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Dark Ocean

He's finally recovered enough to reopen the tear between realms so he might see how the blond boy is doing. He had been quite surprised to see that the boy seems to be flourishing in the lands of the phoenix member of the Digimon sovereigns. He had been highly stunned by the boy's partner as well; he hadn't expected to see an X-Antibody Digimon, its more then likely that the Dorumon had been a Dorimon who likely met up with the blond and being with the boy allowed the In-Training Digimon to by pass the usual restrictions in place to keep such Digimon from continuing along their natural X-Antibody evolution.

Though he's kind of surprised that between them, Dorumon has yet to Digivolve into his champion form. He had thought that by now, just seeing how much the pair has bonded together, they'd be ready to achieve ultimate stage instead of hanging around at the rookie level. Either something is slowly retracting the power of Digivolution from that Digital world or the pair feel more comfortable keeping to the rookie stage, it's too early to tell which it was at this point.

With a slight twinge of his hand, the energy tear alters to show him the blond's home realm, specifically the ninja academy that was in session. He studies the room filled with preteens for a few minutes before focusing in on Sasuke. 'One of the most power hungry humans I've laid eyes on.' He muses, true Neo was similar and to an extent so had Ken, but unlike the two of them, Sasuke's goal was to kill his only remaining relative while the other two only wanted to be the best.

He knew that all it would take is a slight demonstration of what a Digimon could do and the boy wouldn't just want to partner up with one, but to be partnered up with one that matched Sasuke's ambitions. 'Likely a Digimon of the Devimon type would suit the boy, they have a tenancy to be heartless and prefer those who are like minded.' He muses as he watches the preteen listen to his teacher discuss a bit of jutsu theory.

It wouldn't take much to set the boy after the blond either, just mention that the demon container had some rare and highly dangerous scrolls in his procession and the brat would be on the blond's trail in a heart beat. Although, it was tempting, he doubted that Sasuke would be a match for Naruto, even with a partner Digimon at the champion level. The blond had plenty of time to practice and to prefect what he's learnt in the scrolls.

Although the village where Naruto grew up considered the blond to be an idiot prankster doesn't mean anything since their view point was highly biased by the fact that the boy has a demon sealed within. From bits of conversation he heard while the boy was learning the shadow clone jutsu, he knew that the boy regularly managed to give the elites of the village a run for their money by leading them on a merrily chase around the village for up to three hours before the boy's academy teacher would get involved and the boy would allow the teacher to capture him. The boy just needed access to some jutsu scrolls and the boy would stop at nothing until he's learnt and mastered the jutsu before moving onto the next scroll, something that he's been doing since he got to that Digital world.

All in all, he just needs to wait for the right moment before revealing his existence to the Uchiha. It would also help that before doing so, he'd find a Digimon that wouldn't just suit the boy, but also one that would obey him as well. After all, what happened between Neo and himself proved that when working with a human, it's best to be prepared for everything, especially betrayal.


Naruto Uzumaki

As he stands at the bank of the calm pool, his hands forming a seal, he focuses chakra into his feet. Once he feels the usual tingle flowing through his soles, he relaxes and walks forward towards the water. He keeps concentrating on the flow of chakra going to the soles of his feet as he steps onto the water's surface.

His right foot lands on the surface and causes small ripples to bounce around within the water. Once he's sure that his foot's not going to falter, he puts his weight on his right leg and moves his left foot onto the water's surface. Although he's standing likely less then a centimetre or two above the sandy beach, he can't help but feel satisfied considering this is his first day trying out this exercise on using his chakra to allow him to walk on the water's surface.

The reason why he's trying this out isn't from learning about it from one of the scrolls he has in his possession but from an old incident from when he was eight and hiding by a river. He had witnessed a sparring session between two genin and had seen one of them land on the river's surface after leaping out of the way of a bunch of mini fire balls flying towards that genin. They had been interrupted by a threesome who were searching for him and had stopped the fight for a few moments in order to ask if they've seen him, of course they hadn't and by then, the ninja that had been on the river was back on solid ground by the time the search party left and the spar started up once more.

