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Chapter Seven

I walked into my biology class and was assigned the only seat left and of course it had to be next to Edward Masen. I reluctantly walked to my seat and dropped my bag on the desk. Edward stared at me in amusement. I hated him, he thinks he's a god or something, but I have to say I can see why they like him so much. Even though I hate to say it, I too get lost in his green eyes and can feel my heart skip a beat when he smiles at me. Even though he is attractive I could never like him, he an arrogant, pigheaded, jerk and I can't stand being in the same room as him for more than is required of me.

I pulled the seat back and slipped into my assigned seat. I could feel his gaze on me, but I would never give him the satisfaction and return his gaze. I let my hair shield the side of my face. I pulled out a piece of paper and started to sketch. I drew the one image that was burned into my head, the image of my parents the day before they were killed. It was my eleventh birthday and I was opening my presents, my mom had gotten me a doll even though I despised them. I put on a fake smile for her and my dad. Charlie saw through my fake smile, but as always Renee stayed clueless. She was smiling at me and Charlie pulled her closer to his side with his arm.

To this day I remember the way they looked, even the smallest detail. I carefully finished the sketch and stared lovingly at it. I could feel my heart break as I remember the words my mother muttered everyday "I love you and I will always be watching over you". When she said that to me for the last time we were lying on the grass in the front yard looking at the stars in the sky, she told me that grandma was in the sky watching over us and now she is too.

"Are they your parents?" Edward whispered next to me. I looked up and was met with his intense gaze. I looked back down at the drawing and could feel a tear role down my cheek. I shielded my eyes from him and nodded my head. He hesitantly moved his hand to mine, he took mine in his and rubbed circles on the outside of my hand. His small gesture made my broken heart feel a little healed, it would never fully be healed, but it still felt as if he was mending a small portion of my broken heart.

"Mr. Cullen what is the answer?" Mr. Banner asked; I looked at Edward through the corner of my eye; he was looking at me as he answered. His eyes which were usually playful were filled with kindness and compassion. My heart skipped a beat; I had never seen him show any kindness towards anyone not even his friends.

Why did the mysterious Edward Masen care about me, I'm plain. I have dull brown hair and ugly brown eyes. I use to dye my hair vibrant colors because I hated my hair color, now it's one of the few thing I have that remind me of my parents.

"Okay class tomorrow we are watching a movie so bring a piece of paper and a pen so you can take notes" Mr. Banner said as the bell rang. I stood up and pulled my hand away from Edwards, he looked sad at the loss of contact with me, but quickly covered it up.

"So did you hear about tryouts" he asked, I laughed at his sad attempt to sound nonchalant.

"Yeah I heard" I giggled; he gave me a suspicious look, but brushed it off.

"So you going to watch?" he asked

"Oh I wouldn't miss it, but I'm still mad at you so don't get all pig headed on me" I said, he smiled a crooked grin and nodded.

The rest of the day flew by; I was only there in person, while my mind was replaying my past. Images of my parents flooded my mind; I was too weak to refuse. As always my eyes stared to water and my throat was dry. I closed my locker and walked to my car, I didn't want to face anyone. I couldn't show how weak I really was. I spent years putting up walls to block people out and I could feel them being torn down.

I am not as strong as I always thought; I am just as weak as anyone else. I opened my car door and started my car. I drove down the old road to my new house.

Life is unpredictable, good and bad happen every day. I'm one of those people who always go though the bad and the good things never happen. I pulled into the long drive way and parked in the huge garage. I wiped my eyes and walked into the front yard. I found a large tree and sat in the shade.

I pulled out my sketch pad and let my hand draw the memories of my past. My sixth birthday, my first ballet lesson, singing lessons, guitar lessons, parties, the boy my mom introduced me to and the tears I cried when all those memories could never happen again. I always thought I would run away from parents, I even tried once, but now I just want them back. Tears started to run down my face, I tried to stop, but the memories were so real and so painful. My mother and fathers smiling faces haunt my dreams at night and whenever I close my eyes I can hear their laughs and voices telling me I'm a disappointment.

I fell on my side and wrapped my arms around my body, trying to keep myself together. I knew it was futile, because I could feel myself falling to pieces inside. My body instantly stopped shaking when a pair of warm arms wrapped around my body. I looked up and my face was inches from Edwards. Another cry escaped my mouth.

"Shh it's okay" Edward whispered in my ear. Edward reached his hand to my face and hesitantly whipped away my tears. I felt like I was safe in Edwards arms, I felt like I was made to fit with him. I still hate him, but as much as I hate to say it, I need him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his shoulder. He seemed shocked for a second, but responded by pulling me into his lap.

My tears slowly stopped, but he never let me go. It seemed as if he didn't want to.

