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Naruto Uzumaki

Dark Ocean

The strange rookie finally finishes laughing and smirks, one that causes his hackles to raise up while also causing some part of him to freeze. "The fate of the 'egg' was the same as any egg. It shattered about as the life within emerged. Of course I'm referring to Sasuke as the egg while my brother and I being the chick."

It takes him a few seconds to realize what this guy has said. "Sasuke is..." He hears his partner trail off while he it finally dawns on him that Sasuke paid the ultimate price.

"Yes, he's dead." YamiTekiimon state in confirmation. "What did you expect? He kept killing and absorbing the data of fresh and in-training Digimon, as though he himself were a Digimon." The strange dark coloured rookie says with a sneer.

"As if a human can handle so much data flowing within their weak frames." YamiTekiimon adds. "Sasuke would have been better off pairing with a Digimon, but then, I'm sure you know that such a thought never crossed his pretty little head."

He weakly chuckles at that, he kind of had to agree with that. His right hand moves to cover his stomach while Koichi pipes in, "Are you saying that your data formed within a human? And was this... Sasuke a ninja in training like Naruto? Is that how he managed to..." Koichi swallows and he couldn't blame the other dimensional traveler for not finishing that sentence or thought.

"Yea, the two came from the same world, even studied in the same school." YamiTekiimon answers in an off handed manner. "Although you'd be surprised to hear what kind of rumours are going around concerning your disappearance." The rookie states while looking right at him when saying that.

"They're gossiping about me? I'm guessing that they think I defected to some other village and will come back for vengeance once I'm powerful enough, right?" He muses out loud and the soft snort from the odd rookie pretty much confirms that. 'Even now, they think so little of me. They couldn't care about my opinion of them while I lived among them and when I vanish, they suddenly regret how they treated me. Hypocrites.'

"Sounds like there isn't any love loss between yourself and this village." Koichi murmurs while Dorugreymon grunts. He glances first at Koichi and then at his currently ruby furred partner.

"I take it you possess Koichi's human spirit, don't you? You'll be trying to get the other half from Koichi, right?" He asks as he returns to looking at the Digimon that Gatomon and Palmon had encountered and likely is responsible for their memory problems.

"Correct." YamiTekiimon states.


Mitsou Yamaki

Tamer Real World

"It would seem that we've got another Tamer living in West Shinjuku." He says a second before he flips his empty lighter open before flipping it closed. 'Now we have to begin searching for the pair of them.' He thinks.

"I would think that we would have a better way to use our resources." He glances towards the speaker. "Like creating a program that keeps these things from crossing into our world." The speaker sneers.

"I would say its our duty to monitor these digital creations within our world. Perhaps we might discover why they keep trying to breech our world." He informs the newly arrived Kouta Takahiro.

"Oh yes, I had forgotten all about young Naruto Uzumaki and Ryo Akiyama. How are they by the way?" Mr Takahiro asks.


Koichi Kimura

Dark Ocean

He understood that some boy that Naruto had known growing up is not only dead, but had went around to killing and absorbing Digimon. So much so that this data compiled upon itself to create two new Digimon that, upon hatching, killed this guy. 'And on top of that, this guy stole from Tommy's and mine elemental half.'

Now, though, it seems that one of the two Digimon that hatched out of this guy is aiming to complete their set of spirits by trying to extract the beast spirit of Darkness from him. "And what makes you think I won't collect the human spirit in turn?" He finds himself asking while narrowing his eyes at YamiTekiimon.

"And who says we'll stand by while you fight Koichi?" Dorugreymon rumbles while Naruto nods in agreement. He presses his lips after glancing at the two of them before taking a few steps towards YamiTekiimon.

"I think this is something I have to do without your help. It is my duty as the Chosen of Darkness to get this spirit back." He states as confidently as he can. "My thanks, though, for the offer." He adds as he takes out his Digivice.