He hadn't thought too much of what he witnessed that day until after he learnt about using one's chakra to walk up and down walls or tree trunks without using one's arms and hands. Just cover the soles of one's feet in chakra and the chakra will help keep your feet clinging to the side of the walk or tree trunk or whatever else one can think of. Now that he's mastered that technique of fine toning one's chakra, he's ready to give this water walking a try.

It helps that he's pretty much read all of the scrolls, leaving what remains within the Forbidden scroll and those genjutsu scrolls to be read. Although he did created a single shadow clone today and set that clone to read one of the books he received during his birthday which was three days ago. When he had left, he noticed that the clone had chosen to read that biology book, although the clone had also made sure to have the dictionary around to help explain some of the larger unfamiliar works that will likely be found within the text book.

He takes a few steps forward, heading for deeper water. About two feet in, his balance becomes unstable and he back up a few steps. As he felt his feet get wet, he leaps back to the sandy bank. He sighs, while it was similar to the previous exercise, it was so much more difficult since he has to keep a steady flow of chakra to his feet to keep him on top of the water's surface.

Even though he hadn't been on top of the water's surface for long, he found himself slightly exhausted from standing on the water for a couple of minutes. He sighs slightly, knowing it was more from mental strain then physical strain since it was the same way with his rock climbing. Although, this exercise will likely be a heck of a lot easier then the rock climbing since he's use to focusing chakra into the soles of his feet.

After his third attempt, he's got it and he practices some taijutsu moves on top of the water's surface with a grin on his face. He almost kind of wishes that there had been a pool within the cavern that he calls home so that he may create a bunch of shadow clones as sparring partners and spar with them over that imaginary pool. He sighs and heads to the bank to put his cloths on, he has other things to do today then to hang out by the pool.

It's about time to Dorumon and himself to start heading out of the valley, so he's going to spend the next week or two looking for supplies before they leave. "Boss! Boss!" His head snaps to where he hears the cries, he finishes putting on his vest, and then races to the group of three Gotsumon that look pretty banged up.

"What's going on?" He demands and the lead rock Digimon cries out, "There was just too many of them, boss! They must have had it all planned out." Tears were rolling down the Digimon's rocky cheeks.

"They? What were they?" He asks, not liking what the three were talking about. "ToyAgumon, boss, a whole army of them, like over twenty of them!" One of the other Gotsumon answers as the rock monster uses the back of his rocky hand to swipe away its tears. "They want you, boss, you and Dorumon." The third pipes in.

He curses as he looks in the direction of the village. There wasn't any smoke, but then, there wouldn't be since the village was mostly made out of piled rocks and large stone slabs. "Ok, you three, head to the cave and once you tell Dorumon what's what, I want you three to remain there until we either get back or when it's nightfall. I'll run on ahead and see what I can do, ok?" He says to the three Digimon and once they've nodded, he turns away from them and then starts off at a jog to give them time to get his partner.

His mind races as he heads towards the village, he tries to think of some way to keep these ToyAgumon occupied while waiting for the purple rookie to join the party. He's keeps glancing around him every so often to see if there's some kind of patrol or advanced scout. He makes it to the edge of the village after traveling for a good thirty minutes. He hides out behind some large stones, while it's tempting to create a bunch of shadow clones and then attack these intruders, he won't since he's long since decided to resort to that only as a last resort since he doesn't want to advertise his skills since it's highly unlikely that the humans living in the real world had ninjas or could do stuff with their chakra.

He glances first to his card deck and then to his Digivice, he's not sure where he got the name but it seemed to fit the gadget that symbolizes his relationship with Dorumon. He unclips it and holds it in his lap, it's not long before a compass seems to activate without him pressing any buttons. He glances around out of the corner of his eyes, checking to see if anybody else was around.

He hears some pebbles move and he ducks around the opposite side of the large stone. After a few seconds, he takes a peek to see what made that bit of noise. He blinks in surprise at the creature that's standing about four to five feet from him, up on a ridge. The thing up on the ridge seemed to be made out of some kind of coloured blocks with mini pillars on them. The colours were red, yellow, green, and blue.

'I guess I now know why they've got the word toy in their name, they look like one.' He muses as he ducks back behind the rock; he keeps his back to the rock. He hears someone call out about fifteen minutes once that Digimon took its position on the ridge.

