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Naruto Uzumaki

01/02 Real World

"I can't believe you guys are going." Mimi says while as the farewells are still going on. Oddly enough, Tai and Davis had taken time to sign the strap of the pair of goggles that he had bought. He doesn't plan to wear them again since it will likely cause the marker ink to smear, although he does have a note book that sports various signatures and written farewells from those chosen sporting crests or special evolution Digi-Eggs.

Koichi and Tommy, for a parting gift from the whole group, the pair had gotten their own burnt copies of the Digimon show and movies, each sporting a small note book containing signatures from said two groups. He's unsure if they received anything else as he found himself in a head lock by Davis within seconds of Davis' arrival. It hadn't been long after getting out of said head lock that he found Tai wrapping an arm about his shoulders while giving him some advice upon being a leader since, he does own his own set of goggles.

Throughout all of this, the Digimon, too, are busy giving Dorumon a send off. From the looks of things, each of the farewells seems to be wrapping up. Not that it seems to cause Sora to stop filming all of this or for Kari to stop taking pictures, he manages to bend down to get his back pack and then the cloth bag containing stuff for Ryo.

He still didn't have the heart to tell them that Ryo's still seems to be under the age of sixteen. He kind of chalks that up to Ryo's travels between dimensions. It wouldn't surprise him if something about the Digital World helps to repress the aging process as if it wasn't so then the first group lead by Tai, would have aged a good six months during their first adventure and likely needed new cloths throughout their time in the Digital World as their cloths would seem to have shrunk. He wonders if any of them ever gave it thought about that little fact but he is rather excited about returning back to the dimension that he's come to see as his home dimension.

'I wonder how much trouble YamiTekiimon's 'brother' is getting into?' He wonders as Dorumon comes to stand to his right. He smiles over at his friend and partner, going so far as to place his free hand upon the purple rookie's back.

Dorumon glances at him upon feeling his hand on his back but the rookie doesn't do much then smile slightly before glancing back at the mob about Koichi and Tommy. Izzy finally steps away, the partner of Tentomon had spent a lot of time studying the dimensional traveling device and from what he gathers, Izzy hopes to recreate it, which likely means that this shall unlikely will be the last time he'll see either Koichi and Tommy or even this particular group of Chosen.

'Wonder how Ryo will take that thought?' He muses as Koichi comes to stand to his left and then puts on the back pack that contains his gifts from the native Chosen as well as various gifts for the rest of Tommy and his group members who weren't able to be on this adventure. "Nervous?"

Koichi sighs while nodding. "Shouldn't we be? This time, we're dealing with somebody with a Beast spirit." Koichi answers. "Beast spirits are much more powerful then the Human spirit." The Chosen Warrior of Darkness adds.

"You think since so much time has passed that this other half could be more dangerous then YamiTekiimon?" Dorumon asks in alarm and he's a bit confused about the power levels between the Human and Beast spirits. "Just how different are these two spirits?" The biggest rookie present asks.

As Koichi is mulling over how to answer that, Tommy finally manages to pull himself away from the group. "What you guys talking about?" Tommy asks while putting on his own back pack that, like Koichi, contains various things.

"Take care!" "Good luck!" "Hope it goes well." The native Chosen say before either Koichi or himself could answer Tommy.

With a shrug and a sigh, Koichi sighing and him shrugging, Koichi takes the device from the nifty carrying pouch that Izzy got for it and brings up the location of the Ice Beast spirit. "Huh… That's… interesting." Koichi murmurs but before he can ask about it, Koichi creates a gate with the device.

He blinks at bit at the landscape that lies on the other side. 'Isn't that the upper realm of the Digital world? It's the home plane of the Digimon Sovereigns if I recall right.' He thinks while feeling Dorumon stiffen slightly at the sight of the crystal landscape.

"Wow…" Tommy says and the younger Chosen Warrior is already crossing over into that dimension. "Koichi! You should come see the sky! There isn't a sun or even a blue sky!" Tommy adds in awe.

"That sounds about right." He hears Dorumon muse before his partner walks through the gate. With a shake of his head, he walks through the gate as well, leaving Koichi to the last through.

