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Sasuke Uchiha

Tamer Digital World

He feels power surge within him as the data of that fresh Digimon enters into his being. While he's unable to beat any Digimon that's rookie and higher, he decided that it's fine and that he'll just take time to build up his strength by deleting and absorbing the data from those that he could defeat. Something that used to cause a slight surge of envy and bitterness until he finally figured out how to mimic the practice using his Chakra.

He doesn't linger for long, knowing full well that if he's caught by whoever's taking care of the pillow looking baby Digimon will want his 'data' and while he's confident that he'll eventually be powerful enough to hand himself against any class and level of Digimon, that time is not here now. Channelling some Chakra into his legs, he leaps away from the nursery, heading towards the forest not too far from this position.

Though it's been two weeks since he's arrived here in this world, he's abilities have increased more then what he expected them to. It also helped that he's receiving a steady flow of scrolls from his… benefactor. 'And now that I'm absorbing Digimon's data, I'll get stronger even faster! You better be watching you're back, brother, I'm coming for you soon enough and you'll find that I'm no longer the coward you accused me of being!' He thinks with unholy glee as he races through the meadow to get to the forest where he's currently training.



'So, that's what he's been up to… I wondered why the locals were getting edgy. Arrogant brat been going around deleting and uploading fresh and in-training data, the fool doesn't even wait a bit before going hunting again.' He thinks darkly, while he's got no real quarrels about uploading an uppity in-training, going after fresh Digimon just… didn't sit well with him, after all, it wasn't very sporting since they're pretty much just babies and don't have a lot of life experience either.

"Daemon will be interested in this bit of news." He muses out loud before adding in a thoughtful tone, "But how can a human body store Digimon data? Let alone be able to handle it or even download it…" With a sigh, Gazimon looks down at the pair of sleeping fresh Digimon that he managed to sneak out of the nursery before the twit of a human attacked the nursery.

He puts them down on the ground, careful not to jar them too much before heading off to the spot where Daemon set up that broken TV that acts like a com-link between dimensions. He wonders how Daemon will react hearing this tidbit of news about his human 'pet.' But then, it's likely that the mega level Digimon already knows from observing the boy's comings and goings.



Tamer Digital World

As the screen created by an energy tear fades black, he sighs as he closes one set of eyes, sadness emanating from within his being. It would seem that Daemon hasn't wasted any time and already has two humans more or less under his command. As he opens the set of eyes that he had closed, a small group of Digi-Gnomes circling around in the air before him and within seconds, two holo-images of the humans appear.

One shows a young blond with sparkling blue eyes with whisker marks on his cheeks. A Digivice that's much like the one Ryo now has hanging from a belt loop. The image of the young blond focuses in on the Digivice, allowing him to see the finer details of said device that is dark red in colour with grey trim that also helps to show off the odd symbols around the screen.

Though what really startled him was as the image of the Digivice fades, an image of a Digimon fazes in to replace it. Blinking in surprise as he realises just what kind of Digimon is hovering before him. "A Dorumon, huh? One that also has the X-Antibody active to boot, huh? I wonder how that happened…" He mutters out loud to himself, trying to think of a way that the prevention program was over come.

With a slight sigh, he focuses on the second image, the one that's as dark and cold as the blond was light and welcoming. The image wasn't any different then the scene he watched just moments ago as this human child proceeded to massacre a nursery filled with fresh Digimon just so he can absorb their data. It had been easy to track this… Sasuke down, after all, the Gazimon has stay in constant connect with Daemon, messaging the Demon Lord about every second night since the boy arrived in this world.

True, they all felt something crossover months ago, but they never did think that whatever it was had survived. It would seem that they were mistaken and not only had the boy named Naruto lived through the trip through the great void between the dimensions, but had thrived. It also seemed that a village full of Gotsumon had befriended the boy and had tried to keep his presence in the Digital world as secret as they could.

'The blond I'm sure we'd be able to live with, but not the dark haired one. But how to go about removing Sasuke without tipping Daemon off before we make our move…' He wonders, knowing that at the moment, it's best that this problem is dealt with before Sasuke's capable of defeating rookie level Digimon, since there were more of those around then fresh and in-training Digimon.