"See any signs of those three run aways?" A voice from his right bellows out. "Nope, I don't see anything but dirt and stone, commander." The ToyAgumon replies. "Well, keep me posted, private." The voice of the leader of the army of ToyAgumon orders sternly and the one on the ridge answers, "Yes sir!"

Once more things quiet down and he sits back, waiting for Dorumon to make his appearance.



He studies his handy work, the large stone slab that Naruto had once used as a measuring stone now had a bunch of mini craters on the side that once had a bunch of slash marks from his Tamer's kunai. Now that the blond was done using the stone slab and his other slab had toppled over, he had no problems using the whisker cheeked boy's previous slab. He uses the stone for target practice; he tries to hit a certain line that's etched on the slab's surface while trying to keep the damage focused to that tiny area.

"Dorumon? Dorumon!" He turns to see a Gotsumon racing towards him. "What's wrong?" He asks once he jogs up to the rocky rookie Digimon.

"The boss, he said to get you!" The other Digimon says, even now he can't help but wonder what Naruto did to get that title since most of the younger Gotsumon tended to call his Tamer boss. "Huh?" He feels a sense of dread as the Gotsumon continues on to say, "An army of ToyAgumon attacked our village! We found boss at the pool and when we told him about what happened, he told us to head to his cave to get you, but, well, you weren't at the cave so we split up to find you!"

"Let me guess, he went on a head, didn't he?" He states and the Gotsumon nods. "Damn it!" He curses and without saying anything else, he sets off in the direction of the village, hoping that Naruto hasn't done anything stupid…



Outskirts of Gotsumon Village

As he tries to make out shapes by using the little bumps and lines on the surface of the rock before him, he hears a shout of alarm. "There's a Digimon coming in, I repeat, there's a purple Digimon in bound!" The ToyAgumon up on the ridge cries out, alerting the occupying forces.

He checks his Digivice and finds that he's been sitting there for a little over an hour. He grins slightly and the sentry moves off of the ridge, heading into the village. He waits for a few seconds before moving out of his hiding spot.

He takes a peek into the village and finds that a lot of those multi coloured rookies were gathered together. He didn't bother to count how many were down there, he whistled slightly as one of the Digimon orders the others to transform. Before his very eyes, he watches as the other ToyAgumon seem to break apart and then the blocks combine together to create two very tall multi coloured humanoid things.

The two tall statues that are made out of ToyAgumon take aim and watch as their fists launch in the direction that his partner is coming in at. Without too much thought, he reaches into his card deck and pulls out a few cards. He takes a quick look at the five cards before picking out two of them.

"Digi-modify! Speed activate! Digi-modify! Rapid Arrow activate!" He bellow and the effect happened rather quickly. Dorumon seemed to vanish from the path and appears about ten feet before the two tall things that were made out of ToyAgumon. "Metal Cannon!" Dorumon shouts and in rapid succession a bunch of metal balls launch out of the purple rookie's mouth. The rapid attacks hit dead on; though from a few of the metal balls miss their marks.

The two created statue like golems made out of ToyAgumon break apart and the army of Digimon reassemble in their original forms, some groaning in pain. The likely commander of the troop glares as venomously at his partner and then at him, much to his private amusement though.

"Nobody mentioned spotting you!" The commander growls as the ToyAgumon points in his direction. "I hope so; I was trying to remain hidden after all." He states in a bland voice.

At the sound of his voice, the other ToyAgumon gather their strength and stand up to form rows. Dorumon's tail swishes to the right as Dorumon pulls himself up as he cocks his head to the side, clearly his partner is busy analyzing the troop of rookie Digimon while there's a pause in the battle. The commander finishes glaring at him and spins around to face his troop of Digimon.

"Alright, tank formation!" The lead rookie Digimon barks out and like before, the other ToyAgumon break apart to combine together into some new structure, one unknown to him although since the commander of the troop had called out the formation he can only assume that this would be a tank. He frowns; he didn't like this, not at all since it seems as if all of the ToyAgumon share the damage so it made it harder to delete them over all.