Once through, he turns his head up and gazes at the familiar sphere that hangs high above the land. "Hey! My spirit isn't far!" Tommy says while holding out his Digivice with this strange black and white tile map with these two arches over head with a dot flashing.


Ryo Akiyama

Tamer Digital World

They finally make it back to the Digimon Sovereign plane of the Digital World. With Cyberdramon keeping a good hold of the strange statue that keeps trying to bond with other Digimon they encounter and with he himself. 'As if we really need another snow storm to rage throughout the Digital World, covering everything in layers upon layers of ice and snow.'

Cyberdramon suddenly tenses up and pauses in flight. "What's up?" He asks his partner in a concerned tone.

"Ryo? Ryo! Heya Cyberdramon! We're back!" He stiffens and glances down to find a group of four down upon the ground. Only one of the four is a Digimon and a very familiar one at that, let alone the sight of the bright blond hair next to said rookie.

'Naruto? Dorumon?' He thinks as Cyberdramon is already moving to land. As the group manages to get to the landing spot, Naruto grins brightly at him while going on to introduce the other two kids with him before his feet even touch the ground. "The tall one is Koichi Kimura and the one wearing the orange hat is Tommy Himi."

"Hi!" Tommy says while Koichi responds with, "Hello."

"Hey." He says a second before he waves at the pair. "You guys look well." He adds after studying Dorumon and Naruto. "Considering what was happening when we parted."

Naruto grimace while Dorumon sighs upon the reminder. "So, where's Sasuke?" He asks and the two partners glance at each other while Koichi and Tommy get this sad look.

"Sasuke… Well, he's dead." Dorumon answers while Naruto nods in agreement. "All that Digimon data in him… It bonded together and hatched out of him. Something went wrong and instead of a single Digimon, it was twins."

"Also, have you noticed any unusual weather patterns?" Tommy asks after silence hangs between them for a few minutes. He blinks and glances over at the bag that holds that little statue before turning to address the shorter boy.

"Yea, but we took care of it." He answers. "Although, there's this statue that kind of came off the Digimon we had to deal with." He adds.

"Did you capture the spirit? Or did it end up binding itself to somebody else?" Tommy presses which causes him to blink.

"Spirit? It looks more like a statue actually." He responds and gestures to the bag that Cyberdramon is holding onto. The group relaxes while Naruto chuckles light heartedly.

Tommy points what he believes is a Digivice and within seconds, the statue seems to be phased out of the bag and then gets sucked into the device. "What a relief to have it back." Tommy says while holding the device so that the screen is facing up, allowing him to glimpse a face of something that kind of reminds him of the statue only more realistic looking.

"I'm not sure if I should be disappointed that this wasn't more of an adventure but then, I'm relieved considering the mess YamiTekiimon had created." Naruto admits thoughtfully while Tommy moves to pocket the Digivice. "Hey, isn't that the back pack Sasuke had with him?"

"Yea, thought it would work to hold the… spirit and it did. Although, I did have to move most of the scrolls into my own pack but the spirit didn't take up much room though." He replies and Naruto nods.

Then the blond glances over to Koichi and Tommy. "So… I guess you guys will be heading home now too, now that Tommy has his half back." The bewhiskered blond muses and the pair nod.

"Yea, guess so." Koichi muses while Tommy nods. "It was nice meeting you guys." Tommy says before adding, "You know, despite how we ended up meeting."

"Yea. I still feel like I should have done more to stop him from stealing your spirit halves." Naruto admits. "I mean, I just stood there…"

"At least you help get them back." Tommy says reassuringly and Naruto merely sighs. Dorumon hums while he looks on, he's sure that Naruto will tell him all about it.

"Guess this is good bye then. Hope you don't have too much trouble getting home." He says and Koichi nods.

"Thanks for all of your help." Koichi says after bringing out another device. A gate opens within seconds and closes as soon as the two walk through, leaving Naruto, Cyberdramon, Dorumon, and himself alone.

