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01/02 Digital World

The attacks coming in from the ground continue even as the huge digital dragon entity fires off minor energy balls at the ground troops. He watches as some of those that are within the blast ratios transform into a lower level, mainly in training or rookie. He glances at the twisting entity, trying to spy where Naruto is.

He flies higher then the dragon like entity and he finally spies his human partner just about ten feet from the head. "Just how can he keep a grip on that thing? It's not like it's scales are protruding much, they're more like fish scales." He hears Angewomon remark.

"It's something of an art back where he's from. I'm not really sure how to explain it myself, only that it's really handy ability to have." He replies while MagnaAngemon and the remaining fliers hang in a loose formation behind him. "It's how he rescued me from a pair of fighting champion back home." He adds as he watches Naruto's progress as the digital dragon entity seems to have finally stopped flying about and is hovering over an area while firing off attacks.

Finally, the blond human reaches the top of the head and moves to attack one of the eyes. The dragon entity roars in out rage and suddenly is moving all over the place, trying to dislodge Naruto. He's already diving, he kind of recalls a movie concerning killing a huge dragon using a crossbow and an explosive arrow. He only hopes that the others pick up what he was going for as he moves towards the nose of the enemy.

The entity screams in pain, likely due to Naruto using a jutsu. He opens fight into the mouth, aiming for the back of the throat. "Why didn't we think to do that before? It's like with MetalSeadramon all over again!" He hears MagnaAngemon say.

As the mouth is about to close, he swallows hard and darts forward as fast as he can, making it into the mouth just as the teeth close behind him. One of the first things he notes is that there didn't seem to be any smell associated to this entity. Another thing is that there's some kind of light at the back of the throat.

With something to target, he flies towards the back. He has to adjust his position as the entity is flying about, snapping its head all over the place. He tries his hardest not to land upon the tongue.

Finally, he hovers about a mile or three from the back of the throat. He gathers as much energy within him as he can before firing off an attack. He had noticed that the light had gotten stronger but hadn't thought much of it. The resulting explosion of his attack hitting the gathering energies of the entity's own energies causes him to be pushed totally out of the mouth.

He dimly notes that the other fliers seem busy with continuing to attack the mouth as he falls through the air. He sees ruby spots, likely the result from the brighten of the explosion he caused.


Naruto Uzumaki

His attacks on the eye has brought about cuts upon it. The equivalent of blood begins to leak out. He manages to perform a razor edged, whirl wind jutsu, this digs deeper into the damaged eye then his previous jutsu. He finds it hard to keep his footing as the blood runs out of the eye.

He's dimly aware of other happenings, like how the quick, snapping movements seem to have stopped and that the entity seems to be hurting from some other pain. He glances over to the snout and finds that not only was there Digimon before it, but they're firing into the mouth. Smoke seems to be exiting out of the mouth as well.

Then as he turns his body more, he spies his partner, Dorugamon, falling towards the ground. "Ah hell..." He mutters and glances about the sky, he isn't that surprised to witness the recovery of the aerial forces, they likely did have some time to recover their strength and are now able to aid in destroying the entity from the inside out.

He curses as the blood seems to be causes the chakra he's focusing upon the soles of his runners seems to be. His hand goes to his D-Ark while his other one pulls out a card. He leaps off and without looking at the card in his hand, he slashes it through his Digivice. He is a bit surprise to see a solid blue card in his hand but snaps his head towards his purple friend and partner.

"Dorugamon Matrix Digivolve too..." The white sphere surrounds his Digimon partner for a few seconds before exploding outwards, the fragments vanishing in midair. "DoruGreymon!" His red furred partner roars and within seconds, DoruGreymon's head snaps to look at him.

He's awed at his partner's ultimate form, particularly the metal spear tip upon the tail and the nose blade. Unlike Dorugamon, DoruGreymon is four legged and sports a long slender head, although there does seem to be four spikes hidden in the white mane. There is two sets of wings and they seem to have piecing upon both sets of wings, they kind of remind him of kunai knives actually.

"Naruto!" DoruGreymon cries out and the ruby red furred ultimate stops hovering in the air and comes towards him. Once under him, DoruGreymon stops and he falls onto his partner's back with a minor grunt.

"That's a crazy stunt you pulled, you know? Why didn't you just stay there? On its head?" DoruGreymon asks him while turning to face him as best as he could.

He laughs nervously as he explains, "Well, it's blood was doing something that made my chakra covered soles to get unstuck. And besides, it worked out fairly well, don't you? I mean, look at you! You finally stopped being purple! Not that there's anything wrong with purple..."

His partner grunts before they glance at the entity, they manage to witness the destruction of the strange entity as WarGreymon explodes out of the mid section of the odd digital dragon. The thing couldn't even emanate a roar before it's frame explodes. Streams of data flow to the barren forests and within seconds, the forests are restored.

Cheers echo throughout the forests and the sky at the defeat of such a powerful foe. "Huh, is that a..." DoruGreymon murmurs and within seconds, the primarily red furred ultimate is under a paper cut out, very similar to the one they collected from that entity they had defeated through encasing it in ice.

