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Chapter One


"Hello" he said with a wicked smile spread across his face, I stared into his one pure white eye and let out a soft scream

"Shhh you don't want to wake the neighbors" he warned


"What did I say" he said, his anger evident in his voice, he moved closer to me. I felt my eyes shift to the far corner of the room, there in a pile were the corpse of my parents, I was mortified. He fallowed my gaze and let out a shaky laugh

"Don't worry I won't kill you"

"Why" I barely whispered

"Because having no one to love you is far worse than killing you" he said stalking closer. I screamed and sat up in my bed

"Bella are you okay" Angela asked from the bed next to mine

"No" I sobbed tears streaming down my checks

"Shh it's okay" she said hugging me

"It was all my fault"

"You couldn't stop him" she said understanding the memory I had just witnessed again

"I didn't even try" I whispered staring at my fingers; I was too ashamed of my actions to look her in the face. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked straight into my brown eyes.

"You couldn't stop him you were only ten"

"Fine" I answered defeated, we've had this argument since the day I moved to the orphanage, six and a half years ago. She lifted her hand and put a strand of my long brown hair behind my ear.

"You can't keep beating yourself up for this, you're going to kill yourself" she said pointing at the scars on my arms

"And I bet you weren't always like this" she stated pointing at me, I just stared at her, no one ever cared enough to tell me to stop cutting, no one ever said I shouldn't be emo, they could care less if I died.

"I love you, I don't want you to die" she told me then gave me a tight hug

"You're my best friend"

"Bella" someone screamed, I instantly shot up in bed. I looked at my alarm clock; it was 6 in the morning. I walk to my door and looked down the hall, no one was there. I went to the kitchen, no one was there. Everyone in the orphanage was gone.

"Hello" I yelled in a shaky voice, no one answered. Why is this happening to me, I thought. I could never stay in a house alone. After my parents, Charlie and Renee, were killed I never did anything alone, I was always afraid He would come back for me.

"Bella" I heard someone call from behind me. I instantly froze. Was my past coming back to haunt me, is it Him coming back to finish me off like he promised, these thoughts kept running through my mind as I cautiously turned around. In front of me was the owner's daughter, Gwen. I let out a shaky breathe, and tried to get my heart beat to slow.

"What do you want Gwen" I asked callously

"Awe it cute how you feel inferior"

"Leave me alone" I yelled as I walked back to my room

"Trust me I want to, but my mom told me to tell you to do the laundry and scrub the floor. Oh and she wants you to burn those horrible black clothes" she said walking away

"What!" I yelled "You can't do this, those are my cloths. I can look the way I want"

"Not when you're in this orphanage" She yelled back

"Just leave me alone" I yelled as I slammed the door in her face. I walked to my bed and dropped. I want to cut but I know what it does to Angie, she gets so worried about me, she's the closest thing I have to a family. I got of my bed and walked to the window. I've stared out this window a million times but I still always find something new on the other side. The world may think I'm different but maybe they're the different ones and I'm normal, but I doubt that. People see me as a rebellious kid, but if they would look close enough they would see that I'm suffering. I can't go to the mall without crying, because I see a daughter with her mother and father. The look in their eyes, I've never remember anyone ever looking at me like that. They always have hatred in their eyes, not love. I've been rejected my entire life, I would move to different foster homes but they would bring me back to the orphanage after a week.

"Isabella" the owner Mrs. Beaston called; I turned my gaze towards the door where a gray haired, wrinkled, 60 year old Mrs. Beaston stood.


"Someone's here to adopt you" I just stared at her, I was dumbfounded. No one ever wanted to adopt me.

"Did you hear me?" she asked, I nodded

"Good, now find something that's not black. I don't want them to return you" she said cruelly

"What makes you think I want to come back here" I challenged

"Just don't come back. You could sleep on the street for all I care" she stated and walked away

"Whatever" I yelled and walked to my closet.