"Oh yea, this is bag is for you." Naruto says after a bit and the blond hands over a cloth bag with paw prints painted on it. "It's from some old friends of yours." The blond adds as he works to pull something out of the bag.

He allows the strap to go to his elbow so he can read the tag. He stiffens at the name written there. 'Sorry for what happened. Matt.' He reads and rereads a few times before moving to pull out another wrapped gift, this time with Izzy's name on it.

"You didn't… You ended up there? Really?" He asks the two and Naruto replies, "Yea, we did. Although there was a rough start since Gatomon and Palmon got amnesia from something YamiTekiimon did upon greeting them."

"But I thought those mushrooms vanished when the Dark Master reformatted the Digital World!" He says with a start and Naruto shrugs, answering, "Well, we don't know what the guy did, only that the result had the two forgetting everything, including their own partners."

"Heck, they didn't even know what a human is!" Naruto adds after a moment's thought. He can see that Naruto and Dorumon are working themselves up needlessly.

"But you got the guy in the in, right Hige?" He says and Naruto blinks upon hearing his nick name before snorting softly while shaking his head ever so slightly. Although it was Dorumon who responds, "Yea, we got him. Although, by then, we were in the Dark Ocean and it was Koichi who did the deed."

He shivers at the mention of that particular dimension and puts the still wrapped gifts drop back into the bag. 'That place is definitely not the greatest place to visit, let alone a stage for a fight.' He thinks as they stand there in silence.

"So, I take it you were taking the spirit to Azulongmon?" Dorumon asks, changing the subject to his relief. "Yea, we were. Guess we need to go there for another reason though." He replies thoughtfully.

"Guess your right, DK, guess your right." Naruto says in agreement and it's his turn to huff at his nick name. "So, are we doing this or what?" The blond asks.

"I don't know, it's not like you'll be able to keep up with Cyberdramon flying with me in the crook of his arm." He points out and Naruto's blue eyes flash at the challenge in his tone. "I mean, it wouldn't be much of a race."

"Oh really?" The blond Tamer muses while Naruto unhooks his Digivice before taking out a card from his deck. "Get ready to be amazed, DK!" The younger Tamer states with a smirk before slashing the newly transformed card through the Digivice that soon leads to Dorumon glowing and a ball of light engulfs the rookie Digimon.

"DoruGreymon!" The much changed rookie roars as the light shatters to reveal a fuzzy dragon like Digimon sporting nose blade, two pairs of wings, crimson fur with black stripes, and a golden spike at the tip of his tail. He takes out his Digivice and within seconds, DoruGreymon's information is on display.


Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Data

Attacks: Metal Meteor and Bloody Tower.

Beast Dragon type. This Digimon's alias is Final Enemy. With its overwhelming stature it can demolish any indomitable Digimon, and even the attacks of the Nightmare Soldiers are deflected with one sweep of its wing. As it is highly intelligent, it won't reveal its existence carelessly, so it is difficult to even detect it.

He finds himself very much impressed with the bit about the alias being Final Enemy. He then glances over to Cyberdramon and isn't that surprised to find his partner growling, only this time, it's likely because of Naruto's partner then Naruto himself. With the data of DoruGreymon gone from the screen, he prepares to subdue his partner if Cyberdramon doesn't control himself and begins attacking DoruGreymon.

But it seems that all that restraint taught to Cyberdramon concerning Naruto paid off as all Cyberdramon did was growl and flex his fingers. "So, we're racing or not?" Naruto asks and he glances over to find Naruto already on DoruGreymon's back, out of range of the neck spikes but just before the metal wings.

"Of course." He says and it wasn't long before Cyberdramon had lower an arm so he can get in the crook of his partner's arm. With that, the two dragon based Digimon get into the air and then, on a united count of three, the two ultimates take off as fast as they can, heading for the castle of Azulongmon.

Unsurprisingly, he can kind of hear Naruto chuckling and it takes him a bit before he realizes that he's chuckling as well. His heart thumps wildly in his chest as wind causes his eyes to water, forcing him to squint his eyes. As Cyberdramon pushes it, he stops and moves to breathe only from his nose. 'Times like these, I wish I had something to cover my eyes.'