"Good luck then." The blond partner of Dorugreymon says after studying him for a few seconds. "I'll be over there and try to stay away from the water. There are other things that exist in their world and they seem to call that ocean home." Naruto informs him and he nods, recalling that episode where Kari was pulled into this world.

'Let's hope this won't too long. The longer this battle goes on, the more likely we'll attract the attention of the natives... Although, I wonder if he's aware of them...' He thinks as ringlets of data appears about his hand and uses his Digivice to scan the data.

The transformation into JagerLoweemon seem to be faster then his previous experiences. The next thing he's aware of is the power of this place. It was like every breath he took, he not only inhaled air but power. 'No wonder he's so confident... But there's something more... No time to investigate it though, I have a fight to win.' He thinks as he crouches in a ready stance to attack.

"Phantom Quake!" YamiTekiimon shouts after leaping into the air and upon landing, the ground begins to crack up and part. He charges over the still shaking ground to tackle the rookie.

YamiTekiimon manages to evade him. It would go on like that for a few minutes, him charging at the rookie while the strange rookie continues to dodge. There are a few times when YamiTekiimon hadn't been quick enough to evade a paw swing. He growls in annoyance, particularly as the rookie fires off a series of range attacks called Mini Star Shower and launches at least a hundred fist size rocks at him.

He didn't dare fire off an attack since they tend to be rather devastating even without the power boost this place offers. Not that YamiTekiimon's attack harm him, the most they've done is cause minor dents in his armor. No, they just serve to annoy him which angers him which is why he's growling at YamiTekiimon.

Tension is thick between them as they study each other. He grows inpatient with this fight, he wants what's his and that's that. He pulls in energy from the surrounding area a few seconds before he charges at YamiTekiimon. He manages to blindside the rookie when the other had moved in the direction he had hoped he would.

With a good strong grip upon the rookie viva his left forepaw, he tries to bite down upon the rookie's head to end it. YamiTekiimon squirms about, trying to get out from under the paw. Snarling in annoyance, he decides to put his full weight upon the rookie's chest.

It didn't take long until his body has shifted to help put as much weight as possible upon the small body pinned down by his paw. YamiTekiimon's cries of pain is like music to his ears. Whispered urgings to continue torturing the rookie instead of quickly finishing the rookie off murmur within his mind.

"Koichi! I think now would be a good time to snap out of it!" He frowns, confused as to who the voice is speaking to. The whispers tell him to ignore the voice but whoever is speaking continues on.

"You're too close to the water's edge. I'm sure you remember what's in the water or do you need a refresher course? Get your spirit so we can get out of here before whatever is stirring within the water decides to fully wake!" He finally glances about and stares at the pair, the Digimon next to the human is looking worriedly out towards the ocean while the human is looking right at him.

He suddenly feels embarrassed under the human's gaze. 'Naruto...' He thinks and with a blink, he is once more in the right frame of mind.

Though feeling shock and guilt, he doesn't move from pinning the rookie down. With a shake of his head, he moves his body to the left and then, with a mighty swipe of his left paw, he sends YamiTekiimon away from the bank. As the familiar circle of data appears, so does his human spirit.

He quickly grabs it viva his jaws and without the spirit being within the data circle, the rest of YamiTekiimon becomes data ringlets and then, as he regains his human form, the data goes straight into his Digivice. "Looks like we're too late." Dorugreymon states as he stops walking towards them to glance back towards the water.

'Oh shit...' He thinks at the sight of heads poking out of the water's surface. All sporting a pair of yellow eyes that stand all the more out as their heads are black with dark shades of grey. He backs a few steps away before turning about and running up to the earthen ledge, Naruto moves to help him up while Dorugreymon is snarling softly at the shades' heads.

"Thanks." He says to Naruto as Dorugreymon lowers his front part of his body. Naruto gives him a confused look while aiding him up onto Dorugreymon's back.