He can't help but wish that Dorumon could reach the champion stage at this point as his partner and the ToyAgumon in the form of a colourful tank take pot shots at each other, though Dorumon has been able to successfully dodge most of the shots coming out of the stick that's positioned on the top of the formation. He glances down at his Digivice, wondering if it could help with Dorumon to achieve that level. His head snaps up and towards Dorumon as he hears his partner's pain filled cry.

"Dorumon!" He shouts out as he starts off in Dorumon's direction. It's more then likely that the jogging Dorumon did before arriving on the out skirts of the village had left its toll on the purple Digimon, causing the furry Digimon to be less then top condition even before the fight started.

Dorumon gets blasted two more times before he screams, "Dorumon!" He manages to get to his partner's side and as he touches his partner his Digivice begins to beep. Light emanates from it and he backs away as Dorumon's whole body begins to glow brightly. He puts his right hand before his eyes to block the blinding light.

"Dorumon Digivolve to..." Dorumon says and then in an altered voice cries out, "Dorugamon!" The light flashes outwards and before him now stands his partner in his champion form.

Dorugamon stands taller then him although he's hunched over with much larger wings on his back. He notices that there are shaded stripes on Dorugamon's purple coat while there are patches of white on his muzzle, around his neck, hands, feet, bottom side of the wings, and around the tip of the tail. Dorugamon now has much larger red claws and it seems as if the gem on his partner's forehead remains the same size as it was on Dorumon's forehead. Dorugamon's ears look so much sharper then before, when he had been a rookie Digimon. His Digivice beeps and once he holds it out before him a picture of his partner appears with a bunch of information.


Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Attacks: Power Metal and Cannon Ball

Beast dragon type. It has made a heavy weight class because it can escape when an enemy Digimon believes its shadow to be it. It is a ferocious Beast-Dragon Digimon, its ferocity being like a wild beast of nature, when it comes to fighting, but, it has the intellect of a dragon and is very gentle usually.

"Are you ok, Naruto?" Dorugamon asks, not even glancing his way as Dorugamon stares at the tank made out of ToyAgumon. "I'm fine." He pauses before adding, "I guess I don't need to ask if you are though, huh?" A light grin on his face as he feels a sense of overwhelming pride fills his being.

Dorugamon grunts and within seconds his partner is in the air. The tank's stick aim follows his partner's furry from into the air and also mimics Dorugamon's circle as his partner circles over head. He glances to the troop leader and finds a look of barely control panic in the ToyAgumon's eyes. It seems that the tables had turned and the ToyAgumon commander wasn't looking so sure of their chances.

"What are you waiting for? Fire!" The commander barks out; although it's clearly that he's not willing to look cowardly before the troop and within seconds the tank fires at the flying, circling Digimon. The balls of plastic don't hit the flying Digimon as arc up into the air and then fall to the ground.

Dorugamon also doesn't return fire, mostly just circles overhead, seemingly mocking the Digimon below. After over fifteen rounds fired at him, he lost count around that point; his partner finally does something other then circle overhead. The purple Digimon begins to climb higher into the air; the stick at the top of the tank can't mimic the angle of trajectory.

So the tank moves from its current position and moves away from the rocky buildings get a better position to attack the soon to be diving Digimon. With most of the attention likely on the tank, he turns his attention to the commander and a slight smirk begins to form as he begins to realise what a golden opportunity this could be. With one last look upwards at his climbing partner before he uses all of his stealth to approach the remaining ToyAgumon within the village.



He focuses in on the moving tank below him as he enjoying his new found ability that allows him to get above his enemies. He can't help but ravel in the power that this new body offers him as well as the sense of freedom that came along with it. He was no longer restricted to the ground and even more so he's no longer totally restricted to one level.

'I wonder what he's up to.' He muses as he notices blur as the blurry image of his Tamer begins to move from his spot. He shrugs, deciding that it didn't matter at the moment and returns to tracking the moving tank as it slowly begins to become blurry in his vision. He finally reaches a point high in the air and with a grin, enters into a dive by moving his upper body forward and closes his wings as he does so.