"Thank you" I whispered eventually, he looked at me and smiled.

"My pleasure, I'm just surprised you let me try to help you" he said

"You shouldn't get use to it" I started getting up. My body was stiff from sitting in the same position for a long time.

"Bella are you sure you're okay" Edward asked, he turned away from me.

"Yeah I'm fine" I shrugged, it wasn't a complete lie. Sure I'm hurting, but not as bad as I was before.

"Do you want to play soccer with me?" he asked, I smiled. I was surprised, it was a real smile. Edward actually made me smile. He ran to his house and then back to the yard with a soccer ball in his hands.

We played for the next hour, but stopped because Esme said it was dinner.

"Do you want to eat with us?" I asked, I was only being polite, I told myself. He smiled and held out his hand. I shook my head; I wasn't going to get close to someone again. He silently retracted his hand and forced a smile on his face. I smiled at him and walked into the house, he followed me.

"Bella I need to talk to you" Alice yelled, I raised my eyebrows at Edward, he shrugged his shoulders. I sighed and walked up the steps to her room.

"What Alice?" I sighed as I walked into the room, she was sitting in her bean bag chair, she had piles of soccer magazines in front of her. I leaned against the door way and crossed my arms in front of me. Alice looked up and smiled at me.

"Bella we need to go shopping tonight to get soccer stuff, oh and…"

"Soccer stuff" I interrupted, she glared at me and continued.

"And we need to start lessons right away, but the guys can't see us" I nodded in agreement; personally I'm just happy she's not yelling at me about Edward.

"So… is that all you wanted to say?" I asked, she didn't answer so I turned to leave.

"Oh and Bella we'll talk later" She called before I walked down the steps. I smirked; she never misses anything does she. I walked down the steps and turned the corner to walk into the kitchen.

"So Edward what's the deal with you and my new little sister?" Emmett asked, I giggled at his lame job of sounding casual. I pressed my ear to the door.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Edward said, I rolled my eyes, he needs help with his lying.

"Dude just tell me, I'll understand if you like her, but if you hurt her I will hurt you" he stated like beating up Edward would be normal.

"Well I…"

"Bella?" I jumped in surprise; I slowly turned around and put on an easy smile. Esme had her hands on her hips.

"Are you listening in on other people's conversations?" Esme asked.

"No I'm just admiring the beautiful wood work on this door. Simply amazing isn't it?" I smiled, she raised her eyebrows at my lame excuse, I silently pleaded with my eyes for her to understand. Her face softened and a smile spread across her face.

"You're falling for him aren't you" she said. Did I like him, I couldn't, he'll just disappear like everyone else I love. Why suffer heart ache when you don't have to.

"No I'm not" I finally answered, her smile deepened.

"Of course you don't dear" she winked at me; I shook my head and turned back to the door. I pressed my body to the door; it was silent on the other side. I heard a clicking from inside the door. Suddenly the door disappeared from under me, I let out a squeal as I started moving forward. I closed my eyes and put out my hands to stop me.

I heard an unhealthy crack in my wrist. I rolled onto my back on the tile floor and cradled my wrist.

"Bella what the hell just happened" Emmett said, I closed my eyes and felt a hand on my head.

"Owww" I moaned

"Bella answer me right now or I will call the ambulance" Emmett said, I scrunched up my nose, "Bella you're dead aren't you, answer me if you're dead!" he yelled

"Emmett shut up, I'm not dead" I said, I opened one eye and screamed. Emmett's face was a inch from mine.

"Yay Bella you're alive!" he squealed, I giggled when I heard it.

"Bella what happened?" Carlisle asked, he was walking down the stairs with the paper in his hands. I held up my wrist so he could see the swelling.

"Oh my" he quickly turned to leave so he could get his bag.

"Emmy where's Edward?" I asked, Emmett immediately stopped laughing, his smile turned into a frown.

"He got a call" he simply said, I nodded and closed my eyes again. I could hear Carlisle's footsteps approaching.

"Okay let's see that wrist, but I'm pretty sure you did some damage" he stated, Carlisle gently picked up my wrist and examined it. A few minutes later I had a blue cast on.

"Okay so you're going to have to wear that for a little while, I gave you a pain pill so you should be okay to go shopping" he smiled, I rolled my eyes.

"Yay" I said halfheartedly, Carlisle laughed and picked up his equipment.

"Bella are you done yet? Me and Rose want to get to the store before all the pink shorts are gone" Alice yelled from the other room.

"Yeah I'm done just let me get my bag" I answered. I stood up and Alice was by my side in a second with my purse in her hands. All I could think about as we walked to the car is how Emmett's mood changed when I mentioned Edward.

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