After all it's typical when a Digimon reaches rookie level, it's about that time that they being to wonder away from the community that it hatched and grew up in. 'Though there are always exceptions to that rule, proven by that Dorumon.' He muses.

"Too bad that there aren't any chosen yet in this dimension, other then Ryo…" He muses thoughtfully, though he rather not, he contemplates sending for the Legendary destined. 'There's always the option of also summoning Naruto as well to help Ryo to complete this task.' He muses thoughtfully before nodding to himself as he thinks over that opinion.


Naruto Uzumaki

West Shinjuku Park

"So… what do you want to do?" He asks Henry as they lay on separate benches. "Don't know Hige, what do you want to do?" The half Chinese boy asks and he could practically hear the slight smirk that's likely on Henry's face.

"We really need to get you a nickname." He mutters loud enough for his school yard friend to hear. "It's not my fault you resemble your nickname." The vest wearing preteen answers, likely with a satisfied a smile plastered on his face.

He doesn't answer, though he had to wonder how long it'll be before Ryo shows up, after all, they've been waiting for the teen for about thirty minutes, though knowing his cursed luck, either Henry will be dragged off by his parents or sibling or something came up with Cyberdramon that causes Ryo to not show up despite the fact that he made the older teen swear on all that's holy and digital that he'd show up to hang out with Henry and himself.

He had arrived earlier then Henry with Dorumon, Dorumon decided he didn't want to spend the whole day in the apartment, so they hung out around the concrete shed for about an hour. Doing nothing more then shooting the breeze, though when he made to leave once he noticed the time, Dorumon just waved a clawed hand at him in a distracted manner. Dorumon said something about wanting to stick around the shed for a while, it seems that some kind of odd smell was emanating from the back wall so Dorumon wanted to stay and see if anything comes of it.

So, leaving his partner behind, he heads off to wait by the fountain for his two human friends. Henry had arrived a few minutes after he started waiting by the fountain, the other boy showed up an hour and a half early and after talking about their homework, they decided to lie on the benches to wait for their third member. So far, Ryo's got at least five minutes before the King of Digimon is officially late. He holds his left hand before his face, the time on his Digivice soon reads eleven o'clock. Then he heard Ryo call out his nickname. "HIGE! You need to get over here!" Both Henry and him sit up, he turns to look in the direction of the source of the shouting.

A figure seems to be breathing hard by a tree, it takes him about a moment to realise that Ryo's slightly red in the face. "Is that…?" Henry asks as he's already jogging towards Ryo. "What's wrong, DK?" He asks, concern lacing his voice as a sudden image of Dorumon and Cyberdramon getting their asses kick by some powerful Digimon.

"We're needed Naruto, we're needed in the Digital world." The older boy whispers, still slightly out of breath. It takes him a moment to realize just what that meant. "You mean… like in the anime show?" He asks and Ryo nods, he sights before turning to look in Henry's direction.

He bites his bottom lip, trying to decide whether to involve the orange vest wearing preteen in this or not. In the end, it was the beeping of his Digivice, his D-Ark, that causes him to settle on a decision. "Hey Henry? Just wait here for a few minutes; DK needs my help with something!" He shouts towards the worried looking preteen.

Henry's lips press together but the dark skinned boy nods. "I expect an explanation when you get back though!" Henry calls back and he smiles as he nods in agreement. With a wave, Ryo and him turn away from Henry, since Ryo's kind of out of breath, he keeps his pace slow, though he's still faster then Ryo it seems as he's about four or five feet ahead of his friend and fellow Tamer.

Though their D-Arks were beeping crazily, he doesn't try to push Ryo to go faster since it's clear that Ryo's doing his best to keep the pace he's setting. They made it to the concrete shed; the very one he left Dorumon in about two hours ago. He finds Cyberdramon standing just outside of the building; he can hear the subtle growling coming from the tall humanoid dragon Digimon.