"For snapping me out of it. If you hadn't..." He trails off, it was the first time he ever had trouble with his beast sprit but knew that the others had trouble with theirs. Well, most of them with Zoe being the exception and previously, himself as well.

"No problem, Koichi." The blond says as Dorugreymon launches himself into the air. "Things happen and you often need a little reminder to help you remember your goals." The whiskered cheeked blond adds.

"And now, we have to find a way to get out of here." Dorugreymon states while circling the ruined lighthouse as the shades' whispers begin once more to be heard clearly within his mind. He tries to cover his ears but that doesn't seem to help.

Then as the whispers become unbearable, a gate of colour appears a few feet above their heads. The voice pause before they continue but in greater volume and more urgency within their tones. As they pass through the gate, he begins to black out and feels somebody grab him, more likely the one grabbing him is Naruto.


Kari Kamiya

01/02 Digital World

They all sigh in relief as the red ultimate Digimon comes flying out of the portal they opened with Naruto and Koichi upon his back. As the ultimate comes down to land, they all get a better look at the two boys upon the furry dragon's back, just before the wings that glint in a metallic fashion. It looks as though Naruto is holding onto an unconscious Koichi.

"What happened? Is Koichi going to be ok?" Tommy asks upon racing to Dorugreymon's side. Naruto manages to hold Koichi bridle style while dismounting off of the ruby furred ultimate's back.

"He just blacked out as we entered into the portal. Those shades made their appearance. I'm not sure what they were doing to Koichi to cause him to black out. Guess we'll have to wait until he wakes to ask." The bright blond answers before Joe motions for Naruto to set Koichi down upon the ground.

"What happened before they appeared?" Her brother asks while she hangs back with TK. She watches Naruto closely as he answers, not sure if she wants to hear this.

"Well, Daemon was there and so was that Digimon, YamiTekiimon. After a bit of discussion which seems to be about the reasons why Dorugreymon and myself were brought along with Koichi, Daemon then attacks the rookie only for the guy to reveal to be some kind of trap program in the rookie's appearance." Naruto recounts.

"Then the real YamiTekiimon makes his appearance just before Daemon's frame breaks apart to reveal the data within. Within minutes, multiple eggs get created from Daemon's data and then sent through various portals." She isn't the only one to gasp at that bit of information.

"Just how many of these eggs were created?" Davis asks and Naruto replies grimly, "Twelve eggs."

'Twelve... Does that mean that they each hold one twelfth of his power?' She wonders, her memories of that night where they banished Daemon to the Dark Ocean had been jogged viva watching those DVDs concerning their adventures.

"Well, after that, Koichi and YamiTekiimon fought over their possession of the two spirit halves. Koichi didn't use any attacks while YamiTekiimon used plenty while evading Koichi's lunges. When Koichi finally pinned YamiTekiimon, they were a foot or two away from the water's edge. Not sure what happened but after a few minutes, Koichi got engulf in a black aura and then began to throw the total of his weight upon YamiTekiimon." Naruto explains.

"I'm not sure if Koichi could hear the screams of the rookie during that and about then, heads began to erupt from the ocean. I then shouted at Koichi and after a few minutes, Koichi tosses YamiTekiimon to the right and when this ringlet of data appears, snatched his human spirit which causes YamiTekiimon to become data and upon Koichi becoming human, the data then entered into his Digivice." Naruto says and leans upon Dorugreymon before continuing.

"Koichi then comes running up to us and we climb onto Dorugreymon's back. Once in the air, Koichi seems to be suffering from something and just after that portal opened, he covers his ears. Well, I think at that point he covered his ears but then, he was slumping when I noticed him blacking out." Naruto explains with a sigh. "I grabbed him within second of feeling him slumping over. And, well..." Naruto shrugs and glances at them. "You know the rest."

"Just how did you guys open up the portal?" Dorugreymon asks while the ultimate studies them in a questioning way. She found it rather odd that Dorugreymon has yet to transform back into Dorumon.