He uses his wings to make adjustments to his diving path as he aims for at the tank. The tank shoots off a few rounds, he with a few maneuvers he easily dodges the plastic balls. He enjoys the rush of air dancing around his body, racing over his fur, and wings.

Within twenty feet of the tank, he opens his mouth and shoots off three metal orbs before coming out of the dive. As he pulls up, two of his attacks hit home while the third is destroyed by a counter attack. The two attacks manage to delete all of the ToyAgumon that make up the tank. He turns away from the data particles and heads for the village to see what his Tamer is up to.

As he lands in the center of the village, Gotsumon begin to appear from the side of their houses from where they were camouflaged as part of their buildings. Some come out of their houses and they approach him, forming a ring around him as they chatter among themselves about what they've witnessed and to seeing how the others were. He pulls himself up to look around to see if he can spot his blond Tamer.

After a few minutes, Naruto appears from behind some buildings and smiles cheerfully at him. He relaxes a bit, pleased to see that the boy was fine. Although, he frowns slightly as he scans the area for the commander since, if memory serves, the commander of the troop hadn't combined with the others to form the tank…

He shots his Tamer a questioning look and the blond looks sober for a moment before sighing. He blinks, slightly stunned that Naruto would do something like that… but then, his Tamer was more then able to handle a rookie if he sets his mind to it. Mixed feelings flicker within him but he pushes the worry and regret out since his partner was a warrior and will likely face off against Digimon who won't wait around to fight him fairly but try and take his Tamer hostage to get him to comply with their demands.

He blinks as the Gotsumon give a loud cheer and as he pays their chatter some mind, he finds that they're planning on having a feast to celebrate not only the victory over the ToyAgumon troop but also his new found ability to Digivolve to champion. As most of the Gotsumon break away to go get things prepared, his Tamer makes it to his side. He bends down slightly to look into the boy's bright blue eyes; Naruto's left hand touches the tip of his muzzle.

"You ok?" He asks softly and Naruto's face grows sad. "Yea, it was pretty easy since he hadn't expected it. He had this surprised look in his eyes as he… Well you know what." The blond tells him softly so that none of the others around them can hear what they're talking about.

"Well, at least you got him before he decided to try anything underhanded." He muses softly to his human partner. "I take it that they're generally cowards, huh?" Naruto asks and he nods slightly. "I figured as much, that mon was panicking when he got a good look at you." The blond muses.

Naruto's left hand moves from the tip of his muzzle and moves it up his muzzle, going towards his eyes although since he's so much taller then the blond, the hand stops before it reaches the back of his muzzle. He enjoyed the feeling of Naruto's hand going through his fur. The blond's palm remains on his muzzle for a few more minutes before his Tamer pulls it off.

"Err, I kind of thought of something." Naruto says and he cocks his head to the side, his way of getting his partner to continue. "Somebody should go and tell those three Gotsumon about the party that's going to be happening… I don't suppose you'd mind fetching them, huh? I'm sure you're just itching to use those." Naruto says and motions towards his wings.

'He knows me too well.' He muses to himself and with a single flap of his wings, he nods. "Sure, might as well use them while I have them." He says and his partner nods in agreement. He bends his legs and waits for when his Tamer moves away before leaping into the air.

Once more the sky is the limit and he circles around the village as he climbs into the air. He then tilts his wings ever so slightly and takes off in the direction of the cavern that both Naruto and he calls home.


Naruto Uzumaki

Two Weeks later

He glances to where his partner is walking with his sling filled with those scrolls he stole from the Third Hokage's library. It had been too much for him to carry it along with a full back pack, so Dorumon offered to wear the sling like pack filled with scrolls. From what he can see, Dorumon was doing fine even though they're traveling during the day time and his partner has a full fur coat.

"You want to stop for a break?" He asks and Dorumon shakes his head. "Let's keep going, we can stop when we reach those rock formations." Dorumon replies and he nods before taking point once more.

He notices a data stream off in the distance but it's not heading in their direction. Once they're at the odd rock formation they won't have to worry about any data streams since they'd more then likely find a cave in which to hide in. The streams only take surface items so it's unlikely that the pink coloured beam of light would be able to pick them up out from under tons of rocky layers.