"Naruto! Ryo! Come quick! Something's opening up!" His partner Digimon shouts and the two humans enter into the shed with Cyberdramon following after. "Oh boy." He says as Ryo remarks in agreement, "You don't see that everyday."

At the back wall of the shed, the direct opposite from the door, a shimmering portal has opened up and from what he can see, a small swarm of Digi-Gnomes were flying through the air in and around the shimmering gateway to another dimension, one composted from the data flowing through the internet of this world. "What are those?" Ryo wonders and he answers as one of the little Digital beings fly in lazy circles around him. "They're Digi-Gnomes. They're miracle workers of the Digital world. I wonder if they could…"

The one flying circles around him seems to giggle and within seconds, some gear appears in front of them. He grins as he notices that his purple back pack was lying before them. He holds up his left arm and the Digi-Gnome lands on it, a chiming giggle emanating from the shining being. "Thanks for teleporting it here." He says to the gnome on his forearm and the little being chimes a bit as it cocks its head to the side before taking off to join its friends floating around the portal once more.

He bends down and after going through the contains of the bag, he then shoulders it while Ryo seems to sigh in defeat and picks up the grey and red back pack off the ground. While he did find it odd that in his pack he found his MP3 player, his cell phone, and finally, his Digimon DVDs, that includes the movies made after the events of season two, he just shrugs it off, figuring that the Digi-Gnomes knew what they're doing.

"I just find it… disturbing that they could make stuff appear like that." Ryo admits as he shoulder's the pack. "Well, at least you'll be able to change you cloths when you get tired of wearing that out fit." He says in a teasing tone before stepping into the shimmering gateway. He feels a presence behind him as he steps onto solid ground that seems to be silvery blue in colour.

He whistles admiringly at around the room as he steps away from the portal that brought them here. He hears the sound of Ryo's heavy foot falls soon enough. "I wonder what they want now…" He hears Ryo mutter bitterly to himself, causing him to glance in his friend's direction with an eyebrow raised.

"Greetings young ones, I wish to thank you for coming on such short notice." A voice booms and he stops walking to look up. Floating in the air above them was a gigantic serpent like dragon that seems to be pretty ghostly with the exception of the chains hanging around the Digimon's body. A blue mask with yellow markings covers much of the Digimon's head while a long grey bread grows out of the dragon Digimon's chin.

"Azulongmon, why have you called us here? Is he active once more?" Ryo demands in a cold and bitter voice. Once more, he turns to look at Ryo, his friend doesn't look too happy to see the floating dragon above them. "Ryo…?" He says unsure what's going on with his usually go-lucky friend.

"No, there has been no sign of him since you encountered him last." The blue dragon states reassuringly. "Then what is this about?" Ryo asks as his much taller friend walks until he's in front of him and Dorumon. "And why bring Naruto in on this?" Ryo adds as an after thought.

He's too confused to really react like he usual would; he just sighs and looks to his partner for some reassurance, which the purple rookie tried to provide. "In a way, Naruto is connected to our currently budding problem. A person from Naruto's past has shown up in the Digital world about two weeks ago." Azulongmon says, causing him to perk up as he tries to think about who he knew that could have followed him here.

Unsurprisingly, nobody in particular comes to mind as the great floating blue dragon continues, "The current problem is a mega Digimon named Daemon, who's currently trapped in a dimension that we, the Sovereign Digimon, helped power the safe guards required to make that dimension his prison." He blinks as that sounds kind of familiar…

"Is he the…?" He asks and the great blue dragon Digimon sighs as he replies, "Yes, Naruto, he is the one responsible for your arrival in our world. When we felt the disturbance that announced your arrival, we doubted that anyone could have survived the trip as the gateway wasn't a stable one. If it had been anyone other then you, they would have been torn to shreds by the energies alone, let alone by the very void itself."

He can't help it; he paled as he imagines his body being torn apart. He can feel his friends' attention on him, he glances at Ryo and the elder teen gives him a concerned look. He sighs as he runs his hand through his newly trimmed hair. The floating Digimon continues, "The new arrival is named Sasuke Uchiha and while he hasn't been here for long, already his actions are being felt throughout the Digital world. For this young human has been doing something we believe was impossible for human beings to do."