"Need help" someone said from behind me. I screamed and turned to see Angela laughing hysterically.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what" she said innocently

"Leave me alone in the house. You know how I am" I said

"I just walked around the block. Do you want to keep arguing or do you want me to find you a good outfit for your new family" she said with a huge smile spread across her face

"I don't want to leave you"

"You always wanted a family, and now you're getting one. I'm going to be fine" she said. She walked over to her closet because mine was full of black t-shirts with band names written on them.

"Yes" she screamed, she walked out of her closet holding a silky, blue, spaghetti strap shirt with a denim mini skirt and black uggs.


"Oh just put it on and I'll do your hair" she commanded, pushing me into the bathroom. Five minutes later I was seated on a chair having my hair curled.

"All done, you can look" I got off the chair and turned to the mirror. I was shocked, I looked amazing.

"WOW" was all I could get out before she pushed me down the stairs.

"Isabella" Mrs. Beaston called

"Yes" I answered

"Please come in" she called using her "sweet" voice. I walked into her small gray office. I suddenly felt self conscious, there in front of me was the most beautiful man and women I have ever seen.

"Isabella, this is Mr. and Mrs. Cullen" she said. I stared at them wide eyed, they were perfect, no beyond perfect, inhumanly beautiful.

"Hello Isabella, my name's Esme" she said, she had a motherly tone in her voice, and it made me feel like she was my mother. As soon as I realized what I thought an image of Renee flashed in my mind, I instantly felt the tears form up in my eyes. Esme noticed and put her arms around me and said

"It's okay, I'm sure she was the best mother out there"

"She was" I whispered

"Isabella, my name's Carlisle" an extremely handsome blonde man said

"Please call me Bella" I said and smiled at them, they were the nicest people I've met in a long time.

"Would you like to go home, are children have been dying to see you" Carlisle said, I stared at him, my heart was racing, what if their kids didn't like me. If they didn't my life was going to be a living hell, but I wasn't far from it now.

"Bella their going to love you" Esme said, as if she read my mind

"Okay" I answered in a shaky voice.

"Where are your bags" Carlisle asked

"Um upstairs let me get them" I said walking to the stairs, but was stopped by a very angry looking Gwen.

"Well it looks like someone finally decided to adopt you, I didn't think that would ever happen" she stated

"You know Gwen I may actually miss you, oh wait never mind that's not possible" I spat, pushing her out of the way so I could get to my room.


"Gwen could you shut up for one minute I'm really tired of hearing your annoying voice" I said she just "humped" and walked away. I walked into my room and saw Angela sitting on my bed.

"I'm going to miss you" I whispered tears streaming down my checks

"No you won't, you'll have so much fun you won't even remember me" she said

"Not possible" I answered

"You have to go, oh and I gave you something to remember me by, you know your overly talkative, embarrassing friend" she said giving me a hug, I hugged her back as tight as I could.

"Isabella where are you" Mrs. Beaston called

"Coming" I yelled back. I grabbed my bags and said good bye to Angela. I walked down the stairs slowly, sure I hated this place but I didn't hate the memories I had her, well not all of them.

"Bella let me carry those" Carlisle said, a kind smile spread across his face

"Thanks" I said handing him my two bags

"Is that all" Esme questioned

"Yes" I answered

"Well dear if you get pulled on a shopping trip you know why" she told me

"Okay" I answered confused; I had a lot compared to everyone else.

"We should get going I'm sure Alice is about to have a breakdown" Carlisle said

"Yes" Esme agreed

"Bye" I said to Angela, she waved and pushed me out the door. When I stepped out the door I gasped. I was staring at a silver Aston martim.

"Wow" I breathed

"Yeah we get that a lot" Esme answered with a chuckle. I walked to the car and got in. I always dreamed of a car like this, but being an orphan you don't usually have money. During the car ride Esme and Carlisle told me about their children and were I would be going to school the day after tomorrow. Thirty minutes later the car stopped, I opened my door a gasped.