He snatches it from the air and turns it over a few times but is mystified about what it means. "It doesn't look like much, does it?" DoruGreymon states and he merely nods.

He automatically clenches a fistful of fur as his partner flies down to the ground. He lets go of it and then slides down the left side of his partner. "Boy are you big." He says as he takes time to admire his partner's new appearance once more.

His partner and friend snorts softly at this observation. Finally, after a few minutes, they're joined by the rest of the aerial forces. Many of the Digimon congratulate DoruGreymon and himself about their contributes to the destruction of the entity while a minor few chaste him for putting himself in such a dangerous position.

It takes about ten minutes for the other side of the partnership to arrive. It takes longer for the other partners to arrive, but everyone is talking oh so excitedly in various languages that he kind of moved to be closer to DoruGreymon's neck. He can't help but feel overwhelmed by the various people that surround him.

Some of the other Digimon return to their preferred forms, although DoruGreymon doesn't but then, that wasn't unusually as he recalls how long his partner had remained as Dorugamon the first time his partner achieved that level. He wonders if it'll take the four hours as it had that time or shorter since DoruGreymon has figured out how to exit out of said form once the fighting has stopped.

But for now, it seems as though his partner isn't looking to do so at this particular moment as of yet. Which he concludes might be because his partner hadn't got a chance to battle as DoruGreymon. 'But then, we were here to speak with a Digimon called YamiTekiimon when we encountered these odd digital entities.' He thinks to himself as he strokes DoruGreymon's neck.

He ideally wonders if any of them remember that little fact while the huge group talks excitedly among themselves. He guesses that they're retelling the events of today's fight over and over again. He guesses that if he knew the language, he wouldn't be so overwhelmed by what's going around him since he would know what's going on around him.


Henry Wong

Tamer Real World

He pushes his shades down before entering into the mist that usually signals the arrival of a Digi Field. Terriermon leaps from his shoulders and glides down to the ground before the mist clears to reveal the soon to be battleground where two Digimon will engage each other. He has his Digivice out and waiting for Terriermon to pick up who's to be his opponent.


Level: Rookie

Attribute: Data

Attacks: Tropical Beak, Ardent Flare, and Endless Faceslap

Bird type. This bird is colourful and prefers warm climates.

The holo shows a plump bird like Digimon sporting a slightly deep red coloration with yellow belly with red marks upon the belly. The beak is mainly green with a yellow tip. Muchomon also appears to be sporting green eyes.

"There's only one of these guys? This is going to be a piece of cake!" Terriermon boasts.

"Who says our amigo is alone?" A voice asks to the far left. "After all, it's one for all." A second one says while another finishes it, "And all for one!"

A good five Muchomon ring about them in a almost half circle. "Me and my big mouth..." The green rookie grumbles about and he has to agree.

'Murphy sure doesn't like it when you tempt him.' He muses privately as the five bird rookies encircle them. "Just what is it you would want here in the real world?" He asks, he would have asked the other Digimon they've faced but they didn't strike him as talkers.

"What does any Digimon want? To get stronger, right amigos?" One of the Muchomon says and the others chime in, "Right!"

"Just how does coming to this world will make you stronger? Are you looking for human partners? Is that why you've come?" He asks the group.

"Who knows? Maybe you're right about looking for partners or maybe we're here for something else. All we know is that there's something here for us and it will aid us in our quest for power." One of the Muchomon behind him says.

"And you're standing in our way, so no hard feels, ok?" Another says before four of the five shout, "Ardent Flare!"



Dark Ocean

'Just how did we end up here? I can get how Koichi got pulled into here but why Naruto and I?' He wonders as he glances about the beach in bewilderment and with a hint of dread.

"Why are we here?" Koichi asks and he glances over at the one who's Chosen of Darkness. He notes how pale and drained Koichi appears to be.

"Because I came here." A new voice pipes in and as one, they look up to the right. "Although to be truthful, I had not extended the invitation to your two friends..." YamiTekiimon trails off with a frown.

"They're here under my invitation, child." A vaguely familiar voice says and out of the sands erupts the berobed mega known as Daemon. "I have grown quite tired of my current scenery. The boy shall be my key out of this prison."

"Who says I'm going to help you out? You're the reason why Sasuke deleted and absorbed all of those Digimon!" His blond partner says, pointing at the Demon Lord of Wrath.

"Besides, he's already got a partner." He adds and he gets the feeling that the virus mega is grinning. He flares his wings out and leaps to stand between the two.

"I could think of many a fine things to do with your X-Antibody." The Demon Lord says and he feels his fur prickle at the mention of X-Antibody. He only has a vague knowledge of such a trait but the way Daemon said it, implied that it's something very important.

"Who says you'll be capable of using either of them? When our business is yet to be concluded?" YamiTekiimon states calmly.

He gets unnerved by the laugh that Daemon erupts with upon hearing that. He lowers his head in a threatening manner, not bothering to turn to face the strange Digimon that sports a hint of Sasuke's scent. "Then perhaps I shall deal with you first." Sneers Daemon.