His heart sunk on hearing that familiar name, he recalls the emotionally disturbed student who is considered the top student in his age group. A slightly bitter taste enters his mouth as he recalls the smirking face of the Uchiha bastard. "What's he been doing?" He asks in a dark tone, though he wonders if it's in reference to the jutsus.

"He's been absorbing fresh and in-training Digimon's data." The blue dragon Digimon known as Azulongmon says and he's not the only one to give the floating Digimon a look of udder shock. "He's been doing what?" Dorumon, Ryo, and he shouted in unison, not believing what he just heard, after all, they're flesh and blood beings, so how can they hope to be able to use Digimon data, let alone hold onto it within their bodies.

"You hear correctly." Azulongmon says after sighing. "But how? I mean, humans aren't digital beings." Ryo asks and Azulongmon seems to shrug, well, he thinks the gigantic Digimon shrugged. "Technically, when you're in the Digital world a tiny bit of yourself is converted into data. There is a theory that if one stays long enough in a Digital world the more of you're being is converted into data, though it just might be the properties of this world that's causing." Azulongmon tells them, he blinks as he looks down at himself, suddenly wondering if that be the case with him since he's been in the Digital world for months.

"Does this guy have a partner?" Dorumon asks and the great blue dragon answers, "Though he's with a Gazimon, it doesn't appear to be any type of Digivice on Sasuke; therefore it's likely that the Gazimon is there to keep an eye on the boy and to make progress reports to Daemon."

"Oh ok, then, why were only Naruto and I called here?" Ryo asks, once more focused on that question. The gigantic Digimon replies, "There currently isn't any Chosen in the real world just yet, so far, only Naruto and yourself are in possession of any kind of Digivice." His friend and fellow Tamer sighs on hearing that and he corrects the Digimon that could easily swallow them whole, "Don't you mean Tamers? Chosen is the term used for Digidestined, Ryo and me are Tamers since we don't have a D-3 or that white Digivice from season one. After all, ours are D-Arks type Digivices."

"How do you know what they're called?" Ryo asks as his friend gives him a look of surprise. He glances towards Cyberdramon, who's currently growling at the Digi-Gnomes that were flying in wide circles around the grumpy Digimon. "Don't know really, all I can say is that name just kind of pop in my head." He says as he studies the digital miracle workers for a few seconds before looking to Ryo and then up at Azulongmon.

"I see, so that's what they're called…" Azulongmon muses out loud, likely looking at the shimmering beings that were currently taunting Cyberdramon. He has to admit, he would have thought by now that the ultimate Digimon would have attacked the group by now.

"Well, seeing as there aren't anybody else, I guess we'll help get rid of this Sasuke guy." Ryo says, returning to the matter at hand. He nods his head in agreement, knowing that in some ways he's responsible for Sasuke being here.

"Good, I'll arrange for an escort that will guide you out of the lands of the Sovereign Digimon. I trust you'll remember to keep your guards up, after all, Daemon will likely be checking up on Naruto from time to time, so he'll likely forewarn the pair." Azulongmon says with satisfaction lacing his tone.

He can't help but wonder about what Henry's going through at the moment, after all, if he knew his other friend, the vest wearing preteen is likely worrying about what's taking them so long to get back. 'Maybe when we're through, we'll return to the point we entered into the Digital world. I mean, that's what happened in season one, right?' He muses as he rests a hand on Dorumon's back, griping a bit of Dorumon's purple coat as he ponders what ifs.



That Night

They made camp, it seems that Ryo had plenty of questions about what's common for this plane of the Digital world, which wasn't odd since he hasn't visited this part of the Digital world at any point, but then, it sounds like Ryo visited a different plane of the Digital world and just wanted to know if there were different rules for each plane.