Sandaime Hokage


The summons for Sasuke Uchiha had failed, this time rather spectacularly which means that the boy, whether any wanted to believe it or not, is dead. He didn't feel much concerning Sasuke, he never been that close to the boy and if he were to be honest with himself, Sasuke had been a bitter reminder of a certain failure to settle matters through diplomacy. He never liked what happened with the clan and would have loved to have those behind the massacre removed but they had too much political clot.

The ashes at the centre of the summoning circle will be put in an urn and taken to the shine within the Uchiha district. He is already trying to think of what to write to Sasuke's older brother in regards to what happened to Sasuke. Even now, they don't understand how the previous summonings have failed to bring the boy back to the village, they may never know the real reason behind the failures, although the idea of an anti-summon seal is still a popular theory.

And now, now they'll be trying for Naruto as they had agreed when they had been pressing to proceed in summoning Sasuke and needed his skills in seals to do so. Previous sessions to do these kind of summons always, as the younger generation says, bomb by either summoning a body part or their cloths. He seems to recall an attempt that summoned the target's head, not that he had been there to witness it, only read about it during his research in what errors or what was written in the past with these kind of the attempts.

It would take time to clean up from this final attempt before they could begin on trying to summon Naruto. He does wonder if Naruto would want to come back to the village but they need to be sure that nothing has happened to the seal upon the boy's belly. They also would like to recover the scrolls that Naruto stole that night while buying into Mizuki's lies concerning another way to become a Genin.

In the end, it doesn't matter as it'll take up to a month's time to assemble the ninja needed to summon Naruto, after all, the boy has chakra reserves beyond any ninja within the village at this point in time and it's likely that the boy's reserves have only grown while learning the jutsus on the stolen scrolls. They might even need to sacrifice a few prisoners from the prison in order to succeed in this endeavour, though he dearly hopes that it won't come to that though.


Mitsou Yamaki

Tamer Real World

Upon entering into his apartment, he tosses his keys into the bowl by the door before taking off his shoes. As he heads for the fridge, he frowns upon noticing that the take out he had within the fridge has vanished. With a scowl, he closes the fridge and heads to see what else has been taken.

He doesn't notice anything wrong with his entertainment unit so he proceeds to check the rooms. He stiffens at the sight of no towels upon the rack but a check in his room reveals that nobody's been in there, which leaves only one room to go. He grips the door knob and very slowly turns it, very much aware that his heart is pounding.

He pushes the door slowly and then let's go as the door goes pass the door frame. Holding the palm of his right hand upon the door while his left holds the door knob, he takes a deep breath and his left hand lets go and he slams the door open with his right. He exhales in surprise upon seeing his 'cousin' upon his bed with wet towls about the floor along with the take out boxes.

"Surprise!" Naruto and Dorumon say upon glancing in his direction. The blond smiles widely while sheepishly rubbing the back of his head while saying, "Sorry the room is such a mess; I had just got out of the shower about ten minutes ago."

"And the take out boxes?" He asks and Dorumon replies, "I couldn't find Hige's trash can."

He nods while sporting a slight smile. "I'll phone the school and tell them that you'll be returning tomorrow." He says and Naruto groans in reply.

"Ah, come on! Don't I get at least a day to readjust to being home?" The blond asks in a pleading tone. "I mean, I've got enough homework to do that likely will be need to be handed in as soon as I return! Can't I have at least a day to do it before returning there?"

"Then it's a good thing you can create those clones, isn't it?" He remarks before turning. "Also, you might want to phone your friend Henry. He's been rather worried about you." With that said, he heads back to the living room while thinking, 'Glad to have you back, kid.'

"How does he know about my shadow clones? I rarely use them around the apartment!" He hears Naruto say to his Digimon partner.

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This is the final chapter of Trade Up. As you can see, I set up things for a sequel although it might be a while before I'll be posting it with Christmas coming up, I'll be rather busy at work. I'm not sure what I'll be calling the sequel and might be doing a poll for its name as Trade Up title itself just kind of happened.