"If you can." YamiTekiimon says with a chuckle and seemingly with a blink, the Demon Lord is already midway towards YamiTekiimon. He knew that megas were a step up from his current level but he mentally cursed as he realize that there's more to Daemon then him just being a mega.

As YamiTekiimon dangles in Daemon's hand. Then, suddenly, YamiTekiimon's appearance explodes and metal hooks, grips, wires; thick and thin kind, engulf's Daemon's whole being. He watches as Daemon shifts into his true appearance but that doesn't stop shatter the hold this device has upon the mega's body.

"As you divided me, so I shall divide you. Your pieces shall be scattered throughout the worlds, wandering about with only a silver of your power and memories." The real YamiTekiimon says, stepping out of the shadow of the device and of Daemon.

"You fool! You think this will hinder me for long? I'm the original! All others like me are but faulty copies! I won't be destroyed so easily!" Daemon howls as the device begins to glow.

"I'm not really destroying you, I'm just creating fractions of you that will posses the same amount of power. It's just reshuffling your data into separate bodies." YamiTekiimon states calmly.

The device finally causes Daemon's whole frame to shatter and for a few seconds, they saw what lies under the 'skin' before the light of data stills for a minute while the data lines begin to get pulled to at least twelve different centres throughout the body. Eggs skins finally engulf the various data sphere.

Then, within seconds, each of those eggs explode outwards, none following directly in the path of each other. Their trajectories were in different degrees of angles and as they move further down these angles, it gives them a better view of each egg before tiny portals open up about a mile away from their 'brithing' point.

With all the eggs gone, he turns to watch as YamiTekiimon nods in satisfaction at what has just happened. He didn't know if what they had just witnessed would be a good thing to have happened to the Demon Lord or merely the seeds of ruin for the worlds they will likely land upon and hatch in. Which ever it was, it will likely be somebody else's problems to deal with as he really doesn't want to be sent to collect those twelve eggs.

"So you got rid of him, now what are you going to do?" Naruto asks the rookie Digimon carrying the other half of Koichi's spirit element. "And what happened to Sasuke? Where is he?" The blond demands.

YamiTekiimon just laughs at the question.


Henry Wong

Tamer Real World

He manages to lunge to the space between the two Muchomon while his partner uses his Terrier Tornado upon one Muchomon before him. The incoming attack meet in the middle of the group while the one Muchomon that his partner, Terriermon, is attack gets sent flying a few feet. A minor dirt trench is created as the Muchomon hits the dirt and slides upon it before stopping.

The other four are already launching themselves at Terriermon. He begins to fumble with his card deck, looking for the right card to help his partner. He finds a speed modify card and slashes it through his Digivice and with ease, Terriermon not only gets out of their way, but has head butted one of the four Muchomon.

"Ha! Too slow!" Terriermon crows while moving away from the Muchomon he just headbutted.

Before the speed dies, Terriermon is a few feet from the Muchomon and using Bunny Blast at them. The Muchomon cry out in pain at taking the blunt of his partner's Bunny Blast. "This isn't looking good for us, camaradas." Says one of the Muchomon.

"What do you expect? You're all a bunch of bird brains!" His partner taunts, although it seems that the Muchomon have decided to stead fast ignore Terriermon's taunts and comments.

"Si, amigo." Echos at least two of the Muchomon as they brush off imaginary dust. "Their doing a really good job fighting, even if we're only fighting the one." A third remarks upon joining the four others.

"Looks like we've got to use plan delta." A fourth says and the other four give a sharp nod. They then line up in a V formation.

"Oh, real scary, you're flocking me." Terriermon says while they come running at the green rookie. "Bunny Blast!" His partner declares and tiny energy pellets launch from Terriermon's mouth.

The formation zigs and zags while charging towards the green rookie. "Ardent Flare!" The centre point cries and the rest echo it, the attacks hit Terriermon's former position but still sends Terriermon flying back.

"Terriermon!" He cries while the Muchomon get in real close and uses Tropical Beak. They then begin to kick his fallen partner.

Concern wells up while despair engulfs him. Suddenly, a sphere of light encases Terriermon, forcing the Muchomon back and they land upon their backs. "Terriermon Digivolves too..."

The sphere bursts to reveal Terriermon in his champion form, Gargomon. The gun handed champion declares, "Gargomon!"

He's relieved to see that Gargomon's guns are not firing off right off the bat. "Looks like we've got you out classed, you parrot rejects!" Gargomon taunts before charging the nearest and uses Bunny Pummel.

As the Muchomon try to reorganize themselves, the pants wearing Gargomon uses Gargo Laser. One of the Muchomon explodes into data particles, it seems they just couldn't handle receiving any more damage. A few seconds later and the rest of the gang follows in the foot steps of the first, within a second, the Digital Field vanishes.

"Shouldn't you be returning to your rookie form?" He wonders after a minute passes since the defeat of the five rookies. Gargomon merely chuckles nervously while one of the gun hands being held behind the masked head.

"Let's go find some place to hide you until you return to normal." He says with a bit of a sigh and glances about before heading off deeper into the park.

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