He turns to look at the palace belonging to Azulongmon; he thought that he would ever get the chance to met somebody who's that high up in the social latter of the Digital world. But then, he never expected to partner up with a human either, so he kept quiet about his musing on that subject. As they sat next around the small area that's cleared of the crystals that litter the landscape of this plane of the Digital world, they each were occupied by different things.

His partner and friend, Naruto, seems to be busy trying to get his MP3 to work while Ryo's going through his pack, likely wanting to see what the Digi-Gnomes packed for him. Cyberdramon seems to be in a staring contest with one of their guides, a Digimon named Apemon. Though he can't get how you can tell who's won since Cyberdramon's helmet is in the way.

Their other guide is a Digimon named Dobermon, a Digimon that's currently scouting around the area to make sure they don't run into any other kind of Digimon, he figures since this is the highest plane in the Digital world that its more then likely that the Devas fall into those Digimon to watch out for. While he's confident that he could take on either Apemon or Dobermon, he doubts he'd be able to stand up to one of the Devas as they were servants to the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon, which pretty much means that they're elite fighters if the phoenix mega would chose them to carry out his will.

"So then, what's this Sasuke guy like? I mean, you do know who he is, right?" Ryo asks after he's done doing an inventory of his pack. His blond partner sighs and puts the device on top of his purple pack. "Yea, I know the bastard." He perks at the venom in the blond's tone. "I take it you didn't get along with him?" Apemon asks and Naruto just sighs.

"Well, how well do you get along with an ice cube? That pretty much sums up a lot about him." The whisker cheeked boy says. "Just because somebody's a cool customer doesn't mean much." Ryo says and Naruto snorts. "How about if I threw in arrogant, self-serving, and he's got fan club?" The blond asks.

"… What's wrong with having a fan club?" He wonders. "It means that he's got a bunch of bratty girls hounding him, more then ready to mob anyone who tries to challenge him, and are always around declaring how great he is, stroking his ego." His Tamer says in a bitter tone.

"You had a few encounters with them?" Ryo asks and Naruto nods. "Yea, I kept trying to get him to fight me but they either mobbed me and beat me up or help get the bastard an excuse not to fight me. It really didn't help matters that everybody in the village up the guy up on some kind of pedestal, claiming he could do no wrong, same as I can do nothing right." The blond preteen answers and an odd look settles on his partner's face, causing him to realize that this was defiantly a sore subject.

"What about his family?" Ryo asks and Naruto shrugs. "They were massacred a few years back, Sasuke's the sole survivor. It was about that time did the whole village begin to pamper the idiot. Nobody wanted to talk about what happened or who did it, but I think the guy wants to avenge his clan by killing the one who did it. Thing is, I think he's mental but nobody wants to see that side of him cause of who his family was and what they've done for the village."

"…" He glances at Ryo as Ryo glances at him. "You act like that's common." He says and Naruto shrugs. "The Kyuubi killed plenty of people back before I was born, I mean, it's the world I use to live in. People died protecting what's important to them, be it money, their family, or their village. After all, my home village is a hidden village, a village where ninjas live, train, kill for and die for." Naruto says in a distracted way, as if not really thinking about their conversation as he stares down at the small fire they have going.

He blinks as he begins to see how Naruto's abilities came about. "So you were training to become a ninja before Daemon transported you here, to this Digital world?" He asks and Naruto blinks for a few seconds before nodding. "Yea, I was. I wanted to be the top ninja back home, I wanted to be Hokage so that the whole village would respect me, acknowledge me. Some dream…" The blond muses.

"Wait a moment, you're saying you come from a world that has actual ninjas? So was this Kyuubi a ninja? And you were learning to be a ninja?" Ryo asks, Naruto snorts at the mention of Kyuubi.

"The Kyuubi was a demon that attacked my village about the day I was born. The Hokage at the time was the Fourth Hokage; he lost his life getting rid of the fox. Up until a few months ago, I thought that the Fourth managed to take the beast to the after life along side of him, turns out, the reason why my whole village considered me a pest was the fact that the Fourth sealed the demon in me. Pretty much everyone that was old enough to remember seemed to decide that I'm not the container of the beast, but the beast reincarnated, so they set out to make my life a living hell and I guess they succeeded since I had a crappy childhood and would have been killed for stealing some scrolls I was tricked into stealing by this guy had been one of my teachers." Naruto says and his heart goes out to his partner.

