winner from first. 'This will be a quick match.' She observes as she takes her place across from the blond.

As they went through their match, she couldn't help but notice that the blond across from her wasn't even trying. 'He's not even looking at his hand! What is this? Some kind of intimidation tactic?' She wonders, narrowing her eyes while the blond seems to be studying the Digimon on her side of the field with a bore expression.

Snapping out of her thoughts, she finishes her turn and once more, the blond takes a few cards from the deck and then seemingly randomly takes two and plays them. "You won..." She says as she realizes what just happened.

"Really? Damn, I was trying to keep this going for at least three more turns." The blond says while the announcer declares Naruto Uzumaki the winner of this year's tournament.

She couldn't help but find what happens afterwards to be a blur, unreal actually. "Ah, don't feel too bad. I've yet to lose a match in the two years I've been playing this card game." Naruto says to her, causing her to find herself in the room where they had gathered for the tournament to begin.

"As hard as it is to believe, Hige's the one who taught me the game." She hears Ryo say.

"He's the best card Tamer in Shinjuku." The orange vest wearer adds. "So don't feel too bad. We've lost plenty of times against him, heck, more then a few times he was blindfolded."

"That doesn't make me feel any better." She states in a deadpan way. 'Although, if even the great Rika Akiyama is unable to beat the blond, then if I do . . .' She watches as the group of three teens walk away.

She discarded a goal for a new goal. 'I'll beat the unbeatable.' She

thinks, unknown to the girl, one of her cards in her deck just transformed into a blue card.

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