"Well, it was a re-enacting of what we did with Daemon only in reverse." Yolei answers. "Of course, we did have a rather large number to help open the portal to retrieve you guys."

"Well, thanks for the help. I doubt we could have escaped so easily without it." Dorugreymon says and Naruto nods in agreement.

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'Ok, this is the most inaccurate mirror I've come across.' Genin Naruto Uzumaki thinks while staring at his reflection that sports an orange long sleeve shirt, blue pants that seem to be rather stiff, and no sandals upon the feet. In actuality, the only pouch the genin could see is too tiny to hold anything but needles and a rather odd plastic device hanging from a pants loop, while no head protector in sight.

"Err... Why are there two of you, Hige?" The two Narutos glance to their left/right. "You mean that isn't a reflection?" Tamer Naruto asks the purple furred Digimon while genin Naruto leaps back away from the Digimon.

"What the heck is that thing?" The genin demands while pointing right at Dorumon.

"This is Dorumon, he's my partner Digimon." The Naruto often nicknamed Hige replies. "So, you managed to become a genin, huh? How'd you manage that? Particularly considering the prevailing attitudes of the villagers?"

"What's it to you? I'm a ninja and I'm going to become Hokage, believe it!" Naruto says, not sure what to make of this smart sounding version of himself. "And where did ya learn to talk like that?"

"School, actually. It's rather fun once you're not dealing with adults who aren't looking at you as if you're a bug or act as though you are a waste of time." Hige answers. "Of course I've got more years of school to attend then I would like but then, considering the world I'm living in, I guess it's expected." The Tamer version of Naruto Uzumaki adds.

"Huh?" Genin Naruto Uzumaki says in puzzlement, not really sure he's following what this alternate version of him is saying. "But, what about our dreams?"

Hige sighs and asks, "If you were given the opinion after stealing the Forbidden Scroll to start over in a new world, would you take it? Especially as a squad of Jonin closed in?"

Naruto didn't know what to say for a few seconds. "But Iruka-sensei tracked us down and defended us, right?"

"I didn't stop with stealing the scroll, I thought I'd get bonus points for ever scroll that I stole, so I grab as many as I can get my hands on before leaving." Hige muses. "I was eleven though, just failed my second time."

"It was my third and it was only the scroll." Naruto admits.

"As interesting as this is, here's a question, where are we and how did we get here?" Dorumon asks.

"I was falling down a..." Naruto trails off before glancing around in alarm. "I'm dead arn't I?"

"Not really. Just consider this a minor dimensional glitch which will soon be fixed." A voice says as it comes from all around them all at once. "I would say your good byes in the next few minutes as you will each be returned to your place as though this never happened."

"Here's a question, what do you mean by him being your partner?" Naruto asks Hige a second after giving Dorumon a thoughtful look.

"He's like my best friend, protector, and life-partner. And by life-partner I mean we'll be together until one of us dies and not in the married sense." Hige says, snapping at the genin at the pale look that came over him at the mention of life-partner.

"Best friend?" Naruto murmurs and feels rather jealous of this other version of him.

"We did know each other before we met any of the others, like Henry or Ryo." Hige says but sighs. "They're fellow kids about our age that are also partnered with Digimon."

"Digimon?" Naruto wonders.

"Short for Digital Monster." Dorumon explains.

Then, as the background begins to change, Hige says, "Just a word of advice, stay clear of Sasuke Uchiha! The guy really is a bastard! He looking for power no matter the cost, it's how he died. He absorbed Digimon data and it pooled within his being for a bit before breaking out of him. So, stay clear of him if you know what's good for you!"

"Huh? You can't..." Is all Naruto manages to get out before he finds himself in a sewer. "mean that." Naruto glances about for a few seconds, wondering if that encounter had only been a daydream or a warning.

With a sigh, the genin files that encounter away to review it later as for now, he has a fox to speak with.

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