"I take it that's when Daemon found you, huh?" Apemon asks gently and his Tamer nods. "Yea, I had just finished beating the crap out of the guy and I could hear the search party coming for me. He told me he could give me a chance at a new life, though he did mention that in exchange I had to help him get out of his prison. So once more I was tricked by somebody who just planned on using me for their own ends."

He winces slightly at the tone as well as the sad smile gracing his friend's face; he swore that Naruto's blue eyes also seem to be a darker colour too. "Well, no point in dwelling on it, after all, it's in the past, right?" Naruto says after a few minutes, seemingly shaking himself out of his depressing thoughts, trying to lighten the mood.

A glance at Ryo showed that the older Tamer is just as moved as he was, he's not sure about Cyberdramon though, but then, the ultimate level Digimon's never seemed to be touchy feely sort. It also causes him to briefly wonder if he'll undergo a similar attitude change when he Digivolves to the last two levels. Those thoughts pushed aside as he pipes in, "It seems that you forted Daemon's plans when you landed here without a watcher, huh?"

"Yea, guess so." Naruto agrees and for a while, silence reigns among the mixed group. His partner's one hand scratching behind one of his ears, he notices that Ryo seems to be thinking about something, what, he's not sure, but he muses it might be about sharing a bit of his own miserable history with Naruto and himself.

"So, how come I don't feel hungry?" The brunet Tamer asks as he changes the subject, and he glances over to the seemingly forgotten member of the group who's only one of their two temporary guides. "Nobody really understands it, not even the Sovereigns themselves. As long as you think you're not hungry, you won't be hungry." Apemon answers once he's center of attention.

"Ok, but what about these planes? I mean, how did they come about?" Ryo asks and Apemon replies, "Originally, the Digital world consisted of only one plane of existences. On this original plane, Digi-Gnomes and Digimon co-existed for a time; it was relatively peaceful until it came. When it arrived, it started to delete Digimon and Digi-Gnomes for a few cycles, once the numbers were cut down to a small group of survivors, it retreated, why it did, nobody really knows." Apemon pauses to gather his thoughts before continuing.

"In time our numbers recovered and so did the Digi-Gnomes. But every so often, it makes an appearance, deleting everything it touches, leaving nothing but death in its wake. In time, we coined it the Ancient Enemy or recently, Chaos. After it retreated for the finally time, the Sovereign Digimon finally Digivolved into being and with some help from the Digi-Gnomes, began to creat more hospitable planes for Digimon to live in. After all, the original plane consisted of desserts, which I'm sure Naruto and Dorumon are familiar with." Apemon nods in their direction and he sighs as he nods in agreement.

"Nothing much going for that plane other then hot, rocks, and sand." Naruto agrees with a slight grin. "It's our hope that either the Ancient Enemy stays asleep or only attacks the original plane, but, that's unlikely since there are some theories out there saying its targeting Digimon and Digi-Gnomes, regardless of where they are. Some wonder if all that data it's likely absorbed that the next time it appears, it'll not rest until everything has been destroyed, leaving no survivors at all." Apemon concludes and he can't help but hope that he'll never have to worry about encountering such this thing since it sounds deadly and he's unsure if he'd survive said encounter.

Soon enough, the two young humans decided to pass their time by duelling each other. Cyberdramon seems a bit disinterested in the game, but the ultimate dragon Digimon has moved closer to his partner as if deciding now was the prefect time to take the role of body guard. Apemon doesn't move from his spot, he could tell that the golden furred champion level Digimon is deep in thought. As the two Tamers were about to start their third match, Dobermon appears, causing everybody to stare at the dog like Digimon for a few minutes before everybody returning to their previous activities.

Somewhere along the lines, he felt himself drifting off into slumber. With his tail covering his head, his mind empties of thoughts, allowing for dreams to rule.

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