He scans the horizon ever so often to see if any Digimon were stalking them. So far, he hasn't spotted any Digimon but then, for all he knows one's trailing them overhead. Out of the corner of his eye, Dorumon pauses ever so often to scan around as well, it's likely that Dorumon's hearing is much better then his so Dorumon's listening for the tell tale sounds of feet hitting the sandy ground.

They made it to the odd looking rocks that look like satellite dishes from his history book. He cocks his head at the closest one once he's set down his purple back pack. "I can't believe that nobody craved those." He muses out loud as Dorumon settles down in the cool shade, not even bothering to take off the sling pack filled with scrolls.

"Well, I've never heard of any Digimon becoming an artist. Not to say that it can't happen, only that so far, nobody's bothered." Dorumon muses and he sighs as he glances at the purple furred rookie for a few seconds before looking back that the rock.

He glances towards a data stream that's moving across the horizon, he frowns slightly as it changes direction right before his eyes. 'It's freaky when they do that, it's almost like they're hunting for something.' He muses silently to himself as he observes the moving pillar of light.

The data stream once more turns sharply and he notices some kind of speck moving in their direction. "Look at that, there's a Digimon trying to out run that data stream." He tells his partner Digimon, he can hear Dorumon get to his feet. "It's only a matter of time before whoever they are get tired and finds themselves in another part of this world." His partner replies and he nods in agreement. "True."

So they stood there, watching some Digimon try and stake off, though they're not succeeding in this endeavour. He shakes his head as his Digvice beeps and he unclips it so he can see what kind of Digimon is trying to out run the data stream.


Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Attacks: Grand Horn and Blast Ring

Bird type. A Giant Bird type Digimon who is said to be called "The Giant Eagle of the Desert". He flies across the sky at the speed of Mach. He wields insight that allows him to locate enemies from a distance. He absolutely follows his master who he swore fidelity to.

"Well, that pretty much explains why he's been able to keep ahead of the data stream." He muses once the image and information vanishes from the air before him. The purple furred Digimon hums his agreement as the red bird Digimon flies to some spot to their left.

The flying Digimon does a double take when the red champion glances in their direction. He feels slightly amused at the chagrin look in the bird Digimon's eyes since the Digimon has a beck, thus making him limited in the facial expressions department. They move more into the cave, but they remain close to the entrance so they can see how this plays out.

Within seconds of them moving back, the bird Digimon seems to increase his speed as well as gain in height. Then Aquilamon does a sharp turn and plummets in their direction, likely hoping to take cover in the cave as well. As the Digimon comes close, his Digivice begins to beep like crazy and he begins to feel… faint and a quick look in Dorumon's direction shows that his partner, too, is affected.

As the bird comes barreling towards them, the feeling increases and before the world spins, the champion flies at and then through them. His vision swims and after a few blinks, all he could see was fog. He cocks his head to the side as the fog begins to thin out until he finds that Dorumon and him were in a stand of trees. He can easily see some steps leading to this concrete shed that's building into the side of the hill.

"Cool costume." He hears somebody say behind him, on the concrete path. He turns and spots a small group of young kids, the kids were coming towards them, making a bee line right to Dorumon. Within moments, the kids were petting his partner and Dorumon seems bemused by all of this.

The kids fired off what seemed to be a million questions at once, all about where his friend got his cool 'costume' and about what kind of Digimon he's suppose to be. After a while, the kids remembered that they're missing out on a soccer game, whatever that is, and raced away. He watches with an amused smile as the threesome race away.

"Well, that was interesting." Dorumon says with amusement oozing out of him. He nods in agreement. "At least they didn't think you were the real deal." He points out as he exchanges a grin with his partner. Dorumon hums in agreement and with a sigh, he runs a hand through his shaggy blond hair.

"Well, I guess we could always explore around until evening and then we can come back here to use that," he gestures to the concrete shed, "as cover for tonight." Dorumon thinks about it for a few seconds before nodding in agreement with the plan that he out lined.

He memorizes the surrounding area so that they could find their way back to this place and then takes point, leading the purple rookie towards the path that the kids had been walking on. His thoughts turned to the passport that he has in his pack, he also wonders if those plastic cards were good for something as well.

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